Spring 2009 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 25:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



         A little unorganized.

         A lot of assignments

         A lot of the questions didn't not have correct answer choices for them.

         a lot of work

         A lot of work when I have 4 other classes, too much busy work

         A small number of descriptions and tutorials were vague or didn't match my software.

         ability to get in touch with and receive feedback from teacher

         Able to forget easily. My own fault though.

         After I post something, I can't retrieve it back.

         All of the powerpoint presentations put up by the instructor only opened in one format, which was a bit inconvenient.I also disliked getting thrown offline when I tried to send or open attachments, though this happened much less than with WebCT.

         Any computer problems.

         As of now, I have no negative feelings towards distance learning.

         Assignments were unable to turn in because of bad internet connections.

         At first, I was confused at what all needed to be done, but by the second week it was much easier. The one issue I had was the fear of my computer messing up and there were some times where I tried to submit a paper, and it would not let me. That made me

         At the beginning I was a little lost, but I caught on.

         At times, the lack of face to face communication was difficult but for the most part the discussion boards made up for that component of a classroom.

         Bad office hours to meet.

         Because the course relied heavily on group online work and my group didn't do any of the work, I was stuck doing it all so that I could receive my grade, which I see as unfair. I believe online courses should not have group work in the way that this prof

         Because we had fewer classes, I don't think I was as motivated.

         being knocked off several times, losing work.

         can forget to check

         Can't think of anything here.

         Coming to Carrollton.

         communicating with professors was slow sometimes

         Couldn't talk to professor easily to ask questions about Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint project.

         Course Den errors

         Course Den errors

         Course Den still has some bugs that need to be worked out and trying to find some of the material was difficult. Also, The Power-points were very difficult to view and the narrative nearly impossible to hear.

         Course Den was installed during the middle of the year and was not easy to work through since we were used to using another system.

         Course Den was not easy to manipulate and there are some times when it just shuts down

         CourseDen had a few bugs.I can't get the green button on Discussions to go away even though I've accessed the new postings.

         Courseden was not without glitches.Several times, I tried to send emails and would suddenly get logged out.This was frustrating because me emails were not saved nor did they get sent.I wish courseden would not "time-out" and throw me out of the sly

         deadlines conflict with my work schedule

         Did not enjoy some of the items I did not understand. But I was able to get in contact with the professor easily.

         Did not get much communication from the instructor about whether there were any problems or if help was needed.

         didn't fully understand the tutorials.

         Didn't meet anyone in the class

         didn't realize that I needed a special microphone before registering for the course

         Difficult at some points

         difficult to get answers to questions

         Difficult to see examples of exactly what was expected.

         Disconnection between counselors and students

         Discussion boards

         discussion of material read was limited

         Disliked nothing!

         Dr. **** would made MANY mistakes in e-mails and postings that she would send to us, and not realize that she had put the wrong due date, assignment, etc. until days later. It's like she was in SUCH a hurry ALL THE TIME

         Due by 12:00 midnight really means you have to hit the send button by 11:58.11:59 and you're locked out!

         Due dates too soon

         due to weather, it was off part of the time

         Every week we had a HUGE project that we were not given enough time to do so therefore it was VERY easy to get behind.



         Everything was great!

         Extreme responsibility in remembering random due dates.

         face to face's with my classmates, but chat worked fine.

         Feedback if you have a question!!Takes to long sometime


         Foliotek was extremely too much work!

         For me, not being able to access help as readily as I would have liked, since I live off campus.

         Forgetting to do assignments and not getting more time to complete it.

         Frustrations I found with working with ppt.


         Getting bumped when I tried to open an attachment or submit an assignment on a few occasions.

         grading scaled seemed skewed, hard to understand where certain grades came from

         group project. really hard to meet with group members considering they are taking on-line classes for a reason because they can't be on campus all the time

         group work

         group work was very hard

         had to buy book

         had to do a lot of work on campus, use a lot of paper, things that seem related to in-class courses, not online

         Hard to get questions answered quickly

         hard to get questions answered quickly

         Harder to coordinate group work.

         Having a course that is almost completely online makes it difficult to get clear answers to questions sometimes.

         having more than one website to do work on, need to be all on one website

         having online classes seemed to lead to additional "busy work" assignments, there was not enough opportunity for scholarly discussion.

         Having to drive to Carrollton for six class--5 hours on the road per time.

         Having to drive to classes after working all day. Having to pay for services (Athletic fees, etc) that I would not participate in because I don't attend the university on a daily basis.

         Having to physical come to class.

         having to sign in every day...

         he grades slow

         I could not always get on the website.

         I could only do the work on Sundays which was frustrating, a day during the week would be much better.

         I did not dislike anything.

         I did not dislike anything.

         I did not dislike anything.

         I did not feel most of the information was pertinent to my major. It made sense and I am glad that I had this class, but I just did not learn much.

         I did not have anything to dislike.

         I did not have any problems.

         I did not like having to do the chats because it was not on my own time.

