Summer 2009 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 26:  What suggestions would you make for future online courses?



         All in all this was a good class.

         If it is totally online, say so. Also, if UWG is going to have a course, it should have SOME form of actual instruction involved, not just assignment/submission.

         Be ready to do a lot of work if you are taking an online course during one of the shorter summer sessions.


         I would not recommend this course as an online course. There is apparently too much face-to-face interaction that needs to occurr to adequately facilitate learning.


         Modify to account for a 3 week term.

         completely 100% online & not have to come to campus at all


         very difficult


         More detailed instructions.


         Quizzes should close at 12am instead of 5pm.

         If there were a way to have the classes more involved with the discussion about way to help out each student with undertanding what is needed.

         needs face to face time atleast once a week

         Everything was good.

         An updated site design with varrying fonts and colours which make it all easier to comprehend.

         One initial class meeting.

         Improved quality of online presentations (powerpoints and video clips were "gurbled" at times.

         Make sure all directions that are posted are actually directions for the specific class that is in progress.

         Larger server access during the end of the semester.

         The instructor should teach the course with more input and guidance for the students.


         None at this time.

         Professors need to be more flexible. Life still happens to on-line students. I had a professor last semester who took points off because I was unable to present orally a project due to my visit to the emergency room THAT morning and the subsequenct con


         more project reflections :)

         I think everything works well.


         I think online course are great and are a must for graduate students. I would suggest having more on-line courses and less face-to-face meetings.

         Have a class for first time on-line attendees. The first time I used this component, it was confusing.

         I don't know.

         None at this time

         Meeting at the beginning of the semester rather than half way through so that we can ask questions and know expectations up front.

         Meeting at beginning of course

         Have assignments and discussion boards be more relevant and encourage discussion within the DBs.


         I was satisfied with this course.

         I would love it if West Georgia would add more programs, such as a doctorate for Instructional Technology.

         Please create a doctorate program in instructional technology!

         Offer a workshop for students who have never made power points, zip files, podcasts, etc.




         Make finals on-line as well.

         Grade fast but don't be extremely harsh on grades, make sure you respond to emails on whatever email account you have thats given through West Ga.

         Be prompt in answering students' questions.


         more interaction

         Dont make the students come to class for a final that is online and they could have stayed home for.


         keep it up!

         Make more courses available for on-line learning.

         Having better communication as far as assignments are due.

         More classes available to help out with non-traditional students


         To have more classes available online

         Make a few changes to the workbook, evething else is good.


         None that I can think of

         More on-line class sessions.

         Encourage professors to make test questions viewable after completion of the exam. I like to review the questions I missed to learn the correct answer.



         Everything worked well so no suggestions.

         Make the exam questions available when the exam is finished and graded. I like to see the correct answers to the questions so that I can continue to learn. If I can't see what I missed, then I can't correct it in my mind.

         Meet at lease once in person

         I would suggest that they be titled properly and that they be relevant to the program.

         no suggestion

         Partially on-line courses provide the greatest flexibility and balance.

         none at this time


         No campus fees, its a rip off. Like classes that say they have one face to face, you still have to pay the fees.

         no in class finals.

         take more because its convenient

         Try to make all online classes have a choice on weather the book is really reqired or not. I was able to save a lot of money and I stressed less because I did not have to buy a book I would have only used two or three times.


         No suggestions.


         In general, when Course Den is used to it's fullest potential, nothing. However, I wish all professors would use the Drop Box for assignment submissions because it makes me less anxious about things getting lost. You can see what's submitted and what's n

         have completely online courses

         Not have as many assignments that are only given a low percentage toward final grade.

         More online classes and less face to face classes


         Require some interacting, if even once.

         I don't know.



         Provide a syllabus with more detailed information regarding larger assignments like the research project.

         Possibly provide some places besides the home campus for books, id's and such. It is a very long drive. I love my professor. He was awesome.

         Make sure that the professor provides adequate feedback to students.


         May take the final in class.

