Question 24: What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


         Bookstore not having access to the optional book.

         Everything was good.

         Its harder to get to the teacher at times


         There wasn't anything that I disliked.

         Nothing major

         Course Den going down on Fridays... need to change to Sat/Sun

         required set times in middle of day


         The in-class tests.

         Lack of face to face interaction with professor and students.

         I think the professor grades with a biased opinion of people because it is online. I feel like I would have a better grade in this class if it were not online.

         I did not like the fact that the professor was very critical about spelling, but when he posted information regarding the class he would misspell many words.

         I didnt like how assignments were due at 8 am rather than at 11 59 pm!

         Need a few lecture dates to understand course content better.

         The material was very interesting but the way in which this course was set up was unacceptable! Professor ***** didn't even offer a syllabus. There was no way to find out what was expected of you taking this course. He was not helpful at all. This was my first time taking an online course and it has left a bad taste in my mouth!! Professor ***** is very knowledgeable in his field, but he has a terrible way of teaching the information. Instead of being helpful and explaining the material in a manner that is understandable, he was abrasive, over-critical, and all aroung not very nice! Students deserve more than what is being offered in this course.

         There were times when some things were unclear, such as requirements for discussions, but problems were resolved quickly.

         Sometime Course Den would not work the way I needed it to which would cause my grade to be lower on assignment. The issue would be out of my control but I still recieved a lower grade.

         How the professor had very specific requirements that weren't well laid out. How badly the professor presented his material. The lack of coordination with the coursework and discussions.

         EVERYTHING! The professor is horrible, Where did he learn to teach? I mean really??? Grading was improper. The tests did not make any sense nor did the quizes. Some of the questions were about him talking in class and what he said or did...This is a 100% ONLINE class, how are we suppose to know what he said or did. Essays were non informative. I could not explain myslef because I could not go over the 300 word limit, so I made a horrible grade. BUT when I did explain myself and I went over (by 28 words) I made another horrible grade and was told to pretty much dumb it down. SO I DID! THEN I made another horrible grade because I didnt explain myself enough within the word limit... I love Anthropology, but he has made me hate this subject. I will NEVER take another online class again if I can avoid it.

         some instructors are very helpful and supportive and encourage students to succeed. As a student that has always made A's and very few B's , I hold high standards for myself. I felt this instructor was super critical no matter how hard I worked.

         My teacher.

         It became hard to communicate with the professor and took multiple e-mails for general questions. This allowed for some questions to be answered two or three days later.

         that sometimes if i hit the wrong button all my stuff was gone i had just entered

         The instructor treated the class as if it was a lecture rather than an online course.


         trying to fit 5 months into 3 weeks. that is way to much information

         Nothing... the content was awesome.

         You never get to meet the professor face-to-face to ask about grading or personal help when emailed questions were not answered to the benefit of the student.



         The unclarity of assigments, and the fact that one hard to work harder to find the names of the artwork depicted than writin the paper itself, which in the end just discouraged me thoroughly on the paper

         Since it is an online class and since there needs to be proof that we are are actually learning, there are a lot more quizzes and essays due then there would have been if it were a face-to-face class.

         The assignment s coming back to back of each other

         Sometimes instructions for assignments were confusing to me, and it was difficult not being able to ask questions and get answers right away.

         I wasn't able to have a personal connection with the professor or the other students.

         The lack of peer review

         Email communcation wasnt good

         I have taking a lot of courses online before, hard classes like poltics and economics and none have ever been taught with such confusion. I love art and this class brought such a dislike for art because some of the quizzes and homework were not explained completely, for instance with two of the quizzes, the answer was more than one possible answer but the way the question was posed, was as if there was only one answer, which caused me to get a lower grade on the quiz. Had I known what she was looking for I would have answered correctly because I knew more than one could be the answer but I chose the best one. The course is design as if we are art majors. I understand learning and expanding knowledge but I feel as if she designed the course to make it difficult to even learn and to make it hard on purpose. For example the quizzes have 20 questions out of those 20 questions you have a possible score of 5 points. each answer worth .25 each. she was impressed when 3 people got 5 out of 5

         The teacher was a joke and doesn't know how to grade!!!

         No face to face interaction

         I found it difficult to access all of the materials that I needed for my term project and to copy and paste the link to information I used as resources. The links often do not work. It is also difficult to find the grades when they are posted by the teacher.

         The part that I don't appreciate is that the website tended to time out after about ten minutes of inactivity. I would read documents and try to go back to the main course page and then be redirected.

         What I disliked the most was the tardiness of the return of the body of work. We had already taken 3 exams and by that time we had only received the grade for exam 1 back, and that was after we turned in exam 3. We were in the blind when it came to our grades, and her responses were always late.

         I do not like having to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time every day that is why I am a hands on art major. I succeed when I am taught in person and shown. I have more interest when I can verbally and physically communicate with the teacher and classmate. This class is impersonal and disconnected. I feel like I am forced to be in a virtual reality world by an evil villain.

         It's easier to get off track

         Course den going down.

         Communication problems.

         Having to wait on other students

         the professor did not reply to questions quickly and throughly... the WebCT vista was very hard to navigate and find what I needed, half the time I couldn't access what I was required to watch or the there was only sound on videos and no picture...

         I wasnt good at figureing on the uploading


         I don't like that after a certain amount of time you get kicked out of CourseDen and if I were in the middle of taking a quiz or exam that really messes someone up. In order to fix this issue I had to completely log out of my internet and get back on, then, log in all over again. It just seems highly inconvenient. I accurately know it is not an issue with my computer or internet, it is the learning system used to access the CourseDen content.

         The fact that courseden goes down for maintenance during the weekends, which is when most assignments are due

         The teacher didn't do any teaching. We just read straight from the text book.

         At times, I would have liked more immediate responses to technical questions from the professor or from classmates.

         No lectures were given by the professor and I found it hard to teach myself the material on the powerpoints.

         I always seem to have a difficult time remembering what exactly I need to have done by when. It is a lot easier to keep up with assignments in a traditional classroom setting.

         Posting to the discussion board. Not that there is anything wrong with the functionality of it, I just didn't want to do it.

         The once a week face to face meetings.


         I may miss assignment due dats

         too much information by the teacher. a lot of random information that was not usable in the class

         That you are not face to face with an instructor to asks questions at the moment you need them answered

         That we had to go in and take our final exam.


         If I had needed help, with it being mostly online, the drive to UWG was inconvenient if I wasn't already going to be there.