         I did not like how harshly they graded the assignments

         I did not like how it kept crashing or how it would not recognize our user name.

         I did not like how the Quiz only opened up on Sunday until Monday

         I did not like how when I downloaded a file Courseden sent me back to the home page.

         I did not like how you are suppose to log into Course Den everyday for attendance because I would be done with the assignments and there would be no need for me to log in.

         I did not like Moodle.

         I did not like never seeing the instructor.It would have been comforting to know that she was on campus and that I could stop by her office hours when needed.

         I did not like not having all the assignments posted at least two weeks in advance.If I can't get ahead I sometimes forget dates.

         I did not like that the instructors did not answer emails and that if you had a question you had to go down to the school. I live 30-45 minutes away and it was hard for me to come down all the time.

         I did not like that the quizzes were timed. I did not feel that 10 minutes was long enough for me to complete the quiz to my best ability. I felt that the directions for the assignments were not clear at times. There were several misspellings on the quiz

         I did not like that the we have a responsibility to make sure that we keep up with everything on line but the teachers do not always check in or use the right resources. My teacher posted her "announcements" on her main page but did not post them on the

         I did not like that we could not go back to questions on the Quiz. If we would have been able to then I would have made 100's on them. I do not like how they are only opened for one day either.

         I did not like the fact that the Course Den was brought in during the middle of the year. It took quite a bit of time to figure out how to use it. Many of the assignments are layered which makes them hard to find.

         I did not like writing so many papers, I think I would have liked more discussion about the topics.But, I did learn a lot and it was valuable.

         I did not particularly like driving to the campus.

         I did not really have any dislikes

         I didn't dislike anything.

         I didn't have any complaints.

         I didn't like it very much at all. I feel so distant from my teachers, and it would be helpful to at least get emails for a reminder when stuff is due. I don't think I will ever take an online class again.

         I didnít like one of the Microsoft portion of the course I thought it was a bit to difficult but everything else was ok.

         I didn't like that on one of my assignments I know I had something there but they didn't see it. It was the Google project where they said they could find a two column or something and I knew it was there so they went ahead and took points off. I also di

         I didn't like the day to day thoughts of not being able to talk to the teacher like a regular course.

         I didn't like the slowness of the downloading time on tutorials

         I dislike the fact that I did not have an opportunity to get to know my professor, or vice versa.I think that is important at this point in my education, since I will need recommendations for future jobs.I don't feel that the professor of an online c

         I disliked how hard it was to get a hold of the instructor.

         I disliked how much time we had to do our quizzes.

         I disliked my own time management. The assignments were up and down in a flash

         I disliked nothing.

         I disliked that I was "required" to log online every single day even if all of that week's assignments had already been completed. I think that as long as I am completing all the assignments, I should be able to log on whenever I need. I do understand the

         I disliked that the quizzes were only available on Sunday and Monday.

         I disliked the fact that the last assignment was so much later than everyone else. It is the end of the semester and I have been busy with my four other classes. I messed up my dates with the last assignment.

         I disliked the group work section of this course.The group work assignment was more cumbersome because it was group work.The assignment would have been more meaningful if I was able to complete it myself.I also thought the instructions were very un

         I disliked the quizzes. I felt as if they were busy work.

         I disliked the requirement that all students must log on every single day, even if all of that week's assignments had already been completed. It was like an "attendance policy" which I feel isn't necessary in an online environment. I think one of the maj

         I do miss the face to face discussions.

         I do not like it when the server goes down and you cannot complete your work.

         I do not thing accounting is a good class to take online. There is so much information that needs to be learned that I think would be more effective if it was done in a classroom. I realize that I chose this class to be online, however my only reason of

         I do somewhat miss the face-to-face interaction, but the teacher was very helpful!!!

         I do wish I learned more about how to integrate photography into the classroom verses how to use the camera and all the rules and regulations of photography.

         I donít feel like I learned anything at the end of this course... The reading was all case studies and were not placed in any contect since there was no lecture involved.

         I don't feel the I'm able to get resources easily. It's hard to participate in a small group in order to make the load lighter.

         I don't have a complaint yet.

         I don't have any complaints

         I don't have any dislikes about the online portion of this course.

         I don't like having to work in groups online.

         I don't like not getting to know classmates. There really isn't much I don't like about distance learning, so this is hard. I guess from time to time we need more clarification on assignment instructions. I think that CourseDen itself could use some fixi

         I don't really have any dislikes.

         I don't think face to face learning/discussion can be replaced by total online courses.I don't have any other options when registering for classes but to take online courses.My assumption is that busy professionals prefer this mode so that they can g

         I enjoyed everything about it.

         I enjoyed it because of Wimba

         I enjoyed it!

         I enjoyed the course.

         I enjoyed this course it was just hard transitioning and keeping up with the materials but not because it was to much just because of the transition of not having a class.

         I feel this course in particular was not set up so that students could do work when it was convenient for them.There was at least one assignment that was added that was not on the syllabus.Also, the professor would not post assignments for us to work

         I feel very disconnected because I am not face to face with the teacher.

