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The flexibility

Not knowing what was expected as far as the material turned in at the end of class.


The ability to work at my own pace

Sometimes the quizes would mark a correct anwser wrong


doing the assignment on my own time.

not understanding it the first week of taking this class.

to have the first week in class to let everyone get more of an idea on how to do everything.

It allowed me to move at my own pace. In addtion if I had any questions regarding the course it was easy to place my concern on the bullentin board

It was pretty difficult to download the program originally and the computer froze on several occassions during my exercises

I would suggest a smoother way to make downloading less stressful

I liked the fact that it was very independent you worked at your own speed.

I quess the only thing i disliked about the course was the few unfortunate times that something might happen to the computer during a quiz or I would accidentally press the back button and it would reflect a time that wasn't the necessary time I spent on


Easy to understand and follow. I could work at my own pace.



it was quick and easy to understand.

you can't access it from everywhere.


more personal time took the class at my own pace just had to make sure I met the deadlines

the time limits on the quizzes caused me to make mistakes because I was in such a hurry

take time limits off quizzes

The ability to work on the course at my own time. I also like to work more from home.

Sometimes I had some computer problems with my own computer.

Maybe give students a sheet that covers some of the common problems and how to solve them.

the flexability

the browser went down when I was taking quiz 5 and messed up two of the three attempts leaving with a grade for the quiz of less than I wanted


Easy to use informative.



Can do on your own time

If you have a question or a problem you have to wait to get the answer by using e-mail or going into see the teacher.

The test needs to be more like the practice problems.

I like that all of the notes are provided. The online class aslo forces you to learn on your own which is a plus fo me.

A few of the quiz questions contracted the notes given which made some answers difficult to get correct.

A larger varitey of online courses

It allows you to complete the work when it is best for you. The flexibility is great.

I really have no dislikes.

Have more on-line courses available for students to take.

That we didn't have to come to class

Confusing at first and we didn't have to come to class.

Try giving an instruction sheet.

helped me understand some marketing skills that I am going to need in life.

I was lazy because I was not in class everyday.

I do not think I am going to take anymore.

It gave me an oppurtunity to be an independent learner.


The exercises are to wordy and time consuming.

I liked working in my own time and not having to travel for class.


For CISM 2201 I feel like the computer gave us too many answers. I think the program is too sensitive to the presence of the mouse or cursor. Sometimes when the mouse was positioned at or near a potential answer the program was too sensitive and picked

flexibility of hours

dificult to get answers to questions/help


easy access to quizzes results can be``viewed quickly

problem downloading info needed for exam



The teacher's lack of enthusiasm toward help to the student with issues concerning assignments and grades.


It is convenient

Less ability to talk to teacher


I love being able to take the quizzes and test on-line and having the grade right away.



Online classes give you the opportunity to give your whole opinion without being interrupted.

I don't like the fact that we don't have face to face contact.

The class was actually better than I could ever imagined so I don't have any suggestions.

That I did not have to come all the way out to the campus the ablility to post whenever and where ever I was and the freedom of expression that accompanies the online discussion board

The error messages I received when I would try to access files. (Message: application error access violation)

Offer more classes this way

More flexibility

Dependence on computer.


The ability to work on my own time.

Having to read so many postings.

When there are updates they should be noted on our 1st page like discussion postings mail and grades.

The fact that I could do my work at my own pace and at my convienience

I really enjoy student/teacher interaction and dialogue. With an online class you lose a lot of the intimacy between student to student and teacher to student interaction.

I think the chat rooms would almost be better. I have never used them but they sound more appealing to me rather than typing up your opinion posting it and waiting for someone to agree or disagree.

I enjoyed being able to interact with my classmates without having to see their faces al day everyday.

Sometimes there were computer probelms and I could not send attachments to my teacher. SO I would have to go to the office to get to turn my work in to my teacher.

Just keep it strictly on line where we don't have to come to the teachers office to pick up things.

The flexibililty in when I can use or "attended" class. There is also more indepth writting then just talking in class.

The online was at times not working properly and at other times I had trouble was basic functions acting up.

I would like to have a midterm meeting session where the class met in the middle of the semsetr to talk about the good and bad points of the class.

Being able to work at my own pace while still meeting deadlines.



not very much the freedom use okay

not having face to face interation


I liked the accessibility of the information. I liked being able to email papers projects assignments etc. I also enjoyed being able to read other people's reponses to ideas.

