Fall 2006 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


        It was online

        Too much downloading so it made it impossible to be able to do the work at home without destroying my computer.

        I have put off the work or needed the instructorís assistance to complete it.


        It was hard to do work at school

        It was much more rigorous in terms of workload than a face to face class.


        I am not sure if I like the chat sessions.

        The instructor's explanation of the course was not very helpful and some things did not align with his syllabus.

        Too much busy work.

        The workload was intense.

        There is no spell check.

        The chat sessions.

        Chatting sessions


        I miss class discussions.

        I am not able to print my test results.


        When you were doing your work, and ran into a difficult question or part you do not understand you have to email the teacher, wait for a response, and then finish your work.

        There is really not a lot I can say about disliking the course.I really enjoyed the course.It was beneficial to me to take it online.


        I could work at my own pace

        No lecture notes or guidance for the class content.The information that was expected to be filled out in the notebook was not presented through the tutorials, or by instructor notes on line.You had to figure it out yourself or guess.

        Some of the test/quizzes were offered for a short period of time at the beg.

        My internet doesn't work that well and it was frustrating

        There was a test assigned during a holiday and I don't think that was fair because I was out of town and by the time I realized I had a test --- I could not find a place where I could access the internet so I missed the test.

        I had dreams that the last day of the semester, I realized that I had missed half the assignments and failed the class.

        some instructions were confusing sometimes††† also - the workbook price was a scam

        I dislike the fact that you don't go to class. I would rather go to class and be told what I have to do rather than have several other classes that are that way and also have to remember to get online and learn stuff on my own for another class.

        Not enough reminders of when task were due.

        having to take a proctored final - should have just been online as well; textbook was ridiculously expensive

        The fact that once you started the test, you couldn't log-out and log back in later and continue from that point.

        I did not dislike anything about learning online.I wish I could take more classes online.

        Sometimes the test would take a few minutes to load and the test were a little bit slow changing pages.

        Forgetting when things were due.




        The modules limit trial and error. I wish they were a little more like the real programs.


        The book for the course is too expensive and you cannot sell it back.

        That the work came very quick back to back and some of the thing are not in the work book


        sometimes you get distracted when u have to sit at a computer for so long to read through assignments

        to much time

        Access was expensive to buy and the business school would sometimes be closed before I could accomplish my work.

        I feel that with taking on-line courses some of the information is lost and not retained and the environment is not as personal.I do prefer to take classes in the classroom however online courses offer an alternative when the class that you want to take is not offered in the evening.There is not enough of resources offered to non-traditional students, those who work full-time and go to school.Many of the classes that one is required to take is offered primarily in the day time.With on-line courses you miss the discourse between students and the instructor

        Not having the quizzes available earlier

        I need daily in person help for CISM

        webct going down on certain days for crashes or maintenance

        The modules were time consuming and sometimes very difficult.

        I am indifferent toward the course

        That the test closes at 10 pm

        WebCT Vista would go down sometimes.

        Required certain browser settings that took over a month to work out the kinks of.

        internet problems (always) and if I was at home having to wait on response from email vs. being now and then.


        certain parts of the course did not work with the new WebCT Vista

        the assignments

        some of the assignments and instructions were not explained thoroughly

        open the assignments for another day or twocost to much

        Once, I had a computer problem when I was taking the quiz so it just logged me off and I got a grade for a Quiz that was not finished.

        the modules


        the tutorials were sometimes confusing when module instructions and the tutorials were in line

        Sometimes I had no idea what I was doing.

        That at times you need help on a certain problem and you have to wait later until instructor has time to answer back.

        Nothing in particular

        There was nothing I disliked

        Lack of personal professor interaction

        sometimes difficult to understand concepts

        Sometimes I had no idea how to do some of the projects.

        The attachments not making it through and the instructor not giving a second chance for computer errors.

        Technical problems were an issue with me.I turned in one quiz and made an a on it, but it never showed up with my grades so I did not receive credit for it.

        Some material was hard to learn by yourself.

        There can be some small problems with webct or a pc.


