Spring 2011 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)

Question 23: What did you like about the online portion of this course?

        Some of the instructions for assignments were a little hard to understand what the teacher really wanted.

        I had trouble with CourseDen kicking me out until I contacted support and they suggested for me to switch to FireFox.

        Sometimes the links did not download.


        Some of the complaints should have been addressed, but I think our instructure was not aware of problems/complaints.


        Overall, my experience with the online portion of this course was exceptional.

        Having assignments due every Tuesday and Thursday

        Email in CourseDen did not always work.


        Sometimes the online component would 'mess up' and I would have to send my instructor the information via e mail.

        THE group presentation

        I thought it was ridiculous that a test (assessment) was only open for 12 hours out of the day. I think a full 24-hour period is fine and that's how it should be. EVERYTHING (assessments and assignments) were due at 8 pm when I believe they should have been due at midnight. Every other online assignment I've had has been due at midnight. I also hated the group assignment.

        communication at times could be difficult. however my group did a great job overall

        Mandatory class meetings.

        Trying to touch base with your colleagues as some took too long to respond to your questions/requests....(although that has nothing to do with CourseDen).


        It was largely asinine.


        course work overload


        Not being able to ask questions immediately.

        I would mis read the due date and turn it in a day late

        sometimes teacher took too long to respond back to questions



        A lot of work due in a short span.


        There was nothing that I disliked about the course.

        I disliked that we had to go into the classroom for the tests. When signing up for the class it did not say anything about having to take all the tests in class.


        I disliked that there was no face to face lectures or discussions, or even video lectures, with the professor. Sometimes I had a hard time understanding the material and I would have liked a lecture to bring things into perspective or to better understand them, but I also understand that this is what I signed up for when I registered for an online class.

        I had to drive to Carrollton to take tests once a month. Also the online quizes did not always load correctly. The multiple choice answers were jumbled together and I couldn't see the complete answers so had to make educated guesses.


        Nothing I can recall.

        It was a lot of information to understand.

        i was prepared and had a history of online classes so this was easy to me i have no complaints.


        Lack of study tools available to students. Difficult to understand professor's intention at times, online videos were often confusing.

        I hated having such limited amount of time to complete assignments after they were assigned. If something opens at 5 PM one day and closes at 5 PM the next, it's hard to manage!

        I dislike the amount of work in one week.

        It did not allow me to connect with my professor and it was hard to get answers to my questions


        System maintenance times.

        I don't like that posting discussions sometimes gets messed up and one little thing going wrong can delete the entire post before it is submitted.

        Sometimes with the stress and work of other classes I would put the online class on the back burner.

        I disliked the amount of work.

        Occasionally some assignments would be due during the same week, but the next week nothing would be due. It would make sense to space them out so I could of given more time to each assignment.

        Sometimes I had no motivation to study or review material

        Sometimes CourseDen would malfunction and log me out, but I was able to log back in and complete what I was working on immediately.


        I enjoy communicating with the teacher and other students in person. I also found problems accessing some of the documents posted by the teacher. Technical problems are sometimes aggravating!

        I learn better in a classroom enviornment.

        Very time consuming but nothing I couldn't handle.

        If I had a question about an assignment I didn't have as much immediate response as I would like.

        The assignments were due at times when i had to work so I did not have as much time as others.


        We are required to log onto courseden at least once a day. I would always check in early in the mornings, and there would be no announcements, but my teacher would post something at 5pm an expect for us to see it before the next day.

        Sometimes issues arose and it took a little bit longer than I thought to address them.

        Nothing, the lectures are too long for a person of human origin.

        Some computer issues

        things seemed to get sorted through better in person.

        The only thing I disliked was that the system seemed to get really slow when there were a lot of people online which made it hard to submit assignments.

        I do like having a face to face meeting with teachers and students because overall it is a more personal setting and the teacher is able to get to know the students and vice versa.

        It's not that I dislike the online portion of this course-I just prefer face-to-face classes over online courses


        Sometimes file uploads were slow.

        being locked out ater deadlines

        sometime its easier to learn difficult material in class

        It is a very informative class. I really enjoy taking this class. The professor Dr. ****** is very kind ,loving ,cooperative. Her guidence is excellent through out the semester. I can recommend this professor to my friends too.

        the confusion during on line chat

        The questions were sometimes very tricky, which I don't feel is conducive to a positive learning experience.

        The scheduled chat times were only twice a week, for a 30 minute period, during which I was always in my geology class. ******** does not allow students to view their scores on the multiple choice assignments until the day after the due date, although the instructor can, and can inform the students of their scores via email. CourseDen, as always, was a major pain in the ******, and the fact that this course is online made it doubly so. I have no faith in online learning, and must admit that I think I will always have a foul attitude about it.

        I didn't like having to wait for the homework to open-up before I could start it.

        I don't like the actual assignments they were somewhat difficult and hard to learn by yourself.

        Harder to stay on track with assignments.

        Nothing, loved this class!



        I dislike having to read everything!

        The assignments were pretty tough.


        Nothing. I would NEVER take this course in-class. It was super easy if you applied yourself and actually quite fun.


        WebCT not being completely compatible with the newest version of Mozilla.

        Having to drive 3 hours for a face-to-face meeting.

        I dislike that there is a required face to face meeting. I wish the entire course was online.

        Heavy academic and guidance courses such as this course, research, and internship courses should not be taught online-not even hybrid. Most other courses in this program are likely acceptable as hybrid courses and maybe all online courses. Electives should be offered all online. Group, Intro to Counseling, Research, Psych Appraisal, and Leadership and Advocacy should not even be hybrid. Community Counseling is also a decent class to offer online.

        Not being able to have real discussions with my classmates.

        Not seeing my professor each week (but that's because I like her and not because I didn't think she provided us with enough guidance and information).

        I found it difficult to learn some of the information with it being online, specifically the first module of the course with regards to statistics, reliability and validity.

        I personally enjoyed all aspects of this course.

        I like to interact with others in physical classroom. I missed being in a classroom.


        Felt disconnected and uninformed about class progress.

        I did not feel like I got as much out of the online class as I would have if I'd been there in person.

        The amount of 'busywork', did not like the powerpoint that was posted without a narrative. I learned more when the powerpoint was connected to a narrated lecture.

        The computer glitches came at the worst times.

        The time spent online were twice as long than a course on campus.

        The work required for a face to face class is less time consuming than online work.

        I believe there were too many points deducted when links were not working properly. When posting it is sometimes hard to ensure that links will function correctly.

