Summer 2008 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16:What suggestions would you make for future online courses?



        What suggestions would you make for future on-line courses?

        I noticed that in the early part of the semester, ten minutes for the quizzes was adequate. In the later part of the course, ten minutes was not long enough, as the chapters were much longer and required more study time and longer test time. I think test time should be extended to 15 min on those tests coming from books outside of Computer Concepts

        Fewer projects and more time to do the ones that we have so they can be much better than five rushed papers, do three really good ones.

        No ideas at this time.

        Make it easier for Mac users and for Firefox or Safari. I am a Mac user and find it easier to do certain things on a PC, but I do not own one.


        For things not to be so rushed and crammed.

        A distinction should be made clear in both the Graduate and Undergraduate catalogs concerning dual courses taught by the same instructor.

        To keep up the good work on making the tutorials. They are extremely helpful and beneficial for students taking online courses.

        We cannot depend on library article for a term project because it can be limited

        I honestly have no suggestions that I could make. I have been very satisfied with my learning experiences using on-line courses.

        Make sure tutorials work and are updated.

        slide to be listed by what info they contain



        I would love to 'see' the students in our class-maybe just an identification photo at the introduction.

        Keep doing what you're doing.


        Make them more interesting

        No real great suggestions.

        I have no suggestions for the course(s), but the grad and undergrad catalogues should have clear information about the handling of credit hours, when bi-level components of a course are taught by the same instructor.


        Less on line testing and more about art itself.

        Not so fast paced.

        donít have them


        Have examples of what is required.

        I donít know

        Next time I'm going to pick a class that I'm interested in.Learning about History of Western Art in class would have been easier than online.


        Be more available for help to your students. The teacher emphasized over and over that he would not accept late assignments due to technology failure and that only made me feel like he didn't care if we were really learning the material. He did not seem very supportive and willing to help us along the way. He had a 'you will figure it out' attitude. I felt pretty dumb when I didnít

        Offer more hybrid classes like this one were the class meets once a week but the majority of the work is online. It saves on gas.

        Please offer more online nursing courses. When online projects are due, have the submission time to be midnight on the due date. Sometimes it's hectic to have the due time at noon or 2pm.

        make expectations clear

        Maybe video recordings of teacher assigning work.

        I have been taking ecore classes so this class was very easy to understand.

        The use of the note-taking during the PowerPoint is not an easy application.Upon clicking any key to repeat the information on the PowerPoint, the notepad would disappear.I only found this application last evening, so I may need to work with it more to make it useful.

        A suggestion I would is to not make us drive to campus for the orientation.

        change the chapter length


        later submission times

        Evaluate the rigidity of rules on above issue.

        That there be no pop ups on the vista site so that way download is easier and faster.

        I donít know.

        to have easy access to the instructor

        The assignments on the course outline were confusing at times.

        that the assignments be explained in much detail as possible

        I would either make the class fully online or fully in the class not half and half.

        An addition of a live chat would be helpful.

        Make sure directions are clear as possible.

        Overall I enjoyed this class and was very pleased with the structure.

        I would be great for the teachers to realize that just because it is an online class that doesn't mean that they have to pile on extra work to keep the student involved. This class required more work/assignments/participation than both of my on campus classes combined. Teachers should not try to over compensate at the students expense. Those who truly care will be involved, and those who don't will not be involved no matter how much work a teacher adds to the plate.


        Longer time on test

        Make sure you keep checking on assignments, so you donít miss any.

        The teachers should be more responsive to the students.

        Communicate with your class.

        Let the students know exactly what is expected from the discussions. (In the participation area) I enjoyed the course and thanks for the help.

        I think there are more classes that could be offered as on-line courses.Especially since the University seems unable or unwilling to provide more classes at the Newnan campus.


        A lot of explanation, it helps.


        This course was o.k., but I have taken others that were not so good.There was not enough on-line communications and responses from the professor's.

        This was my first online course.If all courses are similar to this structure I wouldn't change a thing.

        be more informed

        That dates would not be extended the day that the assignment is due. Everyone should have already completed it by the day that it is due. It is not fair to the people who actually worked hard on the assignment.

        Present a definite deadline for returning graded materials from the instructor.

        All on-line courses should meet at least one time if not two and the teacher should be available to meet in person if the student needs any extra help.

        Everything pertaining to this class was fine.


        When assignment that has been developed from scratch by an individual is being graded why can't responses not be attached with each assignment, errors highlighted and not two worded responses such as font incorrect.


        I had no complaints so Iím not sure.

        They should all have a way to be contacted if need help (and respond in a timely way), and should all, like this class, make everything available on the first day of classes (including tests) and after the due date and time they would no longer be available. I would suggest test being available too because it is not convenient to be able to do chapter class work a head of time but not be able to do the chapter tests ahead of time. It is easier to read a chapter do the work and test, and then move to the next chapter. It is not convenient to have to wait to take the test, and possibly by the time the test is available we might have to read the chapters again because we are now 4 chapters ahead. The material is not fresh on our minds anymore.