        Not understanding some things and not being able to ask the teacher right away.

        The grading system.

        I feel that there should be more interaction between the students and teacher for this class. Someone portions of the modules and difficult and make it hard to do on your own.

        I didn't like all the pop-ups you had to allow.I could never get WebCT to fully operate at my own computer so I had to do everything in the computer lab.

        It was sometimes difficult to find out answers to problems you had on how to do something, had to come into school to do that.


        It was hard to complete the assignments


        Not being able to take something you might have missed.

        if I had any questions or problems, I couldn't get immediate help

        Reaction time is a little delayed.

        If you need immediate help you either have to wait for an email response or go to campus.

        When you have a problem, sometimes it is hard to discover the proper solution.Your way of thinking is not always correct, so it is easy to get stuck.

        I do NOT like how professors can know how often computers crash, but they make no allowances for that.

        The only bad thing that happened was my fault really. I didn't pay attention to my professor about assignments given per week, and relied on the calendar function in webct vista. For a few weeks I didn't take the chapter quizzes because they weren't posted on the calendar. I believe I ended up missing about 3 of the quizzes that I got zeros for.

        Some of the assignments need a little more information in explaining how to do things.Some of us do not even know the little steps.

        Deadlines were confusing at first - missed 2 assignments.


        I would sometimes forget due dates, so I wish there were no due dates except for by the end of the semester.

        It is hard to get in touch with the instructor.

        nothing really

        While the freedom was good it was too much freedom for me. I missed many assignments because I was either putting them off or just simply forgetting. I would have preferred coming to class at least three times and it be mandatory.

        That sometimes things would not submit. Also, the maintenance should be at a later time and not at 10pm on Friday!!!

        Hard to get some assignments turned in properly and did not understand some of the information as well as I would have if I was taking the class face-to-face with a professor.


        I really did not dislike any portion.

        nothing really

        Time flexibility.

        The only disadvantage of this course is the lack of an actual instructor being there to help you when working on the modules.


        Hard to get help.

        just making sure that I budget my time correctly to get things done

        The lack of immediate help from my professor which can be found in a regular classroom

        I think you have to go throughto much trouble trying to turn in things on line. Sometimes the teacher might say send it to my e-mail or post it on the bulletin board, why canít you turn it in to the same place on line. I think you should turn in things directly to the teacher so there wont be a question of whether they received your assignment or not.

        confusing at first

        Did think that on-line work was relevant to the course. I learned more in the classroom than on-line.

        mostly my internet company

        Not enough of it was done online.

        Some things weren't clear and I couldn't ask my professor in time.

        The fear of the program shutting down while I'm in the middle of something.I had problems submitting items from my home computer b/c every time that I would try to run the browser tune up it was unclear what I needed and the ones that I tried to download wouldn't download properly.

        Seemed difficult sometimes to have full discussions since some students don't participate regardless of the graded element

        Discussion posts were from ourselves.No questions posed an argument.Discussing scenarios and theories are hard to do by yourself.It is hard to tell if others are making an argument or posting to get credit.Very ineffective class. Things discussed in class only related to what the text was about.The text was only once discussed in class.

        less contact with the professor

        Sometimes it is difficult for me to budget my time, but I usually wind up doing just fine.

        It's hard for me to budget time, but that has nothing to do with the course itself, so nothing.


        No way to cover every question students may have, misses live discussion component.

        Lockups that occurred and some intermittent problems with WebCT

        I did not like using an online book.

        no dislikes

        With no interaction with the professor, I kept putting off everything I had to do, then had to get everything done in very little time.

        Being able to contact the professor

        Beginning of course was confusing to me.†† It took me a while tofeel comfortable navigating the site.Once I got used to it, I had no trouble.

        Instructor was VERY unclear as to the due dates of assignments. (The calendar would have a different due date than homepage. VERY confusing). Links to assignments would disable before due date causing me to email instructor to re-release it.