I enjoy the face to face discussions that take place in class. I worry that intonation and meaning can be misconstrued if only taking place on line.

Allow for face to face and online interaction.

What I learned about the technology.

Having my questions answered responses were not immediate enough for me.

Have atleast two class meetings in the lab.

The freedom to express my opinions.

I can't really think of anything.

Offer more of them.

able to communicate with classmates that I may not have in a regular class setting

sometimes the amount of communication became endless. It can be abused to a certain extent.

set guidelines on what is acceptable on the bulletin board.

The ability to continue class discussion. I believe that many times too much discussion doesn't let the teacher teach. However I would like the time to discuss viewpoints with classmates but not on everyones time. So I really enjoyed the afterclass discussions.

Many times I didn't get a rebutle.

The teacher should post discussion points and have students required to make comments during a certain time period.

The convenience of not meeting every class session.

It is very annoying to check around 1000 postings! The comments would be valuable if not excessively posted. It became drudgery and mere busy work after the first two weeks!

Cut down on the number of postings in the bulletin board that are required for class participation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flexibility to add comments to discussions later have time to think about "stuff"

well my computer kinda blew up so I had to travel around looking for an online computer which can be a pain in the summer

not sure I enjoyed it!!

That class was "in session 24/7". I particularly enjoyed that the flow of conversation was continuous and did not have to wait from week to week.

It lacks some personality. It's an anonymous exchange of ideas and conversation which in itself might not be so bad.

I would say increase the number of classes; but keep the face to face classroom component in equal measure.




that I don't have to make the drive all the time

that we didn't know when assignments were due at the beginning of the semester


I like the depth of the discussions. Discussions which were most in tune to student interest were given more postings. You did not have to listen to one person ramble on and on about something irrelevant to the discussion. (This happens!)

I was confused at times with the calendar and when assignments were due and the instructions for certain assignments.

A little more organization in the calendar and/or syllabus.


sometimes not as personal


I like the up to date information about the class that is available on the web. I like sending in my class assignments over the web.

I dislike the lack of feedback and not knowing for sure if my assignments have been sent in until class day.


I enjoy working on the computer and this course was a nice blend of using technology and having a regular class setting. I found having the syllabus notes and interaction with other classmembers to be the things I liked most.

I was afraid that I would do something to cause a glitch when I was taking the quiz.

Students should relax and enjoy the possibilities that on-line courses offer. I'm not experienced enough to make valid recommendations but I did enjoy the on-line aspect of the course.

The ability to be able to work at my own pace an dnot feel pressured by time and distance constraints.


Have more of them.

I could work at any time day or night. I didn't have to leave home to do the work.

Sometimes I would have problems with my computer linking up with WebCT.

Don't make students go to class as often.Give 80% of work online and 20% in class situation. Loved the exam online.

It provided me witha a lot of fexiblity given my busy schedule.

My computer crashed mid-way durinf the term. I stressed alittle making deadlines and securing another computer living a distance from the campus.

Spell check

The ability to access notes and to ask questions without feeling as though my concerns were unimportant

I haven't been able to get the attachments to open(ever).

Please remove old mail. Limit the number of times people can respond openly on the bb(they need to use private mail)

The 24 hour availability to information presented in class. An online course is convient for anyone taking more than one course and the idea that have the ability to contact my professor instantly.

Just the normal kinks that happen with any program but Janet Gubbins was there to the rescue.

That there be more online courses.

Accessibility. I live a substantial distance from school. Things were so much easier for me online. I saved nearly 50 hours of driving time and a great deal of money for gasoline. The online format was also a lot of fun.

I found no negative aspects.

Offer more of them. Make access secure so that all exams including finals can be taken online.

The ability to do some the work from home. Plus Dr. Mims was great about responding to me in e-mail.

Initially I was just very nervous and unsure.

Be sure the course content is conducive to an on-line course.

more flexible


offer more of them.

It was convenient and I felt more relaxed during the class sessions.

The initial learning experience. Once that part was over I was very comfortable and actually looked forward to going online.

A practice session before the actual class session begins.

While still teaching it was great not to have to drive everyday to class.

Not always sure about what to do or how to do it.

Make sure everything is laid out in the beginning. I would do okay with a second class now after having experienced the first.

I liked the flexibility of meeting in chat rooms for class discussions. Iloved sharing info in the chat rooms. I was more open to "talking" to the group.


more on-line time. Less classroom instruction.

It was a very unique experience one that I really enjoyed.

