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likes dislikes suggestions
didnt have to be in the classroom when the computer fouls up none
Easily share our projects with one another-get instant feedback nothing none
Working at my own pace and not being in class because the class would have conflicted with my schedule. The workload in prepartion for the test, which I did not do well on. Less complicated
I liked it because I could work at my own pace and do the objectives when I wanted to. I disliked the fact that the only time we saw the professor was on test days. I would suggest for this class that the professor show up more than just on test days. Some people can't figure things out by themselves and need the professors help. Also what are we paying for the class for if we have to teach ourselves??
Mainly the flexibility to access it when I needed to do so. Nothing except that I missed the face-to-face contact. The debate worked okay with 5 people, but more than that would have been confusing. Nothing -- it seemed very well organized. Dr Kirby did a good job of posting assignments and ideas. This was my first on-line course. I suppose I would have been frustrated if I had had Internet problems,but I was lucky enought not to have them.
It helps you study with the use of tutorials and quizes provided by the instructor. It also allows you to track your grades online. When you learn online, you basically have to self-teach yourself the course material. This is sometimes very difficult to do even if you have instructions from the instructor via e-mail. Some people may be able to learn things better this way. I feel that it is more time- consuming than the traditional "face to face" classroom method. You can learn something easier and remember it better if the instructor physically shows you how to do something. It's called making something "click". This rarely if ever happens on an online course. As technology progresses with computers and the prices of them get more affordable, I suggest a method of teaching that uses video that explains how to work problems (just like a traditional classroom setting). This is something that is realistic today, but the costs of hardware and software are too great for students like myself. This may be realized sometime within the next 10 to 15 years. Today, it requires too much money and technology.
the online portion was okay. The only problem was that when you had a question you couldn't get the teacher right away. However he did respond quite promptly the next day. The online courses are a great convienant way to take classes, it's just takes a little time to get used to. the fact that when you had a question at night, you had to wait until the next day before you got an answer. The instructor did however respond promtly to the questions. have online help at night when there are problems or questions
The one thing I really liked was I did it on my own time and own pace. My teacher was good about going into depth on subjects also which was good. The book was not the best. It would take example but not really show or tell what was really going on or how to do it. Maybe every so often have a class meet to clear up some questions, or to show examples. Over all good class.
I liked the fact that I could go at my own pace. I was able to do the exercises and continue to work them over and over again as many times as I wanted. I also liked the fact that we could e-mail the teacher at any time to ask him a question. There really is not much that I did not like about the course. I did not see the teacher to much, but then again I did not have any questions. If I did have a question I could always e-mail him. Have more exercises at the end of the modules to make sure that we really understand.
I thought it was flexible, allowing me to take the class on my own time and not be limited to a set schedule during the week. It's not personal Incorporate a face to face class for those of us who live near campus
I could work at it according to my timeframe. I would have liked more one on one conversation and guidance from the instructor. More frequent classroom togetherness. We didn't use the chat room and maybe this would have helped.
I liked this online class, mostly because of its convenience. I have 3 small children and I work a 3rd shift job. Although I drive to SUWG twice a week for a different class, it is very time consuming. It is a greater benefit for me to spend that time online, in class, rather than on the road. Also, if I have a question about anything that was said in class, I can easily call up every word that was uttered. There is never any confusion about what is going on. I hate to admit this, but the thing I disliked about this class was definite time deadlines. For example, a report would be due on Monday by 11:00am. And I disliked that at least one student in the class seemed to have lost any inhibitions about being abrasive. I really liked my course, and I can think of no suggestions for improvement.
The online class helped me to do the work when and where I wanted. That is important to me since I am taking 18 and an Honors class. This material lends itself to distance learning well. I had no problems with this class being online. Everything works out really well in this particular class. Just be careful not to put classes that are more dependent on interaction with the instructor online.