        Not being able to reliably get in touch with the professor when the class was online. I think this course should meet every other week instead of just the beginning and end of the semester, especially because the group project is such a large portion of our grade. Communicating with group members was difficult online. The class should be taught how to use communication programs, such as Wimba, if group work is required.


        Online discussions were required and reliant on the ability to long-on multiple times during the week. My availability during the week for the class was limited.

        Sometimes there were hiccups in the program which would enable a student to complete an assignment to the professor's liking. The professor did not have much sympathy for technical issues which would reflect in condescending comments.





        Learning to navigate on-line with comfortability. I believe that this comes with experience

        I am more of a face-to-face person. I like the interaction.

        I prefer interactive online activities, such as Wimba over pre-recorded lectures, though they are useful

        not being able to interact with my classmates.


        The grading formula, never correct



        Not being able to meet with the teacher easily to figure out issues.

        Nothing. If I did not understand the assignment, the instructor was available to help.

        I own a Mac, and the course was specifically for people who own PCs. Sometimes this was a problem.

        Sometimes its tough to keep up with the work becuase there isn't someone constantly reminding you every other day that work is due.


        It was very un-organized.

        I couldn't use my MacBook, and had to use friends computers.

        Trouble uploading work on to courseden




        Confusing at times.

        nothing really

        the organization of assignments was messy and hard to follow at times

        Nothing. If I had questions, the professor or a grad student would answer them promptly.

        It was hard to get help and often the online material was difficult to get to work correctly.

        There were often issues with the accuracy of quizzes and lesson material. Nearly every lesson had a flaw. I do not believe that we should have these types of issues present in our lessons. Without knowing the process by which the courses are created and the content is reviewed, I understand that we are humans and we make mistakes. However, I must point out that there were more course-level mistakes in this class than in all of the 10 eCore classes that I have completed.


        The fact that Courseden was always reliable when sending work to the teacher.

        it was easy to get behind in. and when questions came up no one is there to help you then.

        I felt there was a little confusion about due dates and maybe he was a little too accomodating to the needs of others by excessively postponing due dates.

        Chapter 9 Adobe Forms and Word Labels.

        I'm unable to find a dislike.

        sometimes when I had to work alot I missed a couple of the assignments.


        Sometimes, the assignments were unclear in what I should do and I had to go to the computer lab to get personal assistance.


        somethings i didnt understand and didnt have time going to the teacher

        I disliked that we had to download the new Office 2010. I know 2007's version really well, and I didn't want to have to download a whole new version (and I didn't want to have to do my work at a lab because it can take a while).

        i dislike not being in the classroom with the professor.


        That the assignments were not all available at the beginning of the course; I could have finished this entire course in February, and then focused on the rest of my classes... instead, I have to wait until the professor opened each assignment, thus arbitrarily and inefficiently upping my stress level and work load.


        Had to travel to campus to take test.




        Personally prefer face-to-face class.


        Tests are in class.

        I feels as if the information we learn in the exercises had no relation to the material covered on the tests.



        If I needed help the teacher wasn't physically there.




        The additional student/intructor started to grade after the semester started, so being able to understand the grading technique was a little different, yet managable.




        No, there is not.

        Everything in the course went smoothly.

        I disliked the little communication because I am a people person but online was my only option this semester.


        The fact that stupid courseden kept booting us out because the 'server' was having problems. It often booted me during tests and quizzes and took 3-4 times to post a discussion question.


        i do not think group online work was a good idea

        Everything. The teacher took away the freedom of taking an online class by forcing us to do assignments the day they were due as if we were in a class room.

        The instructer assigned a group project online and I found this to be absurd since we can't physically speak to our group members and make sure they're on track.

        Not being able to communicate with the teacher and get a immediate response.

        The teacher was not available to the students to the course. It felt like the class just ran itself with no feedback at all.

        The online part.

        Communication only through email messages can be confusing and you misconstrue a person's intentions. I had to go to the campus to meet with my instructor in order to clarify a communication disconnect that could have greatly impacted my over all grade and my retention/interest in course material.

        Dont have teacher teaching. You teach yourself.

        i liked this class


        Sometimes i missed quizzes because its not a class i attend face-to-face.

        I didn't like the lack of interaction with my classmates.



        maintenance disruption




        It is very difficult to communicate with fellow class members.

        I had trouble with some of the technical aspects that assignments required. It was very frustrating when there were not a lot of explanations for how to do some of the technical stuff required for the course.

        Sometimes websites would not load.

        I didn't like the fact that there was no class meetings because it would have made the presentations easier. This is a course that to me should not be offered online because it is a class that you must pass in order to graduate with your degree.

        time limit on the quizzes


        Had to email questions and wait for a response.



        I have no complaints.

        The days came up so quickly early in the semester whether you had the book or not


        Some of the directions were confusing and when I used pronto class tutor to get help the person was very short and actually ended up leaving with out fully helping me with the assignment.




        Too many TA's grading and making errors. The actual professor seems very hands off.


        Time consuming.


         Some areas were more difficult than others; I would've preferred having a teacher's assistance in these areas.

         There was nothing that I didn't like.


         The homework quizzed were somewhat tricky.



         Not MacBook Friendly

         The fact that the assignments were due in the morning instead of night like my last online class i took.

         I did not get to meet with the teacher it wasn't personal.



         One of my assignments wouldn't load on other computers but worked fine on mine.

         I hardly know of anything that might have disliked.

         inability to ask direct questions and get immediate responses like in a face to face classroom setting

         nothing known

         That I could find help when i needed it.

         Nothing, I am a strong supporter of online courses.

         Sometimes it was frustrating if i couldn't figure it out and couldn't ask a teacher right away.

         Identical to the 1020 class which I am also taking. TA's messing up grades.

         I did not dislike any part.

         i did not like the fact that i had a severe family emergency which caused me to miss a deadline and the instructor was not understanding AT ALL.



         There were times when i missed a couple of assignments because it slipped my mind.

         No real instructor

         Everything. It was not convenient. The class cost me more in printable resources than any of my previous classes. I was blown away with all that was required just for this one course. The professor was not friendly to most of the students. She made asking for help difficult. I will not recomend this class to others.

         I work better with a teacher that is face to face.

         I disliked the delay in response using Skype in our virtual class.

         The Professor ws online nd we were not. We hd to come to clss while the Professor Skyped in on us.

         It is hard to learn math online. The teacher did not seem understanding enough for it to be an online class. We had problems with the program every class meeting. Getting started with the class took too long. The teachers courseden setup was impossible to follow. It was very difficult to participate, especially since I am not outspoken enough to shout to a computer screen.

