Summer 2008 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



        What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?

        I liked the fact that I was on my own time; that I could do the work at my own pace and not someone else.

        I did not like, however, reading so much and having only two to three days to do two essays. But that comes with a summer class I guess. Summers are always rushed.

        When the system went down. No way to access anything.

        There wasn't anything that really stood out to me that I disliked.


        Some of the issues that I had with the assignments tool, besides that it were okay.

        There were no dislikes; I personally needed to become more proficient with word processing skills as a novice to on-line education.

        Nothing too much so far :) --oh, one of the tests at first had two diff ways to get to the info page...and Iíd been going through one link... Then when I was about to submit it I double checked and the other link gave a different assignment. I nearly had a panic attack! it was fixed pretty quickly though

        The only part of this course that I disliked was that sometimes, because this is an online course, I experienced computer troubles. Because we had to download many programs and use them regularly, I often had troubles with my computer.

        Finding articles for the term project was very hard to do.

        I do miss the one-on-one personal contact with students and the instructor. However, this is just one class this semester that I have online. Most of my art classes meet at a scheduled time during the week. Having an online class that is flexible has been a nice break from a routine.

        Having to remind myself to do the work.

        I couldnít raise my hand and ask questions as easy as I could in class

        I do not like the short session-it is too much information in a short time period. I do not feel that I have learned as well as I would have in a regular length course.


        No dislikes. Good course.

        The fact that there is no way for me to be reminded about my work outside of checking WebCT everyday.

        All the reading

        I felt as I was rushed since this was a summer class.

        It is sometimes difficult to remember deadlines.

        I do like face to face class time. The films were really nice and the only way to watch them was on face to face days.

        With it being an online summer course, the workload was overloading and there was a lack of direction.In addition, there was just too much information and I spent half the time searching for what I needed within the coursework.

        I never really thought about it.

        WebCT can sometimes be a pain. It is not always easy to use.


        I guess it's a trade-off for not commuting to a physical classroom environment. I dislike the impersonality of technology whereby I cannot physically experience verbal interactions with my instructor and classmates. I've come to the realization that I am a visual and auditory learner.

        It was very fast paced.

        I miss the interaction with classmates and the professor

        the content


        It was very hard to get in touch with my teacher.

        I absolutely loved all of it!

        I felt as though the teacher was being lazy and whenever we did have class we just watched a movie.We did not get grades in a timely fashion and when the teacher was about it she replied 'sorry - she was busy because she was coming up for tenure'

        I enjoyed it

        I like the face to face interaction of a regular classroom.

        I don't like the fact, for this specific class, that there are not examples posted as to what the teacher wants. You can put it in paragraph form but examples are a lot better that way student understands what is required of them.

        Nothing really more time on quizzes.

        I'm not going to get into it here.

        The last set of test

        Not having the personal student/teacher relationship.

        I didn't like the essay assignments because I felt I was never prepared with the right information to write on.The film clip assignment we had been excruciating.The Clips were not completed and continuous.

        Not being able to email or go to the teacher's office for help


        Nothing was completely clear, and the tutorials and information were hard to find and hard to understand and learn from.


        I wish the deadline could have been like 10pm on Fridays instead of 12pm.


        not much control over some problems


        Hard to quickly get answers from teachers and online discussions are slow


        NOTHING. Keep up the GOOD work.

        system glitchís and expectations were not clear

        Sometimes the directions weren't as clear as they would have been if presented in a normal classroom.

        I did not dislike any portions of this class.


        it was too short

        It may be because of the content of the course, but I have never worked as hard as I have for this course.This includes work that I have completed for other college degrees including one of my master's degrees.My thinking is that working on-line may require more work than attending a class at the university.

        Nothing for this course but I am not sure I would like a math class online

        The lack of response from TA's/ professor regarding complaints about grades.

        The quizzes for the very long chapters that was hard

        What I didnít like was I missed an online quiz and the professor wouldn't let me go back and take it so that kind of sucks consider that some people ,might not be able to get their books on time.

        Those exams were due at 5 pm. it made things difficult with my 8-5 job. It seemed that a midnight deadline would be more sensible.

        The amount of work that is crammed into one day

        My first assignment file was corrupted and couldn't be opened by the person grading so I lost the 30 points. I was unaware there was a problem with the file until after the deadline. Since there was proof that the file was submitted on time I should have been able to resend for partial credit. With computers you will have problems and you would think that the computer science teachers would understand of legitimate problems. I was also taking an ecore American Lit. Class and if we had a problem like that the teacher would allow some concession.

        I disliked the start up time of WebCT vista.

        That I did not get a thorough explanation when points were taken off of my assignment.


        There was a lot of reading in the second book.

        the last assignment was not in detail and I would not have been able to complete it at home without receiving assistance from student assistant

        Sometimes it is harder to understand things when you canít just ask a question like you can in class and its not face to face learning so you have to be able to learn on your own.

        I found myself making more time to do other things first.

        At times the slides or movies we watch for exams or discussions may be a bit bumpy. They sometimes freeze or don't finish.

        Often wait until last minute to complete assignments.

        I had no complaints about this course.

        No face to face discussion.

        Having strict due dates I think defeat the purpose of this kind of online class.

        The amount of reading required to submit my opinion and answers on discussion questions.The amount of time given to read and discuss is not enough.

        It was really hard to study a class about visual art online. This is one of those classes where I think the student could get more from an in class discussion and lecture.

        Cost of text... and deadlines for quizzes.

        Potential for disaster.

        I find that I am an auditory learner and need to hear the information in order to retain it. I am also not disciplined enough to make myself do the reading, and at least in class, I can hear the information in discussion.

        There was nothing that comes to mind that I disliked about the course.

        That sometimes I would forget when an assignment was due.

        The teacher was hard to get in touch with.

        When I had a problem...I wanted to talk with a person, instead of email to make sure I was conveying everything correctly.

        The 10 min quizzes....needed more time

        at times it would be nice to ask a question face to face

        I asked a question regarding the course not technical issues, and was given a link to someone in tech support.

        I wish I would have know earlier that discussions were based on how many you read as well as how many you responded to compared to the rest of the class.

        It is hard sometimes to comprehend the material just by reading

        The Webpage assignment was very hard.

        Sometime you forget when the due date was and miss a deadline, but besides that it was fine

        Some of the questions were ambiguous. There were 3 right answers (straight out of the book) and once the test was taken, it was taken. Felt like there was no recourse. I still had an 'A' in the class, but for someone with a B or lower, this might be an important factor. I also had Office 2007 installed, and the course was over Office 2003. I asked at orientation if there were any significant differences between them and the instructor said, 'no'. Turns out that there are a few.

        There was nothing I did not like.


        to much reading and not fully understanding material

        It was fine.