         The professor wasn't very good about responding to emails.

         professor was not always fast at responding to emails

         I did not get any feedback about my final exam grade and my overall grade after I took the exam. I tried to contact my professor but never heard anything in return. Not very helpful.

         It was ALOT of reading and since the course required internet access I was frustrated a lot when I wanted to do my work and the internet was slow.

         Lack of face to face contact with professor and students.

         no face to face time




         I can't really say that I disliked any online portion of this class.

         I disliked nothing about the online portion of this course.





         Sometimes you had to 'over' respond to some ideas from other students to get credit.

         Required time to be online

         Too much work to keep up with the short summer semester.

         Missed interacting with other students

         Meant that classes were mostly lecture.

         I missed basic human interaction. I feel there is a value of learning left out of online classes.

         A lot more work than a in-classroom class.

         I did not like the journal plus another assignment portion. At times I felt overwhelmed.

         No face-to-face communication.

         How to apply what I learn in class to real life is very important and that is something that I learned a lot about this summer. I will definitely use this in the future to develop in myself further.

         The discussions are in truth written assignments with APA formatted citations. The true nature of the work should be reflected in the syllabus.

         It had more to do with content. I think too much time was required for students to respond to others online which took away valuable time from completing our assignments.

         There is something that a student misses in experiential knowledge that comes from face-face interaction that you cannot get from online courses. The education online can easily become meaningless and flat when compared to what can be gained from face to face.


         Confusing/counterintuitive features like the necessity of making part or whole roster entry 'public' Some of the menu items were not even used. 'Home' became a dump of course notes, syllabus, rubrics, etc.

         That if i had specific questions that needed answered immediately it often took time to get my questions answered.

         web ct doesn't work the same for macs as it does for a pc. That is ridiculous. In order to attach something with a link I had to write it on my mac, send an email and pull it up on someone else's computer. It seems ridiculous for web ct to only work properly on pcs using firefox. I think we should use a program that isn't so sensitive. It can be super frustrating.

         Nothing. I love online classes.




         I really enjoyed every aspect of the course. I just wish that the instructor had been a bit more 'available' and faster with email responses.

         Teacher assignments were clear but hard to interpret full expectation thru text instead of verbal.

         Too many students to read and reflect on all posts and discuss effectively

         I would have liked to hear from the instructor more about her views of the content, such as audio lectures.

         No face to face meeting. I like seeing people's faces and associating them with their names.


         I missed face-to-face interaction



         I thought the course was great, I don't have any complaints.

         I did not feel that I connected to other students as much as I would have with face to face courses. That is a 'negative' I can accept.


         I dislike the extremely high additional surcharge that is added to our registration for online classes.

         I felt that during an online course group work was difficult to manage. Our group had a hard time communicating through email.

         discussing certain topics online was inpersonal versus in the classroom

         I did not feel like I had a real-life personal connection with the professor. She was very positive and knowledgeable about the material though.

         The site would constantly kick me out when I tried to access it from on campus.

         nothing I can think of


         I want to meet my classmates and teacher.

         Some of the discussions, are just busy work

         All in all, I liked the class. She was very informative about how to get help.

         I learn better face-to-face.




         Some of the instructions in the text book were unclear and did not match with my Windows 7 settings. I had a hard time completing the work exactly as instructed due to that issue.


         nothing it was great!




         Nothing. I have no issues whatsoever.



         It was different not having an instructor right there to answer your questions.

         I actually have no complaints about the online course.

         nothing really




         everything was very fast paced

         easier to put off doing assigments


         I had to wait for assignments and tests to open

         Fast paced work load






         There is nothing I disliked, I just think I prefer the face-to-face classes.

         I thought the discussions we had to write daily were difficult to understand and you never knew exactly what the teacher wanted. The teachers graded the discussions very harshly.

         Some test questions were hard to find answers to and I felt the study guide was not very helpful.

         the deadlines are too close to one another and the flexibility of an online is rather difficult

         I didn't like not being able to get to know my other class members and professors. I like the closeness that classes held on campus have compared to online.

         The extra cost in tuition.

         I disliked that our discussion post the things that were strictly based on our opinions were judged so horribly. How can you say that my opinion is wrong.

         Harder to have debates about concepts given with other students

         I would sometimes forget about the deadlines.

         WebCT doesn't always access the information in a timely manner.



         Not being able to ask the teacher a question I had about material face to face, also relying on the computer to get my information about the class.

         I dont think i had any dislikes



         if i felt lazy, then it was......really really bad..nobody does anything to me so i needed a lot of ability to control myself to only study..


         Nothing really.

         Not being able to rebuttal comments.

         the only thing that i disliked was course den going down on fridays, but there is nothing we can do about that

         i did not like the amount of papers that were due at the end of the term in this one class. i thought they could have been spread out more.



         sometimes the maintenance was poor.

         confusing course schedule. lock down browser difficulties




         I'm not a fan of online learning because I do not have the patience and I often forget about it. I wish the professor had class or something to help us learn some of the material because I struggled and skipped assignments.

         Some of the quizzes had very distracting typos and some of the correct answers on the quizzes that were confirmed with the book were counted as incorrect.

         Hard to contact an instructor in case of an issue

         The fact that if I needed help, I was referred to a helper, not my teacher.

         I found some assessment questions to be incorrect and it is timed and there is no one to dispute this information with at the time.

         the time that the assignments were due. I felt that they should of been due at the end of the day and not first thing in the morning.

         that we only had two chances to do the quizzes and it was a time limit on it... and that we couldnt make up work when the bowers was missing up

         I did not like that there was not an e-mail link on course den to get intouch with my professor.


         The total lack of communication for the teacher.

         I have no complaints with regard to this online course.

         That you are only allowed 10 minutes to complete the quizzes

         Sometimes it seemed like too much work for one week

         One mistake on how one submit of assignment and homework can make them loose points.

         I disliked the fact that there were a few quizes that seemed as though they were rushed through when typing because there were several gramatical errors, or even problems with the answer key.

         poor teacher involvement!!!

         just not having the one-on-one teaching with a professor


         I didn't have any dislikes.

         Time management


         My internet acted up at times and costed me points off my grade.

         Had tutorial for the first project on Microsoft Word 2010, but after that no more instructional tutorials. It made the Access part real hard to do.

         was not enough time to answer the quizzes, i have test anxiety...

         that the system goes down on Friday evenings

         I sent a complaint to and never received a response. It's been a few weeks and still nothing.