I didn't feel like I had enough experience to do this at home by myself but Dr. Mims allowed us time to actually get inot the webCt and get familiar with the program at our own pace. That was very valuable to me and very important to the class in general

While I was in the main chat room with the entire class and when I tried to go into the individual rooms at times the dialog box that I was typing in would disappear and it would "freeze". I could not longer add to the on-going chat nor could I read what

The chat room discussion the accessibility of the professor

Not being on-line enough


Being able to ask questions and getting rapid responses. I enjoyed the chat room and bulletin board discussions. THe online portion allowed everyone to have a say rather than certain people dominating the class discussions.Everyone participated. You were able to respond to things that interested you rather than feeling like you had to respond to everything.

I wish we would have had more time. This class was a 2 1/2 week class which did not allow us to use webct as much as I would have liked for us to. We didn't have enough time to take full advantage of webct. I think if we had a little more time everyone wo

A little more time to understand the procedures. It seemed like as soon as we were starting to "get it" class was over.

You do not have to wait around for results. You can gain access at your convenience.

Now that I am familiar with it I do not think I dislike any portion. I found it valuable to get to know the people when we met in class and the pictures on the web to refresh our memories.

Maybe to take it more step by step the first couple of times or to go through the requirements systematically like Dr. Mims did indeed do.

I enjoy being able to get and send information at my own convenience. The format is conducive to individual input and class discussion.

My biggest problem is hardware. I had several problems the w/server or being able to access particular areas of the web site when I needed to. This frustration is the major thing that I have against web classes. Although the technology is advancing there

The only way the class has workrd for me is that my professor was very understanding regarding assignments due dates etc. Had she held us to deadlines I would have failed. Of course it was only a 3 week class. A longer term would make it more pratical.

I could access it any time that I wanted to

My computer is not always reliable and I could not not access it everytime that I wanted to


The chat room made group work really easy. When you live more than 50 miles apart that can be challenging. Also I liked that we heard from everyone. In our cohort I was beginning to think some of us did not have a voice. It actually strenthened the ties between some of the cohort members.

Personally the mandated times for the chat rooms. I have small children who do not understand why mom is not with us for dinner but on the computer. But that will change as they get older. I really enjoyed the class.

Please create more on-line courses. Having the web sites on the calendar was great. Dr. Mims really made this easy for us I could see where if the instructor was not knowledgable with WebCT it would be difficult.

The anonymity

Not enough one-on-one

More one-on-one activities

Being able to contribute and gather information without traveling to campus.


The first day of class make sure all students can access and work with the computer with little difficulty.

Freedom to work on assignments at home.


Offer more!

Bulletin Board Discussions



It was mainly a G-Sams course. But I did like being able to e-mail the teacher and other class members.



Convenience comfort of home less stressful no rush to campus or to find parking

Problems cannot be solved right away if the Professor is not available with the on-line group.

Professor should have a way to be reached during the time the on-line group meets and should also be willing to respond to questions or problems within a minimum of a 24 hour period or less.

Wonderful for my babysitting arrangements!!

It was a terrible learning experience!! The assignments posted required knowledge of material that was not contained on WebCT or in the text!! It was very frustrating!! The professor required all assignments to be completed in groups. This is almost i

There needs to be more direct teaching time!! This material is difficult to understand and face-to-face interaction would help with the learning process. If the professor wants to use WebCT I believe that the class should meet face-to-face at least ever

24 hour access to information

professor notes and textbook notes disagree--no "real" consensus on which to use.

agreement or at least an explanation of differences and the professor's preference for which to use

I appreciate the flexibility.

I believe that on-line courses facilitate the use of busy work in order for professors to ascertain whether or not material is being covered; hence more work and time are required for on-line courses. And while more work and time are required the level o

For on-line classes to work it must be truly interactive. Merely posting notes on a class site is not my idea of effective on-line learning.

Haiving materials and help at my fingertips....I could post messages to professor and classmates and get back timely replys. Also liked having course content info. sheets organized and ready to print if needed.


..not sure

The ability to discuss problems with group members. The ability to have access to Professor when needed and getting immediate feedback for work.



I did not have to put miles on my car. I contributed alot more!



Being able to access it at my conveience from multiple locations

Not being sure about what to do; and being ashamed of my ignorance

I'm not sure I have any

doing my work in my pajamas

Not enough instruction on the materials I found the assignments difficult.

More explaination ( in person) then activites that reflect understanding of the lecture. The powerpoint slide are confusing and general.

I love being able to complete college courses and stay at home with my family.