        I did not like the fact that the teacher did not get to know the students the fact that i had missed an assignment because of an emergency and the teacher did not believe me was unfair and the grading is unfair how can the teacher base your grade off the other class mates works that is not fair and it is showing favorites.

        It was fine.

        There's nothing I disliked about it.

        After working on as assignment and verified the submission along with the attachment, then when graded received a zero and is advised that nothing was attached. However, on my computer one can view all assignment that has been submitted. Even assignments that were submitted for this same class prior to this semester can also be viewed.

        The deadlines and the many downloads that you have to use for all the work.


        That if when I worked on it I needed help, it was not always available, I might have had to wait until the next day, and that could be too late.

        It was difficult having to remind myself to take the quizzes and turn in the assignments.


        If I donít understand the assignment there isnít much help.

        The lack of personal interaction.

        Nothing....once I figured out the time frame of items that were due.


        I felt that the expectations were unclear

        I didn't like that the teachers would not accept email questions. If it's an online course, I would assume that I wouldn't have to come on campus and ask them questions during their office hours.

        I couldn't always get the attachments for submissions to work right and my grade will suffer because of it.

        I didn't like the how the quizzes are set up.I missed few quizzes at the beginning. It took me some time to get the hang of it.

        The timed quizzes.

        For this particular class, I prefer it to be online during a summer session but overall I didn't like the fact that it was online class because I highly prefer to have a face-to-face interaction with my teachers and my colleagues.

        I live on campus and the entire UWG server was down all over campus. The instructor extended the deadline but made it a point to say that web ct had been available for the past 48 hours. That might have been true where they were, but we can't access a website that was available on the internet if the internet was inaccessible. And it wasn't because I stayed on campus either...the web was down in the TLC, the UCC, the classrooms, etc. I guess the instructors take the 'no excuse' thing to the extreme. And I had trouble submitting the last assignment and a few quizzes. I wrote them about it, and all I got in reply was 'No submission. 0/40'.

        No complaints.

        I disliked the over load of work that is squeezed in a summer session. It became over bearing sometimes for one person, but I guess that's why they call it college.

        Some of the assignments

        It was difficult to get help when I needed it.I work late hours and usually if I needed help I could not get it in time.

        if my computer shut down thereís nothing they can do

        The instructor did not respond to questions related to the class materials but simply kept referring me back to the class syllabus.

        The teacher gave quizzes and exams over stuff that were not in the related chapters then made us look them up when she should have made the corrections herself

        Too small of timeframe for work completed.Constantly rushing through classes is NOT learning.


        We had trouble with the questions; they came from all over the book rather than the chapters that were assigned. But our teacher worked with us to fix it and gave us all a fair chance to pass.

        I never feel I learn as much as face to face course


        No complaints

        It was ok

        Not knowing what I had missed on quizzes

        There wasn't anything that I really disliked about it.


        Nothing. It was an excellent course.

        There were not dislikes.

        Lack of face-to-face learning.


        Wasn't sure if professor received submissions (done through email and no confirmations).


        Sometimes I could not get the PowerPointís to work properly.

        I really can't complain about this class because I learned something.

        I missed the in-class lectures and if I had a question I could not ask the professor face to face.


        Maybe a too much material to cover in a three week period.


        I enjoyed the professor's lectures immensely and I believe missing the lectures and instruction of the professor to be the only weakness of an online course.

        servers going down and unable to contribute within the time frame

        There wasn't much explanation of the required work for this class. It took me about a week to figure out what I was supposed to do. I also didn't like that we had a group project for an on-line course. I live an hour away so it made it very difficult to meet with my group.

        It didn't have enough direction!


        I ran out of time on some quizzes.


        They were mainly professor related, the program worked great.

        Instructor didn't use Webct 100% which caused a good deal more work & confusion having to check two sites.

        nothing at all

        It is hard to understand when there is no one to explain a new program to you


        The complicated ways of submitting grades when the auto-submit failed to work, which was every time.

        Itís hard to work in a group when you have a group project.


        Not really anything I did not like about this course.

        I liked it all for this course

        It makes me nervous about submitting things by computer without a hardcopy. But the teacher was very understanding so nothing about this class was bad.

        I did not dislike anything.

        no complaints

        No face to face contact. Could not disagree with analysis of responses to quizzes.




        harder than expected


        It was more complicated than it had to be.The submissions were not all on WEBCT, some were done on an alternate site.This split in submission forums seems silly in a 4000 level CISM class.

        Lack of personal interaction.



        No personal touch of the professor

        It's easy to get behind if you don't stay on top of things

        Not being able to ask questions and get answers right away.

        Time management


        Nothing I can think of


        I was satisfied so this is nit picking but a couple of the project modules required more time than what was allowed but he allowed multiple submissions so that really isn't a big deal.

        There was nothing in particular that I disliked about the course.


        the tests and quizzes were messed up, but that wasn't the teacher's fault

        But questions were extremely tricky. But overall it was a good course, I found some answers in the book word for word but some were wrong that's what made me frustrated.

        There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of this class.


        The exams would not transmit to the professor properly.The professor did not stick to the syllabus.The workbook was mind-numbing and a complete waste of time.

        My quizzes never were registered by WebCT - I had to e-mail them to professor.stressful until I realized that's what I needed to do

        I do miss the face-to-face interaction with other students.

        Time consuming but I am an overachiever and wanted to make sure I had all the answers.

        It was very fast paced and sometimes difficult to make sure I had everything complete because we weren't in class to ask the questions.

        Most of the time you teach yourself. I don't really like emailing waiting on answers.

        I do not have any complaints concerning this course.

        Nothing bad here.

        Some of the questions were unfair on the quizzes and I felt like it didn't really matter whether or no I said anything because most people probably did not say anything. It's always to grasp someone's attention when you are face to face. But an online course doesn't allow a person to make connections with the professor.

        Convenience of studying from home

        Nothing. I love online classes.

        Some of the pages of the modules never loaded. The things that didn't load showed up on the test later.

        That some of the instructions were not detailed enough. For example, the excel project said to get the averages of 3 categories but it did not explain how to get the averages, or what numbers to look at for which ones. There were tons of numbers and tons of averages that could have been used; I lucked out by just trying things and getting the right answers. But it didnít explain that and it's important.


        The not being able to meet with the teacher a little more regularly.

        Some assignments needed to be emailed back to the professor, which was done in a timely fashion, yet the professor gave us no way to know if he had received those emailed assignments and later said that he did not receive them - something needs to be put into place to insure that students can know for sure that their assignments are received.††† Also, my main complaint about online schooling is that I am paying for an instructor to actually teach something.There was absolutely nothing taught in this class, I can go pick up a book and read up on a subject any time that I want for free.I value in class discussion much more than online postings because the exchange is much more dynamic.You don't have to ask a question and then wait for one or two days for a response that just ends up showing that the professor didn't understand the original question.In a face-to-face setting the exchange usually produces the information you are seeking, on line that is not always the case.


