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likes dislikes suggestions
That coming to class was not mandatory but helpful I find it very unfair that this class is mostly on-line except for the final and students have to verify receipt of exams. I find it very unfair that students are penalized for not verifying that the professor received exams The students should not be held accountable when they have print-outs verifying their tests grades and that they took the test on-time.
I could do the work at my own pace. Nothing.
I enjoyed to organization of the site. And the modules were a great learning tool. When the program messed up that is no fun trying to figure out what the heck happened to my graded work! :) ?? Meet at least once a month...even for just 30 mins ??
that i could move at my own pace. webct has many bugs in it! i was not always sure my tests went threw and it did not always print out fix the bugs
You can work at your own pace without anyine looking over you. The onoe-on0one with the instrutor.
it was great nothing
Not a thing!!! Well i did like having my grade posted . Everything dont do it
You can check your grades at anytime the modules for the course I'm taking didn't really help me understand the materal
It was an easy way to get in touch with the insrtctor and vice-versa. It was also nice to keep up with grades notes, homework, etc. al just by getting online. At times the online tutorials did not give you much help with the assignment. Have an instructor go through the computer assignments with the class.
I was able to participate regularly in class without having to drive nearly 2 hours (each way) to campus. Length of time needed to load everything. Schedule more of them.
That it was easily accessable from other locations beside school The tuitorals did not tell you how to do the exercises that were to be turned in for a grade. Have the tuitorals teach you more how to do things and explain assignments more clearly.
I was able to communicate at anytime. This allowed me to be flexible and I could edit my replies. Nothing Perhaps we could have a chat assigned session which would allow us to further commicate with other students
Chat Room Private Messaging I liked everything. Allow to share graphics in the chat room.
There was a set day and time that we met in the lab to work on assignments. When you needed help from <the instructor> he wasn't always there to help and he was rude. Be helpful, especially when everything isn't in the tutorial and course modules.
Allowed for a "live" class environment without having to drive 70 miles each way to campus. Did not have a negative impact on the learning environment. Technolgy problems (getting kicked off line). No complaints with actual course content. Have more courses available on-line.
I like the flexiblility of group chatting. Sometimes the response to assignments or emails was a little slower than if we met with our professor face to face. Less trips to campus.
It made going to class optional. If I needed help I didn't have face to face interaction. Make the assignments where they directly relate to the modules. There were problems on some assignments that weren't taught in the modules.
flexibility getting off track during discussions none
Easy to understand and I could complete the modules when it was convenient. Also if I wasn't sure of how to complete a module, I could practice the tutorial until I was more Comfortible. Nothing. Less Book assignments.
getting announcements on the bulletin board not enough help from the instructor and lack of knowledge from the lab assistant during lab time. time allotted for help from the teacher when the teacher is actually there
I was able to do the work at my own pace had some technical difficulties
It was fantastic! Please implement more on-line courses. Nothing None
gave me the flexiblity to work at my own pace on my own time. nothing none
Felt more comfortable than in classroom Nothing
The ability to discuss controversial ideas with my fellow classmates. We were often stuck on one or two ideas ``next time I would suggest that the teacher asks us to respond to 1 question a week. make the e-mail easier to use. It is very limited I cannot send sound files or anything with to many graphics.
Flexibility SOme class mtls are inappropriate for on learning. JUST A FAD; WASTE OF MONEY TIME AND EFFORT(LACK OF IT BY PROFS) DROP
comfort of being at home not enough of it don't know
it was interesting and valuable information learned. when something didn't work right or there was trouble accessing something. well i never got responses to the messages (questions) i posted on the bulletin board so maybe that.
informative; seemed to get more out than in class; some don't express themselves well on the spot. it was fine none
I appreciate the flexibility to balance the online part of class with my job and family. I can have class at 4:00 AM if I like. With two young children this is great!! I really like it--it would be hard for folks who were not motivated to keep up. Sometimes there was conflict between syllabus and information on WebCT. It got hard to separate the assignments and keep up with which was which.
With all the things that I have to do I loved the flexibility of doing work when I could get to it. I really did not dislike anything about it. Just provide more of them for us.
It was so much better than driving 1 1/2 hours each way to UWG. I really appreciated that Nothing Have more!
It helped us to get prepared for quizzes. Computer cannot answer all of my questions. Assignments should not ask for more than we learn or the course modules should be more extensive.