         The delay in the skype. How no one knew what they were doing and how there was terrible classtime communication.

         Everything. There is no way to teach a math class over Skype and I do not appreciate being the guinea pig class!

         I did not like not having the Professor there in person to teach this course. It was very hard to try to communicate when the connection was bad. This is a course that definately needs to be taught in person so that students can show an example of their work so that questions can be answered.I felt very confused because the professor was not there to guide me and give me examples or more explaination.

         it was disorganized, confusing, and i feel that i learned nothing from it. this class was a total waste.

         The delay in the video was problematic

         I disliked not having face-to-face meetings with my professor more than once a month. It was hard to work with her office hours because I, as well as most of my classmates, am taking 18 hours this semester and the office hours were during my class times. It was difficult to keep up in the course because there was so much material to be printed for each class meeting.

         I did not think this course was the type that could be taken online.

         Very hard to work with and set up. Sometimes sound was not working well and video would skip. hard to have a 2 hour class

         Since the course was through Skype, it did not feel as personal between teacher and students during class and it seemed hard to hold everyone's attention


         Certain concepts that were not clear were easily forgotten.Questions were not clearly answered because meeting the instructor face to face eases communication than sending questions and waiting for the response.

         Certain portions were not clear and I did not have someone to help me.

         Less personal

         I missed not having face-to-face contact with the professor.

         It's hard to get motivated when it's online.

         The only thing I did not like was I had some trouble submitting assignments online at times, but it was mostly my fault because I have a new MAC, and I am not sure how to attach files yet!

         No one on one

         The availability of the assignments.


         the study materials weren't as good as the macroecon online course I took - ****** was much better at explaining the basics than myeconlab.


         Sometimes hard to navigate where you want to go and multiple access points/passwords/log-ins....



         The lack of professor feedback

         I enjoy interacting and learning from discussions and if you have thoughts or questions it is difficult to have an on-line discussion - especially because it is not in real time. Powerpoint lectures are dry and make it difficult to become engaged with subject.

         Sometimes assignments dissappeared after being posted. They would be there the next day when I checked, but dissappear after a week or so. I had to keep checking back and had to repost several assignmnets.


         not being able to log in sometimes

         I enjoy the interaction in class. On-line learning seems impersonal.

         I would rather have face to face discussions.

         At times the technology issues were challenging

         The technology did not always work properly. Sound was an issue at times, not always able to stay on line, would get kicked off, and, not always able to see the item the professor put on the screen.

         Occasional issues with technology

         class members refusing to use the talk button during interactive times unequal participation among class members

         troubleshooting; time taken from instruction for EVERY ONLINE CLASS!!!

         Scheduling. We were led to believe when we enrolled in the program that classes would be on Tuesday nights. They were changed to Wednesday to accommodate the Gwinnett cohort, and this conflicted with all middle school administrators in my cohort who have athletic events on Wednesday nights.

         There were no problems; however, you need to be very dedicated and independent to complete online courses. It is much easier to procrastinate as not having to meet face to face each week. You have to have a mindset to work constantly and not get behind, or you will have a lot of work to complete in the end.

         His website on webct was a little confusing. The layout wasn't that great.

         I missed the face-to-face interaction with my peers and my professor. I did not get to know any of them.



         no face-to-face interaction

         I like deadlines so the freedom to turn assignments at my own pace brings out my biggest flaw of procrastination

         I need more group discussion options for my learning.




         I missed the lack of human contact. Dr. ********* was very personable at our first meeting and I enjoy interacting with others who are working toward similar degrees as I.

         There was nothing that I disliked about this portion.

         The lack of interaction with other students.



         Not attending class.

         At times, it is hard to stay motivated.

         I prefer face to face when I have a question. I also prefer to see examples of projects so I can see how I need to design my own project. Online courses often do not use this.

         I wish there had been a little more interaction with the professor. The home page was very different from the other professors that I have had in the previous semesters. It was a little confusing to navigate.

         I think I would have benefited from one or two face to face meetings where the professor discussed the course material.


         no immediate discussions


         the test testing portion seems more difficult than learning from being in class.

         When I have question, I sometimes have trouble wording what I need via email. I also feel that discussions can be more valuable when you are face to face and able to use expressions and demonstrations. I don't always feel that an online discussion is the most effective learning tool.

         No set deadlines allowed me to procrastinate. Also, didn't like not meeting others/developing relationships and feeling as though I had a support system throughout the semester--felt very isolated from both other students and professor.


         not a thing

         The amount of time it took my professor to respond to my emails. More than once I wait over 3 weeks for a response which never came. I eventually had to get help from a professor from another course.

         Being out of touch with others in the class.

         Setting aside time to actually go online.

         There was nothing for me to dislike about this online course

         It was great.

         Nothing. I love online classes

         cant keep up with all the assignments

         What I did not like was not getting our assignments on time and wish we had more class time I think we could have learned a lot from the professor.

         Weekly assignments were not provided in a timely manner.

         the way it took so long sometimes for my instructor to respond.

         The instructor was slow to respond to emails and questions making it more difficult than it should have been.

         I didn't dislike anything.

         How the tab were set up. Some were confusing and hard to read.

         I disliked how we had to submit some of our assignments.

         I had issues loading most of the things inside the backpack


         Deadlines and assignment are so easy to miss, even for a 4th year college student

         nothing it was good

         That I did not have to go directly to the class.


         instructions were not clear and it was at times hard to keep up.

         Sometimes hard to open the files.

         The discussions were due at 5pm- but our class time was 5:30-8pm. I was in a rush to complete a lot of the discussions because I'm in class from 10am-4:45pm. A 12pm deadline would have help my grade tremendously.


         The fact that it was both on-line and a regular class.

         Sometimes the quizes would not let you review your questions that you have already answered.

         the instructor sometimes had difficulty with webct.

         I e-mailed my instructor many times with questions about the class. More often than not I never received a response.

         At times its hard to remember to do the stuff online.

         the due dates of assignments were not clear and were not reminded

         The great instruction and word problem examples he works out are perfect. He makes the work easy to learn.

         that the quizzes were due on Mondays



         That the instructor didn't grade things when we were finished with them. So, I don't know if I did them wrong, but I continued to do the remaining exercises that way-- which means my grade could be worse due to lack of feedback. I also don't like how tests weren't put up in time for the actual date on the syllabus and that we ended up not having an exam because of that.

         More difficult to get assistance if an exercise is not understood.