        I don't feel that I received that grades I received was a true representative of the work I did.


        I need help navigating through the chat.How to stop the screen from moving up while I read previous information.

        Nothing, it was a good experience!

        Probably would have retained more from some in class involvement


        When internet connection is down, it creates a delay



        I didn't have any dislikes.

        nothing really

        Notebook directed me to lab for help and lab asst. was not helpful.

        Grades could have possibly been returned back sooner.

        There really wasn't enough online work to call this an online class.

        nothing on-line was very appropriate and useful for this class


        This online class required face to face group participation. It required using SPSS software that had to be accessed on campus. I had issues with a video assignment and did not have after hourís assistance for WebCT. UWG IT did have to record and repost for me. Accessing it on campus was not a problem but off campus it was!

        group work

        Difficult to engage team members that were not onboard with assignments, given the short timeline for deadlines.



        the format of posting & replying (discussion), involved too much research, majority of assignments were finding journal articles to cite in postings, requires way too much time on the computer each day

        Too many assignments back to back

        Having to switch back and forward to access course documents, WebCT would appear as open windows so you can access documents discussion etc with a one second click.

        Know face to face help.


        There were not enough hands on learning associated with this class.

        It was sometimes hard to talk to group members except for online.

        Everything was smooth and organized and enjoyed it being online

        It was challenging, I wonít lie. Super challenging.


        the communication

        That you need to stay on top of it or it will catch up and hurt you in the end.

        WebCt Glitches

        Lack of face-to-face communication.

        You only have access to the controls the professor turns on.

        Nothing really.

        There are too many workbook questions. cut back on that and its all good

        The workbook was absolutely nuts! It was busy work that had little to do with the online course work. The questions could have been cut down to at least half and put more on point to the course subject matter. I felt the 3 to 6 hours spent on the questions was unproductive time.

        The invitation portion of WebCT did not work well. I would invite students and the professor to chat and I never received a response from anyone. I did this several times and never got a response.

        Sometimes something was confusing and I had to constantly email my professor for explanation.

        It requires a lot of reading


        I didn't like working in groups online.It was difficult for everyone to meet online at the same time.I would rather work on individual projects.

        Lack of communication with other students.


        The material and exams have been fine, but the group project has been far too time intensive for such a short period of time. It's also required a good bit of face-to-face contact for an online class.

        school website being done often

        Work was overwhelming but it was okay.

        When the Internet was down

        I didn't find anything wrong with it

        That sometimes he gave basically busy work.

        Online required chat sessions were difficult because of interference with work. The requirement of these sessions was not communicated until the first day of class; I recommend that this be communicated much earlier.


        I donít like doing group projects in an online class. You take it so that you can do it on your own time and do not have to come to campus. With groups you are forced to meet almost everyday.

        hard to do everything over email


        It counts off for you clicking wrong twice. Sometimes you just misread the directions, and sometimes it is a slip of the hand.†† I also was never successful in downloading Authorware onto my laptop.

        the difficulty of communicating with the professor

        It was difficult to get in contact with teacher.

        Too much work for a summer semester class. This class should have been over spread over the 4 sessions of summer semester.†† Too much face to face meeting. Worst online experience out of all the classes I took online.



        It was hard for me to figure out how to chat with my classmates through the WebCT Vista. I could not figure out how to contact more than 1 person to do an 'instant message' type conversation with them.

        WebCT was not accessible one day. (Not a Friday or 10:00 p.m) and I had a quiz due that day. Messed up my grade and nobody seem to care.

        I didnít like the group projects. I donít understand how to work with other people that I havenít met when I am more than 85 miles away. I ended up doing all of the group projects by myself

        how WebCT acted up sometimes and interrupted my class time

        I didnít dislike anything

        Computer went down a lot.

        It was hard to understand how to post assignments in WebCT.


        group work

        It is a little harder to remember when work is due as supposed to physically being in class and having to do work everyday.

        The load of the summer online course was overwhelming. I felt that I didn't have a true perception of how demanding the courses would be.

        I liked everything

        Dependent upon other studentís timely posting, so we could reply to their posts.

        The first face to face was extremely long and would be better broken into 2 days.


        Technical issues


        The website sometime shorts down when you ready to work.

        I continue to appreciate face to face meetings with my instructors because I feel there are certain knowledge tasks which are more easily communicated with personal contact.

        Some of the learning tasks, assignments and projects would have been better understood by students had there been more face to face class sessions.

        Anything timed because sometimes there are technical difficulties.


        Having to drive so far with the high gas prices, when the class is suppose to be online.

        The large amount of work to be completed during a short amount of time.



        I like everything.

        Miss the face-to-face interaction.

        Miss face-to-face interaction.

        Absolutely nothing.

        Absolutely nothing.


        I didn't have any problems

        I didn't have any problems


        The utilization of the online environment was not always clear and supportive of the learning objectives.



        I have no dislikes concerning this online course.I will advise no one to take three courses in the summer though.I learned the hard way.

        Some discussion topics were given via email instead of being under the discussion tab.

        I was totally dissatisfied with the number of discussion postings.Compared with other classes, this course had too many, a total of 9 or 10 graded ones as well as other postings for our group projects.

        Many times the work for classes takes more time if the classes are online.If you are attending ca class in person you actually invest less time because some instructors list more work because it's an online class.I found the work load in this class to be slightly more than some, but not the most I have had to do for some other online courses.

        When it goes off line when I am trying to chat.


        WebCT made the course more challenging; I understand how it works, but every time I open an attachment from a discussion board post or email, it kicks me off.The distance part of distance learning also stands out; I don't even recognize many of my classmates, and collaborating on group projects online is a little awkward at times, because it can be easy for typed messages to be misconstrued.†††

        The 'distance' part really stands out; it is difficult to get to know classmates that you only see three times per semester.

        my group members were terrible

        I enjoy more face-to-face interaction with classmates and instructors.

        Because of the increased flexibility, I think maybe more discussion was required than would have been in a traditional environment.


        I did feel some pressure to take the QUIZ.In part because I would wait until after we chatted on Thursday.I would prefer not to have weekly quizzes.



        all was good

        No due dates.



        The expedited pace because it was during the summer.

        technical difficulties during Live Chat time

        There was not anything I disliked.

        Fortunately I knew several other students that I could work with but I do enjoy face-to-face meetings which we did not have.

        Nothing. I loved all of it.


        freezing applications

        time crunch

        Not having face-to-face discussions.

        I had to upgrade memory on my laptop to handle the Wimba classroom. I was unaware prior to the first meeting.

        Sometimes WebCT went down and it took a while to upload zip files.

        Sometimes WebCT was down or took a while to upload zip files.

        the professor had too many classes

        The syllabus changed.

        I wish we had less face to face meetings.

        I didn't like having to meet more than once for face to face.

