Fall 2005 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


         must be disciplined

         I would like to at least meet my professor.There was a lot of confusion with the requirements for this course and I would have felt better having a face to feel that I could connect with.I also feel like it is independent study.Why am I paying what I am to do ALL of the work myself?I could come up with a program that met my needs better and read material that was more interesting and applicable to my situation if I wanted to but I really expect more from my professors that just a syllabus.

         I missed having face-to-face contact where I could just turn around and ask for help or clarification.

         The professor was good about responding one minuteand then she would disappear and not respond to anything.



         no face to face interaction

         The instructor was not very helpful regarding the online portion of this course. It would take him a long time to respond to our e-mails and bulletin board posts.

         Everything. This course was horrible online.

         This course did not lend itself to online learning.

         The students who did not take this course online learned a lot more than I did.I don't feel that education courses should be onlinebecause face-to-face instruction is what we are being prepared to do for the rest of our lives.I feel that having this course be online was a huge setback.I am very disappointed with the education departmentbecause we were not given the choice of whether we wanted to take an online course or not.Our schedules were given to usand I feel that the members of my sectionand other sections that had online courses really got the short end of the stick!

         the fact that we did not meet for class often and when we did time was tight.

         This is a methods class which should not be taken online. Face to face discussions were needed.

         I feel that this class would have been better if we met face-to-face.

         Very impersonal!

         The lack of instructor input.We learned the informationit wasn't taught at all.Except for chapter review questions the instructor didn't guide us at all.

         Lack of face-to-face instruction

         Nothing.It was all good.

         You do not have the one-on-one help that you would have if you were in class.

         Did not learn a lot.

         NothingI really liked it.

         A methods course should never be online

         I don't think reading is a good course to have online. I live far from campus but I still had to drive to campus on the day I had this course so there was no savings of fuel or time really.

         I didn't learn much of anything!Communication was bad. A lot of us were confused about what was due when and howat times.The courses we were forced to take as on-line courses needed to be face to face.How are we suppose to really understand "how to teach phonicsreadingand/or children's literature" without conversing on a regular bases with the instructor with examples and demonstrations?

         lack of instruction or lecture



         Professor not being clear about requirements.

         I like the online experience.

         The set-up of WebCT for my class was not organized at the beginning of the course.I also did not like how I had to search for responses to my assignments.

         There was too much class work that had to be posted. It is difficult to complete so much and have it posted on time

         Confusion regarding assignments were not able to be resolved as immediately is possible in on-campusface-to-face classes.

         the instructor did not seem to understand how the course would work

         The instructor seemed to change expectations as we went along. Alsoassignments were posted to different areas of WebCT which made it difficult to keep up with assignments.

         Not being able to have discussions in class about assignments.It was very difficult to constantly send e-mails.Especially when you needed an immediate response.


         Spending almost every week in a chat room. I would prefer to spend more time researching the topic or reading material placed on the website by the professor.

         not being able to see the teacher

         Not knowing for a fact if the professor got what I sent him.

         I found my self a little lethargic about learning the new material. This is a personal motivation problems though.




         only met with the instructor once.


         I do enjoy the occasional lecture.I like to see and hear a professor from time to time.

         Some of the assignments were a little hard and would be easier to have face-to-face instruction.

         When I got confused at what to doI didn't have some one right then to help

         I did not like the fact that if I needed some help that I had to go to the face-to-face class in order to get it.

         When I needed help the mostI would wish I had taken the face-to-face class.

         If you have a problem you have to wait till the student teacher or teacher could see you. Which they both were available at good times.

         teacher was not there to show me exactly what to do but instead I had to learn by reading what to do.

         I disliked that the professor required a very expensive software programso I wound up having to go to the computer lab after al.

         I disliked having instructions posted instead of explained in person.

         That everything was due on Saturdays.

         I liked it all

         The lack of help I received when I needed it the most.

         not being able to ask specific questions as I was working on an assignment


         lots of the links did not work

         WebCT can be extremely sloweven with high speed access. I don't know if this a network or server issue. (I have this issue with other classes as well).``Also a number of the links did not workwhich was very frustrating. The professor was not available at first to get resolutionwhich compounded the problem.