The convenience of learing from the comfort of home without having to travel to campus every week. Whenever the computer/system crashed in the middle of class chats. none
I liked being at home. Being kicked off. Can't thing of a thing
I could access most of the computer ``modules from home and work on them in my spare time. I felt the instructor gave very little aid to people like me who struggled with some of the modules More detailed tutorials on how to get started on the modules
It was very flexible for me to use and work around other components in my life (family, career, hobbies). In the beginning I felt unsure if I was doing enough woork to be successful in the class. A progress area that students could check to see if the instructor is getting work and an area to check and see how many times you have accessed the class.
I loved the convenience and the fact that ideas could be exchanged constantly...I live very far away so it was very convenient. I honestly disliked NOTHING about the online course! Nothing--excellent!
the modules and the tests based on this modules are sooo very much analy retentive we should be tested on the actual programs not on simulated autorware or whatever you call them modules.
Time and money saved from driving that allowed me to research my responses prior to posting Nothing
Flexibility to work on assignments and exams at my convienence and at my own pace. Disliked nothing.
saving time by not commuting
convenient & I din't have to get a baby-sitter for daughter I'm not a keyboarding expert - therefore I wasn't able to respond as quickly to the discussion
The convenience of staying in my home while technically in class. I didn't have any dislikes. I wish that more classes were on-line!
Did not have to drive to campus. Would participate more. Difficult to keep in contact with class members.
Being able to interact without driving an hour to Carrollton at top speed! I am more articulate in person.
I was able to attend class and not have to go on cmapus. I could be at home and still be with my class. Some class discussions were hard to have online.
the ability to learn new things The test that we had wasn't what I expected. make different test or do away with them
flexibility the possibility that my computer will go down during class make sure they meet a feww times on campus--it helps to know the other students
It allowed me to be more enthusiastic about the class. I was able to do be at home and in class at the same time. I was able to work it into my schedule very easily! nothing Just to go over the actually chat rooms together on the first night of class. Also maybe to have the first night of on-line learning together rather than in separate groups!
Easy access. I did not have to drive to Carrollton. No face to face contact but the advantages far outweigh this minor setback. I think it is setup great. My only suggestion is to increase the number of courses made available online. Especially the education courses such as CEPD 6101.
I liked the ability to complete coursework in the comfort of my own home. I disliked the technical difficulties. Also I would prefer to receive a transcript of the chats. I would suggest that students be given a copy of the chats.
I could take my time on assignments learn at my own pace My teacher was not very helpful during lab. Many times I felt lost and confused Tech my techer to helpstudents and he should respect his students
teacher was very organized clear and reponsive in a timely manner nothing went more smoothly than last semester
Felxability nothing none as of right now
I could use the computer from work or home. Nothing.
It is just another way to enjoy learning. I like new experiences and computers so for me this course was really neat. The lack of enthusiasim from other students. The instructor needs to be more specific with directions and expectations than Dr. Roberts has been. She is an enthusiastic teacher
The convenience of not having to go to class on a regular basis. Forgetting to check the bulletin board until the last minute. Have them completely on-line.
It was fun Tests were hard N/A
Small group discussion Hard to get on and stay on at times. none
Not having to drive 60 miles one way to class. Time to prepare for the face to face discussions. Ability to revisit prior discussions on WEB Ct. Too many weekly assignments. Create a theme for each class. Have students select topics and present findings at each face to face instead of answering questions from textbook unless those questions were part of a student's presentation.
I didn't have to drive to class so much.
get to stay at home not the same experience as a classroom setting none
I can work on it whenever I like it. I can take a test in my PJ's at 2:00 in the morning and nobody has a problem with it. The final counts WAY to much Keep it like it is now except spread out the points more evenly.
There was no class times. The class was very unorganized.There were many times that I thought the instructor didn't receive my work. The teacher needs to be more in touch with the students and let them know that she recives the work that was e-mailed to her.
That I could do it on my own time and was not bound by teacher restrictions. At times it was hard to keep focused, but in the end it taught me how to manage my time a lot better than I had before this class. I am unable to think of anything at the moment. It all went pretty smoothly to me.
not having to drive to Carrollton to participate in class; being able to have class in my own time(flexibility of schedule) waiting for the instructor to respond to a question about an assignment; unforeseen technical difficulties with my internet provider the instructor has to be extremely organized and timely in response
Convenience mostly. Getting cut off my printer does not work well with webct. Keep technology current with browsers to prevent problems.
not having to go to class problems with computer effected grades n/a
Their was no set class time The TEACHER she did not have her act together. Make sure the teacher can hwlp the students.