         For the on-line courses that they be 50/50 half online and half in person

         Less bells and whistles. Stay with the KIS method. Keep It Simple.

         More courses need to be offered online. Much of what is "discussed" in classroom could be done over the internet.


         More direct ways to contact professors.



         Little more face to face training

         Communication and preparation of the students and the course requirements should be explained in more details so that students will know what is expected of them. The process of registration seems so impersonal. I'm a people person and the communication



         I am not qualified to suggest anything because my computer skills are novice.

         Technology training prior to class.

         Overview of the computer programs would have been beneficial.

         Provide an exemplary product of what is expected as an example of submitted assignments

         More details about course den.




         Ways to have more direct commection with professor for guidance and to have questions answered



         More preparation for technical assistance.

         None at this time.



         I am a novice so not qualified to really make suggestions.

         technology training required before class starts

         Cap the number of responses to posts on discussion board.

         I don't have any at this time.

         To be more punctual with email but besides that I enjoyed this course.

         I would like to continue to take on-line courses at UWG.

         consistency in instructor methods of how material is presented in CourseDen



         I really enjoyed this online class because we only had one face to face meeting. I would suggest more classes like it.


         I don't have any

         I can not really think of improvements as far as the online side of it.

         I would suggest that UWG makes professors who teach online classes use CourseDen to its fullest potential so that students are not confused or there is some degree of uniformity in methods of how distance classes will be structured.

         I don't have any suggestions.

         no suggestions at this time

         All email and contact through CourseDen. Clear and precise assignments instructions and deadlines.

         Have more completely online

         Professors need to be flexible; life happens to on-line learners, too.

         Not having mandatory meeting days.

         I don't know. I prefer face to face classes

         The instructor might want to be clearer in their instructions-maybe give examples

         None at this time

         Quick response to questions asked so you don't loose your sanity.

         I will suggest more meeting times. A meeting for the first initial meet and then one or two meetings as follow-ups.

         Lower the course of online tuition. I don't see why it should cost more than attending class in school since we do most of the reading and the study privately.

         Offer more upper level classes


         It would be nice to have a "beginner to online classes" pamphlet emailed to students when they sign up for an online class.

         keep it up1

         I enjoyed class and cannot think of one thing I would change


         Offer more courses, they really help with non-traditional students




         All classes, mostly or completely online, should have online lectures and material reviews like the one I took this term.

         I highly recommend Dr. *** use of lectures and slide shows. Much more effective for my then reading only.



         Nothing. I enjoyed my on-line course experience.

         I would suggest that the first meeting of online courses should be in class, that way you can get to know and meet your coursemate

         no suggestions

         If there are video lectures, make the notes or text available to read in case there are any problems within the video such as volume or voice recording disruption.


         Have more

         Vary the type of assignments.

         My professor had combined the syllabus for the two online courses. I was not familiar with the WebCt icons and did not realize that he had done that until a couple of days into the class.


         Please remove the items for hold for online students which will make it more convenient for the campus authorities and students. Everyone in the staff should be aware of online student's needs, particularly for holds as some one or other informes me that

         It was fine, no suggestions.

         have more feed back from professor

         Do not put stuff off until the last minute.

         Have a committed instructor who will participate with the online class as much as they would in a face to face setting. If I wanted to teach myself how to do things I would have just used the Microsoft Tutorials - they are free.

         Have more courses available online for the older students working fulltime and not able to go out to campus often.

         Use of instant messaging for instructors.


         Have more available

         more face to face courses for help


         The course itself was set up great but the work load was a little heavy at times.

         Basically making sure the work load matches up with the amount of time the class takes and whether the students are taking other classes. Mainly for the summer session, the regular sessions should be fine.

         Make it more student oriented by making assignments open for the entire semester.

         Have students meet more than once.

         Less work and more time to complete assignments instead of only 1 week.

         I would suggest to not make students do as many discussions.

         ---I think that setting the parameters regarding the creative creation might be good--and focusing on the "newer" technologies for this project might be even better.

         make sure assignment directions are to the point and correct

         none really, just that grades come up at a decent time.