         Lack of discussions and interaction

         At times it was difficult to access the correct information for the course.

         Harder to communicate with others.


         confusing format

         That it took several days for group members or classmates to respond to emails or BB postings.

         Nothing Really

         not having contact with other class membersI learn a lot from being in a class and interacting with others.

         Too many reflections and files not working.

         Not enough explanation on work.

         all of the reflections!!!

         I sometimes felt like I was on my ownbut learned allot that way.

         I had to attend three classes on campus.

         I had difficulty opening the downloads from WebCT.I finally had to completely delete Norton Protection software to get it to work properly.Now I am worried my computer will get a virus.



         Occasionally confusing.

         Sometimes there was a delay in responding to e-mails.There was some conflicting information about assignment due dates.

         In this particular courseI felt as if I was completely on my own and expected to teach myself.


         Having to depend on unreliable group members.

         Sometimes instructions are not as easily understood as in person. I have to be more disciplined with keeping track of when work is due and assignment deadlines. It is easier to procrastinate and get behind.

         Collaborative work with others you may not be familiar with.



         This was a difficult class to not meet with the instructor.I did come to 2 optional classes besides the scheduled ones.

         No comment.I liked it all.

         This class was hard to teach myself. I needed a lot of teacher input more so than the other classes I've taken.


         There is so much content to learn and it can be very confusingit would be very helpful to meet with the teacher face-to-face.

         A lot of this class's assignments were difficult and more time in class should have been required - not optional.I found this course needing to be a traditional classnot an online class.


         discussion for this particular course was definitely needed and working on-line wasn't always the most helpful

         This subject material is difficult to learn online. I would have liked more face-to-face instruction for this subject. There were also too many places on the bulletin board to look for information.

         The flexibility of being able to work at the time most convenient for the individual.


         I miss the interaction with my professors sometimes.

         Some information needed personal explanations


         The lack of communication among instructor and students.

         I did not like not knowing if my work was received on the due dateor if at all.When grades were not 100%I would like some feedback as to what was lacking so I could make improvements to later assignments and not make the same mistakes.When a lot of work is turned in and there are no grades yetit is stressful to wonder how you stand in the course.This especially applies to the APA format professors want.We all want to know if we are doing it correctlyand if notwhat is correct.

         professor gave little guidance through WebCT and his own personal website

         I just felt like at times that I was missing something because activity online was so minimal with the instructor. Heard from him very little.

         I wish there could have been more online discussionsnot just Q & A's. I don't dislike WEBCTbut it could use some changes.In a way there are almost TOO many places to "search" on WEBCT. I think the chat rooms are good if they could be used during class time.

         Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what is going on in the class because you are not meeting regularly face-to-face.

         I really don't have any specific areas that I disliked as far as the setup of the course is concerned.I would add the content feature that I stated in Question #16.

         Did not get enough feedback about grades

         lack of communication from professor


         reminding myself to check the site several times per day.

         There was not enough instruction.

         Some people don't check the BB often enough



         Sometimesif you have questionsyou have to wait for the answers.


         coming to class; audio PPTs

         I miss the weekly interaction with students and teachers.

         crashescomputer errorsetc

         totally positive

         It can sometimes be hard to find time to be online.

         There is a lot more personal research required as opposed to a teacher teaching.


         I wish there were some way to verify that the professor received the assignment.Sometimes I had difficulty figuring out how to do what I was asked to do.

         Not being able to be face to face with the professor.

         access to info

         Reminding myself to check online


         I miss the interaction with my instructors sometimes.

         The learning felt un-real and disjointed.

         Sometimes communication via computer does not always convey the right information.




         Groups.Hard to work with groups when I live 21/2 hours away


         The number of people in the group led to more confusion due to the differences in personalitiesetc.



         I did have some problems in WebCT when trying to open certain documents

         The deadlines that did not expire after midnight.

         NothingI loved it.



         Miss getting to know other class members


         I didn't dislike any part of the class.


         I enjoyed the class

         too many links in too many placesnice information and organized but organized in too many areas.