         Some weeks there was more to do than others.




         Nothing, it was great!




         The due dates were hard to meet if out of town.

         There was nothing I disliked.


         Not being able to be helped the way I would have like to by the instructor.

         Loosing grades if you forget to do a final submit.


         The instructor and the assistant instructor were pretty much unavailable and when they were available, they did not offer any support for the class - my personal opinion.


         The inflexibility of instructor to work with students

         I really didnt dislike anything

         The textbooks wasnt really helpful for completing assignments.

         having to purchase an 100 computer program for two assignments


         Some assignments were not thoroughly taught before having to do them.

         i was timed on the quizzes

         There was no nelp from the professor.


         I didn't like that the quizzes only gave you 10 mins.

         felt lazy to read the books and try.. but anyway, was not that hard..



         Not being able to interact with my classmates face to face.

         Obviously the lack of one-on-one face time with the professor.

         Loss of community; I enjoy in-class discussions.

         It was not as informative and interactive as it would have been with face to face meetings.

         This course was not a problem because the instructer always responded quickly

         Some deadlines conflicted with library and CLab closings.

         At times it is beneficial for face time with a professor to clarify instructions or assignments. Dr. ****** did a great job answering questions via web mail when needed.



         I miss the human interaction. Online discussions are not the same as face-to-face.




         Not having face to face discussions, paying all those extra 'on campus' fees at registration for things I will never be on campus to use...charge me the actual amount necessary for the class and the tech fee...dump all the rest, we shouldn't have to pay for things we don't use


         I did miss the face-to-face.


         The final was too hard and weighed too much on my final grade



         Some of the material is self taught and makes me a little unsure of the material.


         No dislikes

         This was my first online experience. There was a lot I did not know and a lot to learn.

         There was very little interaction outside of class.

         I do not like distance learning

         learning all the features as a first time on-line student

         the platform

         Sometimes couldn't pick up completely (lost site).

         Some of the break out sessions were too long. The class was rather large, so the instructor had to manage a large class and it is hard to read everyone's comments as you scroll through the comments.

         CourseDen can be hard to navigate. I thought my assignments were submitted and they were not.

         The software program did not always work on my computer.

         That you have to sit in front of the computer at a particular time for a live seminar rather than access the information at your own time.

         Nothing...loved it.

         Class time went over the allotted time at times. Webcam was not used by the whole group. I would like to have materials posted in advance.


         Computer difficulities

         I would rather have a real discussion than one on the computer.


         the class was difficult and I needed to be taught. not a class that i can teach myself

         I do miss having face to face discussion with my peers and professors.





         not enough real time discussions


         There was nothing that I disliked about the online portion of this course.


         face to face

         That sometimes the WebCt Vista is down on weekends.


         Nothing, as a working professional I strongly prefer this method.





         You have to wait for results.

         I think a lot of learning is missed when it's all up to the student to glean from his own reading. Where are the lectures other than pre-made PowerPoints? Sometimes I need other ways of learning, since I tend to read slow (trouble with my eyes and speed).



         Lack of class discussion.

         Emails weren't always answered as quickly as I had hoped.

         Not being able to interact with people.

         I do not particulary like online classes. I do not have the discipline to set everything aside when I am at home.

         Not being able to ask the professor questions face to gface


         No lectures. I am an auditory learner.

         The face to face interaction with students and professors was missed.


         it was great


         Keeping all the assignments and due dates straight.


         CourseDen was difficult to navigate

         I found CourseDen difficult to navigate. Too many places to find what was needed to do.

         It was a struggle at first learning courseden... but by the end f the first week, I was fine.

         On-line discussions do take a great deal of is just one of the cons of the course being on-line, among many pros.

         Absence of face to face discussion.

         Excessive discussions.

         Technology learning curve. I still feel like I fumbling my way through the library access and am not aware of where to access all the information I need. Financial aid office has been less than helpful in trying to work through some issues. I am also a bit upset about the additional costs for the online learning. An additional $720 for Etuition seems a bit excessive. I also do not like not being able to delete on class postings and e-mails. Have over 1,000 messages drove me crazy, and it was difficult to go back through messages to find something a second time.


         I liked everything.

         Conversation is often limited to how much a person is willing to type in that instance.

         The instructor did not interact with the students at all. She came across as not really caring about us. In the first course of the program, this is not good. Several of my favorite cohort-mates were going to leave the program, and part of it had to do with being unimpressed by this very important course.

         The course content was not available at the times outlined in the syllabus. The course content was poorly designed and offered little interactivity. Have a teacher that likes to teach online facilitate the course instead of a prof who shows she doesn't care by the amount of time put into it.

         Assignments and due dates hard to keep organized.

         There was little to no feedback during the assignment process. We were unaware of our progress until the end of the course.

         Collaborative work

         CourseDen was difficult

         Instructor almost completely absent. Grading very slow. Assignments posted mid week but due on Sunday. No way to work at your own pace because assignments were posted weekly. Assignments differed from syllabus. Students required to attend a session on a Saturday with no choice.

         I disliked that the course modules were not posted at the beginning of the course (per the EDSI program orientation) and that the modules were not posted Monday as the syllabus states. Feedback for course work was not received until the last two weeks of the semester.

         I found the technology aspect of the course work to be very difficult to navigate and still do not feel comfortable with it.

         The instructor veered from the original syllabus a couple of times. Also, learning modules were not uploaded in a timely manner... When you are a working adult trying to go to graduate school and balance work, school and family, this makes it tough.

         The discussions took a lot of time...posting, reading, responding, re-reading, posting, etc. It is just the nature of on-line courses, but some discussions could have been done through the wimba classroom.

         The modules were not posted consistently.

         Modules were not posted in a timely manner.

         Too many cheerleading posts from classmates. These cluttered up the real work at hand.

         Waiting for the new module to be posted.

         Not as much communication with professor.

         I did not like group presentations via online instruction. Planning was not a problem, but actually presenting lost its impact when done online. We as a cohort were not familiar enough with the presentation formats to use them efficiently and effectively, and the instructors were not familiar enough to guide us through this process.


         The assignment of group projects. It is very difficult to coordinate a group project online with people in different time zones. As a doctoral student, I would much rather be responsible for my own work and assignments.

         I did not have access to lessons that were often posted late.


         Thought the class was excellent!


         I have no complaints about this course

         Having to switch between internet explorer and firefox. I could't complete 1 learning module exclusively using either one of them.



