Summer 2009 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 25:  What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



         i did not like that mandatory chat times.

         The professor provided no actual material or instruction whatsoever; rather he assigns a subject to apply to the day's posting, which must be researched. The course description said 'partially online,' but the only 2 days students are required to attend

         Very fast pace with only little time to complete assignments.


         Online work was not done "at leisure". Everything had a specific time associated with it.

         I disliked that I had to be online during the class time that was scheduled. This really diminished the flexibility that taking an online class affords.




         Workload on a shortened term was intense.

         I did not like that we were basically expected to be online all day every day (except for the weekends) for this course. This is a bit much considering many people work during the day, and cannot always access the internet regularly during the course of

         Friday evenings after 10 pm the system goes down for maintenance and this is actually a very good time for me to do work.




         Have to be very disciplined!

         The lectures were slow to load and then skipped occasionally until it finally completely loaded.

         I enjoyed the class

         The professor

         WebCT does not work well on computers with slower internet. Even though I was taking an online course, I had to come on campus to do the majority of my work.

         It seemed like too much work, and not enough details put into what we had to do on assignments.


         Late at night I had some problems posting my discussions. I do not know if that was due to maintenance or something was wrong with courseden. I also had a hard time reading the table of contents located on the side of the screen when logged into a partic

         i dont like the fact that quizzes open at 5pm, I mostly use the computer at work and I leave at 5pm.

         A lot of writing assignments. English is a weakness of mine.

         That there was still a little confustion about some of the assignemnts that would have been discussed more in an actual classroom setting but the discussion board helped.

         this class should not be 100% online...there is alot of information covered that is not being taught because we only have time to get the projects and assignments in by the due date...basically we only learn what we need to for the test and not anything

         The reading.

         I haven't finished the course, but I missed an assignment submission date because I didn't click a particular 'button'... it was at the bottom of the screen and I didn't see it, so I suppose the page design could be slightly more user-friendly.

         Can't go back when I accidentally missed a question on the exam.

         No face-to-face time.

         I missed the one-on-one conversations and instant feedback.

         Some of the directions for the projects were not correctly formulated. However, when the teacher was asked about the problems, they were resolved quickly.

         Nothing. Except it was slow a lot.

         Things were not posted in advance. I had late assignments because things weren't posted the day before class started.

         system overload/failures

         The instructor did not teach the course. He did not comment on the discussion board and he did not guide the class discussions. He expected for us to reflect on our own the entire course. Such reflection is necessary for educators, but I wonder how


         Too many discussions

         I disliked the strict deadlines in this course, but I understand the purpose as it only makes one a better student.

         Too many discussions

         I encountered major difficulties with one of the projects. I feel that I would have been far less stressed in a traditional setting because I could have stayed after class to receive additional help which is not possible in an on-line course.

         the isolation of the learning community

         I dislike the fact that you can't be face-to-face with the professor to benefit from their teaching.


         There is nothing I disliked.


         I did not dislike anything about the online portion of this course. Everything worked great!

         At times, communication with/from the professor was difficult. Although I got what information I needed, there were several times I understood differently than other students. It was not this professor, just online learning in general.

         I did not like how some directions were unclear and it took a little time getting clarity.

         Work load

         A great deal of work done in a short period of time.

         Work load

         The discussion board was not very conducive to open discussion (unlike most of the online courses I have taken at UWG).


         Grading/feedback is slow

         Don't get to develop relationships with classmates.


         I loved everything about the online portion of this course. n/a


         I would like to see all assignments posted at the beginning of the course so I can pace myself, especially with the short semester.

         we were not instructed to really discuss anything in this class. the instructor didn't participate in the discussion except to use a blanket statement about all of our posts.

         lots of reading. I felt the work for this class was at an undergraduate level and not graduate work.

         That you weren't able to ask the professor questions face to face.

         I didn't like taking timed tests. They made me somewhat nervous.


         The grade you get if you are remotely late on an assignment, I think it's a little extreme.

         When you have questions you can't recieve responses as fast, sometimes.




         I didnt have to come into the school


         I do like to have atleast one meeting of teacher to student meeting

         Sometimes it takes a while to upload assignments to turn in.



         Deadlines were a little too close together and maybe I would have liked it a little better if we had more leaway to do the exercises on our own time--I really only have the weekend to do my studying and homework. But,for the most part he was very accomod

         NOthing, I love taking classes online, I wish there were more offered


         Having to wait for help answers

         The online assignments were understandable but, a few things in the workbook we had to turn in in class were a bit confusing.


         There was nothing I disliked about the class


         I am more likely to miss deadlines and less likelyto ask questions.