The flexability.

The lack of face to face instruction. I paid alot of money for a class when all I really had to do is buy the book and teach myself. This is not the best way for me to learn. I need face to face contact and immediate explanation.

If the information in the course is new to the students for example statistics and research have more in class sessions.

I could complete the work and not take time from my family.


Offer more online graduate degree programs.

I can work at my own pace whenever it fits best into my schedule.


Please offer many more classes totally on-line.

I could complete assignments and test when it was most convenient for me. It also made things easier without the extra hour commute each way.


Make things more challenging. It was a bit too easy.

Dr. Waters... He was extremely helpful and patient if I blunder with attachments and led me through how to navigate search etc.... He was much more helpful than a help-line.


I would like to have a photo to at least see what our instructor looks like!

Ability to work at our own pace.

Lack of "face-to-face" interaction.


the fact that I could go on vacation and still participate in class!

Not being able to see the teacher and students. I have had two classes with Dr. Waters and I wouldn't know him if he was sitting accross from me at a table.

Dr. waters conducted the class in an excellent manner. I do not know of any way it could be better.

1. I really enjoyed having the freedom to work at my own pace and on my own time. ````2. As a teacher I understand that we can't always answer all the questions in a class period but with on-line questions answers can be given at any time.````3. Dr. Waters is extremely enthusiastic about the subject matter and this made the class even more enjoyable.

1. There is obviously the human interaction factor but I feel that a combination of classes both on-line and on-campus is very beneficial.````2. Not being able to see responses to my essay or see what I missed on the tests.

1. Because many people may be taking the course at home it may be advantageous to post the name of the book a week before hand to ensure that all students have it ready when needed.

Not having to drive to campus five days a week

The course was totally online. I feel that meeting at least one day a week would be good.

meeting one day a week or every other week. I feel that meeting will help make the material clearer and eaier to understand.

instant access

I would like to meet for a face to face the first class.

see above


Face to face interaction


The things I liked about this course was the instructor content WebCT people in the class and the book. I especially liked how Professor Waters managed this class. He replied to questions immediately. It was amazing to me how he sparked the interest of the class without the traditional classroom environment. He kept the class really involved from the very start of this class. Excellent class!!!

I didn't dislike anything about this course.

More on-line courses.

not having to drive 1.5 hrs to class


live discussions

Convenience of taking class at home when I had the time.

I never went through any training of how to use WebCT before I had this class.

Have professor contact students before course starts.

It allowed me to have the freedom to complete the coursework at my own pace.

I did not dislike anything


Not having a set time to attend class was the best part because I work and have a busy schedule. Also the fact that grades etc. is posted on the net is extremely convenient.



This class has kept me from having to drive 2 hours for a 1 hour class.

The class is not a set time during the week. This makes it easy to forget about projects that are due.


it gave me more flexibility and made it easier to attend my 2 colleges simultaneously and to still work full time.

it required a couple of trips to an actual library in order to do some of the worksheets.

have everything accessible online so that it does not require having to physically 'go' to a library in order to do the worksheets.

I could do the work in my time frame.

I like seeing a teacher face to face for my classes. I don't like having to communicate over the internet.

I don't have any.


technical difficulties


no classroom or scheduled time

Library hard to figure out at first


not having to be on campus at a specific time

some things are not self explanatory


That you could complete things at your own pace

No interaction questions are answered at a slower pace and problems became extremely frustrating because their is no professor to help you

Give a time to come and meet at least once a week for questions

Doing the work on my own time.

The worksheets take way to long.

less worksheets this class would not have worked well if i had more classes other than this class

It is easy to find information.

If things came up unexpected you could not get a hold of you teacher.

Do not have any suggestions




There was not a specific time where you had to complete the course work. You could fit it in on your own time.

I had to use computers on campus and sometimes I had trouble with them.


I liked the fact that you could do the work anytime you want on your own accord.

I really didn't dislike anything.

I don't any suggestions.

It gave me more time. I didn't feel so rushed to complete things which gave me more time to think and go over what needed to be done.

The fact that I didn't know the library was so useful.

Make them more useful for home-use.

The freedom to do work when my schedule permits.

Not having a standard lecture to take notes on.

More flexibility with when assignments are due.

I thought it was great I could do my work on my own time and not someone elses schedule.

Less personal interaction with teacher


It was something new for me and I liked being able to work on my own time .

It is easier to ask the teacher a question in person and to have a person explain things rather than just reading it.