        When taking a test or quiz, the screen would freeze up or disappear


        Though I was familiar with the format, I was very disappointed that we did not have an instructor until 3 weeks into the course.This was mentioned during orientation, but not made clear that it would be 3 weeks, not clear to whom we were to refer to with questions.Dates within course content were not consistent with dates on the calendar - names were in the course syllabus that were not either of our instructors - obviously someone's old syllabus.....very confusing for veteran online learners - I can only imagine how first timers reacted.

        Sometimes I Forgot to check the internet

        too much work


        The instructor


        I did not dislike the course in any way.

        Forgetting about the online deadlines. That's something I have to improve upon.

        Keeping up with class assignments and getting everything submitted the correct way.

        It seemed like a awful lot of work for only 2 credits hours.

        I feel that because I did not have to go to class I could just wait to do the work. I continually put it off until the last minute and it really hurt me.

        I basically just didn't like the fact that I started having problems with the program submitting my assignments. I almost dreaded having to work on them because I felt like something was always going to go wrong. Maybe I just am not used to the on-line course but I feel like I am used to the computer and that I follow directions pretty well so when my professor e-mailed me with missing assignments I was frustrated that all my work and time was lost. I didn't like that I did not particularly enjoy the classbecause I usually try to be positive about all my work.


        Had to wait for responses to questions

        I'm not too fond of online learning at all really

        Not being able to do most of the stuff at home. Having to go to the library to do the work, and forgetting when assignments were due.

        Nothing. It was totally what I expected.

        I felt I did not have enough contact with my professor and questions and concerns were not dealt with in a timely manner.

        if I had a question about a worksheet I didn't have anyone to talk to immediately

        Not going to a classroom made it difficult to keep track of when assignments are due and you have to really develop a habit of sitting down and doing the assignments.

        there wasnít anything I really disliked

        I never understood how to use Web CT. It would always say server timed out while I was trying to log in and would make me sign in twice every time. If the internet was down on campus like it is at least once a week, you could not access web ct.

        the availability of my teacher sometimes was difficult, webct shuts down on Fridays and the resources had to be retrieved from the library. I sometimes found the assignments to be long and strenuous to complete, but other than that no complaints everything was great.

        Not understanding some things that were confusing. Not being able to ask the teacher face to face.

        I disliked everything about this class. I hated it.


        Instructor Incompetence.

        No Comment.

        I disliked the inability to ascertain responses to some of my questions due to the nature of the course and the lack of a physical model of how class assignments should be done.


        I did not like the fact that there is not much teacher student interaction. The assignments were not as easy to understand in this course as they have been in past online courses I have taken. I did not like webCT because I found it confusing and uncooperative at times.

        It was hard sometimes when you had questions about a particular assignment, but my teacher did an excellent job of making it as easy as possible to get in touch with her.

        not enough web space for website

        I disliked that the instructor was very picky.I didn't feel that she took into consideration that it was an online course.It seemed that there were many things she counted off on that we didn't fully understand from the instructions.I am an extremely disciplined student, but my grade will suffer because the course was online.

        My computer at home is really slow so I had to come to school just to be able to turn in some of the assignments for my class, especially when dream weaver and winscp was used.


        Not applicable

        I did not like the fact that the instructor graded so hard...it's not like I was taking this course because I'm an expert. I took this course to learn, and she graded our projects on an "expert" sort of rubric...I think that she should have been a bit more lenient.

        Hard to get a hold of the teacher for help

        I disliked the lack of professor/student interaction when I had questions. The professor did answer my questions through email and phone conversations; however, the lack of face to face immediate responses is a disadvantage to online courses.

        I felt like I had to put in many more hours than I would have if I had taken a face to face class.There were many hours of reading and trying to figure things out that took up a lot of time. I also did not like doing group work because it did not feel like a true group project.It just felt like several people working independently, then chunking their work together.I also disliked the number of projects we were required to complete.Some of them I felt we could have done without.

        There was very minimal feedback or information distributed throughout the course from the instructor.



        The lack of close interactions between student and professor.

        No real dislikes

        Often, the instructions were unclear or hard to follow.

        Always having to log in, which when things got tough, was next to and virtually impossible.