         Good class.

         nothing at all

         Nothing. Everything was great.

         I have no complaints about this course.

         The tests, there was too much information on each test.

         For online courses in general, it is harder for me to completely indulge in the class because it is not as intimate.

         Professor was somewhat hard to reach

         The class should not have been titled, "Strategic Management of Information Technology". It should have been called, "Intro to Finding Articles/Websites Online". I was excited about what I believed to be the essence of the course, until I realized it d


         Group projects lack of interaction with other students

         I like meeting face to face - greater accountability

         The lack of face-to-face communication with the instructor

         typical technical difficulties


         having to pay all the regular campus fees (transportation, athletic, commuter fees, etc)

         i did not like the in class final.


         Everything was outstanding in this course.


         I understood the course material very well because I have worked in finance for the past 20 years, but I missed being able to work through the theories of macroeconomics in a classroom environment. I had some questions that were relative to our current e


         Everything was great.

         I did not have any dislikes.

         THere was very little interaction. Professor and other students did not talk to each other 99% of the time.

         I did not like the fact that the drop box was not utililized and therefore we could not receive or view feedback. I did not know where I stood in terms of progress except for the fact that I am confident in my abilities and knew I was on target. No grade


         Too many web ct assignments that were only worth 1% each toward the final grade.


         Nothing, it was great!

         I always value face-to-face interaction in the classroom while taking a course of study.

         No interactions/conversations with classmates.

         I did not like how some directions were unclear and it took a little time getting clarity.


         lack of face to face communication

         Not seeing the professor on an ongoing basis. With that said, he was always just an email away.

         The fact that as an online student I am required to pay fees as though I am on campus. Online students fees should be assessed in a different way. I paid for things that I will never use and is greatly inflated my fees for this class.

         Nothing has been graded by the instructor. I believe it is important to give at least minimal feedback so students can make necessary adjustments to optimize the learning process.

         Everything was great.

         Taking the ezam online. I felt a little pressured seeing the timer in corner.


         Test was shut down once for web maintenace.

         Sometimes the assignment or activity was always clear.




         Limited access to professor.

         It's been eight years since I participated in a graduate school program. Back in 2001, nothing was "on-line" for that particular program (at another school). It just took time to get familiar with and learn my way around the UWG website and CourseDen.

         I would rather be face to face in a classroom environment

         The uncertainty about expectations.

         Nothing so far. Everything has been fine.


         no issues

         I am still getting confused about where things are because there is much.

         Understanding WebCT

         Never having had an online course, it was hard to get use to going online independently to keep up with assignments-- versus having class 2 or3 times a week.

         This is a new program and there were questions that related to the clarity of the expectations. I think this has been worked out at this point.

         Information overload

         The length of time of the seminars

         The directions for course den were vague. Took a lot of self discovery.

         When the computer would knock me off line


         Computer would knock me off line

         Having to wait for answers to questions and from professors.Often time when answered there were still additional questions to ask. Hard to get clarification.

         Besides taking some time to get familiar with and learning my way around the UWG website and CourseDen, I didn't dislike anything about the online portion of this course.

         i would rather be in a face to face classroon environment.

         Lack of personal involvement with teacher and my peers.

         Nothing. Everything was fine


         no issues

         So many places to navigate through to get to information.



         Some of the posts were less than quality due to many people feeling the need to respond.

         Security of work submitted--who can iew it?

         Sometimes he took a while to respond. (about a week)

         It's a little challenging depending on the course taken.


         Not applicable

         Nothing! My professors were very good about answering questions and resolving any issues.

         Sometimes the delayed communication can lead to confusion. Sometimes it is more difficult to talk with the professor because he is getting so many emails from such a large class.

         There weren't any portions of this course that I did not like.

         It was all great


         I did not like that we had to submit assignments and contact the professor through his e-mail instead of using CourseDen to its full potential. We did not submit assignments to the drop box, and I did not receive feedback on graded assignments,

         I liked all online portions of this course.


         IT was hard to understand assignment instructions. They were not clear and classmates had various interpretations. The professor was slow to respond and unclear. The professor wanted us to email outside of CourseDen.

         The instructor doesn't answer questions well.

         I disliked the lack of timely feedback from the professor.

         Mandatory meeting days.

         not able to ask questions easily, lack of face to face conversation

         The communication aspect of it.

         Communication with the professor seemed to be difficult for some students. I had no problems, but heard other students say they did.


         Inability to access your professor or have one-on-one discussion as I wanted.

         links in the various modules failed to load. it is cumbersome and very time-consuming waiting for the little java boxes. had to buy a new computer. both the instructors set up their course den pages completely different from each other.