         Suggestion for someone starting an online class for the first time: Don't freak out at first when you see all what has to be done. Remember that the due dates are spreaded at, its not all due tommorrow.

         No outside text, online texts only.


         I like them the way they are.

         Keep instructions short and simple, for you are not close enough to your teacher to ask face-to-face questions.

         The tutorials and helpfulness were tremendous, I would just say reevaluate the necessary assignments like the movie and the podcasts and trim some unnecessary ones.

         I would suggest scheduling a couple more face-to-face meetings so some of the students who are not as good with technology can have a little more support.


         People should not take this course unless you have an updated computer, flexible schedule, and easy internet access. But, that's common knowledge.

         Just to make sure that things are clear and organized. This class was very organized.

         Upload all assignments at the beginning of the semester so students are able to finish without waitng on the instructor

         To do it like Mrs. ***** did

         Be reasonable about the amount of assignments due and remember som classes are taken during the summer.

         more face to face meetings


         Make the set up clear and concise.

         The we have more face-to-face meeting to address any concerns that the students may have.

         Not to bombared students with a lot of work because it interfers with other classes they may be taking.

         If possible to have more instructors like I had for this course.

         Not as much work.


         We should have met face to face the first week of the class, since summer is short.


         Why is this being called "WebCT" when the name has been changed to "CourseDen?" New students may not know what is going on with this survey.


         Make available an FAQ and troubleshooting guide of anticipated problems and solutions.

         Reduce the number of discussion boards.


         Nothing for this teacher. She has a great set up in place.

         Continue making very clear expectations; it makes the class easier to work through.


         Make sure students are aware of financial aid needs in advance. I did not find out until the last minute that I needed to complete a form for summer courses.

         For students who plan to take online courses, I would suggest having a mandatory meeting with their appropriate academic advisors and have them discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online courses. This way students who are unaware of what entails


         I have no suggestions at this time.

         None that I can think of.

         Tutorials are nice, but written instructions would be nice too. Give students the option.

         Nothing. Dr. * ran the course very well.

         This course should be taken before you are required to make lesson plans as the information is so valuable to thatprocess.

         Nothing I can think of at the moment.

         Do not use the book! I barely used it and it will NOT be a book that I would keep. I learned more from activities and articles than I did from the book.

         Keep Ms. ****as instructor. Give instructions for building the final portfolio as the individual assignments are completed.

         Have more face to face meetings

         WebCT needs to get with the program and have Mozilla Firefox 3 supported. Also having Internet Explorer 7 and 8 being supported would be nice.


         Not to take them in the summer

         I do not really have any suggestions for this online course.

         Shorter assignments.

         Be more flexable with the times you assign us to log on

         For freedom for students to choose when to work.


         Online claases with a great deal of material should be taught during the regular school year and not during the summer session.

         More check-ins from the instructor

         fix technological glitches

         maybe a tutorial video on how to use the website

         The amount of work in addition to everything else that needed to be done within a 3 day period.

         I like the mix of on-line and face to face


         Can't think of any.

         Email a required materials purchase list a couple of weeks prior to the class starting.


         For this course, students should know up front, how much work this class requires during summer session.

         Keep it up.

         Give lots of alternatives to get resources (books, software) from other places other than the campus bookstore. Too long of a drive from Cobb county area.

         Live chat time once a week with professor 30 minutes or so to discuss questions.

         Less work and more understanding and substance.

         Get rid of SAM2003 and also make sure that SAM2007 is compatible with all operating systems

         great class!


         make sylabus available before taking the course so students have an idea how many hours outside of class are averagely needed to complete the course work


         Maybe make a couple of optional face to face meetings.

         I suggest the instructor setting aside a block of time within the five hour face-to-face class meeting to explain the software to be used with a particular course.

         No suggestions this class was delightful.

         Students need some time to adjust to the technology needed for a particular course. I have taken 2 course at UWG and each one used a different platform for the course.