         I felt distant and a little isolated as the second half of the semester we were completely on our own.

         I felt like I needed some support from my professor.

         I felt like I was not getting my grades fast enough.

         I felt like it was hard for me to keep up with the assignments.I like going to class and learning the material and not having to read it off of a computer screen.

         I felt my professor was not very helpful. I think she could have provided a little more clarity.

         I felt that I was just taught from the book.Dr. **** is a very knowledgeable person and we could have benefited from her experiences in addition to using the text.

         I frequently do late nights so having it down every Friday night was not handy.

         I generally liked everything

         I guess I am accustomed to a more traditional classroom setting.

         I had a hard time remembering to do the walking every week.

         I had a mistake in one of my grades and there was no one at nights or on the weekends to look at it. In other words, it took a while to fix.

         I had a question pertaining to one of the assignments and did not get adequate help in completing it

         I had a very good experience.

         I had never used some of the required technologies for the course and I would have liked more instruction for these technologies.

         I had no dislikes

         I had some computer issues that had nothing to do with the course, but with my personal home computer.

         I had some issues with Foliotek and it was frustrating at times.

         I had technical difficulty with the two first assignments and my screen showed me that I had submitted both assignments yet I never received a grade from either assignments and when I asked why, I was told "I never turned them in" which is not true and I

         I had to remind myself to do it.

         I had trouble remembering all the dates. but that's my fault.

         I have no complaints with the online portion of this course.

         I have no complaints with this on-line course format.

         I just don't like the online course idea.I feel that I take more from a class where I actually interact with others and am in a classroom setting.

         I just get more out of face to face.

         I knew about the online help but I still was not positive how to use it. I could have figured it out but I forgot how to pull it up by the end of the semester.

         I know that F2F classes are important but it is difficult to work all day and drive 1 1/2 hours to and from class. I would love totally online courses.

         I learn better in a face-to-face environment.

         I learned something from all assignments.

         I like everything about the course. It was excellent. I would like to take the advanced course.

         I like everything about this course.

         I like interacting with people, so I missed that camaraderie.

         I like to have face-to-face communication with other students and professors.

         I liked all of it.

         I liked everything about this course.

         I liked it all, I disliked nothing.

         I liked this course.

         I loved Dr. **** class.

         I loved everything about it.

         I miss being able to carry on discussions face to face in on campus classes.

         I miss interacting with the other students and instructor. Even though I love the convenience of online courses, being in the traditional classroom setting keeps me more focused and in touch.

         I miss meeting teachers face to face.

         I miss the face to face interaction that occurs in on campus classes.

         I miss the face-to-face interactions.

         I missed the face to face contact that comes with in class classes.

         I personally enjoy face to face interaction. I am a stay at home mom so I missed having adult conversation!

         I personally would just rather have face-to face classes, it is nothing against the teacher or course.

         I prefer face to face lectures

         I prefer face to face meeting. I dislike having to wait for a response for days at a time when I need a prompt response.

         I really didn't have any complaints.

         I really disliked the fact that I didn't get feedback on all of my assignments--especially when I got a low grade. There was no explanation for the grade.

         I really do prefer to be able to participate in verbal in class discussion with fellow students and with instructors.Any submissions of coursework were final.If a revision was to be submitted, it had to be submitted to the instructor directly.

         I really don't have any complaints

         I really don't have any complaints.

         I really enjoyed it.

         I really had no complaints.

         I sometimes would forget when assignments were due.

         I started to lose track of due dates by the end of the course. there was so many files on course den that I found myself getting lost in it all.

         I tend to learn information better in a class room not on my own.

         I think CourseDen still has some quirks to iron out. It would crash on me often, and I do wish that the IT department would use the most recent versions of IE and Firefox so I didn't have to downgrade. It should be up to date, but I don't know if UWG has

         I think that there were too many modules and the major assignments were due on Saturday nights.

         I think there was so much work to accomplish that was difficult for a novice.

         I thought that the time required to meet course expectations was a little extreme.I am, like many others, working full time and have a family, so it is frustrating when this course demands so much of my time.

         I thought there should have been more interaction between the instructor and the students during the entire class.This interaction should take place on the chat & discussion boards provided by Webct not on Facebook. Previous online classes that I have

         I was confused for the first two weeks of the class and the teacher did not let me make it up. I did not know where I was supposed to do what and because its online and everything has to be all fair I canít make them up.

         I was fine with this course. No complaints.

         I was not clear on having the ability to access the online test after taking them.

         I was unable to get feedback on papers.

         I wish my professor would have interacted in the online discussions.I feel this adds depth to the discussions beyond the basic responses given.A true discussion can evolve instead of the 'surface level' responses traditionally given.

         I wish the timeframe for taking the tests was a bit broader, at least a 24 hour period.It was hard to make arrangements to take it in the evening.

         I wish there were e-mis sent out about when things were due, but they told everyone that they had to read the sib. to complete this course.

         I would have appreciated a little more guidance from the instructor as to the content. This class was more of an independent study.