         At first I was very unsure how to access the feedback website. I need to do a better job of followng instructions. I do a better job when I can meet face to face with instructors, because while they may be teaching I am formulating questions.

         Sometimes had questions about materials.


         Some of the assignments had to be graded by hand.

         Aspects of the project could not be applied to everyone.

         At first, I was unsure about where to go online to access the course. But Dr. *** helped me at the beginning of the course to figure things out.


         I missed face to faced but Dr **** was very good to answer if we had a problem or could not understand something






         nothing - it was great

         Nothing about the class.

         I enjoyed the class

         I enjoyed the class






         Absolutely nothing.

         the delay for answering questions to the instructor


         The time it took to download some of the files for the course work. Some took several hours. Though this could be because of my slower internet speed.


         not a thing

         not having a in hand text book made it much more challenging

         Lack of person to person contact. I like talking to people in class.


         I think online students, need not worry about health service immunization hold since they are not going to visit the campus.

         The test had a few questions where the spelling of the person did not agree with the spelling in the reading.

         no teacher insruction.

         The teacher was a little slow in responding to emails and posting grades. Very miniscule in the big scheme of things though.

         That my instructor completely abandoned the class after the first week. We received an email from her stating that her computer had died and she needed another but that was the last anyone heard from her. I have submitted over 18 assignments for this cla


         I don't like not having someone to ask immediately when I'm confused.


         Not being able to ask immediately if problems arose

         the lack of interaction


         having to teach myself a lot.

         Such a high speed and work load for this course since it was so short. It could be a little overwhelming at times.

         The problem with this class was it was basically just a 6 week class and was very difficult to keep up with among the other 2 classes that I was taking as far as coursework.

         I thought that more time should have been alloted for assignments. I took an online class so I could work at my own pace. I have a very demanding job and thought online would be better suited for my schedule, now I do not think that is true.

         It was a little difficult not being able to ask questions face to face.

         That I did not take advantage of the clinic hours offered

         I did not like the fact there were at least 5 assignments that were due each week. Half the time with one assignment you have to basically teach yourself how to use the program and then complete the actual assignment on top of all the other assignments.

         I did not like the discussions from the book. The articles were more interesting than the book.

         I didn't realize how easy it was to "meet" with the professors online. I found out after I made several trips how easy it was to reach them, even by "chatting" online.

         That i was not able to get my questions answered as soon as i would have liked.

         How grades are not put proficiently.


         Some of the assignments were very long and overwhelming. I know that the course was more crammed together because it is a Summer session. It was quite stressful at times.

         How much work had to be completed, but that's expected in an online class.

         I did not like the textbook because it was not applicable to what I was in the class for.

         You don't get face to face attention with the teacher... you have to explain problems through email. Communication is not as easy.

         A lot of work at once

         To much work due at a time!

         No face to face contact with teacher. Sometimes the internet or courseden would perform slowly or kick me off.

         A lot of detailed instructions that I could not directly ask the teacher about. Also, my computer sometimes had problems making some of my assigments late.

         I thought that it was a little crammed, I know that is to be expected with a six week course but I still thought that some of the work was tidious and could have been trimmed.

         I really did not dislike any aspect of this course. The assignments were fair and graded at in a good time frame and as I have stated before the instructor was very supportive.


         I don't have easy internet access and I have a busy schedule. It is also a bit too overwhelming for a summer course.

         Waiting for a response to a question through email.

         There was just so much to do in a short period of time.

         I did not like that we had to wait on the instructor to upload the assignments weekly. It would be eaiser if all the assignments are uploaded at the beginning of the semester.

         Nothing really, teacher was great and the work was evenly distributed!

         Some of the assignments were very time consuming. Some assignments took me mor ethan five hours to complete.

         Not having any face to face meetings with an instructor to help me.

         Sometimes it was hard because I was on my own at some things. But the instructor was really good about answering my questions through email.


         The set up for my particulr on-line class on webct was a little confusing and frustrating.

         I disliked that it was not face-to-face and if I had a question I would have to wait for a reply from the instructor.

         Too many time consumimg assignments assigned to complete in a week.

         Trying to explain problems when I don't know the correct computer terminolgy.

         Nothing. I really liked the class.

         I did not feel like I took as much away from the course as I could have.

         The course was rushed, but this is understandable due to time constraints.

         The first week, I was not clear on some of the assignments and since I had had such a bad experience with online before, I was totally freaked out.

         Problems encountered with the use of some of the technology applications.

         Too much work. Discussion boards are useless and a waste of time.

         The same reason as above, for I am a procrastinator, and not having face-to-face meetings makes me more prone to putting off when I'm at home or poolside...


