DL Course Evaluation Summaries for Spring 2007

What went well in Distance Learning Classes

  1. Students appreciated working at there own pace. Flexibility and spacing of the assignments.
  2. Instructor provided timely feedback.
  3. Students increased their knowledge and comfort level with the web-based format.
  4. The format of the class and the organization of the course materials and weekly online chats.
  5. The students and I enjoyed Live classroom.

What was problematic or should be improved

  1. Workload and reading in the course.
  2. Some students would have liked face-to-face sessions.
  3. Some technical issues such as login and attachments in WebCT.
  4. Content too difficult.
  5. Not being able to see the professor and other students.
  6. Some method of attendance needs to be established.
  7. Assignments in the course need to be updated and adjusted.
  8. Time demands on students were seen as excessive.
  9. Some directions were unclear and need to be revamped.
  10. Students wanted quizzes opened longer and on different days of the week.

Planned changes for future delivery of course, based on students' feedback

  1. Add more audio PowerPoint presentations and Camtasia movies.
  2. Add live virtual chats with outside experts.
  3. Make course objectives more efficient and user-friendly.
  4. More discussion board postings.
  5. Voice recorded PowerPoint’s.
  6. Clearer instructions on the course.
  7. Assignments graded more quickly.
  8. Post pics and bios of students in the course.

Biggest adjustments required for distance instructors

  1. The amount of time involved in teaching online.
  2. Constant checking of discussions and e-mail questions.
  3. Making sure that the students know that the professor is available for assistance.
  4. Allow students to work in groups or individually. Revise group work requirements.
  5. Suggest new WebCT Vista student to go through the orientations and tutorials.
  6. Use fewer icons on the homepage and put the syllabus on the home page.
  7. Try and make the students feel comfortable in the course.
  8. Try and post examples to the discussion board when I notice students having problems.
  9. Add podcast lectures and revamp the text and quizzes.
  10. Have students to complete activities in the first 2 weeks to get to know each other.
  11. Changes files and quizzes every semester in an effort to prevent cheating.
  12. Open quizzes up for longer.

Level of student services, DDEC, and instructor support

  1. Professor was consistently impressed with outside support particularly distance education center.
  2. Some students just don’t take advantage of all that is available.
  3. Level of support is excellent.
  4. Adequate but can always be improved.
  5. Distance Helpline is a miracle for both students and faculty!