I was able to discuss topics in a small group and share classroom experiences with one another in an informal setting. There wasn't enough time for the teacher to interact with each of the groups every time we met. Maybe schedule different time for groups to meet on-line so the teacher could be there to chat with each group.
i could take quizzes and test at any time of the day. not really getting to know my instructor. everything is just fine
Able to access and work at my own pace. Could do assignments anytime of the day or night. Convenient to my work schedule. Nothing Have more available.
I enjoyed the lessons where we read and studied at our own pace. I am still somewhat confused with how to use the different databases from the college. Step by step directions for using the different databases.
It was nice to access it from home. Also if you had a question it can be answered quickly. I also like the additional information that I can obtain from each professors website. Nothing None, I never had an on-line need that was not met
I could do the work at any time. I sometimes forget the days for the test. ?
I like the fact that I didn't have to go to class and I could do the assignments on my own time. The problems with tests and quizzes not writing to the files or not printing out it leaves everyone in bad situations.
being able to go at my own pace
its flexibility the nontraditional aspect of being online i have none
h when my computer messed up
I liked not having to go to class but that also made it difficult to actually do the work. It was hard if I had a question because the only way to get an answer was to write an email and wait on a response back from the teacher. This can be a problem if I nee an answer late at nite when doing the homework for the class. It doesn't matter. I don't think i will ever take another on-line class.
I liked the fact that I could learn at my own pace and if I ever needed anything (had a question), I felt more comfortable posting or emailing the instructor. It allowed me to procrastinate too much. none
How they give you freedom and the time to do your assignments The program when you are doing the exams and quizzes and how they will freeze on you when you are in the middle of these tests and it be hurting your grade. Make the final exam set up in a way that is would not cost so much and have the students set there time up for the 3 exams like they set up for the final so they cannot use other people notes.
I like the flexibility of being able to participate and complete assignments when convenient between my work schedule and home commitments. I disliked the uncertainty of knowing if the information was actually transmitted and received correctly. More flexibility in choosing assignment options. Under the grading contract for "A" or "B" if there were more options under each not all assignments under each.
I liked the freedom of doing classes when it was convient for the student. nothing
did not have to go to campus i did not have to be in class so i did do things quite as well i had hoped
Making my own time to work on the lesson plans.
Did not have to go to classes. I have no clue what my grade is going into the final. The course was not very organized. The instructor should be more informative.
The ability to reflect upon the discussions. Response time from instructor when posed questions. I think this class ran perfectly well as an on-line course. I would like to take other courses that are set up similarly.
convenience not being able to get to know my classmates on a personal level
It was fun and taught me alot. Nothing. None
able to do my work when it was convienent for me. Late resposnes from the teacher For this course someone who will be able to answer bulletins and emails
That one could do thier work at any time provided the one has an access to a computer. The computer giving problems whiles taking an exam or a quize.Sometimes it wouldn't even send the results as it is suppose to. This stresses the student pretty much. That exams and quizes should be done in a way that it can be saved on a disk so that one can save and print it if one has no printer or so that the disk can be used in another computer when the one in use freezes.
that i dont have to go to class the instructor didnt rexspond to questions and everything was poorly organized teacher have to be more involved. She uses three months to grade a paper!
The flexibility nothing just to make more of them
The convienence of not having to drive to class. Not knowing exactly the details of assignments sometimes. Meeting throughtout the semester face to face is good in order to clear up any uncertanties.
Simple assignments Worksheets hard to understand More clear
i liked that part was on-line and part in person and professor posted notes in a timely manner
I enjoy the ability and freedom to do my work on my own time.
All the stuff I learned Nothing really
I liked the fact that I could move at my own pace and that I didn't have to go to class everyday. There were a lot of problems with the quizes and exams with taking our grades. The program seemed to mess up a lot. The program needs to have all of its problems worked out. There needs to be more than one orentation for the course. One at the beginning middle and end of course.
I liked being able to set my own schedule for this course as long as I completed exams and quizzes by specific dates. I hated trying to make myself remember to actually work on the class.