        None really.


        More Professor Interaction.

        I do not really have any suggestions, everything was great in my opinion

        To find a way to make them more personable.


        clear expectations

        Not sure.

        No timed quizzes. Let people work at their own pace.

        Be more personable and understanding.


        Nothing really at this moment, the course is pretty laid out and we as students just have to read and understand how it all works.


        To offer some sort of extra credit, just in case something happens with someoneís computer.Especially for students who live far away from campus. Students like me can not use a campus computer for back up if needed because of the distance.

        More 'hands-on' courses like this one that use the smart-board technology.


        More discussion boards, which include teacher responses.

        to relate what I am doing wrong on the quizzes/test

        Have more of the upper level courses online for those that do work full time.

        Have online classes last longer.Continue online classes.

        Nothing at this time.

        Only to have more of them.

        Offer optional on-campus classes as well.

        have confirmations

        No suggestions.


        None, I had an easy time accessing everything that was available to me.

        Offer more courses, not just core classes.

        The syllabus could be straight forward.

        Less material for short courses.

        I believe the setup the professor used was perfect for this particular course.

        ensure webct functions properly - no glitches

        Better planning.

        More directions!

        A remember user ID option for people who log in a lot.




        Fix the auto submit.

        Shorter test.

        If there are so many courses taken online then webct should be available all the time.I recently had a test and I was unable to get on the UWG webct because it was down for an entire day.If it went then they need to quickly fix the problem!

        I have none. Mine was great.

        Keep the class the way it.It was a great learning experience.

        more interaction

        More online chat sessions.


        Have a larger variety of them.

        add more upper level courses

        None! :-)


        Maybe have an available time online chat daily.

        More professor involvement through videos.


        The teacher should be on-line more often to answer any questions.

        The experience was very good and the format was excellent

        Overall I felt this was a very helpful course and I would not change anything about it.

        Do it the same way as this course was.

        Make more!

        But questions were extremely tricky. Making the questions more straight forward

        everything was good

        Have it entirely online.Provide a larger selection of online courses.

        Everything seemed fine to me, for an online class.


        Be very specific on what is expected of students.

        Maybe more discussion.

        I think the questions should be asked in a better way.


        More of them I guess. Nothing really.

        I think the schedule of this class is very convenient and all online classes should have the same type of layout. Make everything available at one time and they all have 1 day a week and time that the items are due. Like this class, all assignments AND test are released at the same time, and they all have due dates. So you can work at your own pace within that time frame. And you can read a chapter weeks before it's due and take the test immediately after. Unlike my other online class, we can do the assignments (which require reading the chapters) at anytime; even weeks ahead, but we cannot take the test until a certain day between a certain time periods. I do not like that, If I read something 3 weeks ahead, then I'm going to have to read it again just to take the test, and by that time I've just read 4 more chapters. It makes everything mixed up, possibly confusing, slightly frustrating, it almost makes you follow the schedule exactly, and that could put you behind in another class.


        easier tests

        Have some type of manual or book to go along with the class.

        Have more classes

        Orientation for older students who have not been in school for over 5-20 years. How to navigate through MYUWG, Webct, Banweb, where to park, how to order books online.

        UWG should offer more online classes they are great!!!

        Add more applications to it

        The option in enrolling in health services. I was enrolled in 7 hours this summer with 3 being online yet I still had the option to go to class daily for extra help which is nice. However, I need the health services which was not charged to my account which was a little inconvenient because it is the only option of health care I have at this time

        Class discussions and blackboard to get input from other students

        There are no suggestions.

        Itís great the way it is.

        none at this time


        no suggestions

        You should have at least the mid-term or final online.

        If it is truly online then we should not be required to have face to face meetings or access software on campus.What if you are taking this class out of state or something

        Just no group work it is so inconvenient.

        have more online courses



        totally different form of assignments

        More time to reflect on discussions

        Create window tabs so you can toggle in a class and include a link to the library as well so you are not forced to switch back and forth.

        More directions about assignments.



        I would suggest having the instructor easy to access for help with the class.

        not a whole lot

        I would make suggestions about the group projects sometimes it is hard for people with online classes to get together

        Nothing. Keep it this organized.

        When things are due complete them two days early just incase of some type of incompletion.

        make sure that everything works right and that everything is in the most common format so that it can be accessed

        make sure that everything is working right and that everything is in the most common format

        Improve performance of WebCT

        Maybe include an on campus meeting half-way through the semester.

        To make more available.

        During the summer, final exam study guide should be given at the beginning of the course so the student will know how to study on the fast track basis of summer.

        Cut back on the workbook question, there are too many.

        Revamp the workbook. SEE ABOVE

        More professors should utilize the teaching on-line option.It is very convenient for non-traditional students. I really enjoyed this course and the professor. It was his first attempt at on-line teaching, and he did a great job.


        everything is fine


        Limit group work or give the option to do the projects alone.