         I suggest that we should not be required to pay the fees listed above in answer #25, when we hardly spend any time on campus.


         Offer an optional live chat once a week where the professor can address in questions.

         I wish the entire class was online and that books could be purchased on line.


         Have all professors set up courses on-line the same bu doing week 1, week 2, week 3 or all projects, all assessments, all readings, all discussions. Consistency would make it easier for first time online students.

         More in-depth orientation for first time on-line students.

         Adjust the assignments a little for more group projects.

         I would like less face-to-face meetings and more courses that are completely online. I have to drive two hours to campus.

         Mabye offer a couple of optional face to face meetings throughout the course.

         None. Or, maybe train your people at Distance Ed. Helpline. THe one time I called, the girl told me that she didn't know what kind of computer I had and couldn't help me. I could hav called my mom for that.

         I wish there was 1 place to go (besides the syllabus) that had a tab and listed ALL of the assignments by due date and you can submit them all from this site. Sometimes going back and forth between sections of the website confuses me as to when assignme

         It would be nice if there was a general format for all classes (for the class websites) so a student does not have to relearn where each teacher keeps their assignments "hidden".

         I am pleased, so I don't have any recommendation for improvement at this time.


         Can't think of any.


         I have no suggestions at this time.




         more technically driven lessons; use of social networking tools

         None; just keep Dr. **** on as an adjunct. He is amazing.

         None - thank you!

         no suggestions

         Have them be completely online. It was very hard to find time to come to campus and keep up with the rapid pace of summer courses that are being boiled down to just 6 weeks. If we have to meet make it the first and last days of the semester to allow us t

         Allow firefox to be an accepted browser.

         Keep providing them for those of us that live far away.


         I liked it, maybe have a live chat


         Perhaps we should relax the requirement for 50 references to be logged during the summer semester.

         Less face-to-face sessions

         less research; more hands-on activities


         Keep it up!


         Lighten the work load.

         No suggestions

         more F2F and opportunities to work on group assignments

         I have no suggestions at this time.


         Place all assignments in one location.

         Space the work out more.

         Every assignment should show up on the calendar, there should be an option for me to add notes to my view of the calendar, and file downloads should work on the <right click> function of IE.

         None at this time.

         no group work - not for distance learning - it doesn't work

         If they aren't already doing so, Distance Learning should be present at the orientations and should model the usage of the system for first timers.


         Maybe a little more instruction on how to use the technology needed for the wimba classroom.

         Do something to make accessing the server more user-friendly!

         None at this time

         Make the courses complete on-line.

         eleminate the face to face requirements.

         Offer doctorate-level courses online.

         Server issues are the only problem that I experienced.



         To have the Face-to-face for this course a lot sooner.



         Keep them coming!

         Instructors need to set up discussion boards in a way that make them valuable to the student learning experience. Also, instructors need to be involved in the discussions at various points themselves. I realize they cannot respond to all postings.

         Offer doctorate-level courses in Instructional Media.

         drop it down a notch- lighten up with details

         Make instructions and expectations more explicit


         Please respond to applications, emails and letters sent to apply for financial aid. I asked for help and for status and I heard nothing. Please have information about distance learning, library services, financial aid emailed to enrolled students when th

         more discussions about projects


         group work - it does not work for distaqnce learners

         less face to face sessions

         Have all professors set up courses on-line the same bu doing week 1, week 2, week 3 or all projects, all assessments, all readings, all discussions. Consistency would make it easier for first time online students.

         Not much

         Look at content need to cover in class before scheduling it for a session during summer.


         I don't mind going to the first class but not the last one.

         Longer summer semester

         Continue to try to make the modules orderly and updated.

         Have Dr. *** or Dr. ***teach their organizational methods (how they organize their online classes and assignments) to others less able to think in a linear manner,that allows students to quickly and easily see what is expected, when it is expected, a

         no face to face meetings

         I was satisfied with this class.

         All the professors should follow Dr. *** and use the Moodle format. There are less time outs and you know exactly what to do and when in this format.