         More difficult to get assistance with exercises and projects.

         Using Galileo. It was difficult to figure out if I didn't have detail instructions. Also remembering the pin number was hard. I don't know why we can't just use our school password and ID for using Galileo as well.

         Sometimes the links didn't work

         When I missed assignments but that was my fault



         I did not like the teacher's response and lack of willingness to help when I needed it.

         Some of the quizzes were posted to take when they were due, but the professor apologized and let us take them at another time, so no real complaints.

         Nothing particular about the course. I had a hard time remembering when things were due, but that was my fault.

         The discussion part of the assignments is not explained well.

         I found nothing negative.


         the service can sometimes be slow or with online courses you can never predict if something goes wrong with your computer.

         The times when i would go home for the weekend, it was a hainderence to attempt to find sources even with having the gailiolao password.

         I did not have anything that I disliked about this course.

         The fact that I had to work alone on some of the projects and I usually couldn't get a quick response form my teacher because I did my school work at night because I work full time during the day.

         Nothing--I enjoyed it.


         relative inability to work with others compared to face to face or classroom setting.

         I disliked some of the assignments because some of the instruction were a bit un clear.

         Sometime the internet access and email was slow or not working. The schools email really needs some work.

         It was hard to get motivated because you were not regularly attending a classroom setting.

         I chose this clas because I was in need of two credits. The hard has much more that what i thought and I think it should just be considered a three credit class.

         At the end it was a little overwhelming with my other classes.

         It was still easy to contact the teacher through email but it's not the same as doing it in a classroom.

         no comment.



         Organization of the material. It may have just been my professor, but everything was very disorganized. I could find 1 thing in 3 locations (not purposefully like that).

         I dont think that there was anything that I did not like about this course. In fact I enjoyed this online course better than some of my face-to-face classes.

         No direct contact

         The book is the only thing.It was not very descriptive and was very hard to understand the examples given.

         Forgetting to do homework on time.

         all was great

         The bulletin posts weren't my favorite thing to do.


         The teacher is completely hands off! I would have learned just as much reading a book on my own!



         Honestly, there is nothing I did not like.

         That the dates on coursecompass and courseden never matched up, so i missed a few grades that way

         taking notes wasnt as easy

         it is easy to forget about assignment.

         Taking tests online

         not knowing how to really do the problems.

         nothing at all this was a challenging but useful course.



         The class was for student teachers but the tests were held on student teaching days.


         Time it took to get grades in.

         I felt I basically taught myself using the notes the professor provided as a guide. I needed to use other texts to clarify many things.

         The instructor did almost no teaching. We got some notes, but not much. He posted a bunch of worksheets and then gave us three test dates. He was also frequently not in his office during office hours and did not respond to e-mails, both of which are crucial for an online course.

         Dr. ******* did NOT respond to ONE email sent to him. He did NOT communicate with us whatsoever. Which made it hard if we struggled with something or had a question. That DEFINITELY needs to be addressed.

         I learn math best by working with others, so I missed that aspect of an on campus course. Luckily I was able to still work with other students since I'm on campus for other classes.

         We didn't meet in a class.


         It's longer to get direction from instructors than face to face class.

         I feel that the ability to be in a face to face class and answer questions during the lecture portion is more conducive to my learning style.

         the amount of work was at points unreasonable for the amount of time allowed to do it

         I did not like the lack of face-to-face, and feel that a computer class might have needed a little more instruction time.

         There is still points in the course where face-to-face instruction is valued.

         Nothing major I can think of.

         I did not feel as though it was not imperative for me as an SLP major to take this class.

         The group wiki was a little hard for me to understand sometimes.

         It is easy to forget about assignments when you don't have to go to an actual classroom.

         Sometimes I would get confused and face to face help would have been nice to have.

         I felt as though this class used forms and types of technology that I will not be using while teaching. This technology is over my head much less my 9-13 year old students.

         There wasn't anything I didn't really like. It was taught by the technology teacher so she was super knowledgeable about everything.

         The online group work. It was so difficult for everyone to get online and discuss our projects at the same time.

         No face-to-face interaction

         The only one thing I disliked about the course was it took longer to get grades back after I did assignments. But other than that, I enjoyed the online course.

         watching the youtube videos was just too much. just write it down and let us read it.

         group work that creates conflict with schedules

         We had to rely on group members in order o complete a certain assignment that could have been very resourceful.

         Sometimes it was hard to access certain tabs I needed.

         I have taken at least 12 online classes and the only complaint I have is that there is no one structure that is universal to all instructors. Therefore, it takes time just to learn each instructors format before a student can actually begin working on the classwork.

         I disliked the group work that was required for this course. I found it difficult to do the group course work, because it was required for us to have discussions between the group members and for us to all be on the same page. With the students not being accoutable to an actual person and only to the on-line person it made it hard to get everyone active and working on the same page and get input from everyone in the time that everyone was able to work together. The assignment was good, however, the group participation of it was difficult to work with.

         group activities was difficult when no one would repsond.

         Not Applicable

         I did not like the GroupIts because it is difficult to design a lesson with someone who wait until the last hour of the last day to complete their portion of the assignment.

         It took more effort to keep up with.

         You can only complete modules one at a time.

         I found the course to be challenging for someone of limited knowledge of computers. I became so frustrated that if the course had not been required, I would have dropped it. It is a shame, because the course has so much to offer and the technology that I was exposed to is invaluable; however, the time it took me to understand and do the assignments was so rushed that I must wonder if I retained any of the information at all!!

         Modules were not available ahead of time to work on if extra time became available. I do not like online discussions. They are generally of little to no value.

         I HATED not getting to actually go to class and work on the assignments. If I'm not in a class being 'forced' to do the work, I procrastinate, and now I'm way behind trying to catch back up.

         I am forgetful

         It got kind of confusing at times.

         I could not get help with the technological issues and it put me far behind in the class, but Dr. ****** helped me catch up in March and April

         I had a very hard time keeping myself motivated to complete tasks on time. Not having the classroom environment made me slack, which I NEVER do.

         Not much face-to-face with instructor.

         Group work! There is absolutel NO reason an online class should consist of group work when you don't even know who's in your class because it's online.

         amount of work and formats caused problems with different internet providers and any blocks that are on school internet systems

         Sometimes things got unorganized or confusing online, but it was managable.

         I do not like working in groups. Other group members may not have the same urgency to get assignments done and stuck waiting on them.

         The only thing that I did not like so much was that some of the reading were long and I did not always see how they were related to what we were learning.