I don't have to drive all the to Carrollton to go to class when I usually don't get anything from them any way. Working on line gives me the freedom to do my work and turn it in with out the middle man. I took a test and it didn't go to my insructor so I had to take it over. Fix problem from question 15
that it was on-line nothing none
Flexibility I could do my classwork at any time. I am a VERY early riser. also the ability to work at my own pace was valuable. There were WAY too many problems. The book wasnt always with the modules, not just the FIRST chapter either. Tests and quizzes had too many problems transmiting. I have taken other classes that this didnt occur in. ALWAYs check material and online lessons. They need to match in order to avoid confusion. Also, the technical crew needs to make sure that everything functions properly. We pay a lot for the class, we have the right to expect it will work.
it gave me the chance to do my work on my own time. Sometimes the computer might freeze. I would like quicker responses from the teacher.
you could work at your own pace. The lab was open only to cism students at certain times but other students still came in for other reasons. If you mess up on activities and brought to a techers attention then you should be given the opportunity to retake the assignment.
I liked the fact that I could go at my own pase.
Being able not to have to sit in a class room everyday. The time frame it gave to do the work. I didnt to much like when the quizes would become unavaliable. For everything to be available until the end of the semester.
Going at your own pace I think that it is unfair how much the final is worth and that we are not allowed to use our notes. Do not make the final be worth so much. Even if you make A's on all your tests you could mess up on the final and fail the course.
it was convenient. it could get confusing none
I like the fact that I can do the work in the comfort of my room. n/a n/a
It was a big help not having to make the 100 mile commute. I liked the flexibility of working on-line at my convenience. There were some topics I really didn't understand and would have benefited from a traditional class session. I would have liked to go back over some of the work we did on-line. I have had one other on-line class and we had a chat room that met weekly. I don't think participation would necessarily have to be mandatory with the chat room but would have helped those who wanted to take advantage of it.
Well I didn't have that long drive every week. I found that I was constantly checking the BB and mail. Also, I missed having face to face interaction with class members and the teacher An more organized system for getting work graded and posted
Chatting and sharing ideas with classmates in a comfortable setting. N/A
Doing the work at home Having one day that you can take the exam More freedom to move at your own pace. being able to take the exam early if you want
I could take the quizzes and exams at my own pace. Sometimes technical diffulculties happened (like exams not being sent to the instructor) and I wasn't sure what to do then. I think people need to know if the exams are not sent to the instructor then they need to save the printed copy of the exam and turn it in...I did not know this!
No travel time. Everyone had equal time for response - with brief responses. Threaded discussions gave flexibility. Needed more advance info for students - Chapter or Notes on web for students to print out. Difficult to take notes. More advance information for students - either Chapt. or notes on web. ``Specific study guides.
I could do my work on my own time and not have to worry about class times. I still prefer meeting face to face. Having an occasional class where students can come in and "touch base."
I had the freedom to do the work when I wanted to which allowed me more time to study for other classes as well as this class and I liked not having to go to class for this class!!! Sometimes the internet would be down and that caused problems besides that nothing. To Have More of Them
THe flexibility to go online when it is best for me. nothing More of them
What I liked about this course was thst I got the chance to take a class that I did not have to get up every morning to go to.I was able to make my own decisions and laern on my own terms. I love this experience with haveing an online course becuase it taught me that you not only learn in a classroom. :) There wasn't much to dislike about this course becuase it was so cut and dry. If any the communcation with the profesors was at first a little difficult- but then I had to get use to them e-mailing me back with their reponses. :) I would suggest an online taught dissucusion where the professor can be seen through a camera on the webct system. The intstuction can be taught and played like on realplayer- sort or in a multimedia sort of way.
You can access the material on your own time and not be burdened by a normal class time. Since the workbook does not follow the modules at the begin. I did not know what I was doing. At the first class meeting, give more instructions on accessing the class. For instance, go through a module lesson with the students so they'll understand what they are doing.
it was easier to do the work and i could do the work when ever i want the email did not work all the time try to make the turning in of work a little easier
no class attendance required teacher was unorganized
we did not have to sit through a lecture the software did not work on my home PC theirfore i had to do all the work at school use software that can be downloaded and used on any PC
freedom to access any time nothing n/a
I liked the fact that I could do my work on my own time and just turn it in when I was ready. I didn't like the fact that there was no specific time that you go on line sometimes I would forget to go online and would have to rush and do things at the last minute. Stay focused and don't fall behind, becase once you fall behind, there is no room for catching up!