         I would have enjoyed getting to know the professor in some fact to face classes.

         I would have liked to meet a few more times with the professor versus the graduate assistant so there would not be any confusion about the material that was requested of us.

         I would like to have had more face-to-face discussion with classmates and instructor.

         I would rather it be completely online with no F2F.

         I would tend to forget occasionally, and when I was having problems, the teacher was not cooperative.

         Icons are difficult to understand.

         I'd like to meet my classmates once or so- a minor disadvantage.

         If bookmarking courseden and logging on directly from their you did not see messages.I was unaware that the system went down for maintanence and this messed me up.

         if I had a problem I had to wait for an email response to get help and try to understand.

         If I have a question not being able to meet with the teacher face to face because I work during her office hours.

         if you don't understand an assignment it is hard to do because you are not face to face with a teacher to ask them..instead you have to email them and wait for their reply

         If you had a question and couldnít figure it out one of your books it was hard to get in touch with instructor.

         Initially it was very hard to find where the class was hosted. No information was distributed to help me find my way to the class hosting site.

         Instructor was not the most organized person.

         It consumed too much time out of class.

         It did not appear that my instructor was organized enough to teach an online class. There was a severe lack of instruction and organization of the course den page. In the program so far, however, this is a unique circumstance. I have had positive expiries

         It is always difficult for me to feel connected with my professor and classmates working online.I have adapted to working online, but I prefer face-to-face classes.

         It is difficult to communicate with an instructor via email.Not everyone opens email everyday so communication slows down considerably.

         It is hard to be disciplined. But then again, that is my problem, not UWG's problem.

         It is more difficult to coordinate group work for an online class.

         It made it hard sometimes to complete my assignments for reasons such as my computer being down because of wireless connection or bad weather.

         It makes it difficult sometimes to get questions answered quickly and clearly. I also miss the back and forth of in class lecture and discussion.

         It offers little instruction. I am still not clear what I was supposed to learn from this course.

         It seemed like there was a lot of extra work. It was kind of overwhelming on top of my other classes.

         It seemed to be more difficult

         It takes a lot of self discipline, and you lose some of the content by missing the in-class lecture and discussions

         It took 3 weeks to get some papers back and would submit 3 more in between so I could not improve the writing aspect.I did not know what I was doing wrong.

         It was a little difficult to navigate

         it was a lot of work

         It was great

         It was hard at first to get use to the deadlines. It seemed like it would be difficult to follow. Fortunately I was able to complete all of my work before the assigned deadline.

         It was hard to get in contact if something went wrong.

         It was hard to keep up with all the due dates for everything.

         It was hard to remember to log into your page everyday for attendance.

         It was harder to get one on one help from such a busy instructor when I also have a busy schedule

         It was not challenging at all, and I was unable to learn any new information.The professors in charge of this course were not available to help or even answer questions throughout the entire semester.

         It was not fully explained as to what was expected and not very clear at first and still a little confusing at the end

         It was not organized.

         it was very hard to keep up to date.

         It's harder to get help from the professor. I don't like having a set time you have to submit assignments. For example, if the submission box opens at 5 pm and closes 8 pm, then I miss it due to work. I donít think it's fair to have it open only a few ho

         Itís harder to remember due dates of assignments as compared to being reminded of things in face-to-face classes. It's also harder to contact professors online.

         It's more difficult to resolve issues that you need help with because you have to wait on the professor to get back to you when they decided instead of being able to talk to the professor during class time.


         Lack of clarity in assignment description.

         Lack of communication from professor

         Lack of communication with instructor.

         Lack of face-to-face instruction

         lack of people face to face contact

         Lack of student-teacher interactions.

         learning course den

         learning course den

         learning the new system

         Lessons were not released until Mondays. I would have preferred lessons being released on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays or have available so I could have worked at my own pace.

         Like I said, not a on-line course.

         login was everyday

         Lots of busy work.

         Lots of malfunctions in the system

         Mainly, I thought course den was not very well laid out and finding resources that I needed was not as user friendly as it could have been.There were times the requirements or instruction was a bit confusing as well.

         many of the assignments seemed like "busy work"

         Many quizzes over small parts of a large chapter.

         May be a CourseDen issues, but I didn't like the way the assignments were all lumped together and not organized by due date.

         Miss class interaction

         Miss having the face to face portion but since this class was both online and face to face, I was able to have class time to meet others in my class.

         more work involved with an online class

         My computer froze up in the middle of a test. I disliked the uncertainty of technology.

         My computer would freeze up at times.

         My own technical inexperience and somewhat unique computer issues presented frustrating situations b/c I lacked the expertise to troubleshoot or to know when to stop trying and get help.My technical issues at times presented a distraction to learning t

         my own time management isnít so great

         My personal computer was not working this entire semester, so I had to make accommodations to go to the library to complete all of my work for this course.I strongly dislike the fact that the discussions and quizzes were only open for a short amount of

         My personal learning style is classroom.this course has 50/50 mix of on-line & class.