I can work at my own pace and feel free to contact the instructor at any time if I have problems with the coursework. Sometimes it is hard to discipline myself enough to get the work done early and I procrastinate since I can since the only "class" I'm required to attend is for exams. I sometimes tend to be more disciplined in my non-online classes than in my online one but I am doing well in this particular course. Have the workbook questions better align with what is demonstrated in the modules. Sometimes words we're asked to define in the workbook are not clearly defined in the module.
Having the flexibility to work on it whenever I wanted to Nothing None
the ability to communicate with others when it was convenient for me... be it at 8PM or 3AM... none more work is not necessarily better---it is just more!
I liked the flexibility and the independence. I am a nontraditional student so I don't need to have face contact w/ an instructor to do my work. There is nothing that I disliked about the course Distance learning allowed me to accept a full time position because I didn't have to attend classes. I would say make more classes on line. Every other university does it and now there are even universities that allow students to obtain their degrees all via distance learning. If West Georgia is to stay competitive, then administration and department chairs should realize the needs of the student body is changing.
I liked being able to participate in class discussions when I was available rather than having set class hours. This course remained very disorganized and difficult to follow. offer more courses, in a greater variety of majors.
It fit in well with my schedule, allowed me to work when it was convenient for me. I work, have a family and attend school, flexibility is of paramount impor- tance to me. One class time at the beginning of the course would for an overview would have been helpful since this was my first online course. The first class was only to receive pin. I would like to see more of them. And have them be as good as my CISM class.
I really liked how easy it was to access webct. It was also very easy to talk to the instructor through webct. He was very helpful in answering questions promptly. I also seem to understand better this way because I can take things at my own pace. I never really disliked anything. There were a few times that quizzes got messed up or something like that, but not too often, so it seemed to go very smoothly. letting students delete old postings
I could work at times that fit my schedule. too much reading no way to get rid of old posts I can't think of anything that I would change. I loved this course.
I like being able to work in the privacy of my own home I don't feel so pressured to get the job done. Being relaxed helps me to do better. I can spend more time home with with my children. I don't feel as though I'm abandoning them. I was not sure sometimes if I was doing the right thing. I guess I could have called and asked questions. Make it mandetory to attend class at a certain time. Or make certain lessons due at a certain time, so they would have to be finished before last minute.
I liked the fact that you could work on your own time, and go at your own pace. I liked how you could take the quizzes over again untill you were happy with your score, and you could also learn more that way. I liked how you caould sighn up for the time you wanted to take the test. I didn't like it because it was hard to keep up, sine we really didn't have to attend a class. It made it difficult for me to be motivated. I tended to do some of the things last minute. More comprehensive teaching devices in helping us understand some of the concepts.
    As I stated before, I did not dislike anything about the "on-line" portion of this class. But I did not like the tests'. I as,many students do not like the way the computer deducts points for misplaced cursors, or not being able to do things several different ways. In short I do not feel that it is necessary to be able to accomplish a task in various ways....if you know it, you know it. It is difficult to change how you do something if you have been doing it a certain way for four or five years.
I liked not having to go to class everyday, being able to communicate via the bulletin board or e-mail. I did not dislike anything per say about the "on-line" portion.  
We could work at our own pace can't think of anything I feel that this class has successfully utilized the technology available and I do not have enough on-line experience to be able to offer suggestions.
The convenience of being able to set my own schedule, turn in assignments on line, and use alternative sites for instruction. I am afraid I may not retain the information, it has been more difficult for me to learn without the auditory component of class discussions. Make the assignments more consistent.
I liked doing it on my own free time. I never knew when anything was due for certain. None, I believe that it is the best that it can be.
I found it very helpful to be able to do my class work on my own time. It gave me a chance to decide how long and when I needed to be working for this class. Sometimes I found it a little hard to just walk into the library and have to find something when I was not very familiar with the library at all. I do not like on-line courses. But if I had to make a suggestion, it would be that consistency is very important. If the teacher says only check in once a week, I will only check in once a week. I do not like finding surprises when I check in (like that I had homework that was due yesterday.)