        I didn't like evaluating articles- but it did help me learn more about the topic I was presenting.

        Most of the major assignments had student examples to help with the completion of my own assignment.This did not help me with direct questions that I had about the assignment.As I am a visual learner, I needed the instructor to instruct me by modeling his OWN example of the assignments.Also, the home page for this course was difficult to follow.I had a hard time trying to stay caught up as the assignments were all over the home page in different locations.I didn't know if I had completed my assignments.The on-line Discussions were constantly being added which made it very difficult for me to focus on other aspects of the course.

        On Fridays, webCT goes down for maintenance.Also, trying to collaborate with classmates on assignments was hard.

        My instructor did not use WebCT for this course. That was very frustrating to go to his moodle site every time I wanted to be online with his class. His site was very slow at many times. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! It was also inconvenient!!! If the instructors started using their own website, I'm not sure I would continue my education at West GA. WebCT should be required to be used by all instructors to post their courses.

        it's just hard to remember due dates

        I didn't dislike anything.It was great!

        I loved this class.

        there were no dislikes

        The subject matter needed at least one face-to-face meeting.There was difficulty in understanding some of the course requirements that were not coming through the written instructions.

        There were no dislikes.

        not a thing

        not really anything

        It was difficult to work in groups because of having to go back and forth and wait on the other person.

        The difficulty of group work-back and forth communication.






        there were no problems with the online portions of the course

        I did not like the inability to work at my own pace. I was continually waiting on my professor to open assignments and quizzes so that I could continue my work. I also did not like the changes in and addition of assignments after directions/expectations had been given. There were too many students admitted into this course. It would have been more effective with a group smaller than 30+.


        Instructors still in the learning process.



        I think we are all having a little trouble learning how to get WebCT Wimba Live Classroom working. We are going to try it for class this last session and it really saves time driving to campus, but I think it still has some kinks that can be worked out; the professors learning at the same time the students are how to use it. Maybe there should be a session to learn it. I don't like that the classes don't show up as archived after a semester is over so you have to save everything or lose it eventually, but I realize that it takes up a lot of space as inconvenient as it is to not just have it to look back on. I am confused also by the changes coming down the pike with Foliotek, and I'm going to be angry if we have to post for it for SACS but they start to make the students pay for it as part of their fees when it's the university's responsibility to archive stuff for SACS, not ours. I am urging not to charge students. I just heard rumor that might happen, it hasn't happened yet.

        I did not have any dislikes.

        Not having assistance right away.

        When ideas are not easily understood, it is harder to develop an understanding if you cannot access the instructor face-to-face.



        No complaints.

        Not seeing classmates and instructor but twice the entire course.

        Group work in online classes is a pain.

        There was nothing that I disliked.


        Chatrooms.They were very difficult to log onto from my computer.I have found WebCT to be very slow which was frustrating to me.

        When the server went down


        I ran into problems twice while attempting to post required information for on-line discussion groups. WebCT went down for maintenance at 10pm on those Friday nights and I had information that had to be posted by 11:59pm.


        This teacher did not respond back to important e-mails, did not post assignments through webct on time, did not answer discussion board questions, and did not post assignment grades in a timely manner. I will not be taking any other classes from this teacher again.

        Many of the questions were vague enough that it would have been nice to see the instructor sometime.

        The only thing I did not like was when I had to take the final exam and it was timed. There was a lot of material that was covered and not enough time to take the test.

        I did not like the fact that you have to re-enter your password when you access some parts of the website.

        Very independent learning.Inquiry-based.Sometimes made assignments difficult.

        Wimba was required the first week.I could not successfully run the wimba wizard without blue screen messages indicating a dump of my internal memory had begun.This caused me much stress and used my learning time the first week of class communicating with wimba and on-line support at West Georgia,(They were very helpful.) And trying many times to run the wizard.I was quite upset to think that I might have to go to campus to participate in wimba classrooms.Using my computer at HOME and at my convenience is reason I find on-line classes desirable.

        hard to get to know classmates

        having to wait for email responses


        lack of feedback




        Nothing.I wish the entire course was online, and not just partial.


        Webct times out.

        I feel that I did not learn as much as I would as if I were sitting in the classroom. The area of voice is very foreign to me and would have benefited from having some face to face classes.

        Not a fan.

        I am not a big fan of online courses.

        The helpdesk is not open at night or on the weekend when I am doing my school work.

        lots of work over the summer

        directions sometimes were not clear

        Not considering the workload of having 3 courses in the summer; it was an enjoyable experience.

        One of my instructors seemed less proficient and skilled in online delivery of instruction.

        Nothing. All the postings went well; the instructor responded quickly to all my questions, I understood everything.


        I felt that the course was a little unorganized at the beginning because the teacher was making changes. That is fine, but I wish the communication would have been a little better.

        Interacting with teacher and classmates


        There were too many assignments for the short summer semester. There were too many discussion assignments. All assignments for the course were not posted at the beginning of the course. We had 10 lesson plans to critique on Monday of the last week. Some discussions were posted within discussions. In at least one major assignment, the instructions were emailed, rather than placed in the assignment section. Grading system wasn't clear to me. The reflective essay instructions were confusing. In one place, specific subheading was absolutely required. In another, we were told the subheadings were just examples. I felt like I had to hunt assignments each DAY. This class was an elective for me and I spent more time on it than on the Research class. F2F meetings could have been used to go over all the particular fonts, spacing... and module requirements. All modules should have been posted at the beginning so we could pace things out. There were too many projects & discussions & hidden tasks.

        Professor did not spend the proper amount of time setting up his class and the quiz materials were outdated and many were not correct.I will not take this instructor again and I will advise others not to take him.

        During face-to-face classes, class time was used to address the website operating processes for novice users. Although many students appeared to possessed adequate computer competencies, they still had many questions about where to find assignments, chats, postings, etc.

        Professor occasionally forgot to make portions 'visible' for student postings and discussions.

        The discussion sessions were hurried for me because of the summer session.

        Everything was great.(In regards to the library, I couldn't get the Galileo password to work and never got a proper answer from the person who emailed after I requested the password).

        The helpdesk is not open on the weekend when I do most of my work! The network was unavailable last Saturday but I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone and tell me to expect it to come back up. I was in the middle of taking a test when it froze up and went down.

        Ie helped me to do my assignments.

        It was sometimes frustrating if I was unsure about an assignment

        The face to face interaction.


        using webct

        NO complaints

        Not getting adequate feedback from the professor.

        The communication with the instructor is limited so you really have to work hard in order to understand the assignments and deadlines associated with the work

        all was good


        time responses between questions

        Some content could have used some face to face explanation.

        It was tricky at first, but once I got the hang of it t became easier.I think professors should give a one week grace period to get an understanding of how webct works.It was very difficult the first week.There should be an online tutorial that is optional for students to take regarding webct use and distance technology classes.


