Fall 2005 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16:What suggestions would you make for future online courses?



         offer all courses online

         AgainI would like to meet with the class at least a few times just to feel connected to the people that I am working with.

         I don't know.

         Find a professor who is willing to keep in touch with the students.


         do more of it as part of regular classes so that travel back & forth can be reduced some

         For the teacher to be more helpful

         Never teach a methods course or any reading courses online.

         Choose the courses that are offered online more carefully.

         I suggest that online courses be optional for students.We should not be required to be in a specific section when it is online.

         teaching courses in the blocks should not be completed online.

         This one should never be taught online again.

         Don't put people in online courses if they do not have a choice of whether they take online courses or not!


         not sure

         The instructor needs to be willing and able to keep the lines of communication open through ways of discussion that will inform students of information outside the chapter and its relevance.




         I have no suggestions

         Never teach this course online again or any other methods course.

         never do it again

         Before students are placed in online courses they need to know about it.

         DO NOT OFFER THEM for courses that are crucial for students teaching career!They need to be done in class.

         I like the online coursebut I feel that it is not appropriate for a reading class.

         This course did not lend itself to the format.FranklyI felt cheated.

         continue to offer all classes online.



         I think that the lay put of WebCT and how the professor wants to receive and send e-mail should be established before the course starts.

         Less busy work and faster response to mass student confusion

         a quick refresher for first time profs.Tired of smart remarks when they do not know how the course works

         Clear expectations from the instruction.

         Have the professors more accessible for e-mail.

         that teachers take advantage of all of the components- posting gradesmostly

         see #15


         I think Dr. Packard has this a good system. I hope other professors use a similar set up.


         Have more of them & timely feedback on submitted assignments.


         range btw 30-70 percent on-line.


         Have a face-to-face meeting once a month.



         no suggestions

         Let the students know the course is on-line prior to signing up. I didn't know it was on-line so the first day was a shock to me1

         make directions a little bit clearer. Alsogrades need to be returned back in a timely manner. We have to get our work in at a set timeit would be nice to have the same extended back to us. ``As a student who is not taking classes on the main campusthis class was very inconvenient to me. I know several people who would have benefited from this class greatlybut it is not offered on the satellite campuses and many people cannotwork with on-line classes. For some peopleit would be nice to have this class on one of the satellite campuses.

         Make sure instructions are clear

         To have maybe some class time to actually meet(maybe once every two weeks? just a suggestion.)

         make sure students have some computer knowledge

         reorganize the class

         Improve the response/load time for WebCT. ``Make sure everything is set up and working well.

         more organization

         More picking apart and restructuring of the course syllabus.

         Not as many assignments.

         Making sure the links work.

         make sure all of the links work before the class begins.

         Working Links

         Less reflections and more group work

         Calendar for course should be in one placenot several and more explanation of the work that is expected to be done.

         Less reflections!!!!

         Always have the first class face-to-face (if any) then none or 1 other face-to-face.The video clips (provided by the prof) regarding assignments were helpful also.

         Group Work is wonderful unless you get stuck with a no participator.I think group work should be balanced with individual assignments.

         letting face to face meetings be an option based on need when the particular meeting is scheduled

         More of them.

         Double check syllabuscalendarand other areas to make sure that there are no conflicts in assignments or activities due dates.

         Make the CEPD required class available online. Make the required research class available in Spring or Summer not just Fall since it will be online.

         much more communication between teacher and student

         That they are built like this professor's classes!!

         List each assignment and all related info needed (such as deadline)to complete them in individual folders clearly labeled.Provide a folder in each course containing a list of every assignment and due date and hyperlink it to all needed details.When student is told he will find a certain doc on a web page be as specific as possible as to where exactly to find or give the exact URL - when the page/site is large and type is tiny it can be very difficult to find a doc especially when the page's "search engine" doesn't work well.




         Keep them coming.

         No comment.I enjoyed the course.


         Have more optional chats with the professor.

         Be selective about the content of your online classes.Not all classes should be online.