It was easy to access the webct. I liked that the librarians were very helpful when asked for assistance.



the convenience

some databases not available off campus


No class meeting. I could do the work around my schedule.



Could do the assignments at any time.



The site is convenient.

Having to spend so much time on webct viewing and printing messages and handouts.

I don't have any at this time.

I was not required to be in class as often since I work this made life easier for me. I can do the assignments at my leisure.

Nothing was bad just have another login and password to remember.


The ability to access it at anytime


more on-line less travel to campus

working from home at my own convienience



Ability to think about questions and answer with more time. I like the mix of GSAMs and Webct.

Occassion computer problems with MY home computer

Keep mix of GSAMS and Webct.

The corresponding to other classmates and the instructor quickly.

Not anything in particular.

I do not know.

Learning more about using the computer as a tool. Doing research on the internet (required as part of the coursework).

When I'm working online (WebCT) I am frequently interrupted with a password box requiring me to reenter my stu id. # and password. It has interrupted my work as often as every time I open another student's posting. I have contacted the help person and b

Be AOL user friendly.

Working on assignments at my own speed.

not personal``feedback is not as quick


I liked being able to get information from classmates and teachers in an environment that is set up for communication.

My professor overdid the assignments. the time we missed in class was not comparable to thetime we spent on the module assignment. At least 5 to 6 hours on assignment.


The module lessons were well-rounded and "pushed" me to discover helpful sites. The instructor was immediately available when I neede her.


I believe more on-line classes and fewer GSAMS classes would make a nice course.

It is more interactive than just reading chapters in the book. I like responding to questions having the opportunity to explore websites and being directed to those sites. Follow-up in class was good.

There was a lot of work involved. MOst of the modules took longer than class time so it was like going to class more than 2 days a week.

The courses seem to have the right balance between on-line and face-to-face.

I could do the work in my own time.

It took a lot of time to print out all the handouts.


because i live a good distance away even from my GSAMS lab it was nice to be able to finish my work from home without even having to go anywhere. my professors were very helpful if i needed to call them with questions.


having more assignments available on line and meeting in class even less. i do like to meet at GSAMS because i learn more that way sometimes but it is nice to be able to work from home on my own time.

The freedom to work when I wanted and at my own pace. Less group work. I liked having written instructions.


I think it would be interesting to have an on-line chat when everyone in the class is on at the same time discussing a prearranged topic.

I didn't have to drive 2 hours to get to class; the convenience was the best part of the class.

There was nothing I disliked about it other than the Dalton site was not available.

I would like to see more on-line courses made available.

This course only contained our exams on line but I liked this because it allowed us to do our tests at our own pace and get them done early if we wanted to.





please continue the on-line courses. many of us who are working on our master's degree also have a full-time job and it is so much easier to be able to participate in a GSAMS class instead of driving one or more hours to get to the main campus.

The contributions of educators from different parts of the state; ability to share information outside of class

Loses some of the personal touch.

Continue connection through GSAMS with assignments for exploring the internet coming from WebCT.

Less driving than to the Carrollton campus

Having to use the Ingram Library Teacher Materials Resource Library in general having ot drive to Carrollton

None--they are great now. MEDT teachers have greatlesson plans and assignments.

ability to post information for students in all sites...didnt have to mail



Sharing of ideas from across the state

Loses some of the personal touch.

Continue using it to share ideas and projects but keep GSAMS component.

Could work anytime I needed.

Time consuming to print out the numerous handouts.


flexibility being able to work at home



The flexibility of scheduling.

The chatrooms were in use a few times when we needed them.

More please!

Flexibility to work on-line after my family has gone to bed.

When Problems arise


The chats were good.

Because it was summer the teacher didn't have help to post things.

Offer more courses on-line.

convenience of staying at home and "meeting" with others in my group. Self-directed learning.

It is much slower than face to face contact and takes some getting used to.


I particularly liked the structure of the class and the flexibility of being able to read the assignments listen to class disscussions respond by verbal means or on line in the chat room. The way the professor had the assignments designed to be directly applicable to our daily teaching routine was very helpful and provided a very meaningful learning experience for me.

The last part of the program proved to be very stressful in terms of the time in the segment and the amount of work to be done. Our professor did help by letting us work with partners to do the final assignment.

I would suggest that at least one class be face to face with the instructor. I really appreciate that my professor made an attempt to meet everyone on the off campus site at a resturant. I regret that I was unable to meet with the group.

flexibility of schedule




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