DL Course Evaluation Summaries for Summer 2003

Overall analysis of student course evaluation summaries as prepared by faculty teaching distance courses. The results were presented to DL Steering Committee members for discussion of distance program improvements, and action as needed. Action items are noted in red and continually updated.

What went well in Distance Learning Classes

  1. Like always, almost all reported student appreciation of not having to drive to class, flexible hours, ability to balance family/class and convenience. 
  2. Some faculty noted that students benefited from always having class notes available online. 
  3. Some courses: students like hybrid courses of some online; some personal contact.

What was problematic or should be improved

  1. Shorter summer session provided challenge for many courses. A great number of students complained that the online workload was too great . Include this issue in discussion-based training session for faculty. Make sure faculty are aware of alternative ways to meet objectives without unnecessary amount of busy work.
  2. In some courses, students reported frustration with groupwork. Address in training.
  3. Lack of instantaneous feedback. Make sure that students know what to expect in terms of how many hours/day faculty will reply.
  4. For summer, there seems to be a greater number of students who are not familiar with WebCT. Publicize and offer greater number of orientations for summer session.

Planned changes for future delivery of course, based on students' feedback

  1. Limit number of students in online course.
  2. Be more clear in syllabi. 
  3. Make face-to-face meeting times available.. 
  4. Provide students with strategies for online group work..
  5. Find ways to get more students to complete evaluations.

Biggest adjustments required for distance instructors

  1. Finding enough time to develop class, answer emails, and respond to student inquiries. 
  2. Getting comfortable with technical aspects of WebCT. 
  3. Amount of time it takes to grade and give adequate feedback on homework assignments. 

Level of student services, DDEC, and instructor support

  1. All reported adequate to superior for non-academic support.