         Take them! Overall they are great!

         Do not eliminate the face-to-face sessions. Make the test online so we can use the face to face time for instruction.

         totally positive experience

         Offer chat sessions along with optional face-to-face sessions

         more immediate feedback

         More instructor interaction.

         At least two weeks prior to a graded assignment due datestudents should be asked to use e-mailbulletin board and chat roomand receive feedback.In other wordsthe e-mails and postings were receivedyour entering the chat room acknowledged.The biggest stress of online learning is "Did the professor receive my work on time?"

         Better communication.. at least more frequent just to check in and let us know how things are going and if we are on track. or need anything.

         See Above

         I would like to receive more discussion and direction of possible issues that might occur in my field related to the course.

         Constant contact and better response time with emails

         more feedback from professor

         more group work

         No suggestions

         More detailed instructions.

         I had to disable Norton antivirus in order to use all the functions of WebCT.I wasted a lot of time figuring that out.Please inform others of this.

         Fix e-mail so that you can see when there are other recipients of the same e-mail you have received.Would avoid repetition.

         not sure

         More of them.

         make them completely online

         I would continue to use ppts as an instructional tool. I also think the weekly chat is especially important for a class as technical as this course.

         -Offer more courses on-line``-Offer GSAMS again




         Have one or two non-graded or participation only graded small projects at the beginning of the course to allow students to become familiar with WebCT without a major grade on the line.That would reduce a lot of stress in the beginning.




         There should be more reading and lecture notes before projects are assigned. It would improve understanding of the material and the project.

         let students pick their own groups



         Less group activities


         Have smaller groups preferably a couple in a group would be fine.



         offer more on-line courses

         Using more PowerPoint presentations during the entire course to help instruct the students. The PowerPoint presentation was very helpful.( With Audio Please)


         To make all the courses online

         I think the online course is working well with me.

         This has been the best online course I have taken.I have taken some in the past and they were not as formatted as well as this one.So my only suggestion would be to keep up the great work.


         more communication amount classmates

         No suggestions at this time

         frames with dates. the date (or week) should have all impt. info in it...click one place for info...

         keep doing what you are doing... add more media classes online

         Have more online discussions.

         I love online courses

         Have at least half of the work be individual or at least a choice.

         more whole class activities or change groups periodically.

         The instructor told us she wasn't allowed to change anything in the course syllabusincluding due dates for assignments. This made the course confusing at timesso I would suggest the instructors be allowed to make minor changes to the syllabus if needed.

         That the dates for assignments be updated each semester.


         Include at least one additional meeting at the midpoint of the class.

         Please offer as many classes as possible on-line.I love West GA and the professors in the media and technology program.I wouldn't want to go anywhere elsebut would have to without on-line classes.

         more of them


         Keep them organized

         Have an optional f2f session once a month

         Think in large they are all well designed and implemented.

         Fundamentals of Assessment and Grading

         West GA should standardize the course layout. Recommend the use of frames with ALL info needed for that week in one window when the date or week is clicked on. Eliminate multiple places to look for things that make no sense and are hard to find..


         Give feedback about assignments

         Give students an often to take courses online instead of forcing it upon them (i.e. having one section be onlineand the other face to face).

         Make sure when you post things to put dates on them so that when the students checkthey will know it's new.

         Assignments need to be more diverse and checking in with students more often would help as well.We met once in a chat roomand I didn't get much out of the discussion.

         You should make it half and half. Half online and half in class.

         I don't know

         have the tests open for at least 48 hours

         As long as they are the same as this onethen I would love them.



         Have a larger selection of online classes offered

         Keep it organized.

         ...I cannot think of anything.It was a bit confusing to begin with as I had no prior experience with this kind of course.It just takes a bit of getting used to.



         please have all tech problems and solutions in place before class starts

         Easier instructions

         It wasn't clearly marked that this was an online course under Ban Web. I would mark it better and require students to have certain computing criteria before allowing them entry. Online should be a privilege to those who know how to use it.

