Comments for Fall 2000

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likes dislikes suggestions
easy and convenient N/A have more choices
no driving the chats chats in groups
Don't put dialogue boxes here if you do not want answers
The quizzes. The tests. Easy work.
schedule friendly ----- post APA page
The flexibility Nothing Provide many
flexible hours   have more!
nothing eveything cancel it
  same as 14  
convenience computer problems nothing
Convenience. Workload. Less work More Quiz
flexibility   offer more
flexibility n/a n/a
my own work posting of grades nothing
the flexibility computer going down None
no traffic nothing don't limit classes
Working at home. workload more face to face
able to make it my computer none
self teching computer problems None.
  nothing no suggestions
not time consuming hard to understand eaiser
complete at home. Nothing. Add more classes.
Easy to follow.   group dissicions
convience Unupdated links none
convience. nothing. nothing.
nothing everything get rid of them.
My time table.    
flexibility n/a make more of them
It was very helpful N/A N/A
My instructor None More
doing it on my time nothing offer more of them
off campus class Driving to W.GA More online classes
Flexible Hours Nothing. None
modules n/a n/a
own pace. Nothing.  
the work pace nothing none
helped me nothing get rid of the book
Time management Depending on others. Webct lessons
everything nothing none
available anytime Too unstructured more structure
not driving no discussion online chat
no set time forget assignments more explanation
Flexibility Slow modules Meet once a month
Dr. Mims the on-line part better software
The convenience    
being at home K-Off`` c/p notes saving notes easier
flexibility WebCT WebCT working right
That we do not have to worry about coming to class everyday. I dislike that final how it was set up and how it counted more that any of our other grades.  
  The fact that the Final weighed so much...  
I was given the opportunity to do the work on my own time The final being worth 600 of the 1000 points made all the other work seem like it was almost for nothing. Also not knowing what to study made the test that much harder. The instructor should tell the students what to study for or give a study session. They should make the final exam less than 600 points out of 1000
Just the freedom to access class work notes and assignments anytime anywhere. Missed some of the in-class discussions. OFFER MORE SELECTION EACH SEMESTER!!
flexibility having to manage my own time which was a little difficult for me  
Not comming to class every week I did not know when any of my papers were turned in until the grade was posted. Send some indication that work has been received as soon as it is.
not having to drive not looking for parking and the convience nothing less group work
The comfort of taking class from home and the amount of time it saves me. Very hard to get feedback and responses from the instructor.  
It provides the working professionals the opportunity to work have a homelife and work towards a higher degree all at one time. N/A Have more online classes.
Flexibility When problems arise and need to talk to someone - Our instructor Ekhaml was great about getting back with us ASAP  
flexibility convenience nothing  
I liked the fact that I was able to communicate with my instructor at all times. I found it confusing. When I tried to get my work turned in. None.
No attendance policy The fact that exams had to be physically brought or emailed rather than recorded online. Very poor. Better lesson files and materials; more ease of use and streamlining.
Being able to retake tests. Signing up for final exam over the internet and also the fact that the final weighs so much. If you have to sign up for the final over the internet it needs to be acessible until the day of the final. It was taking down two days prior.
Flexibility n/a Offer more of them!
easy assess nothing none
I appreciated being able to post assignments rather than mailing them. It was interesting to be able to read what others in may class had written.    
I liked the freedom and the independence``on-line classes give. Thank you Dr. Mims and W GA for making this possible. I got really nervous at first during the quizzes. I was afraid the internet going off line and my answers being deleted. I suggest that the on-line class offerings be expanded. Many people I know now considering W GA. Making our college competitive with other institutions in the metro area and those offering "watered down" programs out of state.
I like the fact that I don't have to worry about scheduling my job around classes. This is the main problem that me and my coworkers face when attempting to continue our education. I have no problems. Have more of a variety of classes.
Convenience There was some confussion about assignments etc.  
Flexability. MS Works isn't really compatible. I had to fax most assignments because of the need for proper alignment of columns.  
It was all on-line and the grades were updated daily. I dislike how much the final is because I went into the class with a high A and came out of the class with a B. THE FINAL IS WORTH TOO MANY POINTS!! Not counting the final for 600 points and having a short review session before the final if it is going to count so much.
I liked the flexibility to complete some of the work at a time which was more convenient. I also liked the chat aspect of the class. I missed the personal contacts in the classes.  
Quick feedback ready communication easy access to research easy to transmit assignments to the instructor Miss some of the face-to-face non-verbal communication that is only possible in a classroom setting Can't think of any
Flexibility with deadlines. Uncertainty with assignments Use the online calendars
I liked not having to drive to Carrollton every week. I would have liked this class even more if more sessions had been on-line!   They should have fewer or no face-to-face sessions and more on-line.
flexible with my schedule i felt less compelled to worry about this course because i could do it at my pace.. nothing really... ??????
having the freedom to discuss at any time issues relating to coursework and not having to wait until weekly classtime. I also liked the freedom to express thoughts that I wouldn't normally express in a face-to-face environment. on-line quizzes none
The flexibility it gave us. The opportunity to reflect and share comments.    