         It is hard to fight procrastiniation!

         The class itself entailed a lot of work.

         all the work

         I think having to add discussion with the assignments is too much on a topic.

         The course was almost completely online (save one face-to-face session near the start of the course), and I found it very easy to slack on my work and let it overwhelm me without the aid of a better-defined work schedule to follow.

         no complaints

         I truly liked everything about this course, although I am the type that does not skip class, I like to see the teacher face-to-face, I am a visual learner. With online classes there is a lot of on screen reading, I used a lot of ink in order to print inf

         The only thing I disliked was that there was no teacher nearby when I had a question. Yes, we could text/call/email our teacher, but I didn't want to bother her.

         It took a long time to watch tutorials in order to figure out what we had to do. It would have been a lot easier if instructions were written out or bulleted. Assignments definately would not have taken as long to complete.


         I loved everything.

         Would prefer that all the assignments be posted in the beginning so that I could work ahead if I so chose.

         The only thing that I disliked was if I had a question, I would have to email the teacher and may not get the trouble I was having solved.

         Some times it was hrd to nagvigate.

         There was way too much work due in this class. I understand that this is summer, but the work load was a lot. This class should not be a indepth as it was for education majors. I also think that we reflected way too much on the same subject.

         There wasn't anything I didn't like.

         I don't like only meeting once a semester. I like face to face, weekly/daily class meetings much better.

         I could not access the content menu on WebCT when using Internet Explorer. Likewise, I could not access West Georgia email with Mozilla Firefox. I ended up having to use two different browsers. WebCT needs to get with the program and have Mozilla Firefox

         Certain computer labs not having the programs needed for the course installed on thier computers.

         The amount of work given in the short period of time.

         I disliked that I had to be able to always have internet access, it was not easy to go out of town during this course.

         Too much work for such a short length of time.

         The fact that we had to log on 5 days a week even if we did get all our work complete

         The disconnected feeling and still having a schedule.

         If I did need help I would have had to drive to the Carrollton Campus if it wasn't something that the instructor could help with in an email.


         The professor who normally teaches this class was unavailable this summer, so it was taught by someone else.

         Needed more direct instruction on some of the projects.

         technological issues

         You don't get immediate help when you run into a problem.

         sometimes the site or connection was slow which makes it difficult to do assignments

         I am not tech savvy at all and I found that my biggest challenge.

         I think the SAM softward requirment is wrong. I was required to pay money and take a SAM test prior to being able to take this class and then I had to go through all the SAM training- in my opinion I proved I was knowledgeable before entering the class.




         Many errors with SAMS program and not always an immediate resolution available.


         We covered a lot of information in a short time. This course required an intense amount of work for 6 weeks.



         Deadline to complete discussion points were too close.

         It was okay, the only thing I miss is friendships developed in a traditional class.

         To much techinal work to do in a short period of time.


         how quick the assignments were; we did a week of assignments every 2 days.

         -The compression of the class and the problems encountered by all classmates with two of the assignments that were not resolved

-excessive downloading of new programs to my home computer



         Not being able to have questions answered immediately or face to face.

         seemed very disorganized.

         a lot of things were crammed into a short session

         Short deadlines

         I like interaction so I missed being able to talk to someone in person

         I did not like the fact that the software used for this course was not fully explained at the first face-to-face class meeting.

         The assignments close at midnight and don't allow late submission.

         I enjoy the communication with my classmates. I wish that the students would interact more with questions and discussions on the Blackboard.

         There are fees associated with being an on-campus student that I should not have to pay, as a distance-learner (eg: health, transportation, athletic complex, campus comm, athletic fee, activity fee). I question whether I will be able to afford continuing

         lack of face to face contact

         I would sometimes desire immediate feedback rather than waiting on an email or discussion reply.



         Nothing - enjoyed class, professor was accessible.

         I think there needs to be a more in-depth orientation with some hand's on experience. I felt like I was asking monotonous questions prior to getting comfortable with the system and how to find information.

         It was difficult to find partners for projects.


         I like personal interaction. I am more likely to ask questions in class than on a discussion board.

         I have to be careful to not rely only on the assignment due date calendars set up by the professors...sometimes they do not put a due date, and it is my responsibility to double check. Still, some things do fall through the cracks.

         Nothing! :) And that is saying a lot! The discussion board was organized so we could easily find information. Sometimes there are no topics posted and there are hundreds of random comments and it is frustrating to find the answers to responses.

         Parts on the website were disorganized. For example, not all of the assignments were on the website calendar; I did not realize this at first, which caused me to turn in an assignment late.

         I have no complaints at all.




         I have no complaints about the online portion of this course.




