Evaluation Summary for Distance Courses

Use both SEIs and Distance Course Evaluations


Instructor Name:

Course Number:                                    Course name:

Enrollment:                   Location:                                  Semester:


Delivery Methods Used (give percentages for each):

WebCT             _____

Face-to-Face     _____

Other                _____ (please specify) _____________________________

Attach summaries of data from objective questions for both SEI and Distance Course Evaluations.


1. After reviewing your student evaluations, what do you think went well in this class?


2. What was problematic?  What needs to be improved?


3. What do you plan to change next time you teach the course?


4. What was the biggest adjustment you had to make in teaching a distance course and how was this addressed?


5. After reviewing student evaluation questions, what do you think of the level of non-academic support provided for this course by student services, the library, the distance education center, and the instructor?




Return 1 copy (with data attached) to department head or dean.

Return 1 copy to Distance & Distributed Education Center, Honors House.