         UWG needs to get a better email system.


         look at optional face-to-face



         great class!


         This class should be a model for future on-line classes. Much better interface and more organized than WebCT.


         I would like for more of my courses to be designed and include tutorials like Dr. ***

         Although we did meet initially when the course began, I feel that there should be an optional meeting for those a few weeks later that may be experiencing technical difficulties.


         Change the grading for the projects so that you do not go from a A to C.

         Since the course is online, it seems that the course could be extended a week or two

         Increased bandwidth to host so that watching course video tutorials and uploading files would not take so long.

         None at theis time

         This class was GREAT... well-organized and easy-to-follow for the most part.

         Make education sessions longer.

         Keep up the good work! :D

         Have ways to use skype, MSNoffice, or other internet programs to broadcast the class if the instructor needs a face to face so you can log in from a distant location.

         Longer summer

         Sometimes the narrative did not come through on the powerpoints ---- but I'm not sure what to recommend to solve that problem. The switching back and forth between editions of software is cumbersome.


         no suggestion

         Podcasts are great tools for online classes.


         no face to face meetings required

         None, it's the future.

         Have Dr.**** teach other professors how to structure their online course.

         Create smaller groups within some/most of your discussion boards in order for the students to create a bond with each other more easily and feel as if they are actually part of a group.

         I think that all of West Georgia's online courses should be 100% online. I think that no face-to-face meetings should be required.

         None, it was a pretty smooth experience.

         Explore building online communities that aren't solely academic


         everything went pretty smooth

         The possibility of an optional face-to-face meeting toward the end of the course for anyone who needed/wanted more instuction on their individual project (presentation and module).

         None, it's great


         Have at least one face to face



         Modules are wonderful that are to be completed at various times. They help structure the class.

         Since the course is online, maybe the course could be extended a week or two.



         I had no problems with this course and have no suggestions at this time.

         There seemed to be a lot of people in the class, so I was reading 50 - 100 messages per day. I'm not sure that I read them closely because of the volume. And I feel sorry for him having to read them ALL!

         Keep it up. Like having one meeting to get to meet professor and other students and become "grounded."

         None, really.

         great class!

         Limit the amount of discussions.

         A place for a group to discuss their work without using e-mail. It would be fine to be open to all the class since we all learn from one another.

         Let students know what the instructor's deadlines are for grading projects. There were times when a second project were due before the instructor gave feed-back on the first project. This was particularly annoying when the second project relied on success

         The prof needs to participate in the learning.

         more examples of assignments


         Sorry, but I have no suggestions.

         Please offer a doctorate degree in instructional technology!

         Increased instructor interaction.

         just keep modules in order and updated

         Keep using modules with dates. Modules keep students on task and give structure to the class.


         Create smaller groups within some/most of your discussion boards in order for the students to create a bond with each other more easily and feel as if they are actually part of a group.

         Maybe having at least more than one face to face meeting.

         Use more examples.

         More accountability for the instructors.


         There was alot of technical info that you had to remember and there was not enough time to check behind yourself. Maybe giving some practice quizzes and exams would help also a study guide. she would benefit from checking out Dr. **** on-line class set u




         Have a schedule separate from the syllabi with a time line of when assignments are due.




         The professors should make effort to teach the students how to use or access online information


         Make study guides for the exams

         The class is set up fine.


         I like classes that are 50% online and 50% in class. It allows for a good balance I think.

         It is very difficult for non-traditional students who are working off campus and taking online classes to meet for team projects. My suggestions would be to limit team work and make online courses more individual assignment specific.

         In the future for this course, it seems like it should be at least 2 times a week for 4 weeks (at the minimum). It seemed a little unrealistic to cram 16 weeks of information in 3 days.

         less online. more than one day for class

         This course should be two days a week. One day for lecture and one day to practice skills. I went to the lab all the time to practice but I still believe this class showld have been two days a week and professional concepts one day a week.