         I felt like a lot of things were due all at one time at the end of the course.


         i had no dislikes

         There was so much to read and I have little time with two other classes and a full time job. I think that is really my fault though, and I know now, not to take on so much all at once.

         Nothing relly.

         The internet is sometimes a problem but that can not really be helped be ecore

         Some things were unclear.

         a lot of work in a short period of time...but thats becaues it was summer semester

         The format was glitchy and may of my classmates did not receive many of the discussions.



         My professor was somewhat unorganized. For example, I did not have access to the discussion board for a whole week, couldn't find quizzes, etc.

         That i did not get much face to face communication that i needed.


         Sometimes, it took several minutes for the info to load.

         I prefer classroom settings better. I didn't like that I didn't get to know my teacher or 'classmates'.

         The fast pace was kind of hard to keep up with.

         The teacher didn't respond to any correspondence. There were NO assignments other than the midterm, final, and a single 10 point assignment.

         I just didn't like the discussion part of the on-line class. I just don't have discipline. I like the in-class experience better.

         I hated waiting on other students to post their discussions.

         The vague instructions on how to participate in class using it.

         It was ALOT of work in such a short time frame.


         Sometimes it could be very time consuming





         Submitting projects as an attachment was difficult.

         I didn't dislike anything.

         everything was good


         Sometimes there would be a few hiccups with the technicalities of windows opening or functioning properly.

         Nothing really.

         Absolutely nothing!

         I liked everything about this course.

         I didn't dislike anything about the course.




         sometimes webct server was down

         There was not anything I dislike about this course.



         lack of communication

         The projects were way to in depth for a semester that was so short and had no face to face instructions. Make the projects more time efficient.

         Great Class no dislikes

         The teacher was not avail. when I needed him

         Nothing really. It a little long to get some of the grades back for the assignments, but (1) that really isn't the result of the class being online, and (2) I know the teacher had a lot (huge, tremendous) amount of stuff to grade. So, although I just really wanted to know my grade,I knew she was grading as fast as she could, which is all you can ask. But I loved everything about the course being online.

         How close dates were

         I miss direct in-class discussions, although toward the end of the class, I felt that my classmates started to discuss more freely.

         The un-regular class hours.

         I dislike online learning in general



         I felt as though I was disconnected from the professor.

         Time lapse in communication.

         Courseline submission and e-mail configurations are too constrained. We could not use them. That made extra work - we submitted assignments via uwg email instead.

         I didn't know if my professor had received my assignments and could open them. So I e-mailed him.

         It wasn't online.

         I didn't get to go to class and talk to an actual teacher wen i had a problem, i had to teach myself and this class had way too much busy work for me.

         -assignment 4 was long and redundant -

         Lot of information for a small amount of time.


         This was my first online class and did not feel as comfortable in the beginning as to what to expect, and even though it is convenient not to go to class every day you don't have the professor in front of you each day either. After taking this class I feel more comfortable about online classes and more comfortable with the thought of contacting the professor.

         No complaints.


         At time it was hard learning the new material.

         Because of the fact that it was basically self-paced, it was sometimes hard to keep up with studying.

         Teaching myself and being tested by someone else on what I understood.

         No communication between instructor and students. Instructor needs to be more avtiove online. I felt like he was not teaching. He gave us notes, samples of quizzes and tests at the beginning. If you did not have a question, he did not communicate with you at all.

         The instructor did not have the grades or e-mail available to students. That made it difficult to contact other students or the Dr. *******. We asked him to open the e-mail but he did not.

         I did not have access to view my grades or email other students in the class through CourseDen.

         I find this class hard to take as an online class. I felt like I was basically teaching myself. The instructor was available for help but I took two other online class and I felt like they were 'teaching from a distance'.

         Worksheets and notes are all the professor provides, and there is no guidance or indication to link what worksheets apply to specific notes. Also, there was no way to email others in the class for assistance.

         This course was entirely self taught. There weren't even lecture notes posted I just ready directly from, a very poorly written, text book. In order to understand the course material I had to go to campus to meet with other students and to go to office hours, negating the convenience of an online course.


         The discussion component.

         I think many students do not work as hard as they would in an on campus class. In an on campus class, some students fear of embarrassment would motivate them to work harder.

         Needed more structure with discussions

         I like face to face class meetings because of the one on one personal interaction.

         Internet issues are a hassle anywhere


         Not being able to physicall see an instructor in front of me, guiding me through each assignment.

         Some of the class was very time consuming

         The responsibility of having to work at my own pace.

         I wish every module would have been opened all on week one.

         IT department were not supportive


         I did not like how some of the links repeated themselves which made me think that I was forgetting something.

         too little time for assignments

         Confusing directions


         No face-to-face

         I disliked the fact that the teacher put out multiple sets of directions for the same assignment in different areas and that they did not always match up.

         Liked it all.

         It was hard at first.

         Having to figure out how to upload things to the UWG server... IMPOSSIBLE!

         I prefer face to face contact with my professors. It was like i was teaching myself. I need direct guidance.

         The lack of help with the technology explanations

         I did not like how we did noit have a t least one face to face meeting. I felt as if I had to teach myself what to do, understand what to do, then go do it.


         Not having any face-to-face meetings

         There was a lot of work to do. It was kind of hard to keep up.

         The Wimbda classroom. It gives everyone trouble.

         The group work


         The benefit of being able to work at home was a hindrance as well as a benefit. When we had problems, there was almost no way to get direction or understanding at that time. Because summer is such an intense time of completing assignments, it is frustrating when you can not complete something due to lack of instruction or guidance.

         I strongly disliked all the bloat ware that came with all the things we had to download for this class. I will never again take a class where I have to download a product/program to my computer. Also, the instructions given by the instructor did not make sense to the majority of my classmates and I. When someone would post they needed help, the instructor would just say to read the instructions more carefully. The syllabus was another dislike. The grading scale did not match the one in CourseDen.

         The amount of required work and time it took to complete all of the tasks in each of the weekly modules.

         see like section

         You have to spend a good bit of time 'screen reading' to gain instructions. I am not a favorite of screen reading. It does not match my lerning style.

         I miss the discussions gained from hearing other classmates ask questions and make commons. There was a variety of backgrounds in the class and taking the class online doesn't allow you to take advantage of their experiences.

         I do not like not being able to meet face to face with the instructor of the course. I also feel that it is very easy for the instructor to just not respond to questions/comments, where as in a class meeting he or she cannot.