        I think it would be better face 2 face for me anyway

        Not being able to inter act with class mate.





        Some classes had too many assignments for the short amount of time.


        The group work especially when you live a great distant from your peers.

        not able to ask questions immediately

        The ability to submit assignments, reviews the upcoming required reading and research, interact with others and see their thoughts in the discussion format.

        I dislike the not being able to know and document when someone has opened mail that I have sent. I dislike not being able to send and receive mail within WebCT.Sometimes I receive great resources that I would like to maintain in an email account.I am unable to email that information to myself at my other email account.Once the courses are over. I lose all information.There is no spelling and grammar check feature on the discussions and mail.

        There is no spelling/grammar check for mail and discussion messages.There is no way of knowing if and when someone has opened your mail and discussion messages.

        It can become overwhelming trying to cram the required information in a 6 week period.Due to the fact that there is a not of math, budgeting questions I feel face to face would be more appropriate than online.


        Lots of work in a short period of time





        Some of the software was not user friendly, like Flash.

        I felt we needed more face to face meetings. The book was very hard to comprehend, too much info.

        This is the second course I have taken under my instructors wings and have no worries or regrets!



        It created much more confusion than any other course I have taken. Online courses are also difficult if you rely solely on campus computer labs for Internet access(as they are not open as late during the summer, are not open for your convenience if you don't work the typical 9-5, if you work on weekends, etc.)It is hard to go around the computer lab schedules and get the time I need on-line when they close so early.

        Last night I could not log onto webct!!! Otherwise things are going well.I feel more comfortable with this, my second class, than I did with the first one.

        Not a dislike, just a little confusing.Directions were 'wordy' and hard to understand. After about 2 weeks in the course I caught on and it got better. No dislikes! :)

        Wimba crashed a couple of times.


        There was a lot of initial confusion about coursework, but that was cleared up. What really bothered me was the enormous potential for things typed in bulletin boards, chat rooms, wimba, etc. to be taken out of context. It was very upsetting to have someone misconstrue what you were trying to say.

        It was tough not knowing ahead of time when the Live Classroom was going to meet. Again, I had to schedule my time very specifically; might have been more helpful if we had known at least a week and a half, two weeks in advance when to meet in Live CR. Not a problem, but just made things a little tight.

        The TEACHER was soooooo disorganized and did not appear to know what was going on in the class.Most of the time he would tell us how to do an assignment and we would do it like he said and then when it was turned in her critiqued what he had told us to do.I will never take a course with my instructor if Ican help it.

        the amount of work required

        I could not get immediate feed back.

        Delayed feedback.


        too long to receive grades

        Difficult to do group projects because the projects were so involved.We met on campus instead...

        This course was particularly confusing but it was because the way the prof set it up.Once I got going it was okay but still a scrambled prof.I appreciate that she allowed us to choose our discussion board method and really like the Wimba classroom stuff.This is so much easier and allows for more learning than other modes like BB and Chat.Unfortunately the WestGA server went down and I did not get to participate in our final on-line class.

        that I had to teach myself, too much reading


        I enjoyed everything about the online portion. The teacher broke use into small groups and that made it manageable. I really enjoyed this class and the teacher returned responses and grades quickly. She answered questions as if she was face.

        Some assignments were hard to understand without seeing examples in person.

        not sure

        Too Much written assignments

        The wait time to receive help from instructors.

        Many of the assignments were 'hidden' or hard to find



        Meeting only the professor once.



        Material easier to understand with face-to-face interaction with instructor.

        Lack of actual interaction.

        Group projects are hard to do online.


        It was an excessive amount of reading and replying to posts.I had to wait for others to post their information, and sometimes they didn't do it on time.

        I wish I could save the PowerPoint and files off of web ct.There were instances where if I could save the ppt I could have downloaded to presentation to my ipod or watched it without maintaining an internet connection.

        That it was hard to understand some of the instruction material used in teaching this class.

        I didn't like that it was confusing to navigate at times.

        When there were questions or the need for clarification, the wait time to hear from the professor when I had carved a certain time frame out of my schedule to work on the assignment.

        It was difficult to stay on top of assignments because there were no real 'due dates'

        There was not really anything I did not like.

        Having to constantly check WebCT (almost daily) to keep up w/ the instructor.



        Webct times out. Even if you have logged on briefly.

        Believe students miss out on social interaction when completely on-line

        sometimes unable to login to class chats

        The course instructor did not have the option to have her class to either edit or delete posts in the discussion section. this would have eliminated several posts due to technological errors or any errors in posting

        My computer went down and the SITS people could not get to my computer before midterms. I had to do all my work at the labs and it was hard to get a computer then the printer went down so this was a hard term.

        N/A - It was great.

        technical issues

        specific questions and specific projects

        Help from the professor is not as easy to get. You have to wait for an email back instead of face-to-face.


        No complaints.


        It takes some getting used to as far as NOT being in a classroom where there is more discussion and one on one communication with your teacher. When you study on-line you have to be very self-motivated and able to self-teach on material you are not familiar with.

        I do not feel that group discussions online are very important and consider them kind of a waste of time.

        General technology difficulties beyond your control.

        Difficult materials are more difficult to understand online.Group work is challenging online.

        Group work is difficult online specially during the short summer sessions.The more difficult pieces of the curriculum are harder online.


        Nothing, I can only consider online classes at this stage in my life.

        It made me have to learn all the material myself and forced me to be in control of almost all of my own learning.

        It was all me and I had to be responsible for the majority of my own learning. Just a new type of experience.

        I liked everything.




        I cannot find a negative remark about this course.

        Nothing.I like on-line courses

        Prof sometimes has unreasonable expectations about the amount of time it takes us to complete assignments.

        Hard to communicate with professor, she felt very unavailable and disinterested in me as a person, perhaps because she has no idea who I am.

        I have no idea who most the people in my class are. I am evaluating storyboards and lesson plans for classmates that I do not know.

        I found it difficult to keep up with discussions and assignments.things are posted in different places-it would work better for me if everything were in one place or there was a checklist provides ahead of time to help me keep up with my postings, discussions, and assignments-it would be nice if they would all appear in the calendar

        It was not always 100% organized, and I think if we had met face to face a few times that would have helped the organization and how the students understood the professor.

        I think I may have learned a little less, because of the subject matter. Face to Face learning may have been more beneficial for this type of class.

        Not really anything.

        The amount of viewing assignments was bulky for the short amount of time between class meetings, considering the difficult reading assignments that accompanied them.

        I didn't dislike anything.

        I think my professor thought that it meant he could give more work.

        I liked everything about it, so I had no dislikes.

        I cannot think of any complaints in relation to this course or the online nature of it.

        Would at times liked the hands on help of my instructor

        Not all materials and assignments were displayed from the beginning.