         My preference is to have the required course materials available at the start of class or at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to their assignment date.This helps in making adequate arrangements to having my work completed on time.

         My slow connection.























































         no classroom/student interaction

         No comment

         no comment

         No complains.

         no complaints

         no complaints

         No complaints

         No complaints

         No complaints

         No complaints.

         No complaints. I enjoyed the online portion of the course.

         No dislikes

         no dislikes

         No dislikes noted.

         No dislikes noted.

         no face to face

         No face to face with the instructor

         no face to face, limited classmate involvement

         No much

         no physical discussion

         no reply from teachers on e-mails
















         Not 100% clear on forms that need to be maintained throughout course. needed assistance with that.

         not a lot of guidance/help when needed

         not a thing

         Not able to converse with others about the subject as well and face to face

         not able to view your incorrect answers

         Not all the instructors were familiar with the new course den program.

         Not Applicable

         Not applicable

         Not applicable

         Not applicable

         Not being able to access additional help, since I live off campus.

         not being able to ask and receive answers to minor questions

         not being able to save and print the quizzes and test to study for the final. I also thought that there was not enough time allowed for them.

         Not being able to talk with a teacher face to face if I had a problem.

         Not being able use express my thoughts in speech but having to convey them through written dialogue.

         not being face-to-face with my instructor

         Not being in a class with an instructor as I am working. Not being in a class with an instructor who I can question about my grade on an assignment where the instructions were not clear.

         not enough face to face instruction

         Not enough feedback. A lot of grading was not completed when he said it would be. Currently, there are still 3 projects and 2 other regular assignments not graded.

         Not enough time to take quizzes

         Not getting immediate help when there is a problem.Not knowing when I would get the answers.Communication

         Not good for quick philosophical discussion.

         not having access to a teacher face to face

         Not having face-to-face help.

         Not immediate feedback.

         not knowing my classmates in person, and not meeting my professor and classmates more than once.

         not much

         Not seeing my classmates and getting to really know them.

         Not seeing my classmates much or really getting to know them.

         Not seeing the others in my class.


















































































         Nothing again, he has everything one would need for this class. I would not have done as good as I am if I did not show up for class on Monday and Wednesday.

         Nothing at all.

         nothing I loved it.

         Nothing I loved the course and the instructor.

         nothing it was great

         Nothing it was great.

         nothing really

         Nothing really

         Nothing really

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really.The time limit on one of the exams was too short.

         Nothing that I can think of.

         Nothing working on-line is great.




         Nothing, everything was good

         Nothing, I really enjoyed this class.The instructor made all the necessary information available so we the students were able to work ahead if we had time.Also all the expectations of us were displayed upfront so there were no hidden requirements.

         Nothing, it was an excellent semester!


















         Nothing. I actually enjoyed this class and didn't really think I'd be happy with it.

         Nothing. I believe all of the assignments will help me for future classes.

         nothing. It was a good course

         Nothing. It was a good online course.

         Nothing. Liked everything about it.

         Nothing--it was great!

         nothing really

         Occasionally, I had difficulty understanding the directions for projects and I thought I could post questions to the class discussion board, I had to wait for a response.

         One of the assignments didnot have a proper explanation, and I was deducted points for something that seemed to be unfair. As I did not have a "face-to-face" teacher, it was (and remains) nearly impossible to get any answers to my questions. The woman

         One specific assignment was given that had to be turned in as a specific format. On Word 2007, the program used, the specific format would delete a portion of the assignment every time. I decided that it would be best that I turn in the entire assignment

         Only being able to take the test Sun-Mon

         Only the net work being down at times.

         overloaded some times

         Personally, I like the face-to-face interaction.


         Projects that were all up to me to finish with no class work.

         put in a lot of hours to complete assignments

         Quiz questions were sometimes confusing or misleading.


         Response time on emails/questions.I know that not everyone sits at their computer waiting for another person to email them.I believe an adequate response time for email returns should be within 24 hours and I have waited longer to get replies to my q

         SAM program, would have liked it in the 2007 version

         same material as cs1020

         SAMS,software problems.It should be worth more than just 3 credit hours.

         seems like a lot more work

         seems like a lot more work.

         seems like a lot more work.

         short amount of time to have a quiz completed

         so many quizzes due at one time

         Some directions werenít clear!

         Some files were hard to open.

         Some information given by the instructor was not very helpful.

         Some miscommunications arose between students and teacher expectations.

         Some of the "answers" to the quizzes conflicted with the information in the book, or were worded in such a way that it was clearly meant to confuse the students, if only a bit.

         Some of the assignments' instructions were hard to follow

         Some of the assignments were confusing.

         Some of the communication of expectations of assignments were not clear.

         Some of the course was more confusing because of the way that it was set up online.

         Some of the directions were not very clear.

         Some of the exercises were very basic - given the fact we are in a University - exams and quizzes etc need to teach us things we donít already know about MS Office and Applications.

         some of the forms and papers were not easily opened

         Some of the material posted for the course was hard to read and understand

         Some of the quizzes were difficult and sometimes ten minutes was not enough time.