Quizzes; syllabus; notes Having to check the discussion board. see Q 17
I work full time and took 3 classes fall semester. I would not have been able to carry such a load if I weren't participating in WebCT. CONVENIENCE!!! the software this course teaches has several ways of doing several different things. I don't think it is appropriate to offer only one choice as a correct answser. I believe it is possible to offer most all the choices, but would take more preparation from the instructor. I think it would help to further explain a concept. Maybe some type of practice exam after a module is complete. Just more help.
I liked that I could go at my own pace If you did not understand something you had to repeat it over and I feel like the book did not help in further explaining it. Just getting the bugs out of the technical system. I wish more of my cyber classmates had participated more in dicussions. It must be hard for instructors to "make" students participate when the class is online.
The flexibility and anonymity. There isn't a fear to raise hands and ask questions. I like the freedom, too. I like working at my own pace. I had some technical difficulties that were annoying but had nothing to do with the course itself. It's funny, because others had the same freedom of anonymity and I think it was sometimes abused. But the course itself was great, I loved it. i really don't have any; i think the instructor did an excellent job at answering my questions promptly, and also during the test he was very nice.
i liked the fact that i could come and work on assi- gnments when it was convenient for me. although, sometimes it was hard to make myself come to class, but overall i enjoyed it. i didn't like the fact that when i was doing a module you couldn't just go back to the screen before, you had to go back an entire page and do it over again, when maybe all i needed to see again was one thing. Have the professor put examples or post correct answers on the discussion board.
That I could do the work on my own time, when I had time. I felt less pressured this way. I didn't have to drive to school--I could do my work at home. I didn't know if I was doing it right (the homework). That the class would meet at least once a week for the instructor to answer any questions that the students might have that they couldn't really explain in the forum.
I think that I liked not having to show up for a class three days a week and being able to work on my assignments on my own time. A few times I had confusion over the assignments and didn't feel that the other people in the class were getting good responses back when they asked a question in the forum so I never did. The disadvantage of online courses is the lack of communication among students. I would suggest encouraging students to tell their opinions by email or chat rooms by giving them some incentives to do this: raising the grade etc..
flexibility - I could study when I had time the way material was presented links used in the material two passwords to enter into the site do not try to incorporate so much work into the course.
not having to attend class regularly. it had alot of busy work.  
I could do work at my own convenience.   Explain more on how to download those exercises onto a disk and have them actually work for you.
I liked that I could do my work on my own time and didn't have to go into class to do the work. I could never get the extra exercises to download so if i had a teacher to help me it probably would have made it easier. Make Webct Internet Explorer compatible
The flexibility of not having to drive to campus and being to work at times that suited my schedule. Nothing None
Flexible Nothing Maybe have a bi-weekly optional meeting
Flexibility Lack of Personal Interface Keep things running the way they are and you should have much future success.
I liked being able to work at my own leisure, and being able to work at a pace to meet future deadlines. I also liked being able to contact the instructor any time I had a question. This class also helped me a lot with my understanding of the computer. I really didn't have any problems with this course. I learned a lot, and it was pretty interesting.  
I liked being able to work on my own computer and not having to use the computer labs. The course was pretty selve explanitory, however at first I did get confused and had to ask how to begin. Once I understood, it was fairly easy. If something doesn't work it makes it hard to do some of the course. For instance, the modules are hard to pull up and the exercise at the end are confusing to get into. don't have them
Not much. Lack of real interaction and learning this class has been done very well except for one thing. On the tests, you can sometimes get penalized for searching or even accidentally doing something wrong. This was very frustrating and i dont think it is realistic. On a normal computer one can search as much as nessacary to find what you need
I liked the flexibility of going at your own pace combined with the ability to access information for the class at any time I wanted to. nothing! I think this class was very rewarding. I think we meet enough on campus. I think it would be hard to have a class that did not meet sometime on campus.
I think most people responded more openly and honestly using the online setting than in person in class. That the class would sometimes crash during the class.  
I enjoy the convenience and not having to endure the long drive computer difficulties no suggestions
flexibility of schedule using computer ;trusting computer none
instead of sitting through boring classes i am able to cram the entire course in a couple of nights. nothing The amount of time on the Internet can be costly.
the flexibility I'm used to teacher presentations.  