         I feel like I do a lot more work in my on-line classes than my friends in face-to-face classes.

         I think that we needed one or two more face to face meetings in regards to DDS and Sear's Listings. I still don't think that I have mastered these skills.


         no complaints

         It bumps me off in the middle of emails and I have to log in again and begin my correspondence again. Grade reporting is inconsistent. Sometimes its under assignments, sometimes posted as a grade. It is hard to know if everything has been graded.

         When the system goes down for maintenance - guess this is necessary - so I understand it.

         It is more difficult to do group work when you rarely see your group face to face. But, I'm getting better at it with practice.

         Group work is always difficult online.

         Clarity on questions was sometimes difficult to obtain


         Those reference logs sure were time consuming.


         The small icons did not appear next to my class link letting me know when changes had occurred on courseden. many times when i would try to open a document, i would get booted out of courseden and half to log on again.



         You sometimes feel disconnected from your classmates. Sometimes when you are working on an assignment and things are not going great, you feel like you are all alone.

         The work load was to heavy for the alloted time in the course.

         I liked everything about this course.

         inability to meet F2F with group members to complete assignments

         I have no complaints.


         The only thing that I disliked about the course was not really a course issue. It involves summer session in general and the amount of work that must be done in a short amount of time. I thought that the instructor for this class did a good job at help

         I have to look different places to find the assignments. They were not all located in one place.

         So much crammed into such a small amount of time but that is expected with a summer class.

         Not everything shows up on the calendar, files are difficult to download, and the 'who's on-line' doesn't refresh rapidly enough.

         It was sometimes difficult to figure out what was being asked of us for an assignment.

         The home page was a bit jumbled and it was hard to remember where I should submit what.

         It was hard to get good feedback from Dr. **** on assignments, and sometimes the comments were a bit unprofessional.


         group work

         Sometimes teacher directions aren't clear about where to post assignments.


         When too many people signed in to the wimba classroom at one time. We were able to sign up for times, and I think we would have had better discussion had everyone stuck to their time.

         Sometimes it was difficult to figure out what was being asked of me for a particular assignment.

         Trying to upload my Portfolio to the server was time consuming and frustrating. Once it was uploaded, and I realized I needed to make revisions, I was unable to access it again.

         It was slow sometimes


         Face to Face classes.

         The sessions bottomed out and I got the "loop" message often

         At times the server will time out in the middle of creating a posting.

         Nothing. Everything was wonderful.




         Nothing, it was a great experience.

         No problems.

         When the server would go down it was frustrating.

         Nothing about the online portion stands out negatively.


         It helped to be able to see my instructor face to face - so I went to some optional on campus help sessions.

         Online courses take away the student-teacher relationship. I still miss that aspect. I am a learner who respects the input of the instructor, and sometimes, I feel that online courses absolve the instructor of participation in a student's learning expe

         "Loop" message received too often.

         too much detail in required work for submission

         Sometimes, instructions were not as clear as the might have been if explained in person.

         Nothing stands out negatively.

         Distance affects the ease of participating in your courses--even the online ones. I had to go to the library to get my book or to the bookstore to buy it. Readings began immediately (avoidable due to summer schedule). The bookstore was very high so I fou


         I disliked the impersonal nature of the online portion of this class. Furthermore, I felt as if many of the question I had were too complex to effectively ask and answer over the internet.

         group work


         It is harder to get answers as quickly as you sometimes can face-to-face


         The email function on Moodle is terrible

         The short amount of time that the session lasted.

         The video feed had trouble playing at times.

         Not much of anything



         required face to face meetings

         I have no complaints about this class.

         Having two face2face meetings.

         I like everything about this course.


         Having to wait for feedback.

         I like online.



         Not being able to have questions answered face to face.



         It was very intense but I am sure that is due to the summer course and it was a little difficult to get software right away to get started. Although, the professor was very understandable and willing to work with students at any time.


         Having to post the assignments outside of course den after becoming familiar with this format was frustrating at first.

         my instructor did not return ANYTHING in a timely manner. I have no idea what my standing is in this class.

         Not having the opportunity to ask questions when needed to get a quick response.

         Getting Expressions downloaded from Journeyed took some time.

         The were some technical problems during this course.

         If there is a glitch, then it's harder to get immediate help. Since the time was so compressed, it was hard to make up for lost time spent on a uncooperative tutorial.

         A lot of work in such a short summer semester. Very hard for those of us who are still working in the summer.

         The e-learning site (Moodle) used was very slow at times.

         Maybe a little more face to face would be good

         The fact that this was a summer semester made it difficult to keep up with the online content at times.

         The short lenth of the session.