         I had several problems access the course information and assignments. I tried to contact the professor several times via phone and e-mail and she never once responded.

         That we couldn't go ahead on the discussions.

         Nothing. It was all fine.

         the amount of busy work we had to turn in every week. The poor instructions or lack there of, about some of the assignments and especially the last presentation.


         Kind of confusing format.

         Lack of communication between professor and students.

         I disliked the fact that there was no alternative offered to take the course on-campus or online.

         The instructor did not use ANY of the UWGa resources. He was constantly 'experimenting' with software websites. His personal website could not be accessed at my workplace so I could only keep up with the class on the nights I didn't have other classes on campus. I found it frustrating to be constantly downloading new software to my computer because of his requirements even though half of the time it never worked. I also find it pathetic the instructor did not use any of the West Ga resources we already have such as CourseDen, the West Ga main site or Wimba to communicate.

         NO email within Moodle; none used at all by professor


         There was nothing I disliked.

         It was a little confusing at first.

         Online learning was very conducive to this course


         It's annoying when the internet is down...but that's nothing that UWG could help!

         Not having examples of what each assignment looked like. Some things were hard to understand without a visual.



         No dislikes about this particular course.

         Sometimes, with distance education, getting a quick answer to a question is difficult.

         I did not like the fact that I did not have the same week as spring break in both of my courses. I know if the classes were on campus, there would be a week without any school work. I did not like having to turn in an assignment each week.

         Sometimes it's harder to keep up with assignments, because you don't have class to go to.

         I wish this class had more discussion opportunities.

         I did not enjoy the group work on the Policy & Procedure Handbook. It is difficult when a few do not have the same work ethic and do not consider how timely submissions impact group members.


         Little interaction with other students

         I wish there were more examples of assignments. Some of the assignments were difficult to complete without a visual.

         Nothing - I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from the assignments given

         We met on campus once, but it seemed better to me when we had three meetings per semester. It was harder on me physically, but as far as feeling more in touch with the university and the professors, I liked having the extra meetings.

         Some of the cataloging rules were hard to understand and I could have used a class meeting specifically for cataloging.

         The additional required assignments, assuming, because there's less face-to-face time.

         Improvements to the layout of the course could be improved. Dates need to be posted with each assignment rather than see syllabus or something of that manner.


         I really like face to face and for this course I think at least one other face to face was necessary.

         I didn't experience any problems with this course, therefore there was nothing I didn't like.

         I miss the interaction and real time discusssions of an actual classroom.

         The due dates for the assignments to be submitted on the discussion board could ONLY be found in the syllabus. In other classes, they are also included in the assignments box. This helps me keep a better check of when assignments are due.

         Some of the material would have been easier to learn if we had face to face instruction.

         Lack of instruction/discussion. The discussion board is a poor substitute for actual dialog. Comments are stilted and artificial.

         Technical difficulties were frustrating.

         The site shutdown at random times, but that's the nature of technology.

         Unable to get assistance from instructor

         frustrations with new presentation site that was being previewed for use

         I didn't like having to wait for responses to my questions (usually didn't have to wait too long).


         Unavailability of some resources from the UWG Library.

         The inability to get answers in writing from my instructor about assignments.

         There were some issues with the wimba classrooms.




         Too isolating. Lacks the interaction and dynamics of face-to-face classes.

         Technical difficulties.

         slow to recieve grades, unorganinzed course on webct

         the due dates

         The course was fine, no complaints.

         Lack of communication at times in terms of assignment evaluation--timeliness.


         It is sometimes difficult to get a quick answer to questions with distance learning.

         There is nothing that I disliked about the course.

         It seemed to be an abundance of work due to the fact that it was mainly online.

         Deadlines for courses do not coordinate...some are Friday...others Monday.


         The delay in getting responses to questions.

         Difficulty communicating for group projects.


         Weather issues!

         I really enjoyed this course so I do not have any dislikes.

         You do tend to feel a little out of touch with the university.


         Limited face to face discussion time

         An excessive amount of work.



         I disliked nothing about the online portion of this course.


         The system went down on Friday's when an assignment was due after it went down. I needed that extra time.



         That is wasn't completely online

         I wish there were no required face to face meetings.

         The changing passwords and lack of weekend tech support availability was frustrating. Communication is well-intentioned and friendly, but not always clear (text, not person to person). You have to search for information that should be made readily available (who to contact and how)

         Nothing. I enjoyed the class.



         Lack of feedback on drafts turned in.


         Having assignments due on Friday nights with the possibility that CourseDen may go down for maintainence.


         The main teacher was missing in action during this course. We have major projects that we need feedback on/grades in order to go on to further projects. We have assignments from Jan, Feb, March and April that aren't graded yet. Students feel like we are ignored, in favor of technology projects the teacher has. Most of us don't even post to the discussion boards anymore because we don't get any answers.

         Not having a closer one on one with the instructor.

         The changing passwords and lack of weekend tech support availability was frustrating. Communication is well-intentioned and friendly, but not always clear (text, not person to person). You have to search for information that should be made readily available (who to contact and how)

         Difficulty communicating for group projects.

         MAintenance time on Fridays

         Not anything





         I am not sure that I agree with this class being one of the first classes that SML students are told to take. The course is 100% relevant to the program; however, since we are so new to the program and to the idea of being a media specialist. It would make more sense to have the basic information classes first and something as specific as 7461 towards the end of the program.

         Internet issues at times.




         sometimes i was not clear on what to do.

         Wish it was 100% online.

         I just do not do well in an online learning environment. I'm the funny guy and I need an audience. Don't get me wrong, I still laugh at my own jokes, but I prefer having an audience.

         my own technology issues

         Finding assignments hiding in many different places.

         I really don't have any complaints about the online portion of this class.

         Technical problem that can arise after hours.

         There is nothing I disliked about this course.

         I thoroughly enjoyed the class, so I have no complaints.



         Group work.



         After I got used to the structured response system for the photo groups and weekly readings, I have no comlaints.

         Sometimes it is good to have the hands-on and face to face instruction. Overall, I love online classes.

         There was nothing about the online portion that I disliked.

         WebCT not being completely compatible with the newest version of Mozilla.

         Couldn't get instant help, i.e. Approach a professor physically

         Some software was necessary to complete the objectives of this class that should have been included in the course materials. It was more necessary than the textbooks!

         timely responses

         I felt that the discussions were good but the amount of reflecting was a little over the top. I feel thst it was too much and too guided. I would have liked to reflect with my peers at our own discretion without too many stipulations.