Being able to learn at my own pace. Not having anyone to help you right then. none
I liked being able to work from my computerat home or work, rather than having to go to campus. Often on-line assignments are more time consuming. N/A
This course gave me the opportunity to experience learning on line as well as letting me complete the work on my own time. N/A IMPROVE GSAMS RELIABILITY AND SPEED!!!
There is an opportunity to ask questions, and post different projects withut being in class. Also, feedback is much easier to obtain in a more private manner(if so desired). With a busy schedule, it is easy to log on and do what you need to do without physically being in class. N/A have more than one available instructor to answer questions and concerns from the students.
i liked the fact that i could do the lessons at my own pace and do it when ever i wanted to. the teacher did not always respond to my questions or concerns  
It enabled me to learn about topics without having to rely on a teacher all the time. This is my first year in collage and it took a little time to learn to do work completly on my on. Option to let you know the email was read... a confirmation sent to you that the email got to the person you were sending it to
The online portion of this course was enjoyable because I could access it at any time and work on my homework/assignments any time too. I also liked being able to email my classmates for opinions and questions. Not being sure if your email was sent....sometimes the professor wouldn't receive them even though yousent it. Speed up response time from the college's computer. Have a set time of daywhen students can access the professor and get immediate feedback without having to wait and keep checking to see if he has responsed. Have communication with the professor go through an email system rather than logging on to the course site to post "private" mail. Have the response come back to student's regular e-mail site.
Ability to work at my pace at times that were convienent for me. I did not have to sit and wait for somebody who was unprepared to grasp the concept. I also liked the ability to review only the parts that I felt I needed to review! Also, really liked being able to be in my Pajama's when working on classwork!! Slowness of the College's computer in responding to my input. Having to wait to take the exam at a designated time rather than whenever I had finished the module. Having the computer that I used for exam 1 glitch and not refresh the screen as it was supposed to do. Having the wrong concepts module for exam 2(used a different computer than the one for exam 1)! N/A
I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO THE CLASS N/A Try to meet as a class more often to reduce problems.
It was very interesting. To do the quizes online and study the material also online was a great experience for me. The thing about online course was that the system was not perfect. Some students seem to find errors in grading the quizes.  
I could go over parts I did not understand a second time without bothering anyone. I disliked this course because this was an inconvienience for me. Not a regularly set time. none
Do your work on your time and whatever time. The course is good, no dislikes.  
I enjoyed the instant feedback from my professor and my classmates. It was good to be able to post projects on WEBCT and not have to always travel to West Georgia to turn them in. Nothing NONE
IT WAS INTERESTING NOTHING I felt like herded cattle when taking the tests.
convenient to much administrative control. such as when and when not to take quizzes  
Being able to work on the class anytime that I wish. The tests were unforgiving with one wrong click and Too picky. You could be on the right Icon and clicking and it would be wrong if it were a little off. The correct area for an answer should be bigger. In Windows, It is. Have at least one in class time every few weeks to answer questions and go over problems, if there are any.
I enjoyed the times when I could check to see what was going on with the course even if I missed a day of class. Some of the problems were hard to understand without first being shown how to do them. Just to make sure that everyone understand how to use webct to it's fullest use. It's a very nice program, I just think that people are missing out on all the advantages.
I likes having all the lessons on the internet. It allowed a person to work on the class at his/her convience. It allows you to work at your own pace, which usually results in you learning more information. I didn't really find any dislikes. Change the way test are given on the computer. Check to make sure there are not glitches in the quizes given by the computer.
I like the way the modules worked. They were broken down in a way that may the course easy to undersatnd. I dislike the quizes and the test. Often times on the quizes, I know I put one answer down, but the computer said that I put another down. With the test, I did not like the way it gave you the answer after you may have clicked in the wrong place, or answered the wrong answer twice. I feel as though it should not have been marked wrong after the second try. The test should be more like a mutiple choice test, you can change your answer as many times as you would like until the test is handed in. Certain materials can be covered and learned online but harder courses and materials should be covered in a classroom setting.