        There were too many projects!

        slow dial up

        Group work


        Not being able to be face to face.


        Lack of face to face peer interaction.

        There were too many places to post assignments. For example, I would post the assignment in the discussion and then would have to post it for the instructor, if I remembered.

        It hard to teach yourself sometimes without supervision.

        Difficult to get to know other students from the written word only.

        It was unreliable. I got error messages sometimes, and uploads would inexplicably not work.

        The number of assignments.

        The only part of this course I disliked was the powerpoints with audio that became somewhat dull.

        Communication was not as good as face-to-face.

        Sometimes people in your group misunderstand written comments - so you have to be very clear and specific when your posting.

        It was a little difficult to work in groups at first. My group worked well though.

        Trying to coordinate with group members on projects.

        I liked everything about the course. I did not like the fact that I could not get Tech help in the evenings nor on weekends!

        I love online courses.

        Very often WebCT Vista does not allow me to add attachments to postings.The help/troubleshooting portions of the site do not help.No one has been able to give my helpful advice regarding this problem.

        Sometimes, when you have a question or need clarification it may take days to get a response and that can be frustrating.

        When I wanted to upload a file as an attachment it hung up on my and I had to restart my computer. This happened 70% of the time.

        Issues with posting attachments to mail or message boards

        Some days I would be unable to post anything for a couple of hours (not talking about the regular times). It would be nice if the help line was available over the weekends.

        It was sometimes unreliable.

        I prefer online work.

        I had no problems.


        group work - some didn't do anything and all our grades depended on it

        No dislikes

        More communication was needed from the instructor.

        Too many postings. Online classes are more difficult than regular classroom settings. I guess you trade convenience for workload.



        Taking exams online



        Workload was difficult for individual.

        It really needs more face to face time due to the subject matter.††† Taking tests online.

        Difficult content for online instruction.

        Difficult class, would have been nice to just ask instructor or a student.But that's what DBs are for, just not as quick of a response if it were F2F.

        face to face mtgs

        I think this course covers so much material - in a classroom setting you are forced to interact more with other students which might help in understanding the content.

        The professor's way of teaching

        subject difficult to understand

        more direct instruction was needed for this course


        I liked everything about it.

        I had several instances where the WebCT pages would not displayed when selected.

        The discussion board perhaps could have been "broken down" a little further into the different "subject" areas.


        Some of the concepts are very difficult to grasp without face-to-face meetings.

        That I had to go to Carrollton to class.I feel that it could all be online with no class time on campus.That is the biggest draw back because I live over 3 hours away.



        This course in particular needed more face-to-face sessions in order to understand the contents.

        the delay in speaking to the professors, others

        It took the instructor a lot of time to answer our questions.Many times we would have to post assignments before we had our questions answered.



        Their are so many mailboxes and I was confused at the beginning which mailbox I was suppose to use for what purpose.

        One or two technical problems with my computer.Professor was understanding because I gave warning.

        Wish we had more time for assignments.

        the new document upload feature

        I do miss face-to-face discussions and class participation, but when you have to travel as far as I do, the option of online courses is more feasible.

        The glitch which I sometimes experienced when trying to attach files to discussion board posts.

        When opening tasks from the instructor, the tasks would not open the first time and I would have to go out to the homepage and back to get the task open.

        WebCT often does not let me post with attachments. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why this happens.I've heard it happens with everyone.Please fix it.


        I sometimes have trouble attaching files to post on the discussion board.I click on the attach button and nothing happens - I just see the little hand that doesn't disappear.

        Group projects.

        Not related to this course, but sometimes I had difficulty posting assignments.I had to exit the Internet completely as many as three times before having success in posting.

        getting to the webct vista login when I wasn't at my work computer where its conveniently marked as a favorite.

        I don't like having to go to class, but with only 3 visits, it's not that bad.



        All great.Maybe having to drive to the campus to purchase a text book in advance.

        f2f mtgs

        Sometimes it's harder to make yourself understood online.

        difficulty sometimes with attaching files to DB posts



        takes longer to get questions answered.