That I was able to do the work whenever i wanted too i didn't feel rushed Sometimes the directions were unclear  
Less travel to campus but with access to the class. I also liked being able to email the professor and get quick responses. There was some uncertainty about the expectations of assisgnments. Please post all campus class days on the calendar. Also add a section that explains each assignment.
Not having to go to class for 5 hours Face to face communication The only suggestion is the class was too short. This would have been better in a 16 week framework
I like being able to discuss things on line without having to meet on campus. It can be frustrating when there are complications with the program. I like to participate on line; however I also think that it is important to meet face to face to discuss many of the topics covered in class.
Be able to go at my own pace and do the assignments when I had the time. Not having to attend class regularly I would forget about doing my online homework.  
I could do the class on my own time. That was very helpful with my class and work schedule.    
flexible times Not being able to see my teacher as easily More contact with the teacher
flexibilty takes a lot of discipline. You have to really try or you will put it on the backburner like everything else at the house. not sure.
flexible time some links outdated reduced number of students for professor to handle
All information was readily available for print or review. Some documents were not easily accessible. Some were not readable. Inform users of the applications/version``that information is sent to participants.
Convenience--it's a nice break from commuting every week and we still were able to cover the material. It can be hard to keep up with the discussion. Sometimes the pace was very fast.  
Everything was ok. The infrequent technical problems.````Not being able to go back and review posted discussions. Save class discussions for 1 or more weeks so that the can be reviewed
I liked not having to come to class. I work full time and I am a full time mom and it was convenient to be able to access the lessons almost totally from work. Nothing it worked great for me None
The flexibility of interacting with other students aand the instructor at any time and getting a response. Due to my work schedule I can work when it is convenient for me and as a result I am more focused.   All courses need to be offered on line!
Mrs. Gehling was very helpful. Whatever I needed she was there to help me. There were glitches in the modules on the tests and final. Some buttons had to be pressed twice and by then you had already lost the pionts. None it worked out pretty good overall.
It was very convenient for me. I didn't dislike anything. NA
The ability to connect technology with learning. N/A N/A
I was free to do it when I had time. I could not get help with it immediately as I would in a classroom. none
I could work on projects at my own pace the professor had designated discussion times that were scheduled during my other classes therefore I was not able to participate in any discussion groups that the course be more organized
  Nothing None
Like being able to log in from home; however with the university's computer update I cannot log on to web ct from home with my current browser supported by AOL. I would rather interact with classmates face to face. I like on-line classes where student interaction is not as important e.g. a computer applications class or business information systems.  
I like being able to still have class without having to come to campus for every class meeting. You could not get the full effect of the class discussion. You could get disconnected very easily which made it hard to contribute to the class. It was hard to get really indepth.  
it allowed me took think cleary so I could to my work much better nothing more classes on line
Not having to go to class I got lazy and just did everything at the last minute Meet at least once a week and have progress monitored
The flexibility - with my busy schedule it was important to have the flexibiltiy to read and discuss whenever I could. Also the on-line quizzes and tests almost eliminated my test anxiety. Even though the on-line courses have been convenient I still need some face to face instructions/feedback. I would like to see on-line courses continue with a few face to face class meetings periodically during the semester.
I had the convenience of saving gas money and I was able to work in the comfort of my home or access information from any location that had internet access. Nothing really. While using the chat room it was difficult to discuss certain topics with so many people trying to respond at one time. That was frustrating. Nothing.
Not having to commute as much. I prefer the old screen for the on-line courses. It was eaiser. Go back to quarter system:)
I did not have to go to class and I thought it was easy. The exam was weighted way too heavy I went in to the exam with an A and then I failed the class because the exam was worth too much. Make it where the students have to attend regular classes and do not weight the exam so heavy. be easier to get in touch with.
that I didn't have to commute to school group projects brought down my grade survey class to understand what the students know for a base start.
Had an opportunity to hear from all classmates. Easier to communicate with the majority. Allowed for better time-management.   Make them completely on-line.
Everything N/A None
Nothing. The teacher was very rude and had her pets who she catered to as she was very RUDE to others. I would not recommend her or the online classes she teaches to anyone. The teacher's "picky ways" of using the online class to take points from you. Get some set guidelines for all instructors to use and follow when teaching on-line classes.
It allows me to participate in class discussions in the comfort of my home. Displays etc. cannot be observed on-line. No suggestions
it saved travel time to the Carrollton campus It was difficult at times to use Webct--posting was sometimes a problem. Have at least 1-2 hours training on using webct
nothing really the lack of communication make sure that the teacher would keep up with the students' work
Allowed flexibility. Nothing at this time.  
convenience; flexibility group members whom were not cooperative and not willing to meet n/a

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