         Prompt instructor response to class questions would have been nice.


         software downloads to personal computer

         I feel like this class should have at least 3 mandatory meetings. When i got stuck I needed fact to face help to understand what I had been doing wrong.

         No dislikes.

         No group projects


         I did not like the group work, but I do not believe many students enjoy group work.

         Lack of face to face time with the professor.

         When I didnt understand I could not just walk into the professor's office...even though I did.

         I did not dislike any portion of the course

         I could not summit my work through the public.html. I do not know what I was doing with this piece. Dr. ****** help me with the start of the process, but when I went to finish up, my work was just not linking up. That was kind of gave me a headache. So I just emailed it to him.

         I had to download several programs to my computer that take up a good bit of space.

         Not used to the lack of face-to-face contact, but I could get used to it.

         Not having the ability to access UWG library for a assignment.

         Some of the technical difficulties we experienced in Adobe Connect meeting.


         I would like to have met some of my classmates face to face, but other than that, this course was structured very well for an online course.

         tech part

         instructor was very disorganized

         In the beginning I really thought that the course requirements / work load was unreasonable. To receive full credit for participation we needed to post 85X on the discussion board. For the summer semester I really believe that this is an unreasonable number. Moreover, this course was really made for Education majors. I am a Speech Language Pathology Student. I had to be very creative about applying / customizing assignments to suit SLP's. For example, we needed to write a lesson plan and in it include a GA Education Standard - something which I knew nothing of. Thankfully, Dr. ***** was very flexible and accomodating.


         Group Work...hard to coordinate everyone.


         Wimba makes me nervous.

         The instructor needs to make sure to put all assignments on the calendar. Some were and some weren't and it was confusing. Other than that the class was great. Loved the instructor.



         Too many assignments.

         Not having face-to-face interaction.

         In the beginning I did feel a little lost, but after a few weeks I was comfortable.

         The class was great!

         I had a tremendously difficult time getting Wimba to work on my new computer and literally spent hours & hours trying to get it to work - come to find out my computer is too new and the software is not yet supported. On another project I felt that I was hampering my teammates because of family duties I had outside of the 'on-line classroom' and I wasn't able to participate during a specific timeframe that was available. I thought on-line meant that I could do things when they were convenient for me. Come to find out it worked well anyway, as I spilt the responsibilities with another and we were able to complete the project as assigned.

         Collaboration was difficult because we were all four on different schedules...Information was in different places and drop boxes weren't always consistent.

         heavy workload

         Having to rely on the internet and the website to work properly to turn in assignments

         It is difficult for me to fully concentrate on a class from home. I have too many other things fighting for my attention!

         I didn't really like the debates. They took a long time, and so many people had technical difficulties.

         A bit overwhelming.

         Only the fact that group work is more difficult online

         Really, there wasn't anything I disliked. If I had questions, they were always answered quickly. Discussion boards by assignment topic were extremely helpful. Online chat sessions were also extremely helpful.

         No examples

         Keeping track of all the due dates without a face to face reminder from the teacher.


         Miss the face-to-face aspect. However, I prefer online!


         I felt that the course-load was much greater than what it would have been with a traditional face-to-face discussion style course.

         Not having the face-to-face communication with my teacher and classmates. It also made group work a challenge.


         tech support

         trying to post to the UWG wab srever

         I like face to face and meeting instructors and classmates at least once during the semester.

         N/A: I enjoyed this class being online.

         Just about everything. Sure I can post my comments at my convenience, but posting comments does not equate with dialog. No substantive discussion/communication/collaboration. Lots of 'divide and conquer' and 'get it done'. Some a factor of summer time constraints, but a lot has to be attributed to the delivery format.

         the amount of assignments due the last week of should have been spaced out a bit more


         Trying to coordinate schedules with my group memebers to complete group assignments.

         The only thing I dislike is having multiple logins of usernames and passwords at UWG (email, Course Den, Banweb). That is not specific to this course.

         Nothing. The only problem I have is with my own time-management.

         Sometimes my team wanted to chat about projects during the evening. I like to work during the day and have evenings to my self.

         heavy courseload


         This is my first semester so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I felt the instructors were very quick to answer questions and the online chats were very helpful. Assignment discussion boards were also extremely helpful. I really don't have any complaints.

         I miss the class discussion that you receive during in class courses. However, I prefer online!

         Some of the assignment directions were confusing. I had to muddle through a few before I understood the difference. Waiting for a e-mail response was a little time consuming.


         There are too many discussions and thought provokers.


         I think the work load seems more intense. You lack the instant response to questions you can get if you're in class together. With online classes you are at the mercy of when others are online and whether they respond or not.





         I didn't get to know my classmates as well as I would have liked.

         I didn't like moodle.

         fixed/closed submission dates for discussions

         The inability to make Moodle do what I needed to export data for my final exit portfolio.

         Felt isolated at times.


         Upload issues/student quota not large enough

         The webcast tutorials for comleting assignments. When I was unsure, I had to do the best I could then await a response from messaging which was sometimes frustrating. In addition, the virtual lab was either extremely slow or malfunction on more than one occassion.

         Harder to seek help sometimes.

         The feedback was a little behind.



         Too much material was presented too quickly to permit mastery. It was a superficial skimming. Response time is too slow for a summer semester.

         The enormous amount of work that had to completed in such a short time frame. And the fact that modules overlap which technically only gave us 2 days to complete a module.

         At first...accepting the frustration level of trying to understand the use of technology to complete all the assignments.

         Virtual lab didn't always work.

         I was never allowed to get into the distance learning lab. I talked to my professor about it several times as well as the help desk. I had to download a trial version of Adobe dreamweaver to complete my assignments.

         Response time for questions.

         Virtual Lab not working with MAC computers

         The grading.

         Upload issues/student quota not large enough




         I would like to have a chance to meet classmates face to face.

         I disliked several things about this course. First, I did not like having to work in a group when the entire course was online. Secondly, I did not like having time limits on the quizzes. Finally, I did not like having to 'review' so many resources and being told how long to make the reviews.

         too many references for a summer semester. I felt like I didn't have time to do all assignments well.



         I am not sure.

         Just the occasional technological issue.

         Some things were difficult to understand and would have been better if they had been explained in person.


         The assignments were very time consuming, especially the reference logs. However, I did gain a lot of knowledge through the reference logs assignment.

         This course in particular was somewhat labor intensive for the summer session. More face to face sessions may have been helpful to support completing some of the assignments on campus, specifically as it related to the group Pathfinder assignments.

