Evaluation Summary for Distance Courses

(Mailed in triplicate to each distance faculty, along with the results of their DE course evaluations).

Please review attached distance learning survey results for your course. Complete this form and return one copy to your department head (or dean) and the pink copy to the Distance & Distributed Education Center.

The DDEC will post aggregate (not individual) results of course and program improvements to our website, and will present quarterly to the Distance Learning Steering Committee. This information will enable us to make program and training improvements as well as meet SACS requirements.

Name of Course ___________________________________________________

Course Number ___________________ Term __________________________

Instructor _________________________________________________________

After reviewing your student evaluations, what do you think went well in this class?








What was problematic?







What do you plan to change next time you teach the course?








What was the biggest adjustment you had to make in teaching a distance course and how was this addressed?