It allowed you to go at your own pace and you could complete the modules, quizzes, etc. at any time. There were some problems. I didn't have any personally, but I know that it is frustrating when you have just spent an hour doing and exam and the computer loses it. The instructors/technology personnel should have worked through the modules and fixed all the problems before the class began. College students that work and carry a full load do not have time to redo the same things over and over because of something that is beyond their control.
That I could do it whenever I wanted to or had time. I felt the teachers were not very helpful When Ihad a problem that had to do with computers, they were not understanding at all, and very rude  
I enjoyed the fact that I could do the assignments at my own pace and when I had time available/ I had a lot of trouble pulling up my grade from the attachments. Having at least one day for the class to meet and discuss how things are going. It would be good to meet during the middle of the semester.
I prefer to do my learning face to face. Limited access to internet Give students a choice to do it or not.
Those of us who do not always have covenient access to a computer are out of luck. We don't always have time outside of class to check the computer. I have a job too.
access to the information at any time trying to work in a group on a project and post the results on webct meeting in the computer lab helped a lot in getting up and running on webct quickly
I can do it when ever I want nothing
I liked the fact that you work at your on pace.
Information covered in the lesson files were covered on the quizes. The grade is based totally on the effort of the individual not on attendance. The student has total control of their grade. The use of the message board students to complain about problems that arose because of their own laziness not the structure of the course. Limit to sophomores or higher. The online courses seemed better suited for older, more responsible students, not freshman
Not having to drive to campus to find out what was happening in the class the projects didnt work good emailing them to the teacher
That there was immediate feedback on the test and quiz grades. That the modules were not as helpful as I expected them to be when completing the assigments. The lab instructors were not very helpful when asked for assistance. That the modules actually give students the information and practice on what the assinments are on. The instructor and lab assistants should not assume that the students already know everything there is to know about computers.
I could do the work when convient I am not organized enough to remember test and quiz dates and because I had a couple of weeks to complete it there are no excuses. Instructors need to be alittle more understanding to circumstances that come up at the last minute. Even though the student waits until the last two or three days there may have been some circumstances that prevented the student from completing the work. Also some extra credit would be nice. I am a 4.0 student. I miss one test and quiz because of school related incidents and I am dinged a letter grade.
I loved being able to be at home and take courses! I also loved not having to drive to campus. I felt more comfortable asking questions online. Nothing!
did not have to attend class If you did not have to attend class you might miss out on the due dates on assignments. Also the assignments might not reach to professors, like exam 2 that I did not know the professors did not receive.  
The work was done when I have time. Also I was given enough time to complete my assignments. Not knowing what would be on the final. Also the final is worth more than every test and quiz. A study guide for the final.
Not having to drive to the campus for class each week. In addition I enjoyed having access to information from any computer. The technical difficulties I had with my personal computer. Offer additional courses on line!!
The tests did not work on most of the computers I tried and had to do several over and over again before i recieved a mark.
I was able to work at my own pace I was unable to really get to know my instructor and how they grade More frequent meetings than just one and exactly what is expected on the final exams
The flexabiltiy of doing my assignments. Also the ability do the modules more than once to fully understand them. Furthermore, being able to see my grade when ever I want to. Having only three computer labs on campus with Aurtherware on them. Have more computer labs on campus with Aurtherware on them. There are three labs on campus with Aurtherware. None of these labs are open late. The student center computer lab is open the latest and it does not have Aurherware. It would be nice to have all computer labs on campus to have this program, especially if more classes are becoming on-line.
offer more of them
The sometimes flexibility. The program errors that interefered with our learning and test taking. It's a distance course (ie. NOT on campus) having to drive to campus because the *program* isn't working is NOT convenient to anyone. Make sure things work properly before the class starts.
can work at own pace The final counts way to much down grade the final exam.......counts 600 out of the 1001 points that are availiable for the whole class......That is a lot
The fact that I could complete the assignments when I wanted to. If I didn't understand something I would have to write my problem down and wait for a response. N/A
I could work anytime Would rather not say Would rather not say
The flexibility of the class. Sometimes having questions and not being able to discuss them with my teacher face to face due to time conflict N/A
I could work on the quizzes and tests at my lesiure. n/a n/a
bullentin boards nothing nothing
easy to use and more accessible since I live off campus really have to keep up with it more interaction with students and teachers
Didnt have to come to class nothing none
I liked not having to go to class. I liked everything. none
I like the modules abd the get help portions they helped me learn how to use programs. sometimes it didn't tell you where or what to do. I like the set up so far
I can work on the class when ever I want to as long as it is finished by the due date. being able to see a teacher when I have problems with the information. none
being able to check my grades Not very much online content was provided Posting notes and keeping the class schedule online
didnt have to go to class the problems we had at the beginning of the semester i was confused more organized
being able to access the class or talk to the professors any time of the day when you have computer failure during a test and it causes you to have a bad grade nothing
not having to drive 92 miles chats should be more flexible grouping- ``rotate members or something
not having to drive all that way! not getting grades back in a decent amount of time. A little confusing to send things to instructors. more of them!