         There was so much work to do in the short time.

         Professor keep playing with his weebly and changing format.

         Discussion part of Course Den shows that I have new discussion posts to read often even when I do not.

         some of my assignments haven't been posted to the 'grades' tab, even though they were completed on time and I received preliminary grades at completion.

         Based on some of the comments I don't believe the syllabus was correct. It was either that or I did not understand the requirements of the assignments. It is hard to know without seeing the grade yet if I made mistakes or this was just constructive criticism.

         I found it difficult to navigate the West Georgia website in trying to find what I needed. I also had issues with logins and passwords. Some issues were never resolved even after numerous phone calls.

         I did not dislike the online portion of the class.

         I did not like the fact that is course was one out of the three courses.


         The use of Skype was tricky and didn't always work effectively.

         Nothing. I love online courses.

         I do not have any dislikes about the course.


         Dr. ***** was very slow and lacking with communication.



         Dr. ***** did not utilize CourseDen often

         I thought it was a little confusing that there were 3 courses in one. Other than that, I thought the course was well laid out and the format was easy to follow.

         I think that the online portion of the course was perfectly organized. There was one face-to-face session that I feel was helpful.

         The online style of instruction really requires a lot of discipline on the part of the student, because sometimes it can feel as though you are teaching yourself, with no formal face to face instruction coming from the professor. I think people either really like online learning or really hate it, for that very reason.



         I loved everything about it.

         There was nothing I disliked about the experience.

         There was nothing that I disliked, but this was due to the excellent teaching and fabulous professional presence of my professors (Dr. ***** and Dr. ******). There is nothing that they could have possibly done to make this a more enjoyable, exciting, or wonderful experience for me. I am sad to be graduating because I will not be working under them anymore!!

         Instructor directions are sometimes difficult to understand. Technical part of the class is ridiculous. Class work was extremely redundant. A huge waste of time. It was primarily busywork. We could have done it easily in another class and saved $1000.



         There was nothing that I disliked about the online portion of this course.

         I wish that Course Den went down for service on Saturday night rather than Friday night as I often do classwork on Friday.






         It was difficult because we lacked face-to-face meetings to answer questions or explain things in person.

         While I loved the discussions I hated that we had to post a certain amount of times to get full credit. I think we should be graded on our initial post and not be graded on follow up comments. We should be allowed to comment as we see fit, not just to get a grade. I think it leads to a lot of disingenuous conversation, people posting just because they have to.

         Not hearing (or reading) exactly what the professor thinks we should learn in this class. Ihave struggled with all of my online classes in that we (the students) post what we think is important (and what we think the professor wants us to write), but we never know what the important knowledge is the professor thinks we should know. I know someone in the graduate program at another state university and professors post their comments and what the important points to know on every discussion post



         The technology at UWG does not support high-end products. I had to resubmit multiple projects in various ways because the UWG system could not handle the file sizes. I did not like the confusion of using material designed by another professor for a regular semester in the summer semester without clear explanation. Many of the requirements and deadlines were unclear.

         If I was confused, I hesitated to ask a question for fear I would be told that it had been explained somewhere already.

         Nothing other than the fact I did not get to meet people face to face.

         Face-to-face interaction. If a problem occurred, trying to figure it out on my own may have created more problems.


         An orientation and overview of the WebCT tools would have been helpful prior to my first CourseDen class.

         I do not have any complaints about this class.

         The grading.

         It was difficult putting names with faces of classmates and developing a collegial relationship with them.

         The setup was for another instructor's class, so the directions for the modules didn't gibe, especially since we didn't go by modules.



         no weekly online chatting component

         I felt it difficult to make personal connections with others.

         At the beginning I was a little lost but quickly caught on.

         Sometimes the directions were a little less than clear.

         Some confusion over changes in modules due to summer term.

         I would like to have more discussion postings from the professor, or a video posting from him would have been nice.

         Not having a face to face meeting with the teacher for reminding about deadlines and due dates

         Nothing. I did find the webct to be confusing in the beginning as many assignments are written in several places and as this was my first course, I spent a lot of time acclaimating to th program in the beginning.


         The materials posted to CourseDen were not edited for this class, leaving many of us to be confused all throughout the course. I would also like to see more interaction with the instructor.


         There was no aspect that I disliked.

         Too much work suring a summer semester. Some assignments could be shorter.

         Webct shuts down on Friday nights but I still need access. I know it is important for maintenance.

         I like to get to know my classmates in person so that's the only thing I didn't like, but I also think professors tend to assign more work in an online class.


         It was difficult to conduct an evaluation of a program during the summer. Thank goodness I started early and created my data collection instruments before school dismissed.


         I did not dislike any portion of this course.

         I would have liked more than 6 weeks to complete all of the requirements for this course.

         Assignments were not posted more than one week in advance, which did not allow me to work ahead.

         There is nothing I dislike about my online experience. I learn something everytime I take an online course.

         The grading was delayed, but understandable with the busy schedule. I can relate to professional obligations.

         I didn't like that the modules were not open ahead of time so that I could work ahead of my classmates.

         The readings and discussions were due close together which didn't give me a lot of time to prepare.

         Nothing. I just need to work on my time management.

         Sometimes feeling isolated

         Assignments were in different areas added to my confusion in the beginning.

         uncertainty with some tasks--professor was accessible via email, but online interaction is different from asking the professor questions after class--just takes getting used to different style

         I can not stand sitting in front of a computer and reading from a computer. I also dislike that discussions are limited due to lack of face-to-face discussions, and there is less instruction from, it seems, a very good teacher.

         The lack of collaboration with other classmates The lack of face-to-face with our instructor

         No dislikes.


         Inconsistency in assignments being set up online and confusion because there are 4 courses set up into 1 course.

         The expectations of the instructor were sometimes unclear.


         the pace and time frame

         Too easy


         Absolutely no instruction or guidance for this class. Materials were posted with no further learning support or discussions. The only grades in this class were 4 exams. Why am I paying tuition when I could teach myself for free? I'm not qualified as a teacher. I pay this school to be taught and this course fell below my level of expectation.