        Suggest a time that all students can chat together in one chat room at once.


        The requirements for the group project should be shortened or changed somehow. It's too difficult to complete in 3 1/2 weeks.



        keep it the same

        just need more of them


        Make more classesí available for students to take!

        to allow students to take the final if they want to

        Either no online chat sessions or let people know upon registration when these sessions are so that summer jobs can be notified


        no group projects

        everything was good

        Don't call it an online class if 60% of it is face to face.

        don't call them online class if students have to meet face to face

        I would encourage instructors to require weekly assignments, falling on the same day each week. One summer class I took had assignments due every week day and it was over whelming and discouraging.

        Make it easier to chat with classmates that are online at the same time as you are.

        If a lot of students have the same complain teachers need to stop and listen.

        I would do away with group projects because I feel like it is hard to work with someone youíve never met. I think in that situation one person will always get stuck doing all the work.


        Have a better layout of the course


        They need to be less complicated and tests need to be available for a longer window.

        Using video chat, second life, web conferences

        stay committed

        none at the moment

        Online element not utilized in this course

        No suggestions

        I love on-line courses

        I would like to see face to face meetings (both required and optional) available to students.

        Continued use and improvements of instructor made tutorials for specific classes, such as 'how to use Flash 8', etc.Inclusion of optional face to face class sessions for those assignments which require hands on approach for more effective student learning.




        Have the classes totally online with options to meet if needed.

        Try to reduce the amount of work required by combining assignments and still meet the goals and objectives.

        It would be an improvement that when you click on a file in webCT and decide to leave that particular file, you didn't have to start over from the start page for that class. It would be better if you could just go back.

        Nothing - worked well.



        Make them completely online.I dread the 1, 2, or 3 visits I have to make to campus even though it is only 1, 2, or 3 times a semester.And honestly, most of the activities/material covered face-to-face could easily be covered online.

        That they all be 100% online, with optional face-to-face meetings for those students who find them valuable.

        none at this time

        none at this time


        I would like to see more online courses available.

        More than one meeting on the I Search paper

        Consider a different LMS from WebCT.

        Choose another LMS from WebCT.

        No suggestions.The professor was well organized and the on-line portion was easily understood.

        Be organized!!!! You can not be too organized for online courses.This course for instance had listed all assignments for the semester in modules that contained all materials in each module.The course being organized in this manner made it easy to stay on track and focused.

        For all professors to be more assessable to students.The instructor was a great example of 'being there' for students.

        Do not wait to post projects and assignments until a few days before they are due.Allow students to work on all assignments at once so that we can get ahead or keep up with all the work.Have 1 due date instead of 2 or 3 due dates.Post all due dates at the beginning of the course.Do not modules that overlap.If module 1 assignments should be done and due in module 1 and not spread out over module 2, 3, etc.Organize the WebCT homepage more efficiently.The Field Experience for this course is not structured, I still donít know if I was supposed to turn it or not. Although all the above mentioned issues were a part of the class, I definitely learned a lot from the professor and he is knowledgeable, courteous and nice.

        It would be helpful if the materials were uploaded to the website much earlier.Many times teachers can work ahead before classes begin to help them through crunch times during the academic semester.



        The online format works fine for me; I think I need to get my computer checked out.

        I don't have any suggestions really; despite this being the first time this course was offered during the summer, it worked well in the online format.

        A standard use of the functions available in WebCT would help with organization and facilitate learning. For example, all assignments appear in the 'assignments' link, rather than via e-mail or discussion boards.


        Provide a report of online activity or give suggestions to track submissions.It is a little unnerving to take a test/quiz and not have a receipt of some type.






        virtual suggestion box

        No suggestions-

        This course seemed just fine to me.

        Nothing! I am pleased with the way this is all laid out.

        I love it the way that it is.

        Virtual suggestion box.

        More of them!

        Do courses that are only 50% online, 50% in class.

        None. All my experiences have been positive.

        The entire class online.

        Coursework completely online.

        web cameras

        This particular instructor needs to be more organized.

        Maybe only one or two face to face meetings.

        Only meet once or twice face to face.

        Require all students to use wimba and not take the easy road out by posting to discussion boards. :)

        The home page and syllabus should have every assessment, on-line discussion, etc. listed.This makes it easier for me gauge my progress and assignments.Assignments need to be graded much sooner.

        Face to face time should be granted for collaboration on assignments.This class is not guilty of this, but another class that I am taking, the instructor assumes that the technology skills are present to complete assignments.

        Everyone must use WebCT.

        To make a very detail calendar that you can print so that you can hang it on your wall... a lot easier to keep up

        I have no suggestions.

        I have no suggestions

        only using WebCT


        Keep using WebCt.