         Not sure.

         fix the tech problems and the class would flow


         None really.I am grateful that online learning is available to me.My only real suggestion would be to PLEASE ADD MORE CLASSES.

         don't really have any

         Encourage students to speak more and pretend they are in a room together.


         the set up is Wonderful more organized teacher

         I would like to be able to start a discussion post and come back to it later. I did not notice a save or draft function.


         Ensure everyone taking the on-line course is comfortable with computers so they will not slow down the process.

         less group work

         More technological advances with the online Live Wimba so that the class will move smoothly.


         either do not use WIMBA or provide tutorials for those who are not good with computers

         Keep it interesting.DON'T just assign chapter work and give tests.I had a course like that through UGA; it was AWFUL.

         Not sure

         Professors need to remember that most of us are teaching full time

         more of them!

         Have the teacher not change her mind during the course.

         Have an actual practice on-line session in one of the campus computer labs before having the first online session or assignment. This way people can get the feel of it with some help by their side.

         The live Wimba was kind of difficult because people had a difficult time with their microphones.

         not sure



         More communication between classmates.

         Have more of them.


         Have optional days to see the instructor face to face for at least an hr

         Have all the assignments at the end of the semester.

         take tests online



         have office hours

         not as much work

         More of them.

         Have more test and quizzes along the way instead of one comp. test at the end.After reading 30-40 post every weekI can't remember what I learned last weekmuch less what I learned at the being of the semester.

         Set one deadline for initial post to be submitted and another deadline for discussion post to be submitted.

         Either allow more time to respond to postsor have a theme post by the instructor to eliminate the lag in response; to stimulate the discussion we're being graded on.




         The format for this course was excellent if it can be utilized in other courses.

         Have more of them


         If the result you want is a term paper worth readingbuild the paper from the first post to the final project. The final should have some study parameters besides don't use the text book. I learned; was it what you wanted? I'll know when it's too late.

         I really don't have any.This course was well planned and executed.

         NoneI think this professor has it down pretty well by now.He may need to have some required on-line sessions in order to encourage participation.

         Video conferencing


         None at this time

         the off weeks were very refreshingallowed us to catch our breath so we could contribute more during busy weeks

         I had a great experience so I don't know how to improve it.

         Have a program that will be easily accessible from most computers.

         To have more assignments and to explain why you are doing things better.


         That the teachers be more accessible and come to the lab more often.

         That you have a online reply from the instructor automatically during the class periodically

         Make sure students check WebCT for updates.It is very important to check it!!

         No more academic advising...useless

         That this course be offered on-line.I feel that a professor's attention is pretty much the only reason that we attend college (aka what we PAY to learn) & when they segregate themselves from usit creates a difficult learning experience!

         More updates on WebCT.

         Make sure all the questions work right on the tests.

         Test that are more similar to the exercises.

         I suggest that the professors actually take the time to complete the online course themselves so that they know what they are putting their students through.

         Teachers provide more instructions/ directions for the assignments.



         get more help from the teacher

         more help with tech. problems


         loose simnet. That is the worst software that I have ever used. It was full of problems and bugs and was not clear in its instructions. If there was 4 possible correct answers and it was looking for one specific answer... it would not say that it wanted one specific answer.


         the books need to be short and consist of less busy work.

         More involvement from the professors!

         Improve simnets program

         punch and pie

         More time with teachers.

         taking the highest test grades instead of averaging the three grades

         Have ALL the questions coincide with the lessons.


         No suggestions.

         No suggestions

         meet the first 2 weeks of class

         even though they are online can they not be a little more interactive

         That there is more time that we are able to take the exams.



         return emails/discussion postings as soon as possible or in a more timely manner

         make it easier to use

         doing good

         Less busy work



         pay attention to the syllabus

         Less expensive on the software side of the deal

         more class time


         More in depth instruction by the instructors


         make sure not to forget your dates.


         To do more practice exams.