I liked being able to review tutorials about certain material and take quizzes over certain material and also participate in class discussions over the material. I didn't like learning some of the chapters online and then coming in class to take the exam. There was no face to face interaction with the instructor to ask and receive answers to questions about the material. NONE... tradition courses are much more efficient and beneficial to the students... especially, the expense of the classes.
Convient for students to work on assignment on their own time. I did not like it. Professor and student interaction was minimal. Feedback was very slow. Assignments was difficult without the professor's help or expansion/discussion on materials. ?
Being able to look over material I didn't understand on my own time. This class isn't as easy to learn on line. You should have waited until the campus was fully wired.
I can do it whenever I feel I have the time without pressure. I'm dependant on my slow 28.8 kbps connection in the Dorm using Carrollton phone lines.  
It wasted less time by having to go to class, and it was easy to review. There were mistakes with some things. Can't say that I know enough to make a suggestion.
The Materials were available at a time convenient to me. I could contact my professor whenever I needed. If I needed an answer right away, I had to wait for e-mail. more space to write in the handbooks.
i liked the fact that i could work at my own pace. i could go ahead some weeks and lag behind on others when i was busy with other things. i did not like the fact that i had to completly rely on myself to understand the work. i am used to teachers explaining a little bit and then taking it from there.  
the class being online allowed me to do it at my own pace. no face to face interaction with the teacher. i feel that there are so many more details that can be learned in the classroom setting. answers to questions are answered right away in the classroom. Make more available. I think you would have more people taking graduate classes if they were offered on-line.
The convenience nothing I have no suggestions.
I liked not having to drive all the way to campus. nothing Spend more time explaining what is going the first few days before people are thrown into the course clueless.
I liked being able to work at my own pace and the challenge of doing the material mostly on my own. I disliked the introduction of the course on the very first day of classes because it was very confusing and frustrating tring to figure out what exactly was going on. Thus, I feel there should be more time spent the first few days explaining the set up of the class. See answer to question 17.
I could do the work at my own pace, and did not have to worry about this course as much as my others. In the last 2 test modules, you had to have the actual program (ie. Excell, Access, PowerPoint) on the computer you were working on to do the excercises. This programs should be implemented like the first module was, with a sample part of the program for the excercises. n/a
I like being able to find out grades from exams, additional notes that were made available by the professor and being able to print multiple copies of notes. n/a How about studying more how on-line course add the benefit of in-person course?
I was very convinient using on-line courses for fall semester. But sometimes when I have questions, I have a little trouble. Generally I am positive about on-line course. When I have questions on the course, I felt bad. In general, it is okay. Do not do a total on-line course. It is important that the students see and know the teacher once and a while
It told me information that was needed before the next class We hardly used it Because the use of the Intranet programs for educational purposes within academia is a new concept, a much smoother transition seems necessary for its acceptance. Instructors should be encouraged to (1) use the online system as a supplement for in-class coursework, and (2) they should be discouraged from relying primarily on "site hits" to predict course significance to their students. Perhaps, the traditional class attendance & participation is a sufficient indicator.
Its accessibility to previous assignments was a highlight, but it lacked the class support and interactive dialogue between class and teacher that is only available in a classroom setting. I, like many students, am more use to separating school life from home life; using this system, although accessible at home, feels like I'm "clocking in" as if I am still at work. Is it not enough for students to have the requisite assignments to finish at home? To use this system as a way to meet deadlines outside of the classroom impedes on the private lives of the students. The attempt was good, but lessons must be learned. Sometimes, the old fashion is the better fashion. make it an on line course
this was not a real on-line course this was not a real on line course None
I enjoyed being able to use any computer I was close to to be able to join in on the class. This was a big help to a person as busy as I am My problem was more personal that any thing my computer at school would not pick up the server for some reason. It continued to tell me that the server was busy and to try back later. When I know that my class mates were on it. Let students know ahead of time if they need special programs on their computers that they may not already have. For instance, if the course requires the students to create things in a graphics program, then you need to let them know right up front.