        All courses should be as organized as this class as well as provide CONSTRUCTIVE help as this one did.

        have many more

        have more of them

        None, really. The difficulties are just what they are, as where the group work is concerned. It's annoying sometimes, but it's a part of the distance learning environment. I really enjoyed these two courses.

        None, really. The communication issues are just par for the course, so to speak.





        keep up the good work



        Do not require Java for the PowerPoint or PDF files. Most people have access to PowerPoint but have to download Java and it requires restarting your PC. It's an extra hassle that could be avoided.

        All courses should be as organized as this one!Thank you for having all materials posted in an easy to find way!

        Smaller class size; doing away with weekly quizzes/tests because they did not reflect my knowledge of the material although I did well on them; and opening up all assignments at the onset of the course with set deadlines to monitor progress.



        Have more of them/more on-line sections available. One of the courses I am taking in the fall only had 1 on-line section that was full before I was able to register.

        Teach students and professors the ins and outs of Wimba Live Classroom so we can use it to eliminate one face-to-face session per course. Find a solution for Foliotek that works for everyone but doesn't cause the students to pay for what the university must keep on file as part of the accreditation process for the school. I have no suggestions on how to actually structure classes differently as my experiences have been very positive thus far.



        More of them

        Not sure.....this was my first experience with an on-line was a learning experience in itself!

        Scratch the group work.I did 99% of the work on both projects and the rest of the group gets the same grade as I do.....


        Not sure!I liked the online class.I just felt that the slowness of WebCT was discouraging.


        It would be extremely helpful if maintenance could be done after midnight since many classes have an 11:59pm deadline.

        Nothing at this time.

        Make sure you get a professor who is willing to put in as much work as you do in the on-line classes and who will respond to any questions or problems you might have.

        Clear questions are vital.

        I don't know really. Maybe what I stated previously. I agree that there needs to be a window to take the test, but don't put a limit on how much time you have to take it once you get started.


        More guidance on assignments.

        If classes are advertised for on-line convenience, please keep requirements within this framework.

        have live classrooms

        I think it should be more than a one credit course because it can be used to save the lives of other people. Itís an important thing to have.





        Make all class meetings online.


        Being able to log on for an extended period of time.

        Please have some face to face classes.



        Offer more!

        syllabus could be a little more clear

        not so much work in the summer

        The materials provided by the professor were very appropriate and to the point.Continue not requiring a text book.

        I think some professors need mentoring by the professors who are getting good course evaluations.††† I think someone should audit some classes, one of my professors syllabus was littered with grammatical errors and spelling errors.Then later she changed the syllabus.Also, she criticized someone's posting publicly.She asked us not to use acronyms like LOL but then used them herself.She might be a great teacher but this was not her best summer.She even admitted that to our class.

        None at this time, other than to offer more online courses.




        Reduce the number of projects. Combine the annotated projects (Notable book lesson and Movie Maker lesson). Don't hide assignments in email and discussion headings. Place all assignments in assignment folder. Clarify grading system and follow how the professor does hers -- put the score as 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5. Provide specific guidelines up front. I wasn't sure what/how you wanted the blog project (had to go back and fix everything later), reflection was confusing with two different sets of instructions, provide the lesson template so you'll have the format you want...I saw no real need to critique 10 lesson plans at the last minute. I didn't like writing down 'awards' for the Movie Maker project -- first it was anonymous, then we were told to put our names on the papers. Uncomfortable.†† Pace the course. Slow it down so we have time to digest the material.†† The blog was good, but I had already done something similar -- paper version -- in master's program. Give examples the projects.

        A prerequisite competency program should be completed prior to registration. Financial Aid has similar requirements when applying for on-line financial assistance. There is a screen that you must verify the receipt of information before you can proceed. Similar format should require students to pass a WebCT operational session prior to entering class. Student questions will become specific and can be answered during a 30 minute session prior to first class meeting. Professor can conduct the session. This will reduce amount of class time used to address these issues.

        Prerequisite into session for Web CT to address new user questions. This will reduce amount of time take away from class.



        The instructor should do an in-service for other professors to show them how it's done.

        Make more on line

        more online tutorials

        I think that because classes are online professors assign more assignments and I would suggest assigning the same amount of work as in a class that is not online.

        Add more serves to uwg site to avoid delays and kick outs.

        webct needs to be improved and additional servers need to be added to uwg site to stop delays at peak download times.

        Continue to provide the materials needed without a fee to students.

        Adequate introduction and expectation on course

        More communication from the instructor

        video input

        If we can have the class complete on-line.We need to utilize Live Classroom 100%.

        Prompt answering of questions


        Webct is easy to understand once people get the hang of it.What is needed is an online tutorial for people who have never taken online classes before.This is often done the first day of class, but people forget what they went over once they get home.A 24/7 technology hotline could help and it could employ people from the ITS program majors.


        The way emails and navigating from one section to the other too man steps...Far too many.

        Talk to the instructor to receive pointers as to how to conduct one!