         I will never take an online class that is not a requirement ever again



         less sensitive.

         donít take them

         maybe e-mail students through the portalbut most of the important information was in the Syllabus... WHY DO OUR BOOKS HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE?????? I bought all 10 of my other books for all of my other classes for less than what it cost me for this one book. C'mon we're broke college students. It's bad enough we have to deal with the parking situation and ridiculous tickets this school gives us for no reason. Is there anyway to get a break around here?


         make sure everyone has PowerPoint on their computer

         For senior seminar no suggestions.

         Make sure you have a good working computer at home or live close to campus because the computer labs are great. I used it a lot.

         more instruction from teacher

         offer more classes or open more seats

         to make all assignments posted at the beginning of the semester for the entire semester and due dates for the assignments.directions and guidelines were not clear

         No suggestions

         Teach instructors how to use Web CT better to navigate it and post grade changes and such.

         That you know exactly when things are to be posted.

         I would like a mort detailed description of what is due or needs to be done (assignments) ahead of time so I can be better prepared.

         can't think of anything


         No suggestions

         All deadlines set one first day of classes.

         Get the bugs worked out for posting assignments (for the instructors) so it is not so difficult for them.

         Total online classes should have a complete syllabus at the beginning of semester and should be available for student to complete around their busy/working schedule.


         This is the way an online class should be doneeasy to understand.






         some sort of reminder(email?) when assignments are due

         I have no suggestions... I think it went rather well.

         I think it is a great programand I plan to take more distance education classes


         make most classes online.

         I personally just don't like themthey don't allow for interaction

         That I not take them

         I suggest that the quizzes are a little bit more straight forward.

         nonebut maybe no group projects. it really didn't help me learn that much.

         none it was fine now it was

         Make sure that the professors grade the work in a timely fashion!

         Return grades within a reasonable amount of time. (within the semester)

         Better and more interested professors.

         More constant communication during long periods between assignmentsbut I suppose that is more of a teacher's responsibility...

         Quicker turn-around on grading assignments.

         Offer more of them.

         I do not have any suggestions.


         Just try to stay on top of things.Don't let yourself fall behind.Try and remember when assignments are due and try to prepare for them in advance.



         No comment

         Make sure that at the beginning it is explained clearly that there is a lot of at campus library work to be done.

         I don't have any at this time.

         to offer more of a selection of courses - more online classes



         None right now.

         To emulate the way this class is set up. I enjoyed the class and the professor.

         have more of them

         Class meetings every now and then.


         Courses that are not part of my major

         meet with the class


         The difficulty on the assignments need to be brought down and they are too time consuming.


         That a notice be emailed to you when assignments or quizzes are close to being due


         NothingI had a great professor and WebCT was easy to use.


         Have more of them!

         more communication between professors and students

         I think that the teachers could teach class in an untraditional way.For examplethe teacher could require students to log in and the teacher could discuss the lessons in the book with the students.

         A better explanation from professors and longer deadlines.



         NoneI plan never to take anotherand really wouldn't endorse them to anyone.

         A different teacher or once a month class meetings.


         Return graded assignments in a timely manner.

         Email notifications of bulletin board postings or mail from the instructor

         More interaction through discussion boards.


         not have as much work

         No suggestions

         Courses that are entirely online.I love it!Would like to get my masters that way.


         I would suggest that someone be there at the help center to answer the phone at all times. If WebCT and tests are available at almost all timesthen why shouldn't the helpline do the same?

         I don't have any.

         can't think of anything

         More organization in the chat room and easier use for some in the chat room.I could always get on and workbut other members of the class had a hard time using the chat or even accessing the room.

         Less reliance on line courses.Face-to-face interaction is much more effective.

         I prefer the format of this course to using Horizon Liveetc. to hear class presentations.

         Have more of your courses with at least some meeting times held on-line.

         None that I know of.

         Have fewer.

         Have a schedule of dates that certain postings would be available.

         Not sure at this time.

         instructors required to respond within a week

         Add more job related discussion