I liked being able to get my notes and assignments before class from the Section that Dr. Roblyer set up for this. It also meant that these were still there if I miss placed them or needed to go back to them for some reason. Posting attachments and having them come up the correct way. Basically, to lay everything out at the beginning. This was my first on-line course and as I mentioned before, it was sometimes confusing on what we were suppose to do...It sould be assumed that the student has never had an online course and everything should be explained so that no one else makes the mistakes like I did.
I liked the aspect of setting your own work time and going at a pace that best fits you. With a busy shcedule, it is convenient to have a class that does not require scheduled meeting times. At times, things were confusing. For example, when and where to sign up for tests...also the downloading of the exercises beginning with the second exam... that was never explained to me and I did not even get to do the exercises until the third exam after a classmate had explained to me what to do. None
I could do the assignments in my free time. Not having a teacher with me the whole time. I think that all courses should be online, because it is a helpful tool in a students learning. It helps the student with their computer skills as well as their learning. It makes the class much more interesting rather than just sitting in class listening to just lectures.
I really liked the online portion because it was very helpful I could do the work at my own pace. I enjoy doing work at my own pace. I don't like feeling pressured to have a time limit. Doing classes online is a wonderful experience for everyone. I truely found it very helpful and better understanding. I did not dislike anything of the online portion of this class. I would like to see quizes over the material that is not given quizes over now.
I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace on most things. I like to do things individually. This is great for people who have to work and go to school. I like how easy it was to use. I really didn't dislike anything. See question above.
I took this course because it was required and by taking distance learning, I didn't have to drive to Carrollton. Not having to drive was what I liked best. It is hard to separate the course content from the delivery and/or the medium. I hated this course: the content, the delivery and the medium. I do not like posting homework to the web, or the bulletin board type response, or the chat rooms, or sending attachments through e-mail. I learned how to do it, but these were prerequisite skills that should have been learned before the class began. It was frustrating struggling with the mechanics as well as the content. I especially do not like group assignments that must be done online. The more interactive the teacher wants the class to be, the more frustrating it is. I think passive learning would work best in this medium, such as lecture over distance learning, taking notes, and online tests. Groupy discussions and interminable projects do not mesh well with online. Have a mandatory in class session for the first class. The teacher needs to be very explicit with directions and expectations.
I could do my class work when it was most convenient for me. I felt like I missed out on a lot of stuff that I could have gotten from a class room. I also feel like I have been lost for most of the semester in this class.  
The prof was well organized, and she was very accessible. More face-to-face communication would have been helpful. None
I could access my work very easily Nothing Make educated helpers more readily available. (Our lab aid , when there, did not know answers to many of the Q's I had.)
I can take the class at any time i wish I am not that experienced when it comes to computers and at the start of the semester I was told that there would be an instructor or lab aid in the lab at all times but I found myself with many Q's and no one was there to amswer them. I believe this had an impact on how well I did inthe class.(I came to class around 10:00a.m.) Provide ways and means for the students to be able to have computers to work on classwork. Only for those who are taking a on-line course.
Having the opportunity to work at your own pace and not having to be in class at a certain time. I did my work when I got ready. I know the class work had t be done but just being able to do it when I got ready was a big relief off my shoulder. When I came to the computer lab to work on class assignments and the computer was down Always try to make it better
I could do it when I had time. nothing So far, so good. After taking only one on-line course so far, I have no recomendations as of yet.
I am 25 years old, taking 6 classes, and running a small courier business for myself. Therefore, time is my most valuable resource. I would not have had time for this class if it wasn't on-line. Being at a certain place at a certain time is really difficult Being an extremely busy person, the time flexibility this class offers to complete the work enabled me to take the class when I did. Otherwise I would have had to wait until I could fit it into my shedule. none
I liked how I could do my work whenever I felt up to it. I could sit at home in my OJ'S drinking coffee if I wanted. sometimes there was not enough help if I had questions about the problems Create a better study guide, explaining how to use webct and how to complete all of the modules.