        I didn't have any dislikes.

        nothing to dislike

        Sometimes I miss hearing the personal experiences of the instructor as subject matter is being taught.It helps me learn better by hearing of real-life experiences.So, I miss the visual aspect a typical classroom provides.However, the advantages of online learning far outweigh the disadvantages.


        Nothing....I love it!

        Not having clear instructions on assignments and not getting feedback fast enough.

        There was no finalized syllabus so the students had no clue what to expect.Projects were not graded and handed back to us.I have two grades that I know of, and it is the last week of class.No one knows what their grades are.Projects/assignments were not clearly established and given with little time to complete them.

        Teacher did not have clear directions or grading standards.Time was extremely short to complete the amount of work required(about 6 Hour a day for this one class)

        I was not impressed with the online help call service.When I had a problem with my computer, something simple like how to do a certain thing,the people that I called were no help at all and their solution to my problem was to bring my computer in to them, which is ridiculous


        It was intimidating at first, but I got used to it.

        This was a rather large class and discussion posts are a part of our requirements.It is difficult and overwhelming at times to keep up with all the posts in these quantities.



        The number of students in the class.With discussion posts counting for a large portion of our grade, it would be overwhelming at times keeping up with these.

        I disliked it when applications did not work properly, and that two courses caused me to spend most of this summer on my computer.

        That they weren't 100% online.


        It wasn't 100% online

        Time constraints of a class in the summer.

        Not having a tech person at my side to help with problems. But, I was able to get most problems solved, but not through W. Ga.

        The required number of activities.

        The course was not very organized.There was a lot of confusion concerning assignments among the students.When we attempted to address the issues, which were very common amongst the students, we were never able to get clarification on many of the assignments.We seemed to be left with more questions than answers. In some assignments, we never adequately knew expectations until after our assignments were graded and more conversation took place making us aware of expectations.

        I would have preferred having a syllabus ready so that I could work ahead if need be. The way the class worked I ended up overloaded with work the last two weeks of the semester and was barely doing anything the first four weeks because the modules were not open for me to work ahead.


        I like a little contact with the teacher- the one face to face satisfied that however. It's the feeling of disconnect sometimes.

        Reading the textbook - it is written poorly....


        I did not care for the last assignment because it took up more time than any of the other projects.


        I really cannot think of anything I did not like, but certainly it made me dependent upon my computer working at all times and thank goodness it did!

        Having to wait for an answer to a question I had.

        I fell behind with the weekly readings.

        This course took a while to load on the computer (when waiting to read postings).My other classes didn't take any time.

        No dislikes.

        Sometimes it took a while to communicate with fellow students and prof.

        I wasn't able to access WebCT at times due to technical difficulties.

        I had a little trouble with Vista and downloading some of the requirements for class off of Vista.

        I wish that either all of my classes were on moodle or that this course was on webct.It would just make things easier if all assignments/deadlines were in one area.

        Less student-student interaction than I am used to, the SAM software used was not friendly to Windows Vista and I had a lot of complications with it. I spent 1 1/2 times more time trying to fix it.

        This was an enjoyable and thought-provoking course and I wouldn't change a thing.

        The last two projects were due too close together.

        the site being down, too slow, and kicking me out

        The system going down on Friday nights. Please change time for going down from 10pm to midnight.

        I like class interaction face to face.

        I submitted a shortcut instead of the actual assignment so the project wasn't graded. I also had trouble downloading the program dreamweaver and am too far to travel to Carrollton to work on it everyday.

        Sometimes when you need help, you miss face-to-face help


        There was nothing I disliked about the online portion.

        More reading (discussion)and less talking

        My internet provider--AT&T (who took over Bellsouth) has had a lot of problems lately while in transition.

        The gliffy program was sometimes confusing and difficult to use.

        Wait-time for email answers to questions...


        Short time.

        Felt overloaded at times.

        I prefer face-to-face discussion over posting messages online.

        The compatibility of my computer at home to upload some of the materials (technology).When I tried to download audacity, my computer messed up.I had to call micro-soft to get them to help me re-set it.

        lots of work

        Sometimes I was unable to log in, or when trying to view someone work they posted, it would log me out.

        Much more work required than in face-to-face meetings. This summer course also allowed shorter time to complete lengthy assignments (six weeks).

        Discussions-they really aren't discussions-it's more like posting for points

        I do miss the face to face support of my peers.

        To me the summer course was too short for the magnitude of the class.

        Group projects, depending on others to complete assignments.

        I did not like that we had to meet for second time on a day that was not a scheduled class day.

        This was a challenging course.I think that face to face would have helped me to digest the info better.

        It can be hard to contact the teacher

        not a lot of interaction

        less communication

        Less opportunity to clarify information.



        I had a hard time grasping the material; perhaps more face to face teaching would have helped.Maybe not, though--I struggled with the concepts.


        Having to wait on answer to question, but my instructor was very quick usually.





        There was almost too much information to sift through on WebCT. Sometimes readings and assignments would change and I had already completed these. That is very frustrating. I know that professors should be able to make changes, but if they tell us to work ahead and then change the assignments, it is extremely aggravating.

        Sometimes it was hard communicating my ideas about answers for quizzes that I feel were scored incorrectly through email.

        When classes are mostly online, the personal relationship developed between professors and students suffers.

        Nothing, communication was easy, He responded to my emails within 15 minutes every time.Faster than in a face to face class.

        There wasn't too much that I disliked

        I did not dislike anything


        The new WIMBA addition did not work for me, and it was very frustrating to attempt to use it.


        No complaints.




        Great course, the instructor was always available when needed.

        The amount of assignments due in a week was ridiculous.The amount of work could be toned down a lot!!!

        I have no complaints.

        It was an online course, but we did not have the flexibility to work on my schedule.She required us to be on line at a certain time.This defeated the purpose of an online course.I may as well meet face to face.I have never been in a class so unstructured.

        I did not like the way sams and moodle kept crushing on me. You never knew when taking a test whether or not the program or website was going to crush on you.

        Some assignments hinged on other classmates having posted an item--many classmates waited till the last minutes.

        Pretty much everything else.

        There were too many documents and the organization of them was confusing at times. Some documents were outdated and caused confusion. All documents contained spelling errors and typos. I found this to be very unprofessional.

        There were too many assignments for this summer semester.The work was very overwhelming because the summer is so short.

        There was not anything I disliked about this class.

        The only part of the class I did not like was the face to face meetings. I thought that the class hours were too long.

        I dislike the technical activities, such as Library thing and Flickr.I need to be face to face to get the full understanding on how to use each of them.

        Driving to the campus 4 times

        That it required me to drive to the campus 3 times for each class

        would like feedback from instructors in real-time


        Nothing really

        I enjoyed this course.