         It's more of a challenge to communicate and work in groupsbut that's the way it is!


         I always miss the people aspect of class and the class discussion

         9 out of 12 assignments were group work. At this levelthere should be more of an option to do work individually. After allwe are in an online class perhaps we all have different schedules and with so much work in group it was a negative experience for me. After this courseI will be taking an indefinite break from West GA

         We not able to interact with classmates outside our own group.

         The course seemed a little unorganizedwhich was stressful at the beginning of the semester.


         I have no dislikes about the online course.

         Not getting to know classmates as well.

         Professor was unclear in some instances.



         Not being able to speak face to face with my instructor and fellow classmates.


         Not as much discussion of topics

         Everything was fine.



         difficult to find info



         I need the face-to-face meetings to remember to do my class work



         Not getting to know my teacher on a personal level.The computer screen those not suffice as an interpersonal communication tool.

         I feel like you don't really get to know your teacher and peers.Alsoit was harder to remember to do the work b/c I wasn't going to class each week.Some weeks I did really good and others I feel behind.

         I don't feel like I learned anything.

         Having to check my WebCT 2-3 times a day.

         if the internet went down I was SOL

         time limits on taking the teststhey were only open for 24 hours.sometimes I had work and school and had to work around that to take the tests

         There was nothing I did not like.

         you have to check your email regularly




         Little interaction with others in the class

         Not being able to get grades back as fast.

         I sometimes forgot that there were tests scheduled for a certain time because I had gotten used to doing the work when I could get to itand it created a small problem once.

         easy to forget due dates

         It's easy to forget when an assignments due.

         wanted it to be all or more online.just come to class to test.

         lost personal connection of being with classmates and professor

         Figuring out the process to set up the computer to be able to participate.

         Wimbait had more tech problems than students being able to use the program to have live class

         I think that I learn better on a face to face level


         We had some technical issues and the other participants in the class had trouble everyday that caused trouble for the rest of us. Live Wimba is impossible to use without a fast connection and if anyone is accessing from a slow connection there is noticeable lag.


         the technical problems in the beginning

         The glitches in the Wimba but they got better as the course progressed.

         I did not like WebCT messing up when I was trying to learn something on Live Wimba.It was very frustrating and because my computer at home is dial up I couldn't do the classes online at home any ways

         Nothing.Those that complain about on-line learning are usually those that do not work well on there own.

         Technical problems


         I didn't dislike anything about it

         teacher's ADD behavior and her impatience

         Some of the technical difficulties in the beginning.

         I think online courses necessitate more because most of it cannot be done in class. Alsocommunication with the instructor can be difficult at times.

         There really is not one thing that I did not like about it.


         Occasionally there was a lot of class time wasted due to technical difficulties.

         its different from the traditional format

         We had many technical difficultiesincluding microphones not workinghard to hear others talking because of interference in frequency.

         The word dislike is too subjectivetherefore I will focus on a constructive critique. This course was great. We were given a lot of materialstill the benefits outweighed the flaws.

         Each live class using Wimba the first 20 minutes of class was spend with everyone asking everyone else if they could hear each otherwaste of timeloss of instruction.


         The technical issues were difficult to work through and there wasn't as much opportunity to "network" with others.

         Nothingthis class was a good experience for me

         more work is involved with online courses than meeting in the classroom


         That I did not have the necessary equipment to do the course.I had to utilize my father's computer (he has DSL) and he lives 30 minutes away.That posed some problems.I tried the Newnan County Lib. but they have limited computers.So I missed some assignments because I didn't have the right computer.


         The sound quality

         It was a little difficult setting everything up for the first class. Our teacher did a great job in giving us the help to learn how to use Wimba. I didn't like the fact that my class attendance was up to my computer. I had a problem with my computer one night and I was 45 minutes late for classwhen I was sitting ready for it. Some of the help is a little bit technical for many people. I found that I could fix most problems that came upbut there were a few in the class that had trouble every week.