If I wanted, I could acess the classwork any time that I wanted to; no matter what time of day or night. The instructor did not explain well how to complete each module, nor that you had to go back to the main screen to complete each lesson. The study guide could have been a little more helpful in explaining this as well, should the directions by the instructor remain unclear. Offer more courses this way
I could do my assignments at my convience. Nothing #1 - Offer more of them. They are terrific. #2 - Use advanced technologies such as webcams, video meetings and graphical presentations.
I could fit it into my schedule. As a sales executive, my customers really dictate my schedule and time. With the online course, I had deadlines to meet and I could work toward them whenever I wanted to. I would like to see some video type technology used. Maybe some powerpoint presentations and graphical things, rather than just text. Text is okay, this instructor was very adept at using her words, but I have known many that would have struggled to convey thoughts through just text. More teacher aids that enjoy the teacher/student enteraction
I liked the fact that you didn't have to attend class at a scheduled time, with online learning, one can make up their own schedul. The teacher aids did not give me the help that I would have liked. I don't faul them, but when you would ask for help they acted like you were asking them to do you a big favor. Give some tutorials on how to attach documents in e-mail and especially on the bulletin board. So many of us wasted HOURS trying to send completed documents to our instructor only to be frustated by the nuances of the system!
I did not have as far to drive. The system was up and down. Sound problems were never fixed. The audio from some locations was so loud, it was irritating to listen. We had to move from one location to another because of problems with the system and with the amount of money UWG was willing to pay for the location. I would strongly tell the students what the exams would be covering especially the first exam. However some parts of the test counts more percentage and this brings your grade down. If the students knew exactly what to spend their time studying this I feel would help each student. Also I would encourage students to attend the computer lab times and get as much help (from the professor) as they could.
The beginning of the course I enjoyed the on-line course, CISM 2201,because you got to work at your own pace. Throughout the semester I haven't had the same positive attitude toward the course because of my difficulties logging in to the quizzes, and somedays in the computer lab the course webct would be down....I did enjoy learning the information this course offered. The difficulties logging into the quizzes and the days when you couldn't log on the webct b/cit would be down. The private emails sent to my professor not once but twice I nevered received a response. I thought it worked the same as regular use of e mail but was just private sent to the person. Anyway....who knows? Make the entire course on-line.
I liked being able to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable. The delay in getting questions answered, however, our instructor always answered the questions in a timely manner. n/a
Could do it at your own pace sometimes certain things would not work, such as the first quiz, the professor however did fix things choose your professors wisely
nothing no help when i needed help Try to reach out to the students that really need the help.
What I enjoyed was the convience of being able to study when I wanted to. Some time it is hard to contact the professor. none
you get to work on your time sometimes stuff is hard to understand and it is hard to get help. I really don't have any suggestions.
I could do the work at my own pace on my own time. However, that sometimes put me behind. The chapter exercises helped me to understand the material so much better. More difficult to understand than it coming from the professor. I feel that it is at it's best.
The flexibility of doing the assignments at my leisure and not a specific time every other day. I do not feel that I truly know the material. Offer more of them.
I liked being able to do the work at my convenience. I enjoyed not having a set time to go to class. I work full time and have trouble finding times when I can attend class. I also enjoyed being able to work at my own pace. Not having to wait on the class to catch up to you is nice, and being able to take more time on things you need to is great. The only complaint I have is letting to many people sign up to take tests at the same time. The Forum should automatically limit the sign-ups. Post things as soon as possible. Other than that I thought it was great.
Not having to drive out to campus. It takes over an hour for me to drive from work, and then over an hour after class home. That is a lot of wasted time. My instructor was superb and I learned a great deal in my on-line course. I did find it helpful to meet the few times we drove to the campus. I believe it was about two or three times for the whole semester. The difficulty in getting information posted on the home page. The graduate assistant often did not post the notes for several weeks.  

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Last Updated on 7/10/01
By Jason Fulsang