        Class that are half on-line and face to face.


        The website webct may need up dating. Very slow.



        None at this time


        ††None at this time

        none at this time

        Keep several face to face sessions.

        None, I found this on line content was great.


        *Send notification when a recipient opens mail*Include a spelling/grammar check feature for mail, discussions and these surveys

        * Add a spelling/grammar check feature to mail and discussion messages * Add a feature to notify the sender of mail and discussion messages when there messages and attachments are opened








        Fine something that works like flash but more users friendly.

        Cliff notes for Research in MIT!

        Maybe a new book. Maybe a book written by the instructor on Diffusions and Innovations. He could do it!

        Make more courses available online because of professional and personal committments.


        Instructors need to keep their Webct homepages as simple as possible. There is no need for 1,000's of folders, discussion boards, or links to find simple answers to simple questions about the course. The work, readings, assignments, websites- it is already information overload. When you have hundreds of folders to search through on the homepage it creates mass confusion and is too overwhelming. Summer courses are already difficult- cramming a semesters worth of info into a month and a half. Online courses are even more difficult as there is no face to face interaction with the teacher- the teacher canít confront issues to the entire class or discuss issues that arise over assignments or other aspects of the class. Thus, summer online courses need to stay as simple as possible. This doesnít mean cut down the work or reading, it just means make your instruction and ACCESS to the course-course material, assignments, etc.,SIMPLE. Simple instructions- simple directions- simple scheduling, etc

        I have had two great classes with wonderful professors; I feel their organization makes the difference.

        Stick with the second syllabus. VERY helpful. Keep up the differentiation.I am very glad I decided to be a 'little' different and tried the chat group instead of BB.


        I don't really have any.

        None; the instructor is a great teacher and a very fair person. I hope to work with her in face-to-face and online environments in the future.

        Change the teacher to someone who knows what is going on and can actually navigate and set up webct properly in an organized manner.Also the teacher needs to be able to explain the activity as if they know how it is to be completed and then no critique what they told us to do.

        less busy work

        I do not have any suggestions.


        return work in a timely manner

        I like having a couple of face-to-face sessions...especially at the beginning of the course.Online classes can also be difficult to find the information from the instructor.Every instructor organizes in a different manner and it can be confusing, unclear, and time consuming finding information.

        Definitely Wimba live classrooms!But I am a visual person and hearing rather than reading is a good method of learning for me.

        More group work

        More , more, more online classes


        Try not to make everything so 'cute'. Get to the point!

        no suggestion



        I think the setup and style is perfect.

        No group projects.

        More of them!

        Reduce the amount of submissions required.

        Allow students the ability to save some of the items off of the class bulletin board.

        that a weekly face to face was available in order to help solve any problems that might arise

        Have an optional face to face meeting each week.That would help so much!

        My professor was really good to allow you to call him at home or at work and he answered you email usually within a day. In other on-line classes that was not the case, which leaves you hanging for days and making assumptions based on time restraints to complete the lesson without clarification, which is very frustrating.


        To be as organized as this one was!

        Instructors should just ensure to be as specific as possible on the requirements (e.g., required to check webct daily, 3x per week - what days? etc.)

        The debates via wimba live. I had a hard time hearing all of the presenters in class, maybe Wimba would help.

        More classes offered

        Work out the gliches with WebCT.

        don't make it 100% on-line

        To be able to delete messages or edit them provided no one has made a comment to the original post.

        The course was great!

        none at this time

        Offer more classes



        I think on-line courses are great. I hope UWG offers more. My WebCT is easy to use and very resourceful. Anyone who takes an on-line course needs to be prepared for the work that is involved and how time consuming the computer will become in their daily routine. You have to keep up with the class everyday.

        Make it completely online.

        Make completely online

        Less group work (especially in the short summer sessions) and be sure to cover difficult portions in the face-to-face sessions.

        Less group work and be sure to cover difficult concepts in face-to-face sessions.

        Make completely online.

        two summer sessions for graduate coursework so more than 1 class can be taken and they do not have to be during the same short summer session

        More variety in the materials and instructional texts used in the various modules. More student choice says of a variety of options.

        More variety of materials to supplement the class than a textbook. Choice in viewing different podcasts and other videos.


        Completely on line would be great.

        totally on line

        a way to keep up with discussion postings would be helpful

        I feel that the courses are fine the way they are.The freedom is what most of us want and any more restrictions would just take away from that freedom.

        Make sure the prof knows how to set up his course page and doesn't make students search for everything. Organization is a must!If they don't know, get assistance, or teach only face to face classes.

        More video.



        see above

        None at this time

        Not at this time. They are being managed and operated wonderfully through West Ga.

        For the instructor not to have so many postings for discussion and be a little clearer on her instruction.

        It would be great if each course module was presented in a more uniform way - two different professors have two very different ways of keeping up with our assignments, etc.