        I like all aspects of the on-line learning.

        I think instructions explained in person are easier to understand.This was not too much of a problem in this class.

        issues with posting messages with attachments and logging into chatroom

        I'm still learning to manipulate programs.

        Its just hard to do group work sometimes ... I think I really prefer doing it on my own

        to many group projects

        hard to maneuver through assignments

        How Webct would get bogged down when there was a large amount of students on-line. This made it difficult to get on-line and post assignments.

        Sometimes directions needed to be clarified--explanations always seem to make more sense in person.

        delayed professor response

        The group work. I felt that it was counterproductive to have group work in an on-line class. I spent all of my time playing e-mail tag with my group members. I could have completed a project by myself in the time that it took to coordinate the effort of a team. We are all professionals, and it's difficult to coordinate schedules, even on-line. Let us work independently and be held individually accountable, while still having group chats about the material. This aside, I liked the class and the instructor.

        not applicable

        Sound on some presentations was hard to hear.

        WebCt---there seems to be too many place where things are posted, and it doesn't seem to be straightforward like the old system was.

        Web Ct has some problem that needs to be worked out.Information post by the instructor does not show up. That is a problem.

        There seemed to be a lot of problems with having a place to post the assignments.All of my grades don't show up.

        On occasions, I had to turn in assignments on Fridays and the system was down.††† Sometimes there is a quirk in uploading files.††† I could not print directly from the screen when the professors have information I need. I had to copy and paste.††† PowerPoints slides were not fully visible on the screen.††† The audio was poor on some instructional PowerPoints produced by one professor.††† The professors don't place information in a uniform way and we have to go on a scavenger hunt to location some things we need.

        I wouldn't say that I disliked anything.The course load was heavy but not horrible.

        Everything was great!

        I experienced several times when pages would not display when selected in WebCT.


        Sometimes WebCt takes a little time to warm up so it can be accessed.

        Course was highly disorganized.Instructor would put assignments out there (especially discussions) and put a short deadline.She offered NO opportunity for students to work ahead because assignments weren't posted.Many of us take online courses to facilitate better use of our valuable time. The instructor needs to respect that and put ALL information about ALL assignments, discussions, etc. online at the beginning of the semester.

        I live farther away than just about anyone else.I live in another state.It's hard when I need something from campus, but then that's my fault/problem.I'm just so far away.

        Not getting to know classmates as well as I would if we met regularly.

        I cannot think of anything that I disliked about this course.

        group work via email or chat room

        I really do not like the new webCT as well as the other

        As I said above.This instructor's course was disorganized and boring.She was slow to answer emails.She offered no input , nor did she facilitate discussions.Work was primarily regurgitation of the text. Due to her lack of putting modules out in a timely manner, we could not work ahead to be able to do this degree around our busy full-time work schedules. I hope I never have to take a class from this instructor again.

        There was not a lot of opportunity to discuss with classmates

        Too many postings.

        The course required me to use a digital video camera and I had never used one. I needed to come in so that Dr. Bennett could show me how to use the camera properly.

        The new WebCT is a bit bothersome.

        The face to face dialog which occurs in a traditional class.

        unsure of exactly what the professor wanted

        Nothing.It did take a long time when downloading or uploading video to WebCT.


        Not a thing.

        alot of work to bmit!

        keeping up with assignments every week

        debate assignment.Needs modification.

        I would expect more frequent feedback and faster grading of assignments.

        I think dislike is too strong of a word... but I would rather only have one face to face at the beginning of the semester and then the rest totally online.

        This professor didn't put the whole class onWebCT from the beginning.I would have like more advanced knowledge that assignments were being made.I disliked having to work on assignments over Thanksgiving that I didn't know I would have until a week ago.


        Lack of collaboration from peers

        This version of WEBCT was not user friendly.There was not one place that you could look at everything that you had posted.You had to look everywhere.

        No much.

        Not having the interaction with other students

        some concepts are better taught face to face- i.e. types of instruments used in research and methods, etc...

