DL Course Evaluation Summaries for Spring 2006

Overall analysis of student course evaluation summaries as prepared by faculty teaching distance courses. The results were presented to DL Steering Committee members for discussion of distance program improvements, and action as needed,

What went well in Distance Learning Classes

1.        Flexibility of learning and completing assignments at home and their own pace.

2.        Students liked to be able to work ahead.

3.        Students liked discussions and interactivity.

4.        Quick response to questions.


What was problematic or should be improved


1.        Students need more self discipline for an online course.

2.        Students expect immediate feedback 24/7.

3.        Too much work.

4.        More structure in the course.

5.        More face-to-face meetings. Emphasize office hours and e-mail.

6.        Online quizzes need to be rebuilt.

7.        Group projects- meeting times, personality differences.

8.        Donít get to know your students very well.


Planned changes for future delivery of course, based on students' feedback

1.        More live interactive groups and online quizzes.

2.        Reminders about office hours if they want to meet face-to-face.

3.        More available for students.

4.        Monitor groups and emphasize group strategies.

5.        Maybe in class tests.

Biggest adjustments required for distance instructors

1.        More hours responding to questions and scheduling.

2.        Keeping meaningful contact with the students and in a timely manner.

3.        A lot more time to teach the course online.

Level of student services, DDEC, and instructor support


1.        The support was great.

2.        Pleased with the Distance Ed department.

3.        Support has been Excellent with excellent communication.