        I would have enjoyed less intense reading and viewing assignments.With only two online courses, it seemed I spent every waking minute at my computer or reading the textbook for one of my online courses.Fortunately, as a teacher, I had these two months off.However, there was little recreational and family time.

        I can't think of anything; it was all very positive for me.

        Just because everything is online, it doesn't mean your workload needs to be increased.

        I can't think of anything.

        Continue to provide prompt feedback to student questions and continue to have the excellent organization and notice of assignments.


        Professor knows his online stuff!




        offer more teacher education on-line courses for specialist degree

        I would love to have a visual aspect in which instructors have a lecture/virtual classroom that we can log in to and see the instructor's lecture as if we were sitting in a classroom.Also, every online class I have taken has required at least one campus meeting, so it would be great if these face-to-face meetings could be held on Saturdays to accommodate full-time workers' schedules.


        Take them.....use them....

        None. They are great!


        Have a couple of optional f-to-face


        Less assignment for summer semester classes. Clearer directions for completing assignments and clear rubric on grading procedure

        Have a help number to call for when you need help doing something on your computer, like downloading a video from your camcorder into a PowerPoint.


        Can't think of any at this time.


        I really like how the graduate Media program utilizes WebCT to its fullest potential. See their courses for tips.

        Smaller class size.

        I would scale down the amount of work required.

        Video of the face to face meeting for those who can't attend


        100% online

        Tell students before they download any new software what the risks are and if the software is actually needed.


        Make sure the course is organized in a student-friendly manner.Make sure that directions are clearly stated so that it does not confuse more than guide.

        Do not have students take the same survey more than once just because they had more than one class. A waste of time.

        Professors need to be organized, please. I hate when they change the syllabus mid way through the semester, it messes everything up for me.



        None at present. It was a good experience.


        None. The overall online course was good.


        Need to have more online course!!!

        Continue to provide quick response time for student questions and good organization and notice of assignments.

        None- I have enjoyed all of the on-line courses I have taken at West GA

        No face-to-face meetings.

        I like the fact that the book was free, but it was a tough read!

        I think this class was great. I truly enjoyed it. There was one unexpected class meeting though.


        Keep them simple.

        Have timely and appropriate feedback for students on grades and postings.

        Please provide timely feedback and grades, since the internet at times is faulty.

        None! I like this course

        encourage students to interact more with each other, set a minimum number

        I think there should be an advanced course to partner up with this one, for students who want to explore some of these issues further.

        None, I enjoyed the class!


        Keep offering online courses and make sure the instructor is as thoroughly trained and professional as professor.He's an awesome online instructor and some other ones need to take notes from him!

        Use the professor to train other instructors on courtesy, kindness, and consideration.This is the last course I will have to take for awhile with UWG.Previously, I had encountered a lot of self-centered, don't-give-a-bit-of-concern for the student attitudes at UWG.However, I will leave UWG feeling better about the school overall because of the professors kind consideration for the success of his students.

        I really liked the way the instructor set up the content into weekly modules. This helps to keep track with what needs to be done on a set schedule. I would suggest other teachers organize their online courses this way.

        Uniformity in the delivery of class assignments from class to class.

        Keep the course the same but eliminate groups because I did not like having to wait for others to complete work before the group project was done. Group member waited till the last minute to do the work.

        I don't have any recommendations for improvements. My issues are simply personal preference; not a lack of good course design.

        This class was great.No suggestions for the future about this class.

        at least one more face to face meeting when doing a big project

        Distance learning is great but make sure the bugs are worked out.Many people are taking online courses. Make sure the system can handle all the traffic.

        The best on-line class that I have taken was when the professor set up chat rooms for small groups of students.We read a chapter and responded in small groups.The discussion is important to my learning.

        The course could be divided into two summer session one that is dealing only with Sears. There could be summer session two dealing only with Dewey decimal classification.

        small group chats/discussions

        Check the computer ever day.


        Make it mandatory to meet once face-to-face and then do rest on-line

        be organized

        Not sure


        Offer more of them.



        No Face to Face

        No suggestions. The course was well-designed.

        Don't make changes to assignments that students have been told to work ahead on.

        not applicable

        Online classes should be half and half.

        Have the other professors call another professor so they can organize their class like his.

        More class projects that would require some feedback from the professor or other students



        Do not require WIMBA.



        I feel that on-line courses at UWG are challenging and offer relevant experiences for students to learn. I have no suggestions for improvement.

        All components of the on-line course were relevant and advanced learning. I have no suggestions for improvement.

        All learning was relevant to my degree -- I have no suggestions for improvement

        I have no suggestions.

        Required the first class to meet face to face.

        To make sure all the programs that are used in the course are working properly and to have a back up system of studentsí work in case of a crush.

        Continue with the podcast tutorials.I am able to save and refer back to them.

        Make webct vista more reliable.

        Better organization of documents would be helpful.

        I prefer meeting face to face once a month.

        The online videos are helpful in explaining the assignments.