I gained valuable skills for work that was and added benefit of the class.``Not having to drive 110 miles. I enjoy interaction with others.``This class was excellent because it was 50/50 An orientation for the timid``Dr. Mims was WONDERFUL and ENCOURAGING
The advantage to online courses is that they offer the students the flexibility to learn in their own home environment. However for me, I am an auditory learner. I missed hearing the voices of my peers. On-the-other-hand, I can write and learn as well, so that is what I do during online courses; I take notes a lot. As noted above, the absence of sound is a disadvantage. When the instructors voice can be heard over the Internet as well as other students, that will be great. It would be helpful to have grades posted as soon as possible. Some professors are sticklers about this, others are not. Adding sound and live feed would be great. Also, it makes a big difference when the instructor takes advantage of it, especially if grades are posted in a timely manner. ````I also like the idea of being able to reach a particular student. Again, it makes a difference if everyone is utililzing webct. It doesn't do any good if the person you are trying to contact never checks webct! I think it works best when it is manditory for everyone to check webct at regular intervals, e.g., every Friday.
I could move at my own pace There were so many problems reported by students about errors with quizzes and/or tests. I think this material needs to be tested before it is accessable to students who are ready to complete it. Same as above
The online portion of the course is good in that I can complete that portion of the course in the comfort and privacy of my home when it is convenient for me. Some assignments I felt should have been completed the old fashioned way--by handing in a report to the instructor. The WEBCT was not always user friendly when transferring documents. More time could be given to the input process in the future. Allow enough input time for online assignments.
being able to access from the comfort of my own home not enough of them more more, more
i could do it whenever i had time. it is really convenient to slide in time between work and school or at night. sometimes my computer was not working with me like i wanted
Ability to check on grades calendar and class assignments easily from a PC. Professor was very responsive to e-mails and other information from students. Trying to keep up with the class Bulletin Board -- hundreds of postings by professor and students -- no way to sift out frivilous messages from meaningful ones without reading them all! Continue to allow submission of class assignments, tests, etc. via WebCT. Keep e-mail link open between professor and students. Eliminate Bulletin Board or manage its use better (e.g., post on specific topics during specific time windows, then archive or trash previous messages).
Freedom to work on a schedule that suits my time and work schedule - late at night like now Needed a little more clarity on directions at the beginning of using WEBCT and creating a webpage The assistace of SUWG technical support at the beginning of the class by being physically present and walking you through "how-to" complete with handouts and diagrams.
the opportunity to bvecome more comfortable with the computer. directions were not always clear and the class met on campus far more often than was indicated in the course catalog. meeting dates listed in the catalog should be accurate and possibly directions in writing as well as those given by inhstructor.
I was able to work on assignments when I had time sometimes at odd hours. It was nice to be able to take a class and not have to travel to the campus since I live a considerable distance away. I also learned how to use technology better to enhance my job as a teacher...learned new and exciting links and applications too. I did not like the fact that I never met my class or professor face to face. I also submitted many assignments that my professor did not respond to. I would like to get some feedback on my efforts. There was also a little fear about what was coming since I did not have a clear understanding of expectations and specific assignments that were posted. Have one face to face meeting of the class at the beginning. Make it clear when to check the web for assignments. Acknowledge all assignments that are submitted. Provide a little more feedbak.
Did not have to do as much work impersonal we had a great class, and it made the class more interesting. have a class meeting at least once a month to have a relationship with the professor and class mates
The ability to receive grades easily and quickly
I felt that it was easy to access my grades and that it was more logical for the professor to post grades on the internet rather than hand all the tests back individually during class time. I didn't like not being able to see what questions on the tests that I got incorrect. I had to go to my professor's office to see my test. Some sort of system where you can see the questions that you got wrong.
it was very easy to access nothing really none
i can do it in my spare time. it is easy to use and understand. it causes me to be somewhat lazy and it is difficult to get immediate help if i need it. keep up even if you do not go to class.