         Prior to the class I did not know a lot about computersso I had to learn a lot of information.

         not being able to hear the lectures from a professor



         computer glitches (even though there weren't any this semester)


         I did not like not having the teacher in the classroom on a regular basis to ask any uncertain questions.

         not being able to check with and communicate with the professor as often as I would have liked

         Taking a long time to receive feed back from assignments.

         Not getting more immediate feedback.


         That I could not be face to face with the instructor

         I forgot to check my email frequently.

         I could do my work at my own pace.

         that we came to class 4 times

         Waiting on a response when I needed it.


         not getting to talk to the teacher when I had a problem or didn't understand something


         Too much work

         The amount of time my professor felt it necessary to require.

         Having to wait for others in my group to post their answers so that I could respond to their post.Many times I had to wait until Sunday night or Monday for others to post.This forced me to do more work at the last minute.

         I disliked the text books being useless. I paid money to have useless vaguely relevant material I can't use at all anymore?

         I was not able to edit my work after posting.

         No dislikes about WebCT

         Lack of face-to-face contact with professor and other students




         Feeling isolated from other students and not having face to face discussions with the instructor and students.

         The boundaries sometimes blurred between the expected learning and the actual. If there aren't texts that relate to the course materialtry having a few classes build a text for you. The Mergle article should not be the best available synopsis of teaching theories.

         Online discussion threads. Many people don't write in a conversational style which makes the discussions dry.


         Nothing reallyI have had online courses before and prefer them.

         Lack of social interaction

         Was not able to edit my work

         it does seem like more work than a traditional classbut I understand it is because of the convenience of not driving to campus

         Nothing. I never had any problems.

         I didn't like the fact that I was not able to pull the program up on my computer at home.

         The material was only mildly helpful.

         some things were confusing because of miscommunication

         That you really had to teach yourself.

         No help one on one with questions. You have to email then wait on a reply. I like being in class.

         The SIMnet program

         Finding time to devote entirely to the course each day.

         I disliked the lessons

         Organization...difficult to maintain a schedule that remind the student of test dates

         I would often forget deadlines

         I strongly DISLIKED that the professors did NOTHING for the courseother than create the workbooks at the beginning of the semester.Rarely did I find them helpful& when I did need helpthe lab assistants helped me(not the professors!)

         Not having easy access to the professors.

         Having to force myself to learn the material. And the tests were to tedious.

         Some concepts were difficult to understand

         Sometimes I would click on something and it would mark it wrongalso if I did the short cut for something it would mark it wrong.

         Tests did not reflect information from the lessontherefore rendering the lessons worthless. The workbook that is meant as a companion to the lessons (and it's completion counts as 10% of the final grade) amounts to nothing but an 80 page list of terms which require defining. The majority of these terms cannot even be found in the lessonsand the professors suggest defining them using a Google search. To me this is not a companion in learningbut rather a tedious internet scavenger-hunt that amounts to a waste of my valuable time that I could be using to study for other classeswhich actually provide me with new knowledge after dedicating many hours to them.

         I didn't like dealing with the worry that the internet may fail or not be available at times.

         If I experienced a problemteachers were hard to reach and NOT very helpful. And few of my assignments are lost.

         Having to do a final in a classroom


         had to pursue instruction

         I would have rather met up in class and had a face to face learning

         I need to be in classroom setting

         The fact that I was able to procrastinate longerwithout being informed.

         The program wouldn't run on my computer

         I thought that the SIM net software was not reliable and was full of bugs. And their help line was horrible. I called at 11:30 in the morning and they returned my call at 5:30 that afternoon. On top of that... the quizzes did not ask fair questions. They had hidden meanings that were not clearly stated in the questions. Alsothe instructor didnít even know all of the answers to the questions asked on the tests!!!

         hard to remember to do it

         not enough hands on learning with an instructor.

         nothing really

         No idea whether what you were doing was right or wrong!

         Simnet was very picky on which correct answer it would deem correct

         hard to get a question answered by the professors quickly

         Not getting to see the teacher that often.

         I understand concepts better with an actual teacher

         it was very easy to get behind and it was difficult and time consuming to catch up

         There were some things on exams that were not in the lessons and could not have known that that would happen since it was an online class.