        Some of the information in the PowerPoints did not include detailed explanations.They seemed like PowerPoints that would be used for presentations in which the speaker would provide examples and fuller explanations of the content.

        I always miss the interaction with other students.

        No dislikes.

        There wasn't anything I really disliked.

        It also required a great deal more time to complete the work. It was difficult to do group work.

        Discussions are time consuming and only counted 15 % of grade

        Nothing really; liked it all.Of course, I have not received my grade yet!

        I did not dislike anything.

        Not being up to date in regards to assignments.



        at the beginning of this semester I was TOTALLY confused on what to do in this class.The instructions were a little confusing.I'd taken other classes online so I understood WebCT.As the semester progressed though, it got easier to understand.

        Nothing I can think of at this time.

        My instructor did not follow the deadlines posted and was unreachable. Computers were down for problems arose that we not expected. There was no consideration for deadlines.

        Not meeting the class members face to face at least once.

        The instructor did not know how to use it properly

        At times, the responses to inquiries were delayed and caused anxiety.

        almost impossible to work problems online.so to go through a problem's solution was very time consuming.




        The promptness of having things graded


        Some of the topics would have made more sense if available to discuss easily.

        Some of the assignments were not clarified making it hard to do, but it got better as the weeks went on.

        If you do not pay attention, you miss an assignment and will not be able to make it up.


        the reading! But a necessary evil when taking online classes, the book is very boring though. The concepts aren't too boring it's just the book is.

        Some things I didn't understand while reading couldn't be explained at the moment.

        No one to discuss similar glitches with my home computer.

        having to make myself responsible for doing the work


        The instructor did not organize the quizzes correctly the question would have "pick a or b" and the answers would be 1, 2,3, this made the test very confusing to answer.

        this class should have been taught in class

        no access to chat rooms

        I was always afraid I was going to overlook something important. I also learn better with "live" lectures.

        Signing in takes some time.

        This course was difficult to do online...I mean the content was difficult and therefore would have been more readily understood if class meetings would have been more frequent.



        1. the instructor did not appear to be computer literate2. Chat rooms were not available

        It is difficult to find the time to check the internet to see if an assignment is due.

        the new version of webct was hard to understand and hard to learn how to navigate through it

        WEB CT sometimes difficult to maneuver.

        Unable to access the site at times due to problems with computers



        this class and the instructor was great online

        Ifelt very disconnected from the class. I had a hard time keeping up when things were due b/c there wasn't that face to face anymore.

        It would be better if the class was completely online.It is confusing when some is online and some is not.

        I learn better by face-to-face lectures so it was a little tough getting used to the online lectures and powerpoints. Sometimes it takes a more detailed examples and I like the instant responses that face-to-face gives you. I was also very worried about overlooking things online. I check and re-check things a little too much worried that I will miss something. I printed alot of things, too, that probably did not need to be printed.

        Very unorganized and impersonal

        trying to save items.There needs to be instructions given in writing on how to work this program especially when you live far enough away that you cannot get proper instruction.

        Decreased accountability when compared to face-to-face classes.


        I feel that I learn better face-to-face. I enjoy the personal interaction with my instructors. I dislike the fact that, if not for the Suzanne Gordon Conference, I would not have even met the professor.

        I found the Web CT vista more difficult to use than the Web CT from the previous year.

        putting off until the last minute and not being able to talk with a group discussion and not meeting the people you are talking to.

        Not being able to ask questions immediately when they arise.



        sometimes difficult to access site


        I like the face to face interactionthe work seemed to be busy-work

        If we should spend 3 hours outside of class for every one hour of college credit, the assignments took more than 9 hours per week to complete.

        Lack of face to face feed back

        It seemed like busy work instead of learning.It took me too much time to complete work and would have rather sat in a classroom the recommended time.I put too much work into a 2 hour class.

        Initially I had some difficulty e-mailing my assignments back to the teacher because the post assignment function did not appear.


        No interaction.

        lack of face to face, or rather the lace of immediate acknowledgement of issues or concerns related to subject material.