I liked being able to complete my work when my little boy was in bed. I didn't have to leave him to go attend a class. On my breaks at work I was able to get on-line and complete assignments. I liked the wealth of information available on the Internet. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Plus, this saves gasoline!!! The only problem was when a certain web site was down.
I find that I better learn the material throught the modules and materials made available through this on-line course. N/A I just wish UWG offered more of them!
was a do it on your own time class nothing really practice quizes
easy when my computer might mess up. none
Tests that did not actually test your knowledge of the subject matter. This course in general is just pointless. It seems that the main point is to force you to buy the book and make money for the school of business. This was the most pathetic excuse for "learning" anything about computers. Tests simply require memorization and the ability to follow directions. It doesn't matter if you actually know how to use a computer. This is ridiculous!
i liked being able to do it on my own time i disliked the hours of the lab (not enough) and the difficulty in having the exams print out after taking it
I do not have to travel the 1hour 10 minutes to UWG campus. Also I can work the requirements into my personal schedule. the accoutability for other group members during the chats was low, sometimes they did not respond or did not show up at all.  
nothing at all
It gave me the opportunity to work at my own pace and saved me time sometimes I would get a little worried if my grades did not show up Just that the grades go through for sure
Not having to drive to Carrollton Lack of face to face contact
*convenience``*opportunity for interaction with other teachers``*flexibility *times when the "chat" room would go down``*slackness of some class members in participating and in showing up during the appointed time``*sometimes being frustrated in trying to plan presentations when it seemed it would be easier to meet face-to-face *make every class member more accountable -- some do not show up for the weekly chats OR do not contribute to the discussions``*archive the information for students to use after the semester is over (I know now that once a course is over it is "wiped off" the WebCt access.
the flexibility and accessibility trouble turning in one of my tests apparently it was for others too, judging by the bulletin board  
i got to fit it into my schedule and it was easy to learn from. getting scared my quiz or test would mess up or my grade would get lost make getting the grade to the teacher a safer way
Work at home and the time to do things. Could not ask Questions easily I do not Know it is too new to say.
Self-paced. OVERWHELMING Bulletin Board Postings. Although I have found online courses (not just this one) very frustrating I do know what would improve them. Sorry!
nothing the exam is worth too much. not enough information is given. needed study guides. too hard to understand cancel them
you can take lessons and tests at your convenience not being able to Instant Message teacher be able to IM teacher
not having to go to a sceduled class-the flexibility was great the final with no use of sources on the comp
easier to ask questions that couldn't be answered in class nothing no suggestions
Ability to log in and do classwork anytime anyplace according to however my business and personal schedule permitted. none MORE OF THEM!!! I would like to see the entire MPA program offered online - or at least all of the core classes.
The ability to work primarily on the weekends since I work full-time. The convenience is the selling point for me. There did seem to be some technical difficulties with exam submission. There were a good bit of typographical errors and some broken sentences. I would suggest that the on-line material both exams and modules be proof read for accuracy and coherentness. Even though it is a computer course as an educational institution I feel a quality presentation is expected.
work when you want to easy to forget about stay the same
It was cool and I like working by myself the software didn't always work right
Easy to access and work on my on time. I didn't know my grades as through out the portion of this class. I couldn't find help like in an one on one class eviroment. Maybe have a day that everyone could meet for questions. But make this an optional day.
It gave a new way of learning. I also REALLY enjoyed the FLEXIBILITY and being able to work at my OWN pace without having tons of garbage crammed in before I can process it. Very little if anything Maybe require MORE visits to the CLASSROOM just so people are keeping up. My problem was procrastination and I did ALL the work and tests the day before.
i could do it when i had time. sometimes you would click on an answer and it would say that it was the wrong plce when actually it would turn out to be the right place.
Not having to go to class. I got off track a lot because it is hard to do work on your own time. Have a couple of in-class sessions to make sure everyone is caught up.
I enjoyed the flexibility of chatting with the groups and reading the info on the bulletin board!!very informative!! I did not dislike anything!!!
i could check on my grades whenever I needed to.
that i could work at my own pace there were some computer problems
Not having class. That the tests were hard to get to go through some times. Have people come in for the tests because apparently it is too difficult to get everyones test to go through.
being able to study for the class when ever I wanted no mandatory class times Near the end I couldnt get my exams to be sent over internet had to bring them to Carrollton
the whole thing about some of the grades not getting to the teacher really messed me up and i do not think that is it fair because there is nothing i can do about it but suck it up and watch my grade drop. in the future make sure that students have all the info they need to have on the syllabus that way there is no questions about any thing.