         Some of the surveys were confusing as to optional or not.I also like assignments posted at least two weeks in advance.

         Some questions for quizzes had a) all of the above while b,c,d and the answers. It was because the answers were put in random order... but that can makes things very complicated. A better answer would be a) all of these

         sometime you forget you have assignments. you have to constantly look at your syllabus

         Sometimes answers were not clear or answered quickly.

         Sometimes face to face classes are better because you can get examples of what is expected and you have your professor right there to answer questions when needed.

         Sometimes group work can be difficult through online.Sending files back and forth can be difficult when files get too large for WebCT.

         Sometimes I forget that we have quizzes.

         Sometimes I just had to find times to meet with the instructor if I had a problem with some of the work given.

         Sometimes if I got stuck I wasn't exactly sure how to handle the problem.

         Sometimes it took awhile to access WebCT. Sometimes the computer would freeze up while I would take my test and cause me to enter an answer in incorrectly.

         Sometimes it was hard to get a hold of the instructor if I had a question or problem because there were so many students in the class.

         Sometimes it's difficult to get in contact with your instructor for assistance at the moment its needed.

         Sometimes my grades did not post even though I took the quizzes.

         Sometimes my grades didn't show up even though I know my quizzes had been graded.

         Sometimes not meeting in person can be confusing as far as assignments.

         Sometimes parts of questions didnít show up on the quizzes. I didnít know what to do about the problem until after I got done with the quiz and could email my teacher.

         Sometimes the assignments were hard to understand at first.

         sometimes the assignments weren't on the calendar.

         Sometimes the courseden was not up and the computer would freeze during the middle of answering a response question.

         Sometimes the deadlines were too short. Hindered me from completing some task

         Sometimes the grades were given back far later than I thought they should have.

         Sometimes the narrated notes did not load correctly.

         Sometimes the same materials could be found in different locations . . . . I would usually find the directions for the website in the assignment drop box, but other times I would find it in a different module - which could be inconsistent and confusing a

         Sometimes the site had a lot of traffic and it cause it to be somewhat slow.

         Sometimes the system would be down and I could not complete the assignments at that time.

         Sometimes the tests didn't really have the stuff that was covered on the powerpoint. I had to look some stuff up online because I didn't learn it in the notes.

         Sometimes the website went slow during quizzes and submitting assignments, but that was probably the bad internet at Arbor Viewís fault.

         Sometimes the website would not show things.

         Sometimes thing wouldn't load right.

         Sometimes things did not stay online that had been put there by my professors. None of the work I submitted to my professors through CourseDen were available to me once I submitted them. They didn't save to my file.

         Sometimes you have to wait for a reply from a professor or classmate.

         Surprise assignment almost at the end of semester.

         Teacher response to emails was slow if at all.

         test schedule conflicted with my work schedule

         That it required extensive meetings with a group that was no different than having a regularly scheduled class.In order to meet the deadline, we still had to meet on average of 2 days per week

         that it was online

         That some assignments are only open for a day and if you do not have access to a computer that whole day, you miss the assignment.

         That the course didn't end at "Orals". But I do understand why because they did time to get ready for those who will be graduating.

         That the professor didn't want a lot of question sent to her so she had to be tied down with.

         That the professor was not accessible through webs.

         That the quizzes were timed for only ten minutes. I work at a very slow pace so that was difficult for me.

         That the quizzes and assignments were due by Noon instead of midnight.

         That the quizzes were due at 12 pm daytime and not midnight, that is confusing and should be clarified.

         that the teachers couldn't access assignments and didn't let you resubmit assignments

         That we only met once as a class.

         The 10 minute time limit on the quizzes was sometimes hard to manage, but it didn't cause too many problems for me once I got the hang of it.

         the assignments closed before they were due

         The assignments were difficult to keep up with. There were a lot of different things going on at once. The checklist did help however the assignments were located in different places on WebCT.

         The assignments were due 12:00pm as opposed to 12:00am.

         The assignments were due on different days of the week. I was on a schedule that things were due on Wednesday, and I missed a assignment because when I logged on Wednesday the assignment was actually due on Tuesday night.

         The assignments were often not posted in a timely manner creating stress for me.

         The book was difficult to understand, but the teacher resolved the issues.

         The class should be offered for graduate students before semester of scholarly project.

         The communication factor. Online takes away the personality of a face-to-face course.

         The confusion about assignments.Because there was very limited direct input by the instructor, the information about assignments was limited which proved frustrating.

         The course content page was kind of disorganized.

         The course was fast paced.

         the course was not very educational and it was rediculous that the teacher to attendence on an online class.

         The deadline timer if you were working late and then at 11:59 you were unable to submit assignment.