        Almost everything.†† 1. I did not come to this school for online classes. I purposely enrolled here for the IN CLASS classes. I feel like UWG did a bait and switch on me. I don't trust what else UWG has planned...2. Web CT is not reliable3. WebCT help is NOT helpful. The only "help" I got is them saying that it's my computer, nothing is wrong with webct. The company that looked at my computer disagreed that there was a problem with my computer..

        There was nothing that I disliked.

        Not as much face-to-face time with the instructor.It would have been nice to have her input more and to learn directly from her knowledge and experience.I've heard she's an excellent instructor, but I never really got the benefit of her excellence.Plus, I really like her personality and would have enjoyed receiving more of her instruction.


        I prefer a classroom where I can ask questions and get an immediate response.I am trying to work with the distance courses simply because a few of the courses I need to take are only offered through distance courses.

        I didn't receive feedback in a timely manner to let me know if my work was correct or not...luckily, for me, it was!

        Not having weekly lectures on the information. Not meetingand engaging with the other students and professor more.

        not being in class to take notes and get the full understanding


        Some things need to be explained in person.Test preparation is better in a class setting rather than online.The transition from online to in class can be difficult if you have not met in a while.

        I did not like that we were unable to discuss the material in greater detail. On some accounts I may not have understood the material and all I did was answer the question for the selection I chose.

        No class discussion, notes or professor inputRelying on others' essays to help study and learnNo discussion of material once the class went back into the classroom

        not having face to face lectures from the teacher in which they can better explain the subject

        I had some technical difficulties with WebCt Vista. I had problems attaching and opening PPTs.

        Lots more work than traditional class work


        Nothing really

        Lack of face to face contact with professor

        I liked everything about it.


        I wish that we were able to do the quizzes as soon as we wanted to instead of having to do them on a certain day of the week.



        At first the new WebCT VISTA was slow and I got a little frustrated at it.After a while it became easier to manage.


        Just the fact that I had to read more since


        I don't have any complaints. My professor was always consistent with having assignments ready and she gave very good notes. I just hope that all the other online courses run as smoothly.

        She used discussion boards instead of chat rooms so it was hard to have discussions with people.Some people you needed to talk to rarely checked the discussion boards.When you create times for chat rooms it makes it easier to correspond.

        I don't like online group work, and this teacher does that almost exclusively. Also, she had so many places to turn in work and so many rubrics, it was confusing.

        Professor tended to be confusing and abrupt.

        I forget to check WebCT for emails and assignments when I don't meet as a class.

        Communicating with others to do group projects was sometimes troublesome, but it worked out in the end.


        Course content pages and assignments were very confusing. The set-up needs improvement!

        some confusion about assignments

        There was alot of confusion because many of the assignments had to be completed within the confines of a group.

        Our instructor was incredibly disorganized and made this online class a negative experience.Other online classes I have taken have been a wonderful experience.

        interpretation of information about course requirements

        The organization of her website.

        Sometimes instructions were unclear; group work was very difficult due to the lack of response from some group members. The professor was very accessible for questions, which helped, but I found group work very distasteful because the advantage of online work is doing the work at my own pace and in my time, and the tardiness of some group members to respond prohibited that. (One particular assignment had members responding after 10 p.m. the night before it was due to contribute their portions. This work was unedited and incomplete, and I felt that had a negative impact on the overall project.

        I dislike the WebCT mail.I never could figure out how to get anything to attach.I know I could of called the helpline, but I shouldn't have to - I should have been able to click attachments, etc.But it never worked.It is also annoying to check two different email sites.It was over three weeks before I realized my professor was e-mailing us through myUWG.


        didn't particularly care for the amount of work desired by the professor.

        I liked it all

        Nothing. Not much interaction or announcements from the instructor.

        I enjoy the repartee with other students and that component is obviously missing. The email system is sluggish and difficult so even conversing with a few on the UWG system is cumbersome--better to use our own.


        I don't really think that I disliked anything.

        Sometimes I could not send my assignment using WebCT. I am not sure if this was a browser issue or an internal issue.