        This class was a complete nightmare... our syllabus was never specific on assignments or point value and we NEVER had a rubric given to us before an assignment was due.Actually, I only saw one rubric the whole semester and that was a week and a half after the assignment was due.The professor was rude and degrading to all students.The assignments were ridiculous and our examples were his final projects from his doctorate work!Although the concepts of this class had tons of potential, this class was a waste of my time and effort.I was so busy with busy work- such as critiquing TEN lesson plans AFTER the assignment was submitted for grading, that I had no time to learn from my peers.Discussions were overbearing and limiting.I have NO CLUE what my final grade is because the teacher will not grade assignments that were due a month ago, but keeps piling on new ones.I had to search for assignments and direction for assignments that were tucked away and hidden.

        I disliked having Project 3 and 4 due so close together- but what can I expect with a summer class!

        email replies, learning alone--no peer interaction

        I didn't like checking for assignments in two different places. I didn't really like the class wiki.

        I had no dislikes.

        sometimes hard to meet for help

        Nothing really.

        Inability to have face to face communication with professor on subject material

        I had no background in the subject matter so I believe the format of the course (online, not face-to-face) was not the best for me personally. I would have benefited more in a forum where I could verbally ask questions and get spoken answers. My dislike is more to do with my background than with the course.

        I do not like participating in the teacher created blog. It is cumbersome to use. It requires too many layers to process through. When I read someone's response it closes me out and takes me to the top and I have to scroll through 80+ responses to find where I was in order to respond. The responses are all closed and I have to open each one to read and close it out to respond. I prefer a running conversation format that is similar to me e-mail inbox or a blog spot where I can see sequentially responses and not just titles.


        I travel extensively so this method really worked for me as I could access


        The number of steps it took to get to my course thorugh Web CT.It was tedious and cumbersome.

        no complaints

        There was no involvement from the instructor at all; it was a completely self taught course.




        Not having class discussions and hearing feedback from other students in the course. I always pick up so much in the classroom listening to other's questions and the professorís examples and discussions.

        Getting to know classmates in face-to-face sessions but I really like not having to drive over to Carrollton for each class.


        Once, one of my assignments didn't attach properly and I almost missed a deadline.



        The upgrades being done on Friday nights...that's when I like to work.Can they pull the site done at like 3 am?

        Nothing in particular.



        excessive work ...busy work

        There is nothing that I disliked about this course.

        The web site set up was confusing.When I was graded there were two places to post one assignment, the instructor said he couldn't erase one of the places, so it looked like I received a 0 for an assignment that I completed.However, all the other courses that I have taken online, the professor was able to delete extra documents on the web site. The set up for the web page for this course was very confusing.

        Information was in 10 different places and not consistent from one class to the other.When I needed help with the system crashing constantly it was VERY difficult to find out who to contact and then when I emailed twice, I got no reply. I finally took it upon myself to try Firefox and that worked beautifully but I still get an error message from you saying Browser not supported every time I signed on.Go figure.

        a lot of work

        Some of the chat times were inconvenient to me, but there is never going to be a convenient time for everyone on the roll.

        The instructor did not use VistaCT and access was slow.Some data was lost.Instructions were not always clear.


        lack of feedback and accountability

        I liked it all.

        It is easier to take a class face to face if you live nearby. It helps to actually see the professor regularly and to see your group members face to face.

        The group work is more difficult to do on-line.

        The lack of face to face instruction, accountability, and feedback.

        Sometimes the course is harder than face to face meeting because it is so time consuming.

        Can't think of a thing!


        I did not like the on-line discussion portion of the class.

        Lack of instruction and guidance on projects.

        Not always getting the quick response from the instructor in a face-to-face class.

        The PowerPoint notes weren't hard, but some of the recordings on some of the slides were long. If I missed on thing she said I had to completely start over. And when I only have my lunch break from work to do it, it can get a little stressful. Another thing, could the quizzes be due later instead of five o'clock. Most people take these online courses because they work, and when most people don't get off till five or later, that makes it a little complicated.

        The group participants were not always on the same accord.

        Something was not documented clearly.


        Nothing really. I mean sitting behind a computer ALL day is never fun but for a class I really enjoyed it.


        Feeling disconnected from my other classmates and my instructor.Sometimes it is good to have more face-to-face interaction for accountability.

        see answer above

        No face to face discussions.Difficult to communicate expectations.

        Sometimes it was difficult to understand directions, so you must be patient as there is not a way to get immediate feedback.

        Not having live discussions in class.


        interaction with the instructor

        MEDT 6464 does have a lot of 'busy work', but I suppose we need it to learn the skill of referencing.


        The fact that components did not always work as they were supposed to or that my assignments were not there. If they were there I sometimes couldn't open them to do my work and then worrying about getting a bad grade.

        Not being able to ask questions face to face

        The teacher, the instructor does not do a good job of explaining. The class was in WIMBA (a live chat room). She only joined us 2 times out of the entire summer. She is very forgetful, and tends to go back on her word. She is much unorganized even though her syllabus and 'Menu' looks like the class is organized, she is not. I even went to a face to face meeting with her to clear some things up, and she says one thing and then does another. I have spoken to at least half of my class, and they all agree. Some of my classmates have even gone to the Education Department to report her. I know that it sounds like I just dislike her because I got a bad grade, but I received a B in the class, I just don't want any other students to have to sit through that class.

        I disliked having to depend on written communication and assignment information.

        I disliked learning the material on my own without an in-depth explanation from the teacher. At times, I didn't feel like I was completely prepared for some of the quizzes and tests associated with the course. In addition, I would've also liked more communication with my professor.

        I had no dislikes.

        At first I had some difficulty submitting projects via WebCt dropbox. I called the WebCt helpline and they were very helpful.I then learned how to submit.††† One thing I found puzzling.When I registered for this class, the semester date was June 9th thru July 21st.I am confused as to why we have assignments due on our class calendar thru July 26th!

        I had a really difficult time with webct at the beginning of the course.I called for assistance but I was never able to solve the problem.I was redoing work left and right.I turned some work in on late because of this problem. I have a new computer which has Word 2007 and Vista. I had to complete most of my assignments at work.This was very frustrating for me.

        I disliked that we were not given specific instructions initially and that assignments were unable to be accessed until a day or two before they were due which made it extremely difficult to get the work done without having a point deduction.

        Although I know to navigate on WebCT, the professor displays her information in a disorganized matter.There are several subfolders and finding the relevant and important information to the course is extremely time-consuming and confusing.

        I disliked the portion of this course that gave us our assignments the day after we were suppose to have class. It was a T/Th class and the assignments were posted Friday and were due Sunday at midnight. This made it so we HAD to do all of our quizzes over the weekend!! The teacher was very hard to reach and never in her office during office hours!! I had to contact her fax to finally get in touch with her. I am a transient student from Georgia Southern and GSU is a lot better on having their professors in their offices during their office hours.

        a lot of assignments, and a lot of deadlines for submission

        Problems could be time consuming to resolve.