The ability to stay home. Not face to face Some help with Bell South to get the kinks out
Not having to drive to the campus. And the chats that provided so much wonderful information on a weekly basis my limited typing skills and the fact that we were all trying to talk before we read the comments. Many times they were duplicated in conversation Just continue providing these type classes to working teachers
The fact that it makes contact with teacher and other students very accessible Can't think of anything Just let folk know they have to try it to get into it.
I did not like it at all It was hard to learn everything on your own without instruction Have at least a mandatory meeting in class to reviewthings with the teacher
Being able to work late and early rather than having to meet class at a specific time. Teachers have so many demands on their time! Working with coleagues on a group project was hard. That was because colleagues did not respond well or often not from any innate problem in the course. Posting all due dates and class meetings on the calendar well in advance and making ALL articles that have to be critiqued available on-line. Please!
I could do the work whenever I felt like it. The uncertainty of whether or not our grades were recieved was inconvenient. offer more of them.
The fact I can do my work at night and on the weekends. to have some one actually talk you through the problems you may have. Wish there were more of them.
I liked the useage of the internet and not having to drive so far to class as well as the chats. Not having enough time to respond to a comment before we changed the subject. I guess my typing could improve, but it has since this class. Just continue doing a great job for working teachers. We love it!!!
I work full time 7-4. My time from work was minimal. I liked the freedom of working at my own pace but yet structured with a few deadlines. It improves time management skills. There were a few times during the exams I would select the correct answer but the system didn't accept. Click again and it deducted a point. Each course should have a workbook. In studying for the final it was invaluable.
The discussions were meaningful and helpful. I learned a great deal. When my computer has difficulty chatting. Provide more and more of them for grad students
Convenient! Lack of group participation A clearer understanding of what we should do independently. Perhaps all assignments presented in advance so we can work independently
easy and time is up to me figuring things out on my own in the future do not teach us stuff that we do not need
you can work own your time and your own pace. it was hard to stay motivated and keep myself from waiting to the last minute to do the assignments. daily due dates, to make sure that students are on top of things and know what is going on. maybe have a little asignment everyday for daily grade points.
There is not much that I liked about the on-line course. I do not ever want to take an on-line course again. WebCt was not working correctly this semester for this class so it was not very useful. I emailed my instructor 6 times and did not get a response. I think that is ridiculous. Because this was not a face-to-face class, I expected my questions to be answered via WebCt and the internet. I was not pleased with this on-line class at all. I would suggest that WebCt work properly. I do not blame my teacher entirely for my bad experience. My teacher does however need to be more organized. The teachers need to respond better to their emails. I was so frustrated with this class that I almost dropped it, but I need the class to graduate. My biggest suggestion is to have knowledgeable and available teachers for on-line courses.
Working at my own pace.
Being home and comfortable/ being kicked off trouble accessing webct. Faster computers
The convenience. Just being a new experience.
i could work at my own pace as long as the assignments were completed on time! i was just scared that i was going to mess up a quiz or a exam. thank god that did not happen! maybe the class and instructors should meet right before each exam. 4 times in a semester is not too bad. just to see if we are on the right track.
Convenience of home; quieter; less gas $$ for travel ------------ Have first class in lab so monitoring can be done of navigation skills
Flexibility!!! I enjoyed being able to sit down and do my work on my time instead of a scheduled time. It isn't very personable. When I wanted to ask my instructor a question I never when there would be a reply. None. There really isn't a way to make a computer personable.
the flexabilty When there is a problem it is not always easy to take care of.
Not having to travel. Flexibility. Not a thing.
Ability to avoid driving to the campus as often. Problems with Word attachments and format for e-mail and postings. Fix above mentioned problems.
I did not have to go to college campus to do my coursework every week. Nothing Continue this concept. It's a great one!
E-mail between classmates Unorganized too open-ended Have an organized, set agenda. Keep due dates definite, keep assignments clear and definitive
The convenience. I teach and have a family and the online portion of the class allowed me to gain access to information and ideas without spending 2hours traveling back and forth to the campus. I sometimes felt unsure of exactly what the expectations were for the assignments/discussions More structure and guidelines
You can work at your own pace. Nothing I did not think it was fair to have a final that counted for more than half of the grade.

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