        I would prefer to meet once a month.

        Make on-line courses completely on line-do not require us to drive to campus

        Make on line completely on line with no campus requirements

        Fire this teacher and try again with someone else.I was so excited about this class but found/discovered no resources for children and young adults.Ironic isn't it.

        Make the first class a Podcast and not for us to meet face to face.

        have more than 2 face-to-face meetings; maybe 2 more that are optional but scheduled so the students know the teacher and other students will likely be there at a certain date and time

        Do it all on web ct or on the wiki. It was a little confusing checking in to different places.

        I would like for you to consider more classes on-line.

        the teachers have more office hours


        More professor interaction via a discussion posting board maybe?

        Maybe find ways to make verbal discourse available in the linguistics class. The professor is already looking into this I believe. She was very open to suggestions.

        I would suggest that you continue with online courses.

        improvements to WebCT and its email system could make accessing it from a mobile device much easier

        Although online discussions are key to the success of online learning, too many discussions and reflections become tedious and monotonous.

        No suggestions. The organization of this class was near perfect.

        more classes available

        More variety in class offerings

        The anonymous student question sections always seem to work well, that way if someone feels they are asking a stupid question, no one knows who is asking it.

        For this class, I have no suggestions. The instructor. was enthusiastic, encouraging and helped her students to be the same.

        Live chats with each chapter or an open forum for general discussion about each chapter on the discussion thread.

        Registration deadlines are not made readily available.This information should be sent to all students.I rarely if ever use myuwg account to check for information.I do not understand why this can't be sent out via webCT or other email addresses that are provided to West Georgia.

        I don't know

        Instructors that always check email and open to communication are a must as this instructor provided for his class.

        Try to put the whole program online.

        Pulling the website down at 3 am for maintenance.

        Everything is fine.

        Everything was fine.

        Don't make certain courses only available online.Some students need to be in the classroom with their peers and instructor to learn and succeed.

        Please make your website more streamlined. There are 10 million places to click. From MyUWG to WebCt it is impossible to figure out where to go for information on things.Then things vary from one class to the other.You have to completely relearn everything.Also, for some reason I have two different passwords for the two sites, one begins with my birth year the other ends with it.Everything is just that mixed up.

        don't assign more work just because the students are not in your classroom

        They are very hard to get into.Either allow more students in, or hire more instructors to teach the classes.

        Try to make the interface in WebCT a little more consistent from course to course. Have all professors use the calendar feature of WebCT.

        fewer discussions

        Please the work load should be proportional to the weight of the course.

        There needs to be more on-line classes offered.I think science classes should be offered with the lab portion of them being face-to-face meetings.

        More detailed instructions for projects.

        Limit the amount of students in the class, so the instructor won't be overworked; or give the instructor an increase in pay.

        Give the instructor a raise for all the overtime and work put into the class


        Allow for more on-line courses - especially for those living 50 or more miles away.

        Make sure the documentation online is accurate.

        They should be completely online. No face-to-face.

        Just a print out hand copy of what, when, how, and anything else needed to complete an assignment is given before anything.

        None, she did a great job!!

        Include the ability to be able to put a pic with your online discussions.

        Do not have my instructor facilitate.He needs to return to teaching elementary education

        Professor needs to be more specific about what they want before assignments are to be completed.

        Offer more

        Live chat about each chapter or general open forum discussion about each chapter on the discussion thread.

        It would be wonderful that when an assignment was completed, the icon changed colors or disappeared!!!I did like the way my instructor listed his assignments in order on his syllabus so they could be checked off as one did them.


        Make it work 99% of the time, dummy proof aka extremely user friendly! No detail in that dept. is too small.

        Have mandatory meeting before assignments are due.

        That my instructors not teach them.

        Have someone else read through the course instructions and assignments to proof it and make sure that there are no 'holes' in it.



        Just be sure and note when class begins and ends (dates). Please continue to offer the WebCt support (I also found the local phone number for WebCt support VERY helpful!)

        I would like the instructor to offer office hours that are not just on-line, if possible.Or maybe even one of her teaching assistants.

        Use a different instructor! I feel like I would have really enjoyed the convenience of taking on online course had it not been for all the inconvenient ways it was managed.Because of this experience, I will be avoiding online classes like the plague.

        The professor is obviously overloaded with work and possibly due to too many students taking the course.

        I would like to have better communication with my professor!!

        not so much work

        In the future the one face to face meeting should take place earlier.This would be helpful.I also do not think that someone should teach a class that was not designed by them.This makes it hard for any professor to teach a particular course.These things would make a great improvement in the class.


        This is my second online course. Discussions are always tricky. They should not be grade except for participation (whether you did them or not). Assignments are for that.

        Not registered for this class!!!!!!!


        For this particular course I do not have suggestions. I think the format and set up are good.

        I really enjoyed this online class. I just can not say enough about the voice over on the lecture slide. Absolutely brilliant!!! I would take any class like this. It was like attending class in my home. I love online learning!!!!