         I didn't manage my time well.

         I was pushed for time on a couple of them and I should have asked for more help

         Some of the questions in the workbook were not covered in the lessons making it very difficult to find the answers.

         If I had questions I had to answer them myself.

         inability to get immediate help when I needed it


         I have a tendency to procrastinateand I was really confused at the beginning of the course until I got the hang of things.

         mainly everything--not my cup of tea--I do better with the in your face teaching

         That I had to remind myself when things were due.

         sometimes it was hard to understand what was being wanted


         It was inconsistent

         The Simnet Messed up a couple of times

         access to recourses

         I donít like working on computer and given a lot of busy work.

         not being able to get questions answered right away

         Lack of face to face teaching.

         I missed a cut off date but that was my own laziness

         Nothing it was a good course



         Had to always keep up with the workbook and test due dates.

         the questions asked may not have been answered in a timely manner. And some of the information given should have been given in a more lengthy time.

         that I wasnít always aware of everything that was going on because I wasnít reminded of it ever


         it was kind of hard to access computers


         Some of it was hard to understand and keep up with.

         Not having one on one instruction.


         I found that I learn better in a classroom setting.I made all good grades in all my classes except for this one

         Using the computer to learn.

         That sometimes computers would be acting funny.

         The grading was not fool proof.

         the absent mindedness

         it's easy to procrastinate. When a computer clichť occurs it can affect your gradelike my friendthe computer or simnet malfunctioned and it gave her a 0 for one of her tests...and it has yet to be fixed.

         Not be able to access my information without having the disk downloaded on different computers.

         having problems with my computer at home unable to open things because I did not have PowerPoint on my computer

         I had no problem with the online course for senior seminar.

         What I disliked had nothing to do with UWG it was my computer at home that worked when it wanted to that was so frustrating.

         no immediate conversations with the instructor and no class interaction.

         Sometimes it is difficult if a concept is not clear because you donít have the luxury of speaking directly with an instructor as you would in a traditional classroom setting

         sometimes unorganized


         sometimes the instructions were not very clear.

         Frequently no handouts to go with power point slides.


         Getting emails and not knowing when they were coming. I don't check my email but once a day.

         Nothing really.

         I had no problem in this class


         Timed test. I found myself watching the countdown of the clock.

         Deadlines changingcoarse information syllabus not completed before class started

         Dealing with technology problems.

         I couldn't tell if quizzes were received by the instructor or not. One of my quizzes was lost somehow by the instructor and that made me extremely nervous about this after that.

         Sometimes I felt not a part of a class.


         Nothing really

         No complaints

         I learn a lot from face to face discussions and professor lecturesand since I can't get that from online it was a little challenging.

         There were no dislikes

         The time limits you have to take tests and quizzes.

         The lack of in class discussion

         The discussion threading is difficult to follow to see if someone responded to you.

         sometime I had technical difficulties submitting things

         I feel like I pushed my assignments off until the day they were do and I fell behind.

         Having to get on daily and check to see what was postedsome days I forgot.

         I forget about assignments

         WebCT blows

         Hard to get certain ideas across

         I liked it a lot.

         it is a lot of work and you have to keep up with it daily

         not much

         kind of hard to coordinate group work

         the panic I feel when something goes a wry during an exam

         you can be lazy and forget you have an assignment due.

         it seemed pointless. it was just answering questions that no one really looked at.

         Almost everythingthe questions and such were alright in and of themselvesbut the lack of structure does not work for me at all.

         I disliked the fact that if I had a question about a question on a quiz I was unable to ask my teacher for help.

         changing syllabus constantly


         I don't know who my teacher is!!I have never ever met her!!

         my instructor never gave me any feedback or graded any material in a timely manner or at all up till this pointend of semester and I have 1 grade.

         The long time laps between submitting an assignment and receiving a grade.I disliked last minute changes once assignments were completedand not getting to meet other students.

         I feel too separated from this professor.She hasn't keep good communication and has not given good feedback to coursework.

         Disconnection to the teacher lead to last minute changes that were extremely difficult to adapt to.

