DL Course Evaluation Summaries for Fall 2004

Overall analysis of student course evaluation summaries as prepared by faculty teaching distance courses. The results were presented to DL Steering Committee members for discussion of distance program improvements, and action as needed,

What went well in Distance Learning Classes

1.        Students liked ability to access material on their own time.

2.        Students liked having control over learning environment.

3.        Flexibility. Easy to complete assignments at home. Work at time of choice.

4.        Students like ability to communicate quickly.

5.        Not having to travel to class advantageous. Saves time and gas. Flexibility to work with groups.

6.        Course/instructor-specific praises.

7.        Increased opportunity to interact with peers.

8.        Being able to post all class notes.

9.        Fewer complaints about connection than past semesters.

What was problematic or should be improved

1.        Group projects difficulty gaining access to group members.

2.        Not being able to talk to instructor or other classmates.

3.        Hard to understand written instructions.

4.        Miss face-to-face component.

5.        Workload seems higher than in face-to-face.

6.        Maybe some face-to-face interactions needed.

7.        Difficulty accessing articles to GALILEO due to library modifications during semester.

8.        Attachments difficult to download.

9.        Students want 24/7 access to instructor.

1.        Calendar not specific enough.

2.        Getting more students to fill out evaluations.

3.        WebCT cumbersome too many clicks for instructor.

4.        Course specific issues.

5.        Motivation, isolation, procrastination by students.

6.        Grading is very time consuming.

Planned changes for future delivery of course, based on students' feedback

1.        Use more online chats.

2.        Form separate discussion group for group leaders.

3.        Some face-to-face meetings.

4.        Make nature of online learning more clear to students.

5.        More optional group projects.

6.        Use pictures of students so they can see what one another looks like.

7.        More audio attached with PowerPoints.

8.        Emphasize office hours.

9.        More detailed syllabus.

10.     Add Horizon Wimba.

Biggest adjustments required for distance instructors

1.        Not having face-to-face communication.

2.        Spending so many hours online.

3.        Had already made adjustments in previous courses.

4.        Making sure everything is in place at right time.

Level of student services, DDEC, and instructor support

1.        Students experienced with WebCT and asked for instructor help or group members.

2.        DDEC responded in timely manner and provided excellent follow-up.