         The difficulty of some of the assignments

         The discussions and having to respond to other students discussions. Everyone wrote basically the same thing, re-worded three times.

         the discussions online are pointless

         The fact that if I did not meet up to the deadline for the assignment then I can retake it, an example was the 27th of February when I was seriously experiencing so much, I was not able to do the work even though I knew the topic but I did not get a grade f

         The fact that the professor did not use WebCT to communicate with the class. We had to use the West Ga. email.

         the fact that we didnít have hardly any quizzes because she didnít know how to use the quiz portion

         The glitches in software and being disconnected from other students.

         the grading of the assignments

         The grading system. I got double points off on the first assignment.

         The great number of group projects.

         The inability to contact the teacher at a momentís notice.

         The instructor did not discussed about the class material nor remindered the students of upcoming tests which was hard on me.

         The instructor was extremely unhelpful.

         The instructor was horrible.We never had grades posted and we could not withdraw because we did not know our progress.When the instructor was asked about the grades she did not respond.Our quizzes were also suppose to be every week and the instruct

         The instructor was lax at the very best about responding or completely unresponsive most times.The pace was accelerated with very little instruction or willingness to help from the instructor who was miles away for most of the time and unabashed about

         The instructions could have been a little bit easier to go by. The Professor would never email students back! They pretty much left you by yourself. The first day of class the Professor made it seem like this was not an easy class, and that we may not su

         The lack of a face to face relationship to my instructor, the ability to get to know him better, and the ability to ask in depth questions without feeling like I'm a burden while on the phone with the instructor.

         the lack of a more prompt teacher response to emails

         the lack of feedback.


         The loss of face to face conversation

         The many problems with WebCT.

         The online materials were a bit confusing at registration and early on in the class.Many logins, also.

         The online portion of this course allowed me to go back and review when necessary.

         The online quizzes would use the same question more than once in the same quiz.Sometimes the answers that would show correct were actually the wrong answer according to the book and the online material.I really would have expected more from the MIS de

         The on-line tutoring was okay, was crazy about it all the time.

         The only thing I disliked was my own fault. I dislike how easy it is to forget about assignments. You need to be well disciplined when it comes to doing your assignments to take an online course and I learned that the hard way.

         The only thing that I did not really like was the 12 pm due time for items.I always remembered the date, and I know that I could have submitted my work sooner, but I always waited until the day of.It would have been nice to have a little bit later of

         The organization of the forms page and the calendar

         The paper length was too long.Although once research was conducted it came together, the stress level as a result of the amount needed was strong.I think progress reports should not be required publicly in a formal structure.I felt that the outline

         the postings were overwhelming at first, but I got used to them

         the postings were very overwhelming at first, but I got used to them

         The power point presentation we had to do on Vango Notes. I am not a big fan of Powerpoints, but it is cool.

         The prof. must participate in discussion if you want them to mean anything!

         The professor can't see the amount of time spent on assignments.

         The professor can't see what type of effort we are making outside of class. There was a lot more time involved on my part in this class than in a classroom situation.

         The professor in this class did not respect the fact that many of us have full-time jobs and families; and he often posted the instructions for the assignments only days before they were due. And often ignored emails asking for the instructions.

         The professor rarely communicated with us and didn't seem to respond to questions on the discussion board.We had to email him several times to get questions answered.Some of the assignments weren't explained or posted in a format that we could act up

         the professor was bad about getting things up and letting us know about them

         The professor was basically absent from this course. He does not respond to postings directed at him. I felt like I was taking the course on my own. He was impossible to contact.

         The professor was difficult to get in touch with. Emails were not answered in a timely manner. The professor did not confirm the submission of assignments so we had no idea if he had received them. I had to email an assignment 3 times because it could not

         The professor was extremely unhelpful. If you had a problem, he did not care, he would just tell you should have come into the lab, which not everyone has the time to do. Or he would not email you back at all. He graded assignments extremely unfairly

         The professor was not supportive when she was asked questions. When I had a question about something, she would only tell me to refer to the syllabus, when I already had. I needed further clarification from her, and she treated me like I was a burden.

         The quizzes were a little difficult and it was sometimes hard to find the answers in the book

         The quizzes

         The quizzes did not always relate to the assignments.

         The SAM software was frustrating but it was at no fault of the instructor.

         The structure was completely inflexible, negating one of the so-called advantages of on-line learning

         The system lags at times.

         The teacher did not answer questions in an adequate amount of time. If the class is online, she should check her email regularly. She would also change due dates on assignments, after they were originally supposed to be due. We also went a whole month wit

         The teacher was a little too worried about "simulating" real discussion; making sure that we read and responded to everyone's comments.

         the teacher was slow at responding

         the teacher was unwilling to work with you

         The time it takes to receive assistance

         the time limit

         the time limit on the quizzes

         the time limit on the test

         the timed quizzes

         The timed test

         The transition to course den from Webct vista was a little challenging but all the kinks were worked out by around the second week. So it was okay.

         The videoconferencing.I felt our group had more interaction and better flow to a conversation in the regular chat room.

         The videos were finicky.Sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn't.

         The waiting time on e-mails sent to the professor. If I had a question, I had to wait for an answer. I usually got one fairly quickly, but waiting for an answer when you are facing a deadline is nerve-wracking.