         Sometimes written instructions were confusing, and not having someone right there to ask for clarification on the directions was frustrating.

         There was nothing that I disliked in this course.

         This course was great!


         I dislike that I feel that online courses are 90% self study. I read the assigned text and complete the assigned work with limited guidance and feedback. I miss meaningful class discussions including input and knowledge from instructor. When I post answers to other students without visual personal cues used in face to face discussion, I as a student bend over backward to be positive. I try to not create any contraversy. So if really don't understand a point made by a student--I don't focus on that part when if this was a real discussion, I would ask for clarification. But once posted, that assignment is done and can be checked off. teacher feedback is extremely minimal a grade with a short comment. So it is me paying and completing a self study program. I would like to benefit more from the teacher's expertise.

         Sometimes, the communication between the professor and students was not clear, and so clarification had to be received via phone.

         I did not feel like our instructor was available or involved in the course as much as he could have been. Assignments often were posted late and expected on time. Also there were not a lot of written tutorials that would have been helpful.

         nothing. it was perfection.



         It's hard to keep up with all the assignments at times.


         Some of the group work. Some members work faster/slower than others and makes it hard to complete projects sometimes.

         Nothing - very satisfied

         There was nothing that I disliked.


         As excited as I was with the option of the digital textbook, the textbook was hard to read - a very poor copy. I wish I had purchased a hard copy.

         The text book was scanned , and not down loadable. We could only read it through course den. I bought a hard copy on Amazon.

         The fact that there were many things that were not clear on the assignments. There were assignments listed on the grade sheet that were not indicated in the assignment section of the class. The email is not very efficient. I sent emails and I am not sure they were ever received. I sent some to myself and I never got them.


         Interaction was slow. F2F does allow for vibrant, sometimes heated - but needed, discussions.

         It is more difficult to keep up with all the assignments.

         Nothing - very satisfied with this course and instructor.

         great course.

         I don't like how all assignments weren't available at the beginning of the course. I like to work ahead if I can to better accommodate for a hectic schedule.

         Having to participate in online discussions on Saturday and Sunday evenings.



         I didn't have any dislikes about the online portion of the course.

         My professor is putting information outside of WebCT onto a class wiki ... this can be confusing - and example is h multiple versions of required documents with varied due dates.

         my techhnology issues


         I think you end up actually doing more work when you take an online class.






         I feel like the professor took this as an extra way of avoiding questions/concerns about coursework since we did not meet regularly.

         Having to attend a mandatory once-a-month class meeting. GAS PRICES!!!!!

         Sometimes it is hard to understand what is expected of me on assignments.

         The rate at which the teacher responded back to emails

         Nothing really...Perhaps the degree of not knowing specific things at times, but I got them answered despite being mainly online.



         The test had some lag.

         I wish you could finish the whole class and not have to wait for everything to open up.


         I did not like not being able to have face to face with the professor when I needed him. This was a very difficult class and I had many questions.

         I didn't like the grading system and the tests weren't based on the study guides that were provided or the other materials provided

         took forever to get grades returned

         Not speaking to the professor face-to-face.

         the teacher was not in office during office hours and made it hard to get help when needed

         Sometimes the instructions could be confusing and it would have been easier to ask the questions in a class.


         Forget about it sometimes.

         I did not like having to complete a group project. Group projects for online classes are very difficult because it is hard to work together when you do not see your classmates all the time. This leads to group members who are not cooperative or helpful which can in turn hurt my grade in the end.

         I am not on campus, so coming on site for test was not good (i work fulltime during the day).

         Sometimes you forget to check in on assignments and due dates

         The exams did not reflect the content taught in the lectures or book! Often the chapter on the list to read weren't even the once that came up in the test!

         No group projects

         It was a little difficult to do group projects.

         having to remember to check it

         It was a little difficult to set up group projects.

         The lack of structure in the class. I could never get in touch with the teacher.

         Not much incentive to watch the extra videos or do the online quizzes.

         I did not like the fact that was no face-to-face interaction between students and the instructor.

         Difficult to schedule meeting with teacher during office hours.

         It was a little difficult to set up the group projects.

         lack of timely feedback





         Not personal

         having to be on the computer so much!


         I really would have liked the calss being more online.


         time commitment


         time on computer


         nothing really





         The course being 50% online.


         Only when it shutdown for repair

         some busy work





         Since there was no online portion this question is not applicable.


         That there wasn't one

         This was supposed to be an online class; however, we met EVERY class period. Nothing was done online except for quizzes. It was told to us we had to attend every class meeting (which was weekly) or we would have points deducted. This class was VERY unorganized. The instructor missed several class periods because of a daugther that is on a golf team at another college. Therefore, we had Dr. ********* in the classroom filling in on those days. She was very rude and disreptful to the students. She was also not knowledgeable on the assignments that were to be done. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS COURSE!!!

         We really didn't have an online portion of this course. It was supposed to be 51% online and we met EVERY MONDAY, because the teachers didn't like how the flow of class went last time they actually did their job descriptions. The teachers almost refused to give clear instructions on the MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS and in one case told us they would not give us a clear rubric because they didn't want us to have it too easy and only turn in the things on the rubric. This lead to the teachers having one idea of what they expected to be in the assignment but not specify so when we gave them something else our assignments were actually graded wrong. I also have a problem seeing what the requirement of juggling has anything to do with health. This was made a REQUIRED ability that the NONPROFESSOR made us do that somehow could effect our overall grade.

         That there was no online portion

         I missed a quiz and I wasn't allowed to make it up.

         It was not on-line. The college states it is 50% on line but that is untrue. This was a regular class with regular attendance. I don't know why it was not all on line it was only a P E class.

         **********'s instructions for assignments, particularly the online portions, were totally confusing, and I am not saying that as someone who doesn't understand technology. She messed so many things up with courseden and then expected everybody to figure it out. This instructor should NOT teach an online course without MASSIVE training and instruction.

         that my instructor did not understand what was going on


         It is easy to fall behind.

         Wasn't aware this would be an online course


         There is nothing I dislike


         Class material was not made clear to me at times because I had no one to explain it to me

         Very boring lectures.

         I loved taking this course online.

         I really did not like the discussions that much. It was mostly opinionated, and I didn't learn much from it.

         There is one time when the computer or the internet or the website was out of sync on a particular quiz; which it said I've been taking the 15 min. quiz for 400hrs. On the grades it still counted the score.




         disconected from a teacher

         It was hard to keep up and sit for 2 hours and listen to the lectures and not get distracted.