         I had ****** asthe teacher

         I did not like the fact that CourseDen was not utilized in a way such as ALL of my previous online classes at UWG. For this class, there were only links to power points, chapter outlines, study questions (which were irrelevant when it came to taking the tests), and practice problems. While having these tools would appear to be useful, they are pointless when there is no type of instruction/TEACHING accompanying them. Every link posted in CourseDen came directly from the book's website with the exception of the professor's outlines which were either redundant or hard to understand. The practice problems came with no solutions. The tests were too hard given the fact that there was only 90 minutes in which to complete them. Yes, there were some very short questions on the exams but they were offset by others that required alot of time. Perhaps I would have faired better had I been given the proper instruction throughout this course or better yet, any kind of instruction/teaching at all.



         potential for service failure in the event of power failure-perhaps find a way for the system to 'save' what was begun -just in case of power failure-so you won't completely lose credit

         No dislikes

         The professor. Her workload and 16 page syllabus are over the top. The demeanor in her syllabus about cheating are very degrading to a student.

         instructor should tell the student to purchase a copy of PASW, business statistics software.

         the deadline for assignments were 10:00 I would recommend midnight

         It was horrible. here was not enough time for this course

         I hated the tests. Multiple choice tests do not measure what you actually learned in the course. They create a test bank with definitions, and although one can define a meaning or word in their own words, due to the multiple choice layout, one wrong word can mess everything up. Essay format is much more effective for online classes. As student has the ability to truly demonstrate what he/she learned.


         potential for failure and losing all exam credit-make it so that if student is in middle of exam that at least what student has previously completed is given credit..and a way to show that student was logined and given a chance to retest in case of a brekdown in courseden

         There wasn't anything that I disliked.

         havign multiple assignments everyday

         I dislike the fact that it goes down for maintenance every other Friday.

         writing long papers can sometimes be stressful in online classes, even though there were good instructions, help, and samples for the paper. it was stressful not being able to see a teacher in class every day to talk about it.


         I would have liked to ask questions but there wasn't a place to do that on the ATI modules.


         I did not like how the class was PRIMARILY self-taught. I learned a MINIMAL amount in class and more online; however, it did not seem that self-teaching online was adequate for nursing school.

         Time consuming

         I disliked the fact that much of the skills learning were left up to the online ATI courses. The title of the class was 'clinical skills', and some skills are better learned by live demonstrations. It would have been nice to have more practical demonstration, and less focus on online courses.


         Often confused about expectations.

         The delay in responses




         There were many assignments and I found it hard to keep up with when everything was due through online discussion.

         The discussion board was the part that we used most. In general, I do not like discussion boards, but I find it difficult to navigate when the volume gets as high as ours did. There were over 1200 posts. It was difficult to find the ones you were looking for. If you read a post, it went into the whole pile and you had difficulty locating it again.

         I do a little better in a course that is face-to-face.

         The information we needed is spread out in different places but I was eventually able to find them.

         I don't like the lack of human interaction.



         I was concerned about computers and server error but none was present at the time.

         That everything was online, including the book inside the course content.It was a scanned in PDF, not a download ready ebook. I think I would rather have a book in my hand for this course OR a kindle version downloaded. The book wasn't available on kindle or I would have :)

         I dislike how incredibly long some of the lectures were.

         I dislike the fact that the professor was unresponsive to the needs of the students and the troublesome issues that they faced. A teacher should not be doing a study abroad while she is supposed to be conducting other classes. She should also not ignore students emails and discussion board posts for weeks at a time and she should not speak disparagingly to her students when she does respond.

         The only think I disliked is that in the beginning the discussions were not guided in a general direction. After Dr. ***** discovered that students were having a difficult time with this and staying on the subject of the readings, he adjusted the discussions to give us a topic to run with.

         no dislikes



         The timed tests. People with anxiety and test taking do not do well when they know they are timed.

         There was a lot of work in a short amount of time. I think we could have had some great discussions in an actual classroom. This was a very interesting class and I'm not sure taking it online did it justice.


         Not a thing.

         The exams were not exactly representative of the things we covered most in class.

         I prefer face to face classes because if I do not understand something, then I could ask someone. But online, it is different to communicate. Sure I can email questions, but the experience is just not the same.


         Teacher did not provide much feedback on our learning progress.

         impersonal; no human interaction (face to face) in real time; I also had several technical issues,e specially with assessments (computer timed out, etc) and it was a nightmare

         I would have preferred for the live online chats to have been conducted in the morning rather than the evening.

         no immediate contact with professor.

         I did not like the fact that most communication between students took place via email.


         It was perfect.


         Chats are tough when some people type answers so rapidly that conversation gets skewed


         no dislikes. nothing was difficult.



         the instructor was the worst I have encountered at UWG...bad attitude and sarcasm in her emails,,,,absolutely NO instruction or assistance, she did not follow the syllabus as far as goals were concerned, this was not even a true course and several students think we should receive a refund!

         I missed the camaraderie with my peers.


         Very unclear instruction, grading methods, and help. Instructor did not have office hours and the only time I was able to speak with her was through chat sessions during her availability.

         I did not like the teacher, she has been the rudest professor I have encountered at West GA, not to mention I do not feel I got the education the class was described as. The class was listed as a Math content/pedagogy course designed for students in the masters program needing this instruction. I did not come away with any information on how to teach students math. Very disappointed. Instead of math content, the instructor focused on differentiation, which is not what I signed up for. I took that class also this summer, so I did not need both classes to focus on the topic.

         Instructor required a test that was listed as recommended in the syllabus. Difficult to find and didn't have in the beginning of the class. Directions for assignments were vague, rubrics for the grading of assignments couldn't be found, instructor overly defensive when asked questions.

         The online portion of this course was not enough to clarify each individuals understanding of assignments for this course. Dr.****** was not clear when explaining the assignments. There should have been at least one face-to-face meeting.

         The teacher was very distant from the class. She did not welcome students to ask questions. She was very vague when aswering questions. Usually she jusy recopied the direction that was already on the syllabus. I did not really enjoy this class.


         I felt that the professor was not happy to be teaching this summer. Many of her emails seemed rude, short and terse. If we asked her to explain the directions she had given for an assignment, we were emailed the exact same directions that were already given, sometimes in bold print. When emailing her for more support, and explaining the repetition of directions was not helping me understand them and I also explained I was frustrated and was not trying to be rude or obstinent, I was told to watch my tone.

         missed the one on one instruction when I needed help with assignment but the teacher was responsive to email, discussion board

         This was a great Learning Festival.

         The lack of face to face contact.

         Sometimes had some difficulty finding the right location or an item I was looking for.


         no dislikes

         This online course was better than others I have taken, so there was not as much that I did not like.

         There was nothing I did not like about the course.

         Sometimes the questions were bad on the online quizzes.