        Clearer directions, more relevant assignments

        make immediate assistance more available when needed

        Please make it easier to put the assignment is sequential order.


        I would like to take more online quizzes.

        I wish that more work was available sooner so that I could work at my own pace and finish when it's convenient for me instead of waiting another week to do work that I know I could get done. I have small kids and never know what's going to come up with them and like to get done as much as I can when nothing is going wrong with them and I do have the time available.

        WebCt is way too involved for you to explain it at that intro meeting. Since we had no experience with it at that time we took in very little of what was said. Consequently, when we went to use it we had no idea what we were doing.

        More feedback from professor on assignments in a timely manner.

        Accessibility to the instructor if the need arise to ask questions. Student should be able to complete online assignments that are missed most especially when the students make efforts to complete the work but fail due to the difficulties using the website. For student to receive a poor grade when the school has collected money for the course to me indicate that the school does not care about its students. I also believe that the students to instructor ratio (population) of over one hundred (100) students to a teacher as in this course also indicted that the school is not considering the academic well being of the students because one teacher cannot in any stretch of imagination teach students what they need to know for the course. That is very poor plan by the school.

        A better concept of what programs work with Vista.

        Hold them in person. This on line stuff is for the birds.

        Just make sure teachers know how to teach the material that is assigned. When the teacher doesn't how to do what they assign, it is hard for students to learn.

        Directions and expectations for all assignments should be updated as needed and made very clear for students since they are not in class with the professor and cannot ask questions as easily.

        If the class is online, let me submit a quiz anytime for a 3 day period as stated.Not just 8am-midnight or 8am-5pm.Some people do work very late and do schoolwork overnight since it is there only time to do most of it.

        Take one-so far so good

        Summer semester workload needs to be adjusted somehow.

        I really enjoyed it no suggestions


        My instructor to continue what she is doing.She is doing a great job

        Please make it easier for teachers to post assignments in order.

        Stay organized!Organization online helps students stay organized and makes sure we are on track.

        There are not really any suggestions; this was a well planned and executed online class. I have taken an online class before and I am taking another this semester but I have to say with out a doubt that my professor made this online experience awesome and fun!

        Not much, maybe have someone follow all the directions (only what the directions say-not what they 'know') to make sure there are no missing steps (even minor differences can cause major problems for novice computer students) or inconsistencies. All in all the class was great and I learned a lot! I feel more comfortable working with the programs and am excited about being able to set up web pages! I am thrilled to learn about all the programs taught in this course and will definitely use them in the future!

        Re-do rubrics to reflect pdf files as requirements instead of stating a 'standard word document.'The instructor already knows this and said he will fix it for next semester.


        No suggestions at this time

        I would suggest that a little more information be given on project 3. I was terrified of that project but it was not as difficult as I was led to believe which was probably all in my head. Continue using the same text. It was great.

        Less emphasis on postings.

        Not so much emphasis on postings.

        No testing on that book.

        The schedule for course work in this class was perfect, but in other classes I've taken, you were only able to do assignments at certain times. I believe most people take on-line so that they can work on the course when their schedule allow, that is not possible when you can't work ahead.

        Do all of the class online.


        Just continue the good job


        switch it to the newest office since that is what the IT department gives the students

        I think my instructor had excellent ideas that other instructors could benefit from as well as the students.He had power points posted online along with recorded lectures we could listen to while reviewing the power points.I have taken online classes in the past but I have not had an instructor like the instructor I had, who has taken as much time and initiative to provide so much to assist us with a class.

        The prices of online classes are too high compared to the regular courses.

        Keep Working on making it easier and more available

        Other than the maintenance issues, it is fine.

        Offer more!Offer the EdD online!

        Do not require too many group assignments.

        Please make more classes available online. Everyone I talk to prefers it.


        Independent course work

        I think this class went very smoothly.

        None at this time.

        none, great course

        Keep online courses in the curriculum because it makes it a lot easier for parents to take classes or working people.

        Improve on the existing one.

        Nothing, like I said, this class was very organized. Maybe have the orientation day online so that they don't have to drive all the way to Carrollton for the first day.

        UWG needs to offer more online courses throughout the year.


        Make tests in person, at least the final exam.



        Have the DVD of programs handed out to match the programs in the computer 2007 vs. 2003.

        Itís a lot of work but beneficial to get it done in a short amount of time!

        I would keep everything the same; just make sure that plenty of help from the professor is there because there were many people who are not great with computers.


        Assistants for lower-level computer courses.

        Do not do it unless you already know the material well.

        Don't make so many assignments, or make them due at a reasonable time with not so much in-depth information about them.


        Make due dates and times all the same.

        I really didn't have any complaints about WebCt.

        This class should be completely online.


        I am not sure because this is my first on-line course.

        Have more online courses available.

        Those other online instructors are as prepared and functional as my instructor.