Fall 2008 Distance Education Survey Faculty Response

Summarized and Combined

What went well in Distance Learning Courses?

1.      Course was well organized and had few technical problems.

2.      Chapter Quizzes and online exams

3.      Flexibility for work, communication with some students

4.      More students felt positively about online learning at the end of the class than at the beginning so the online class sessions went well.

5.      Most every segment works as it was designed

6.      Most of the students felt the information was presented clearly, etc.

7.      Students felt the instructor was available to help, there was a variety of materials used, and instructor expectations were clear.

8.      Students felt the instructor was extremely positive regarding teaching on line.

9.      Student data affirmed the method of teaching the class as a combined face to face, online methodology.

10.  Student attitude regarding online learning improved from pre class to post class.

11.  Tele-tutoring seems to be helpful to students who reside off-campus.

12.  Many students who live on campus prefer to use tele-tutoring.


What was problematic or should be improved?

1.      Evidence is clear that students have mixed feelings about online classes.

2.      Students strongly disagreed that they felt more comfortable participating online.

3.      Instructor’s technical skills

4.      Making this course relevant to all students is difficult.

5.      One solution would be to add audio.  It might help those students who have difficulty in simply reading with visual cues

6.      None was mentioned over which I have control or would not compromised the integrity of the learning experience & the rigor needed for the course.

7.      Reading research papers which exceed 25 pages and return them quickly

8.      Some students expected assignments to be graded sooner.

9.      Student’s understanding of online course delivery.

10.  Some of the students had difficulty posting twice to each discussion board (two times per week). Some found this to be overwhelming.


What do you plan to change based on student feedback?

1.      Add tests online, and add discussion groups

2.      Always review student assessment data to review questions that were problematic for each student.

3.      Based on the majority of students’ input, try to keep doing what I am already doing. 

4.      I plan to revise the discussion board requirements.

5.      I would plan time for the teams to meet and discuss the collaborative project during a face-to-face meeting.

6.      More examples and attempts to interact

7.      Re-do videos, emphasize availability

8.      Try to grade assignments a bit quicker.


What was the biggest adjustment required for distance instructors?

1.      Additional time to learn new technical skills and to respond to students daily

2.      Being well planned in advance and trying to make all information extremely clear so to avoid misunderstandings in both the assignment directions and in the course content delivered online.

3.      Enlarging a concise science into wordy dialog

4.      Little to no student contact, no group dynamic available, loss of spontaneity with students.

5.      Packaging the course for asynchronous delivery.

6.      The instructor needs to be more prescriptive and specific re: materials that are used online.

7.      Trying to create authentic learning situations with technology. 


How was the level of student services, DDEC, and instructor support?

1.      Fine

2.      I believe that the level of non-academic support provided for this course by student services, the library, the distance education center, and the instructor is appropriate.

3.      I believe that students need to be made aware of the services available to them.

4.      I think this group of off-campus students are either not aware of all the resources available.

5.      A physical support site would greatly help those who are overwhelmed with the various applications, IT systems, and procedural controls in place.

6.      It is good, but there is still the problem of student perceptions – they are intolerant of even the slightest occasional glitch

7.      Level of support is just fine.

8.      Students are not aware of these services.

9.      The people who provide our local non-academic support are simply fantastic!

10.  However, I wish the leadership of the DDE would invest some of the money generated by our courses to purchase Wimba Pronto for the entire campus. 

11.  The support was great, especially the DL folks!

12.  Yes, the results were positive.