         Do not put courses that involve physical skills to be mostly online. It does not provide ample teaching and skill accomplishment without seeing the skill performed in person and having an expert watch over you.

         I do not have any suggestions to make.

         Keep the class exactly the way it is.

         I don't feel like this course is a good candidate for on-line instruction. Espeacially because this is our forst term in the program and we have no previos knowledge on the subject.


         have the class actually be online if it is online, but I dont think clinical skills could be an online course...

         More specific head titles for browsing, easily access (some materials cannot be open)





         maybe a question and answer session.

         Include a discussion portion to the course. Example in my other class this summer there was an online discussion component that we had to respond to a question from the teacher and to two peer postings.

         Make it noted somewhere obviously as to which versions of certain programs are needed to properly run WebCT VISTA. Also, I feel that all professors should have to take a course (in-service day) on how to use the system and their computer. It is frustra

         More discussion on the discussion board to ensure students are participating and studying on-track.

         I have no suggestions

         Have more of them

         It went quite well

         None. The experience was mostly good.

         make it completely online

         utilize WIMBA more

         I don't have any suggestions, because I would not take an online class in the future. This was my first online class and my last.

         Exams on on-line courses should be taken from everywhere


         On webCT, sometimes my "new discussion" button on my webct homepage would stay on the whole semester, even though I would check it and it would have no new posts. Also, if there's new content, it would be helpful to have a "new course content" button on

         I loved this class. I enjoyed the ethical discussions very much and think it is a good outlet for nurses to brain storm solutions in the clinical setting.

         a breif beginner course prior to class

         I really have none.

         I would like to see more offered.

         They are convenient but you pay for it, they work for some people but not really for me, this course is only offered on line.

         An actual meeting of the class at least once.

         Have more classes that are online, and not just a class.

         Make sure that webct is up and running and not down for four days straight.

         Less discussion boards.

         Maybe it was just this particular class or instructor, but there should not have been so many assignments. These assignments were in addition to the assessments. It was a lot for a 2 hour credit course!

         Keep up with cutting edge technology

         Make sure that people understand that various browsers or Office products do not work with Course den

         Stay on top of cutting edge technology it should be money well spent

         I did not take this course online.


         nothing, great job

         None, great class.

         Maybe set it up so that at least one or two class days are held in a classroom setting, allowing for students to meet each other, the instructor, and voice any questions or concerns they may have face-to-face.

         If it is a course in which you have to have a partner on a project, then that partner's home e-mail address needs to be shown somewhere so you can contact him or her at home in order to resolve any problems with your project.


         better feedback

         Offer a short intro to WebCT demo online for first time users.

         Keep the study sessions that individual members coordinate among each other. This was very helpful; just to meet face to face and dialogue with one another.

         I appreciate the value of students creating power point presentations, but I would find it more helpful if they also came from the instructor. I enjoyed this content, but often needed more guidance than what my classmates could offer.

         There needs to be a way to talk to the professor and get help. Especially when the book is not clear, and you are having to figure out something on your own.


         Offer more on-line classes for Early Childhood Education- (Specialist degree)I live in Newnan and enjoyed not spending so much money on gas this summer.


         Only do 1 Wimba session, if any, instead of 2. It was hard for people to agree to meet at a certain time to present.

         PLease try to plan for server failures.

         Come up with a standard requirement for communication. Most professors say they will reply to emails within 48 hours, and I've seen that to be true. This is the first class that I've had this problem.


         I would have like to have had at least one face to face class meeting this semester.


         Not relying on other students to grade your work and having assignments that were meaningful to the course.


         Make sure that online sessions are scheduled during the appropriate time.

         if a course is 100% on-line there should not be any mandatory on-line meetings.

         Balance the online work to what would be involved in a traditional class.

         Once information is available for students, please don't change it, as many work ahead of schedule.

         Let you know how to contact other members of your group in a way other than through online. You sometimes need to discuss an online project or something.

         none at this time



         With all do respect, we need professors who speak better English.

         None at this time


         Improve software and test using students.