         The web ct was harder to maneuver.

         The website is somewhat picky and at times just down.It seems that this website still has many bugs.

         The workload seemed to be a little much as far as assignments, test, quizzes, and discussions plus the work that must be put into the final project.Became overwhelming at some points.Maybe a little less to do with the test, quizzes, and assignments s

         The workspace is too small. There is too much wasted space at the top of the courseden page.

         There is entirely too much work and as a working adult it is difficult to keep up with.

         There is no personal interaction with my classmates and a time lag when asking my professor questions that could easily be answered immediately in person.

         There really wasn't anything that I was dissatisfied with in the course.

         There was a "delay" during the Wimba sessions that was frustrating - I never could get the problem fixed - I think it may be that I have DSL, but it's not the highest speed available. I ended up using the phone call in option during the last session, rat

         There was not many attempts on assignments to do well.

         There was not much feedback from the professor.

         There was nothing I did not like about this course.

         There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of this class.

         There was nothing I disliked.I believe more classes should be offered online, especially for commuter students..

         There was nothing I really disliked. Highly impressed with all feedback.

         There was nothing that I didn't like.

         There was nothing that I disliked about this course. The WebCT site was always up and running - no technical problems.

         There was nothing to dislike about the ONLINE portion of this course.

         There was really nothing I disliked

         There was some confusion on assignments. I think that was related to the professor not the course being online.

         There was very little teacher support. When I had questions about the syllabus, I was told to see the syllabus by the professor.

         There wasnít anything I disliked. If you read the assigned material, you shouldnít have a problem.

         There wasnít anything that sticks out that I disliked

         There were assignments that would have never been given in class.

         There were only two attempts allowed at completed quizzes.

         There were some issues regarding my grades due to the site, not the teacher.

         There were times when Dr. **** did not respond to emails and left us hanging for nearly two weeks.

         There were too many assignments to complete on our own and not enough face to face time. We only met once for a face to face meeting.

         There were too many students on one discussion board.It was hard to keep up with all of the posts and responses.I really wanted to see what everyone else was posting, but I was overwhelmed by the number of posts.

         There were two instances where the directions were incorrect.

         They assignments were out of order with the syllabus. It seemed as if some items were not updated.

         This online class was a good class, but other classes that are online are not always as good.

         Time constraints because of work load

         Today in May 4th - the end of the course.The professor for this course has not given us any feedback or grade since February 9th.This is the first time I have had this problem with an online course - it is totally frustrating!

         too many assignments

         Too many discussions, too much non-text information to really absorb or use

         too many things due in a week - but I guess that is because we do not meet to have a usual class discussion - so even a discussion is like an online due assignment.

         Too much technology to learn for one semester

         Too overwhelming during my student internship experience. I wish I could have had more opportunities to do the assignments for a longer period of time.

         Trying to work with groups

         Turning in assignments by 9:00 am.

         Uncertainty regarding certain parts of paper.

         Unfortunately, this course was not user-friendly for online learning.The modules were not updated with any consistency.The material posted was from summer 2008 with incorrect dates.The turn-around for grades was slow.The professor gave 3 and 4 as

         Very little time for the quiz.

         Very slow at times.

         Vista is still touchy, Java will open in more than one window and then shut down at times randomly.

         Waiting on members of my discussion group to respond.Many times they did not respond in a reasonable amount of time.

         waiting to receive grades after submitting the work.

         Want longer time periods to take quizzes, have the quizzes stay open longer.

         Wasn't explained all that clearly through directions.

         We did meet in class a couple of times.But I do like meeting my professors and asking questions when needed.

         We don't get to have that "group" feel to being in a class together.

         Well one time my computer froze in the middle of a quiz. I got a bad grade.

         What I dislike about doing online classes is the fact that you are not able to have the face to face communication with other students. Sometimesit is nicer to have that interaction.

         When a computer is at fault for messing up the way your assignment is submitted then it is your fault. There needs to be at least one second chance especially for those students who did their work before the deadline and in the correct way.

         When I have trouble with something I am working on, I like being able to talk to someone face to face about what I am having trouble with but overall, there wasn't really anything that I disliked about this being online.

         When I was doing an assignment I could really ask for help if I needed it because I never had that face-to-face attention.

         When the Java would open in more than one window and time out unexpectedly.

         When there were questions about an assignment, the only way I had to contact my professor was by e-mail. I then had to wait for him to reply. I also disliked the fact that I could not have a verbal discussion with my professor about wrong answers on a qu

         Work load was intense - every night I felt I had to post to get a good grade in the class.Also, information on testing and evaluation was not the easiest to read from a scholarly journal - required a lot of independent study (outside of the textbook) t

         Working in groups

         Working in teams online. I don't feel like I learned as much if this were a face to face session. I don't feel as though I learned much of anything. I feel like all I did was read information.

         Written instructions were unclear, and face-to-face interaction with professor and classmates wasn't possible.


         You can't do a group project, with people you've not met, when you only meet 6 times in class.

         You could not receive help right then