         Everything went fine; no complaints


         There was a lot to do in six weeks! It took me a time or two to get used to posting to my uwg web page (that I didn't know that I had until this class!).

         I enjoyed everything about this course.

         Face to face classes

         Sometimes I was frustrated by my own computer's slow speed when I had to upload videos to my Westga web space, but this is was my own problem.




         Little bit of isolation and not getting to know my fellow students well.

         direct interaction with professor and peers

         The whole-group discussion forms were slightly impersonal.

         I love everything about the online portion of this course.


         There was very little use of the theory discussed in the text


         Face to face discussions have a lot of value, I miss personal interactions with my peers.




         not seeing people and hearing discussions in person

         I would have prefered a mid course face to face





         Sometimes the website was down.

         Too much work for a short summer semester. It is hard on those of us who still work in the summer.


         Summer courses are very fast paced. While it wasn't unmanageable, it did take over my life at times.

         there was not anything that I disliked about this course.


         Difficulties with Mozilla


         Inability to view full threaded discussions when viewing replies.


         Very little. Dr. **** was very prompt at posting grades and addressing issues as they appeared. Discussions are not quite as good as real-time, fact-to-face dialog but it worked pretty well.

         Sometimes I felt that I was just repeating other students' ideas when I posted my answers to the questions on the discussion boards.

         Sometimes I felt like it would be helpful to talk to folks face to face.

         When I had technical issues and could not log on, this was frustrating.



         Keeping up with the discussions was challenging at first.

         I liked all the online portions.

         Did not have enough feed-back from the instructor.

         That the prof doesn't participate in the learning.

         Would like feedback sooner on submitted assignments.

         Directions not very clear. need more examples.

         Inability to ask questions in a face-to-face setting.

         N/A I enjoyed everything about the online portion of this course and would love to take more online courses.

         I wish we received our grades sooner!

         Limited interaction with the instructor.



         Waiting for instructor feedback and grades to be posted.

         The online portion of this course was not significant enough for me to create my social presence in the course. However, I think that it is the nature of this course instead of anything to do on the part of the instructor.

         I did not have any problems with the way that the course was set up.

         I felt like I was taking the class alone with no help.


         Some assignments were a little unclear.

         The instructor wasn't timely with responses. I felt as if I wasn't an important aspect to this class.


         Not enough time to do quizzes and test. I do not like group work for on line classes. You never know what you are getting. Other on-line courses give an ample amount to take them.


         Materials are sometimes hard to find.

         I'm not sure I disliked anything!


         The work is structured


         Information within webCT was sometimes hard to locate with this course.

         Disliked nothing about this course.

         I tried to add an attachment in an e-mail to the professor. It did not work, for some reason. Besides that, everything was fine.





         The exams wery extremely difficult to me.

         Nothing really. I thought it was set up really well.


         Sometime it is really necessary to have in class help. I really missed that here sometimes.

         I find that most of the online classes I've taken require a lot of busy work - therefore the course is usually a lot more work intensive.

         I prefer face-to-face classes - I learn better. Also, I felt that the amount of face-to-face class time was just not enough for the amount of information we needed to take in.

         if you ever had a question about something you had to wait a whole week before it got answered. i understand better when someone does it in front of me so i can ask questions as we go.

         We did not know that everything would be taught online. Found out the first day of class so everyone was beyond that first week. It took about two weeks to catch up.

         I would rather have hands on classes.


         Everything, time that we were expected to be online could have been better spent in the lab and in class.

         I disliked the fact that i would have technical difficulties accessing the online notes and assignments.

         Too much information, I like a hard copy of material to write on and highlight

         I really feel that the class was just perfect the way it was, therefore, I didn't dislike anything.

         Way too much important information to learn at home and on our own.

         the responsibility

         I think that if this class is to be held over the summer, we should meet two times per week and it should be a 3 credit hour class. WIth it being 2, many people had to take another class so that financial aid would cover this. THis is time that could h

         Not enough information especially on handouts and it is also confusing going through all the materials unless I print it...sometimes it is not accessible all the time.


         the necessity for it





         it was more on line than in class lecture.

         Not hearing the questions that the other students have and to hear the answers.

         Compared to the old WebCT, I do not like the VISTA version. I do not like all the bugs in the system and the fact that most professors at the university are very uneducated about how the system works. I am also disappointed in the fact that many links

         Time management is essential. It is very easy to get side-tracked when there aren't many deadlines.

         nothing so far

         I loved it no complaints

         More work involved than face to face

         Sometimes it seemed like more work.

         the times where i had to attend class


         I have already scheduled my day for school. However, now I have to come home and do more school work. I'm already at school, why no just complete all work there. I now have to come home and schedule more of day for school.