         It is easy to slack when the portion of this course is online.

         moved too quickly


         very unorganized and hard to understand actual due dates.

         The teacher was very distant. She would disappear for weeks at a time and then when she was online again, she would start deducting points for not doing things exactly like she wanted but she also did not give any directions on how to fix the problem the next time.

         We were unable to submit our videos to CourseDen, so we had to burn them to DVD's and mail them to individual group members. This was much more difficult than uploading them to CourseDen.

         Loading windows can at times be slow.

         Lack of feedback from the professor on assignments.

         Lots of reading but that is expected. I enjoyed the class.


         I wish more time was made available for the quizzes.

         Sometimes the initial instruction for assignments were not really clear and I needed clarification but had to wait for emails to get that clarification. Sometimes due to me working I got the emails a day too late and was out of luck for the assignment.

         There was very little feedback from the instructor.



         There was not much that I did not like. Everything was very straight forward.




         I prefer face-to-face meetings. We did not get to have any face-to-face meetings with the professor.


         I disliked lack of communication which is understandable bc online course so overall i enjoyed the course.

         The quizzes sometimes I had no idea what I was taking the quiz on even though I followed the chapters and took notes.

         It is easy to forget about the due dates and since you do not go to class, if you forget nobody will be there to remind you

         Technical difficulties



         I did not like that I had no proof that I had taken a quiz that did not submit properly and even though Distance Learning showed I was online for the duration of the quiz, the instructor was unwilling to help. I did not like that even though I had shown a strong work ethic, my instructor was not interested in seeing me succeed, but just followed her narrow syllabus regardless of what had transpired. If this had been a traditional class room course, I would have not had the same issues. I will not take an online course again unless I have no other option.

         No reminders about assignments, just tests.

         I disliked nothing about the online portion of this course.


         The face that we can only take the quizzes once.




         Didn't have any portion that was online.



         Don't really have an opinion for this survey at all. I had no clue this course was an online course.

         It was not an online class so n/a

         He was horrible at using it and never emailed us back or helped us online.


         Sometimes she didn't have her CourseDen very organized so it was difficult to find rubrics or tools, etc.

         This class was full of dislikes and stress. The teacher was never clear with directions, documents that were supposed to be online for our use were hard to find or not there at all. The test and assignments were not what they were supposed to be, our final was on chapters 8-12 but she gave us a cumulative test, also it was supposed to be online until she decided to change it two weeks before the test. We were given online discussions to complete but were never informed about them till hours before they were due. As well, assignment were never clear. We were told all the directions and rubrics were online but half the time they were not until an email was sent to her asking where they were. Other assignments were completely useless and had no meaning. I fell like I have learned nothing from this class. I took the practice GACE and knew almost nothing on the Language Arts section. Also, more effort needs to be made to weed out students who demonstrate behavior that is not good.

         I was assigned to work with a partner that was not very active.

         hard to get precise and instant answers in email.

         I had a hard time getting online 3 times a week to create a post with a full time job and other family obligations. I really liked the idea of the pre reading, during reading, and post reading, but monday/wednesday/friday was difficult. I like being able to work at my own pace.

         the times when the system was down because of updates on fridays


         no hands-on activities


         I have no complaints.

         There were a lot of components to the case study, which is hard to complete on a time schedule with everything else going on at work.


         Sometime not being able to communicate face-to-face with the professor and my classmates as a collective group.



         Whenever I use online chat, I have to try three to five times before being able to login. I have tried several search engines and multiple classmates have shared the same complaint.

         I think there are definite advantages to having face-to-face class meetings. I miss the interaction sometimes.

         Student profile sheet a little confusing at first, but calling a mentor for the group helped with forms that I am not familiar with.

         I dislike that I am not able to check my mail on my phone. Some of my responses were delayed because I did not check my account everyday.


         Technological issues. Of course they arise in crunch time for assignments being due.


         At times, it would take a little while to recieve a response about coursework.

         i did not dislike anything


         I liked it.

         The chat room at times.

         Links not working and chat was not available on cell phones. It could not be accessed.

         It was hard to agree on a chat time with my group

         I did not like that we had to participate in online chats set a particular time each week. I would have liked better to have used the discussion board for this purpose.

         not meeting face to face with professor

         The chat room feature had minor techinical issues.

         I didn't like the chat sessions

         There was some confusion about certain assignments.

         If you had no previous experience with Foliotek, it was difficult in the beginning, but not that bad and once you got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.

         I did not feel that this course was best taught online. I feel as though I might have been taught more had it been taught face to face. There was not really any discussion or teaching to the class. It was basically reading the chapters doing the questions and taking quizzes.

         This class was not a class that should have been taught online. There was no interaction and poor feedback was given as there were extreme delays and grading. Teacher never emailed anyone back.


         The subject matter lends itself to hands on face-to-face discussions and interactions. I wanted to learn from the instructor and the book, not just answer questions at the end of each chapter.

         I didn't learn anything.




         having to check course multiple times throughout the week to stay up with discussions

         Writing weekly journals, I felt that it was not very productive.



         i did not like the teacher. she was inconsitent with test and the syllabus. at the start of the semester tests were distrubited all at once and then changed it to a one question delivery without notice. inconsitent grader on journals and projects.

         The time constraints given on the quizzes and the time frame in which they were available.

         I did not like that we had certain restriction when it can to coursework. We had weekly discussion and they had to be done on different day instead on allowing me to get them out of the way in one sitting.

         This course online, the instructor did not explain where everything was or the organization of the class through WEBCT. i think the instructor should have gone into greater detail about the way she organized the discussions and assignments. Because of the unorganization, i was rushing to complete the assignments.

         The only thing I disliked was the amount of time given for exams. I think we should have gotten at least an hour instead of fifty mins and there were fifty questions.

         I had to figure everything out on my own

         Most definitly the teacher!


         I couldn't seem to crasp when the posts began and ended.

         Sometimes it was a bit overwhelming with the course load.

         Well, the sever kicked me off numerous times..from a CAMPUS computer. I missed an assignment because I could not see it, and distance education told me there was no server problem. BULL. It repeatedly booted me off. It would take 3-4 times to make a discussion post. Then course den was down when UWG e-mail was a couple of times. How are students supposed to complete work when everything is down?!

         All the posts to be made.

         Too much time taken posting the same information 4 times on different students.


         The teacher's requirements were unreasonable.

         i hated that we had to get on the computer and discuss stuff every single day. That defeats the purpose of an online class. The purpose is to be able to get the information without having to participate as much and being able to do things at your own time. It was dumb


         I had to figure everything out on my own!

         nothing. I enjoyed it.