         It really all depends on your instructor. You need to make sure they're organized and willing to help.



         I don't have any suggestions at this time.

         I hope that there will be at least two attempts on a quiz.

         I would not suggest anyone to take this course and would highly advise against this professor. However, I do believe that online courses can result in a positive result, this professor is not the one for the job.

         open quizzes earlier

         I do not have any suggestions.

         Better at checking email and responding...

         Have the quizzes every other night, rather than every night.



         more online tests

         Maybe make it 25% online and 75% in class

         A bit more in-class time

         None. Every experience I have with online courses are always positive.


         no suggestions

         make sure the assignment regualtions are clear.

         None! :)

         Discussion boards should be used instead of chatrooms.


         None at this time

         I do not have any suggestions for the particular course.

         None at this time

         More of it.

         Having online discussions where students have to participate

         Just keep a check on the e-mail everyday...

         It would be nice to have assigned groups to do the work with since it is difficult to find partners for an online class.


         Meeting at the beginning of the course

         I have no suggestions for the particular course.

         None at this time

         maybe make them 90% online 10% face to face

         Make them online and not meet at all,so we don't have to pay extra.

         Professors designate a couple of specific times to be available for online chatting for questions on how to do a particular assignment or what the expectation for the assignment was.

         Have many more of them to assist in the accomodation of working professionals who work during school hours.



         Please grade all material in a timely manner so that students know where they stand in a class.

         most professor contributions~

         more professor feedback during the course!

         teacher/professor needs to discuss more about the assignments and how to do them than for us to just self-teach from book and be graded on our own effort

         Video taped lectures for students to see. That way one has to sit through class (at home or wherever) and it is more conducive to learning I believe rather than just reading materials or notes alone.




         For students to contribute before the "11th hour" of a deadline so more students would be able to benefit from their contributions.

         Only allow access to current discussions. It is very overwhelming to see a long list of different discussions.

         NO MORE ON-LINE--EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


         None at this time

         Limit group work to discussion boards, but make projects and assignments individual.

         WebCT needs to announce that they have bi-weekly maintenance.


         The only suggestion that I would like to give is to have evaluations for group members.

         Reduce the cost!



         If the days of the week that things are due could be more consistent.

         Less group assignments


         i don't have any


         None at this time.


         Have the assignments due at the end of the week and by midninght.


         No suggestions needed

         Keep it up.

         Not being required to have face to face meetings.

         Don't spend so much time explaining CourseDen.

         I would suggest that all professors consider the workload carefully and recognize that students are paying tuition to basically teach themselves. It may take students a bit more time because they are left to work on their own without the benefit of face

         No suggestions needed

         Increase Instructors'office hours so that sudents will have enough opportunities and time to contact them.

         Do not assign group projects.

         keep as is

         the concept is great, i have no suggestions

         Perhaps someone else might need to teach it

         Have professor respond to emails in a timely manner or be available to chat online at certain times (life office hours)?

         I really do not have any suggestions

         To choose sites that includes task for students to complete that are easy to access and less corrupted.

         No suggestions needed

         less visits to class (this one required 3 visits in 7 weeks), especially for summer classes


         I should not be billed extra money to do online courses- I'm not getting any face to face interactions with teh professors.

         There should not be 3 classes in this cohort for the summer.

         Have some face to face meetings because I should not be charged extra monies to take an online course for a co- hort, It is saving your professors from having to drive to us to conduct class.


         I have nothing to say just keep it up

         Open the quizzes and exams for students to work ahead.




         When you are working on an assessment and the time runs out the system should disable the editbox. This would keep students from entering any additional information.


         I also take ecore classes but this class because of the audio was very helpful. Ecore classes should also consider having some type of audio available because it does make you feel more a part of the class.

         I dont have any suggestions that I would make.

         More understanding from professors for students who work all the time and don't have the best knowledge of computers.

         I guess just always let students know what is expected and have an organized structure to the lessons.

         None, I loved it.

         Condense notes