         None at the moment


         There always seemed to be some information that was left out on the notes. If it were in class, the teacher would let you know what other information (not on the notes) you needed to know-it was sometimes hard to get the gist of what/where she was going

         That the instructor did not give much feedback in the discussions. I would have liked to hear her views on a few of the cases presented. I am not sure what was the appropriate course of action to take.

         some of the technical uses were new to me


         How our assignments were due was confusing at first, but after spending some time on the website, I figured it out.

         Dont care too much for on-line courses, they cost more and it is more work.

         The short term.

         The only things that was ever a problem was when webct was messed up and would not work, other than that no problems or issues.

         That sometimes the system was down or the teacher was not sure how to do something and that meant the work was not as available as it should have been.

         All the discussion boards.

         Way too many assignments-more assignments than I've ever had in any college class-over 30!

         I really enjoyed the inclass time that we had learning activities(games)

         I have enjoyed the entire concept so far.

         Not everything is self explanatory and there was little explaining

         There was nothing I disliked

         I did not take this class online.





         The total lack of feedback from other students registered for the course. I tend to function and perform better with face-to-face in-class courses than on-line classes.

         Nothing. I was satisfied with all of it.


         No chance to talk about confusion

         CourseDen (WebCT) was a little difficult to navigate at first. I missed my first assignment because I didn't know where to look for it.

         This course is a difficult one to take online considering it would be best to have at least one or maybe to face to face interactions due to the nature of the course. Some of the material needed addressing outside of the available resources.

         It's content was bit complex

         You cannot always ask questions and get immediate feedback or follow up on directions that are unclear. You can get these things accomplished through email, it just takes time.

         I think that because of the nature of this online class, there needs to be more explanation of content. I understand that this is a summer coarse, but I feel more instructor participation is necessary, not just the text that I read or my classmates in t

         There is no feedback from our assignments. We've had assignments where we had to figure out the International phonetic alphabet and tree diagrams, and there is no one to help you understand it.


         It's hard to ask questions about the material.

         Not getting to put faces to the names in my class.

         I did not like how some people in the class used our discussion boards (where we posted completed assignments)to plan out their group projects because we had to read all of their private posts. They should have go into a private chat or something!

         That we were required to use Wimba. I didn't feel comfortable having to speak into a microphone and many people had difficulties using this.

         Teacher not available when we had major assignments to complete.

         No structure to the class. Information could be found in various places making it difficult to verify you have all the information. Professor was slow responding to emails and questions via the discussion board. Summer semester and 48 hours is a long

         Teacher never online and never provided feedback


         None that I can think of.


         That I was graded by my peers for online discussions instead of my instruction evealuation my blogs. I would rather do an assignment and turn it in rather than have to carry on a conversation through on line postings on discussion boards.


         That one of the online class sessions was scheduled on July 26th way after classes were supposed to be over!

         all of it

         The workload seemed more than a comparable on-campus course.

         Components of the class webpage were disorganized and full of grammatical errors. The professor changed information frequently and, often, after students had begun the assignments.

         Nothing at all.

         Worry if I was doing the assignments correctly.

         Chat Room did not work out well for me.

         It would have been good to meet more times.

         More written assignments than I had anticipated.


         The face to face contact with the instructor.

         No face-to-face interactions especially for questions about the research assignment

         The instructor was too vague on what was expected from assignments...she was difficult to understand as well and she talked very fast, so a lot of information may have been explained by her, but not understood by me.....The content of this class was conf


         The amount of work that was required in addition to attending the Learning Festival.

         The webct site is horrible. It is not user friendly and is cumbersome to navigate. I have taken totally on-line course through the Cobb County School system that were so much easier to complete.

         the quizes and how you could revisit a question


         not enough time

         The instructor made things very confusing and waited until the last minute to open the notes up online. E-mail response wasn't prompt and always vague. The quizes didn't have nearly enough time for the content.


         Sometimes the notes did not pull up on certain computers.

         I somewhat miss the face-to-face interaction with classmates and professors.

         Missed the face to face contact with teachers at times.


         We had to read a lot to get a successful grade on the quiz and the quiz only allowed one attempt.

         I disliked the fact that the professor only used three components to teach. The online quizzes were often worded so the correct answer was clear. Even though I was knowledgeable about the answer, I was unable to tell the answer. Often the professor would

         It was REALLY inconvienent that there was a time frame from 5pm to midnight to complete the quizzes. They should be opened all day!

         I did not dislike anything.

         It is more difficult to keep up with deadlines while not attending and physically sitting in class regularly.


         The behavior change project

         Having the quizzes and discussions every single night.