         The rate at which I received my grades (I am taking the final and do not have all of my grades back).


         I did not dislike anything about this course.

         the "busywork"more so than in face-to-face classes


         I can't think of anything.

         There was a lot of reading materialthat sometimes I felt might be more easily understood and more easily remembered if they were taught in an actual classroom.


         The work is time consuming.

         More work to get done and less face-to-face contact

         That it was not all able to be done from home.

         There really wasn't anything.




         The one instance when I had a computer problem and I thought one of my assignments did not get sent. The fact of relying on a computer is scary.

         Not muchI loved working on my own schedule for the class and not having to meet at a certain time 3 times a week.

         need a person to talk withbut professor was very prompt about answering emails and messages.

         Not seeing a teacher face to face.


         Not much

         you don't meet with the class

         Not being able to ask questions face-to-face.

         That is was a bit time consuming.


         Because it is online it can sometimes be forgotten.


         I don't really have any dislikes

         Sometimes I would put off my assignments and have to catch up all at once.


         that I had something due every week and had to go to the library all the time. so sometimes it felt like it wasn't really an online class. just more of an English class.



         being able to do my work on my own time. I always procrastinated and waited until the last minute.

         Not being able to be taught the material and not having a face to face student-teacher interaction.

         I could not understand how my professor wanted the work done.

         The unknowing expectations of the professor.

         No complaints.

         The point system for chat-room participation/discussion.

         The teacher wasn't very helpful or fair.

         If directions were unclear to methe instructor was sometimes slow in returningmy email to clarify.

         I had a hard time keeping up with the coursework.

         The amount of work required in online courses is greater because the in person ability to show you understand is not there.

         The teacher-student interaction that you get when you have face-to-face classes.

         nothing really

         Feeling apprehensive about my writing knowing that everyone could read what I wrote.

         It had a lot of work.You make up for the lack of being in a classroom by being at home online.

         the teacher made us work like 10 times as hard

         I got bumped off the server several times during discussions.The format in which windows are closed when you navigate to a different area was difficult.

         Test being timed. I find myself watching the countdown on the clock.

         Didn't dislike anything about the online portion.I think other students needed to understand that it was a partially online course.They didn't like the fact that I wanted to submit my work online instead of meeting in person.That's the purpose of the whole thing!

         sometimes it is confusing. The layout could be improved on. Live eCore computer classes.

         Some technical problems at times

         I had a hard time at the beginning of the semester with WebCT this time. It did not let me open the lectures that were available online. I also did not like the helpline. I had to leave a message with the helpline and wait for someone to call me back. This was during a timed test and I received a call back 10 minutes before the time expired!!!

         Nothing really

         Can't think of anything

         I am more comfortable with face-to-face interaction in classes than I am with distance learning just because I want to be able to ask questions sometimes and have to wait for a more convenient time.

         I feel that I did not learn as much

         A lot of people could not get into the chats.I really don't like chats.They can get to be confusing with too many people chatting at once.

         The chats were a little difficult to understand since there were so many conversations going on at once.

         Sometimes I could not access the site(s) or the links

         Peers did not respond to the peer review of the assignments

         Hard to stay disciplined.

         No dislikes.

         When the computer linksetc. for a distance learning course workit's helpful.Otherwisethe technology is a barrier to effective communication and learning.

         Not everyone responded to peer reviews in a timely fashion.

         you lose the tone of a person's statement through written responses

         This course presented no problemsbut I sometimes have had trouble with Power Points that have voice included and also with group discussion.

         Nothing really.

         I sometimes received feedback that I would have liked to discuss further. While there is more objectivity in the anonymity of the online feedbackI would have like to pursue some of the comments in more depth to help me improve my work.

         Takes too long to hear responses from assigned projects.I prefer face to face discussions.

         Having to check the bulletin board for so many postings from classmates.

         I think that the web ct email page could be designed differently.

         unable to get response from instructor at times

         lack of communication w/professor

         Not enough communication from my professor.Weekly updates would be helpful.

         The professor did not communicate effectively.We have had no communication in more than a month.

         I would have liked to have more instructional feedback and discussion regarding real life job issues.