        I do not like the fact that some of the features on WebCT are not easy to find. I could not find the quiz feature and this hurt my grade.

        The large amount of assignments.

        The professor that I had for this course was facilitating it for another professor.Therefore, he did not have control and the complaints I have should not be pinned on him.With that in mind, I have taken several classes with major Web CT portions.This class was set up to really limit my ability to work.In other classes I have been able to work at my own pace.This class did not do that, but instead greatly limited my access by keeping assignments locked so I could not view them until the specific work window opened.We also had some difficulties with understanding assignments.Because the professor had not taught them before, and they were designed by another man, we fumbled our way through the first several assignments.

        no comment

        The server would go down sometimes.

        Difficulty understanding the material because I am not computer savvy

        The amount of work.


        There are too many assignments. The discussions were actually assignments like lesson plans. If you want to do a good job, you must sit at your computer all day. The instructor is creative and has good lessons. He just needs to weed out some of the smaller things so that we can actually accomplish everything successfully.

        Not registered for this class!!!!!!!


        I would be kicked out on various occasions while using WebCT.

        At first, I was not happy with the format of the weekly quizzes (test taker could not go back to questions in the allotted time frame) but I made my concern known and my instructor reevaluated the format. So my dislike was quickly dissipated.

        Nothing. I really enjoyed this online class. I just can not say enough about the voice over on the lecture slide. Absolutely brilliant!!!

        This class was too difficult for an online-only class.It needed to have at least a few face-to-face meetings.

        Most of the instructions for this course were unclear or inconsistent. Even though it was a summer semester, I feel the work load for this course was unnecessarily heavy.

        I disliked the fact that I would encounter trouble when the system was down.

        The chat does not notify participants in a manner that they can see well. We always notice it after the fact.


        There was nothing that I disliked.

        If I wasn't completely comfortable with what I needed to do I had to wait for someone to answer my question on the discussion board or email me back. (only because I hate calling the teacher on their personal time to ask for help)

        The instructor allowed one person to totally dominate the face to face classes. No one else got to speak. She should have been able to control this student and allow others to participate. This was a very difficult class to take on line. It is too involved. I was basically teaching myself the information. That's not why I pay tuition--to sit at home and teach it to myself. The instructor yelled at a student on line. She was adamant and used all capital letters. She was obviously angry. I did not appreciate her attitude.

        Not seeing and learning from the professor face to face.

        Cannot ask questions of your instructor for clarity of information when needed. Instructor does not allow student to complete assignment even when difficulties navigating the web-vista causes the problem for the student. Even you made an error posting this survey and had to repost it again and ask students to redo the survey over. But student did not have the opportunity to complete online assignment when an error or omission happened due to the website, at least not with this instructor.

        It was hard to get problems resolved in regards to getting in contact with the instructor.

        The calendar on WebCT where assignments are listed was incorrect. This is a handy tool but is no good to me if it is incorrect. The instructor changed aspects of assignments. They were different than listed in syllabus. Why print a syllabus if you are going to change things?


        I did not like that the expectations for many assignments were not made very clear and my professor was not using webct and it was difficult to contact him through the site he was using.

        The weird times for quiz submission.

        I was told that I only had to take one MEDT class then later was told I had to take this one.

        At times it felt much distanced from instructors or classmates.

        Too many assignments in a short period of time.



        Immediate help is more difficult to come by.

        not have an instant (face to face) response when faced with a problem

        There was no teacher to talk me through the assignment.

        I hate how the assignments are not in sequential order.


        There was nothing I really did not like about this course.

        Not knowing exactly what to do step by step in a few lessons... (I think it was presumed users already had some background knowledge) But this was the exception...most directions were clear and precise.

        Driving to the bookstore to get materials like textbook and SAM software.††††† I also think the first class could have been optional.

        I personally do not do well in online classes.I lack self-discipline, which is a very important trait needed to online classes

        the due dates of the assignment

        I enjoyed the class!


        No dislikes

        The amount of time it required every day.I didn't like having to be on line every day.Having to read so many postings was overwhelming and not very valuable.

        The Ellsworth book. I did not do well on the test because I don't like reading books like this one.

        Liked everything about it.





        Not getting to have as much face-to-face with the instructor


        I like the face to face interaction that I get with a class I would take at west ga.

        I did miss the face to face interaction, but I would still take the online class if available.

        It was my first online course and it was somewhat of a surprise. I registered for regular classes so I thought, but after the first day we were told that they were both completely online. It was a blessing really!

        Everything was great for me!!!!

        Since we didn't go to class much it was not as easy to get questions answered quickly because you have to wait for the person to open the email and respond.

        The instructor did not provide specific directions

        I don't like it when Web CT goes down for maintenance although this is the first time that I couldn't attach my work because of it. On the Sat. before class started I could not get on to get the bookstore hours. I finally found the number, but it wasn't easy.

        Liked everything!

        The professor does not really know who each student is.

        I like to be face to face sometimes when I have questions.

        Teacher feedback

        nothing I can think of

        It was hard to do group projects over the internet.

        I have no complaints--WebCT worked wonderfully for me!

        trying to get things together to post meeting deadlines

        Having to collaborate with a partner that lived far away.


        My problems were not with the online course but with signing up for the course.The class was on my WebCT and I thought I was registered but I found that I was not.I spoke with many people over three days who had no idea why the class was on my webct but not on my banweb. This is my first class at West Ga since 2001.Many things have changed since that time and I have been unable to locate any way to find answers to basic questions.


        Absolutely nothing.

        Not yet determine

        Time consuming.But it is Maymester.

        Nothing really. The setup is very organized and I knew exactly what to do when.

        Nothing I loved the online course.


        Pretty much had open notes while taking exams, did not provide me incentive to actually read the chapters when i could just look up the answers while taking tests. Tests should be administered in person so students will learn more.

        Did not realize it would be online. I thought I signed up for a regular class. It was a blessing really.


        The fact that UWG has 2003 programs on their computers, but passes out the free software 2007.There were glitches in some things going back and forth. If UWG is going to pass out 2007 programs...they should have all the programs in the labs updated as well.

        When I needed help or there were technical problems I was in really in a bind.


        Sometimes the assignments would be confusing at home, but if you went to the face to face meetings, it was fine.

        some of the material was not easily understood without an instructor

        I did not like how difficult it was to contact the professor.All we were given for contact was email.Email takes a long to for response or I did not receive one.


        Too many assignments for a 3 week class that is online.

        Everything was wonderful.

        The fact that different assignments had different due times.

        I really didn't like the fact that there wasn't face to face interaction.

        I had trouble with WebCT a couple of times and wasn't able to finish my test.

        I did not like having to meet in person.


        I don't like the non-interaction with the other students.

        I didn't have a dislike.

        Of this particular course, nothing, if all online classes were like this one I'd have them all online!

        Nothing.For a class like First Aid CPR it was appropriate.