         Sometimes the powerpoints wouldn't pull up


         tests in class in writing. ancient

         I didn't actually understand why it was necessary to make this course partially online. It would have been nice to have it all in the classroom.



         I did not dislike anything.


         For the most part, this is a good online course.

         Found nothing I disliked.

         I like the face to face meetings as well.

         Due to the fact that it was a summer course, there was a lot of work that was due in a short period of time.

         The chatrooms.

         Did not dislike

         Work load


         Work load

         I missed face to face discussion with classmates and the professsor. These types of social interactions are not as easy to replace and are beneficial to academic progress. Overall, though, the benefits of on-line outweighed the missing portions for me.

         Not getting to know and learn from the professor directly.

         No actual face to face discussions on the text


         How often the instructors checked their e-mail...

         It is difficult to find partners for the group work when the class is online.

         did not dislike

         A lot of work and a short period of time to get it done.

         Workload that needed to be completed in such a short amount of time.


         Work load

         I missed face to face with other students and professor. However, I do believe the benefits outweighed the negatives

         Not getting to know and learn from the professors personally.


         I'm still paying the on campus price for these classes since they met once on campus. That's at least an extra $100 dollars. Something should be done about this!

         Not being able to get clarification on an assignment from a real person since there was often lag time for email replies.

         Delayed feedback


         No face-to-face. A little difficult at first.

         Sometimes, it seemed like you didnt know where you were at as far a grae.

         the lack of professor feedback !! :(

         lack of professor feedback! :(

         I didn't dislike anything.





         I did not like that UWG did maintenance so early in the evening. I would prefer if maintenance was done later.

         That the website goes down on Friday evenings. Why not have it go down at 2am or 3am when the site would least be utilized?

         I disliked the course's organization. I feel that it was poorly set-up and it was quite difficult to understand.

         IT WAS ONLINE---ONLINE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         Hard to communicate with some team members if they are not use to classes online.

         Group work was a little difficult at first.


         It is sometimes difficult to do group work when you never see the people you are working with.

         So far online "group" work is NOT group work. When you have to divide a project, do you part by yourself at your house, and then submit you're finished product to one person who puts everything together the way he/she wants to that is not group work.

         Less personal touch.


         Group work.





         No face-to-face.


         A lot of group work. I had a few group members who did things last minute and this was frustrating to me.

         Not applicable

         This professor DOES NOT-and let me emphasize DOES NOT-know how to use courseden adequately. Her online assignments are confusing and arranged illogically. They are also not arranged in chronological order, making it INCREDIBLY confusing as to what assi

         Things were very hard to find and scattered



         None at this time


         The number of books that were required along with the amount of projects that had to be completed.

         I enjoyed the entire course



         Having face to face meetings.

         I did not like that I had to go and sit in class on the first day and listen to the professor go over CourseDen AGAIN! I already know how to use it and sitting there fore three hours listening to someone explain it is a waste of time. I think that this s

         When I had questions I wanted answers right then, I didn't want to have to wait for a response. Sometimes I learn better in face to face situations.


         I liked everything!

         Limited face-to face discussion

         I did not like group projects that were online.

         Miss out on hearing from all other members in the class.

         I did miss out on the class discussion because it took some time to get answers to questions.


         I had some difficulty with accessing some software downloads for the course due to my own computer having issues, but they were resolved in time to complete assignments.

         When unclear, the instructor is not right there to talk to.

         the amount of hours required to be online

         I believe the sensitivity of the subject often times might have not been well received by the instructor

         Inability to communicate directly with professor.

         I personally believe that face to face meetings allow greater opportunities for sharing of ideas.

         I disliked the sites that were used for assignments. The IRIS module didn't work properly therefore all of the lessons were not accessible.



         Some things are lost without direct face-to-face communication with professors

         The law class might should be one to be completed in person/ face to face. The lecture notes were not always easy to follow because they were a general outline at times with no audio to explain them.

         The things I needed to work on or to work ahead were not always available in a timely manner.

         Nothing I guess

         Not being able to work ahead on assignments or quizzes



         I had a problem turning in my final project using CourseDen. The project required me to create a zip file containing several mp3 files. I was able to create the zip file but when I went to attach the zip file to the assignment drop box it gave me an er


         I have no complaints

         That we didnt get our grades to see where we stand in the class until asked.

         The course was difficult to understand without any face-to-face interaction. I wasn't sure how to turn in assignments and therefore, my grade was failing. I did the work and I believe I did it well, but because I wasn't able to fully understand the onlin

         It was a lot of work to do over the summer so it would probably be less stressful in a full semester.


         Too much reading for so short a summer course. Very stressful.

         Too much info