         It was hard to figure some of the components to the syllabus out based up the information given.

         Every online course should open all assignments at once with various closing dates. This way a student can complete the course at their own pace. Online classes that require weekly participation defeat the purpose of on-line convenience. I disliked that I had to post once, four days each week, REALLY DISLIKED that exams only opened on certain days, and disliked that I could not complete the course at my own pace.

         it was fast paced

         Nothing. I liked everything.

         The semi-confusing setup mainly the academic calender.

         the grading system

         Price of tuition and confussion of the syllabus.

         nothing everything was great

         There is nothing that I can think of that I did not like about this course.

         I dislike the complex, word math problems which i found very difficult

         The materials between the textbook and online modules did not match up well enough, and so I had a lot of trouble with the exams.


         I didn't like the fact that my teacher only seemed to be available to me when she out up new assignments, which were almost always posted after she was supposed to. I also don't like the fact that she has not released many grades.

         The delay of response from instructor.

         Teacher was unavailable to the students. Grades NOT posted in a timely manner EVER, so I was unsure as to how I was doing. No feedback regarding our posts, etc. Many times our links wouldn't open, and when requesting from teh students was made to open them, it still was not done in a timely manner. Very dissappointed in this class.

         the number of required discussion posts

         The grades were not posted on a regular basis and could have been posted better.

         My professor wasn't terribly responsive via e-mail, so it was hard to get a response to questions. She didn't have much of a 'presence' online, and I felt like she didn't check the message boards and e-mails to help the students. She kind of left of to our own devices.

         It took the teacher a long time to reply to my questions through email.

         Busy work

         It was hard to follow. Many things were not online. I needed face-to-face instruction on many of the assignments.

         not much


         Less personal contact.

         No face to face interaction!

         Not meeting face to face in case of personal, immediate assistance from the professor.

         Feels like with online classes there is more work that needs to be done.


         Information was consistently added and/or updated without my knowledge. I prefer face to face classes. Feedback from the professor was rarely given and was never timely.

         I prefer the instant interaction of face-to-face classes. If I have questions, I have to wait for my professor's office hours to get a response. If I need clarity on subject matter in the chapter, I have to wait a few days to get a response from my classmates, as well. Sometimes, the internet is not available everywhere I go, which prevents me from taking part in discussions when necessary. The convenience of independent study is at the price of immediate collaboration.


         I simply prefer face to face, old-fashioned teaching; however, the professor for this course was always accessible and available to help in any way.

         Face-to-face sessions are important while you are teaching someone how to 'teach'


         At times, I felt having questions answered took a little longer than at a face-to-face class.



         We could meet more often to discuss our concerns about the project

         Too many visits to the campus.

         Not very clear about our expectations

         Delayed responses from the instructor


         this professor was mostly unavailable online

         I don't know how to troubleshoot technical problems on my computer, and so I spent inordinate time trying to resolve problems, which took away from study time. The problem with online courses is that everything is so tightly scheduled, there is no buffer time for when the computer is down. In some instances, I had to drive to campus 35 miles away just to post an assignment from being late. I tried to sleep in my car on campus so that I could use the computer the next. This is a huge burden and disappointment with online courses.


         Sometimes, face-to-face interactions are needed to consult the instructor because technology, especially WebCT, often has technical difficulties that could hinder access to the professor.

         I like all aspects of online


         The instructor was not helpful and very vague with assignments.

         Nothing related to the online portion of it.

         Some questions are hard to ask online.

         The professor was slow to respond to emails, even those that I felt were very important, i.e. asking about due assignments, etc.



         Losing the face to face contact of meeting each other.

         Response to questions to the instructor online.

         Despite the convenience of saving gas, I still would have preferred an additional third or fourth class to have interaction with my professor and peers.

         I am not able to comment at this time.




         I didnt like the organization of what is due, and where to find certain information.


         the tests

         Nothing. This was my 4 online course and i loved it.

         scanning to courseden, but through email was fine

         The teacher did not answer emails efficiently enough and we waited long periods of time for grades

         I have to say that their are no complaints from me about this online course.

         I didn't like the 5:00pm deadline for assignments. Because I have to work from 7:45am until 6:15pm, the 5:00pm deadline was hard to meet at times.


         The details about assignments were a bit unclear at times. Also I didn't like the fact that we couldn't email the prof. through course den.

         had to wait for teacher responses

         I would forget about the assignments.

         no complaints


         time limits

         Nothing, I am partial to online classes as they work with my work schedule.


         not meeting students that were also in my class

         The test were very difficult and hard to understand

         Kind of confused about having to attend more than 2 plays for full credit.


         Sometimes the class is unavailable. The site has problems.

         It took some getting used to teaching and motivating yourself.

         The assignments were sometimes confusing

         There is nothing to dislike about the course. I believe it is a metter of discipline.

         Time limits too strenous.

         I did not dislike any of it, I love my online courses.

         I did not like the fact that my instructor did not answer my emails. However, anytime I called his office he answered my questions and gave a prompt response.


         There was nothing that I disliked.



         Sometimes I wasn't 100% clear about the instructions. I interpreted them to the best of my ability, but did not always receive the best grades I could have if I had really understood.

         I don't really know if I have a complaint. Most of the mistakes I made in the class were because of me forgetting that a assignment was due. So it was pretty much that carelessness on my part.

         the discussion questions


         Theatre is a very difficult course to take online and I do not recommend it to anyone considering it.

         People acted childish and weren't prepared for assignments.

         I don't like having to rely on the computer or technology to mess up while I am taking a test/quiz. I was taking a quiz this semester and it would not save any of my answers and I had already opened the quiz and started so it counted and none of my answers would save.

         Nothing I can think of.

         Nothing, it was perfect!

         Accessability to the instructor was a noticable problem throughout the class population. 2. Instructor posted several required video assignements, that again posed an access problem throughout the population.

         Nothing really.

         What I did not like is that it is a little harder to learn for me when all I did was read about something. I am audiotory learner so it took a little more effort to grasp the material than it would if I heard it in class.

         I can't really think of something that I disliked so much about this class that I would mention it.


         n/a I loved the class being available online.

         There's nothing I can think of that I didn't like about this online course.


         I'm a bad student

         nothing -- all was great!

         This class was completely self taught. The professor had very little to no interaction with the students the entire semester.

         The lack of instructor participation and engagement with the students (basically no feedback at all).