         I didn't dislike anything.


         i did not like the fact that quizzes were only available for a 24 hour period. It would have been much more convenient to have them available every day until the due date so that people could do their work based on their schedules.


         I disliked how work was posted the week that assignments were due instead of a head of time so that we could get ahead on things when time came available for us.

         Communication with professor

         Nothing, this online class was very easy.

         The inability to get ready answers if I had a question

         Not having face- to- face with the professor.

         tech part

         emailing my advisor and teacher. I usually did not get a response and had to telephone in and leave a message. So I am not sure that the email was sending my messages. Also, when I would respond to online discussions, after my message has been written and I hit 'submit', the page would change and kick me out of the class to the homepage and my response was never submitted. Then I would have to retype the response again. This happened about 30% of the time.

         Not havng the face to face interaction

         For the presentations we did not see the rubric until AFTER the second presentation was over.


         Needed ability to discuss face to face with professor in order to discuss through questions different answers received during assignments.

         Lack of communication, lack of feedback, and lack of teaching by the instructor.

         The discussions were a bit much being that we are holding full-time externships concurrently. Some of the information was redundant.

         There was one assignment in particular that was too large to put on course den and it was a hassle having to go to distance learning and have them modify the file and try and create a link for it. Also, the teacher was not respectful of these issues and it was almost as if well if you don't get it taken care of sorry you lose the points. Which, really puts a bad taste in your mouth if you are a student. Also, considering that they class was intro level there is no need that it should be out of just 100 points. We are basically learning at our own pace online which complicated things and if the class is only out of 100 points then there is no room for error. Its not fair, in my opinion, that if you miss one point on an assignment you entire grade goes from a 100 to a 99 and so on.

         The assignments were mediocre and the grading was not readily available. The discussions that other students posted were uninformed, juvenile, and at times offensive.

         The only thing I would have to say about having an online class is how slow Course Den can be when I am in the middle of taking a test or submitting a discussion.

         Some of the deadlines are unclear

         the sometime confusion of when things are due. But that can be the students fault also.

         the way the professor graded the assignments, as well as her attitude towards the class

         The high cost.

         I disliked that the instructor wasn't always available or didn't make herself available more.

         It's sometimes hard to keep up with due dates.


         I dislike the fact that we have to comment on the posts of others. As I mentioned above, some students are very rude wen they rip your arguments apart. I want to be graded on my work, not what I'm expected to say to others and vice versa.


         There were constantly technical difficulties accessing the website and completing tasks.

         Technical issues

         essay questions on every test.

         Doing group work is inconvenient in an online course. Even with email, chat rooms, etc., it can be difficult for everyone to stay on the same page.


         a professor with poor communications skills & expectations

         Did not like how the assignments were graded and that the class required two professors.


         Access to the online library required too many passwords.

         Cannot discuss certain issues freely like face-to-face meeting.

         The online discussions were forced. If I don't have anything valuable to say, I stay quiet. I hate having to force information out to meet the requirements of the class under the false pretense of an online discussion. This is a written assignment not a discussion. The syllabus should reflect this fact.

         miscommunication with the professors

         No face to face meetings.


         The research involved - videos to watch and articles to read were often very lengthy and time consuming, but as this was a summer,condensed class, maybe that was the only way to do it.


         I did not agree with the portion of the course that required us to work in groups.

         Some of the directions for assignments were not clear.

         The online components that we were supposed to access weekly rarely loaded. The professor did not organize the class in a manner to which students could understand what exactly they were supposed to read each week. I hardly ever knew what was going on in this class and have to say that this was the worst class I have taken in my undergraduate work and graduate work. I learned absolutely nothing! This is extremely disheartening to me beecause I had high hopes of learning about SPED since it is such a complex subject. Dr. **** also did not structure the class for students other than teachers. I am a counseling student and all assignments were geared towards being in the classroom. I am not a classroom teacher currently nor will I ever be, so doing the assignments were extremely difficult. When asked how counseling or media students were to do the assignments we were told to make them 'applicable' to us. This is difficult when you do not have enough experience to make them applicable.

         Nothing. Class went smooth!

         The CourseDen needs to be upgraded to interface with browsers IE9 and FireFox 5.0. The java updates should be announced so that students can make the necessary upgrades.

         group projects




         Required us to get on to Wimba classroom one night for over 4 hours.

         Almost everything. I would prefer to have a professor more prepared for what she needs to teach and how to teach effectively.

         not getting prompt email returns from professor

         Group assignments were hard to do online, professor would not answer emails, and it was hard to find professor without seeing them in class.


         I do miss face to face interactions with my professor and other students.

         Whomever designed Wimba needs to simplify it--too many icons and not intuitive. The tutorial was impossible to review in a short period of time. Fortunately, the Help Desk was helpful!



         The quiz and errors with the quiz, Rules not being clear when presenting projects on Wimba.



         Having to complete and pass the Test Review in such a short period of time (but that's one of the downsides of summer semesters - not something Dr. ****** did intentionally).

         The senister was to short, 7 weeks, to cover all the material like it should be covered.


         I would have liked to have received a little more guidance on conducting legal research.

         Difficulty with browser compatibility.

         No face to face during discussions.

         I missed a discussion the first week because I didn't know it was there. It was worth 5 points.

         I had no dislikes.

         At times the discussion board got a little sticky from classmates. I think the book should be required. Lot of helpful information. In the beginning there was a lot and that was very stressful.



         Not having the face to face interaction during discussions

         Not having that face to face time during discussions

         It was hard to get used to online an how to get through courseden at first.

         No dislikes.


         emailing my advisor and teacher. I usually did not get a response and had to telephone in and leave a message. So I am not sure that the email was sending my messages. Also, when I would respond to online discussions, after my message has been written and I hit 'submit', the page would change and kick me out of the class to the homepage and my response was never submitted. Then I would have to retype the response again. This happened about 30% of the time.

         The system bumping you off unexpectedly.


         With all of the weblinks, they were sometimes difficult to sort through.



         I did not dislike anything. Everthing was very clear

         Absolutely nothing.


         Some of the videos were EXTREMELY annoying.



         the vast amount of information that is covered within this course

         the teacher did not respond to emails in a timely manner.

         I did not like how the grading was on the discussion questions.

         That it was a lot of reading

         Having to actually go to the campus frequently to watch the required videos was difficult for me with my schedule.

         My computer sometimes had trouble attaching documents to post, and computers are not always 100% reliable so problems can occur.