        The lack of face to face interaction


        Not being able to ask questions and get an immediate "in-class" response.

        Nothaving the answers right when you need them.

        Although I have DSL at my home, it would not open "My Courses" and therefore I could never access the class from home.This was very frustrating.

        Grades not available and hard to keep track of where I was in the course all along

        The disorganization of it

        Not having better contact with people I was working on projects with.

        The signal would come and go during our live classes.

        Stress about line problems

        I found the WIMBA live to be difficult.It was hard to hear sometimes and slow reactions occasionally.

        Time spent logging on and finding the lecture not posted yet. One week I spent hours trying to listen to an audio with 16 power point slides and it would just stop.The help line was very helpful but the problem seemed to be on my server end - just frustrating the time wasted!

        The only dislike would be when bad weather comes in and we are in the middle of a lesson or quiz, you can loose your connections.


        Sometimes the sound was sketchy.

        WIMBA LIVE

        I sometimes missed assignments because I simply forgot to log on and check my status for the week.

        Sometimes had computer problems, especially attaching work

        Having to wait longer for grades to be posted

        I didn't like having so much work to do.

        waiting for classmates to finish their portion of assignments before I could move on my portion.

        Sometimes the program did not function correctly

        sometimes technical difficulties, had to be worked through, wasted time

        It was very hard to keep on schedule without talking with the teacher once a week.

        in class discussions

        I felt disconnected from the learning.I was paying money to take the class but I was doing all the work....and not really being able to learn much from my professor or fellow classmates.We did not have any online meetings to discuss anything. I did work with a partner on a project through emailing back and forth and that worked okay.I felt like I had the responsibility of teaching myself everything about the course and the professor just graded my papers and the feedback seemed slow.I missed the interaction with other students and discussion of material.Online classes are a great way to get the credit but not as personally satisfying to me.

        The professor did not get our assignments back in a very timely manner.I believe that it is imperative that online instructors give all feedback and grades to students in a very timely manner since there is no formal meeting.We had to wait over a month to get 2 of our assignments back and graded. That is unacceptable.

        Server being down

        There was nothing that I disliked.

        The instructor gave far too much work for the first 1/2 to 2/3 of the class. Discussion boards, major projects PLUS weekly assignments were overwhelming.She seemed to realize this about half way through and stopped giving extra assignments every week so we could work on major projects.One weekly assignment took about 8 hours for me, plus two days of discussion board.I had a hard time working on major projects the first half of the semester.I also have two assignments that say they were sent on time that she is asking me to resend.I

        There was a couple of weeks where the work load was VERY challenging.Assignments and projects were overlapping.I think that sometimes on-line courses are more difficult (workload) than the face-to-face courses.

        The internet sometimes not being ready available, due to server.

        Rare problems with attachments to drop boxes not opening for instructor.The "not knowing" if the instructor ever viewed the attachment was difficult for my "Type A" personality!

        WebCT was unreliable and difficult to anticipate.I constantly had problems logging on and submitting things.Often times, for no reason at all, it would not let me log on or not let me submit things.It would just show me "error on page" at the bottom of the screen.Also, EVERY TIME I logged on from home, it would take me to some crazy page where I had to pick my school from a long list, and it said that my session had timed out.Then, once I selected my school, it would go back to the log in page.Sometimes I have to go through that 3 different times before it would let me in.

        I posted an assignment w/an incorrect attachment and I was unable to retrieve the file without contacting my professor.It would have been helpful to have a way to correct my error without involving the instructor.

        No instant feedback. Instructions always seem to be fuzzy.I really don't feel you learn as much as you would in class.

        Not having the face to face guidance by the professor on graded assignments.

        Like any other on-line experience, the website could be slow and possibly lose information when posting.

        I liked everything.

        I was not told the course would be 100% online until the first night of class.In my opinion 100% online is very difficult. I don't feel like I received adequate instruction.

        Waiting long intervals to hear from the instructor.

        great resources

        sometimes it was difficult to understand a few of the assignments. it may have been because of the content of the course

        It was hard if you had a question about an assignment to get quick feedback.