Fall 2007 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 14:What did you like about the online portion of this course?


        I hate class. I am a self learner and ask questions when appropriate. I like this online class

        I really enjoyed completing assignments on my own time instead of having the traditional class room setting.

        I like the freedom you get and the instructor was very kind and easy to work with.


        It was very helpful, easy access, and better than normal class.

        easy to understand

        It was very easy to handle the home work and get it turned it on line...

        Flexibility to balance between my work, home life, and trying to finish my degree.

        I liked that taking this course gave me the flexibility I needed to take this class and handle my personal life and academic life at the same time. It also made this course a little easier to understand as well as less stressful to learn materials without having to be in a classroom settings and having other classroom related factors affecting me.

        no comment

        I liked that we knew ahead of time everything that was expected from us, as far as work goes. We had one in-class meeting and I think that was the most helpful because the teacher was allowed to go over what the course was about and clearly explain what she wanted from us and our assignments. Also too, all the work was consistent so there was no confusion over how to do what or what was going on in the course. Even though it was an online class we still had interaction between students, due to the group project, which made it feel more comfortable, as if it were an in-class setting. Over all she did a great job of not only teaching us through webct but giving us assignments that allowed us to explore other learning mediums and still have student to student relationships!

        It was virtually self paced, with the exception of an assignment each week.


        Very convenient - I could schedule around my work and travel schedule.

        The convenience of an online class is what I like the most. Also, online classes do not conflict with other classes that I have to take on campus at designated times.

        own schedule

        Everything is on your time; Flexible Hrs

        The ability to work at home, and not attend a class.

        Not having to meet for class weekly

        1. Saved gas 2. My valuable time 3. Easy to access at anytime

        I enjoyed not driving to class every week.

        Discussion questions. I don't like to talk in class so this gave me the opportunity to share my feelings without having to talk in front of people.

        Accessing from home

        the flexibility

        The online test and modules.

        I could work at my own pace.

        The work was bale to be done on my schedule I didnít constantly have to turn in busy work.


        that I could choose to do the assignments on my own time during the semester every week

        Being able to do my work when I had time.

        Being able to post journal entries.

        I loved the fact that I was able to complete assignments on my own time. Being a busy student, it was definitely less stressful.

        Self pacing

        it was online

        It was very convenient as far as not having to get up and go to class.

        It was different and fun

        the freedom it gives you

        being able to be home with my family & still be able to do my class

        saving drive time

        I really didn't like the online class.

        allows more free time for me

        It was good, and easy to understand.

        It is easier for a person who works full-time to participate in online courses. Especially for the working nurse it is much better!

        I could work when it was convenient for me.

        I enjoyed being able to work from home.

        I enjoyed being able to work from home and save some gas money.

        Being able to work on my own schedule, of course with deadlines that the teacher as set forth, but for the most part, my own schedule.

        The ability to complete assignments whenever I want and work at my own pace when I had time!

        Not having to go to class...since I already have to do clinical time every week.

        That I could do it on my time and that I could go at my own pace.

        Being able to submit assignments online. Being able to log on and see what's going on with the class or if the instructor sent me a grade or mail.

        I loved how my professor had made it seem like we were in class by providing us notes that would have to do with the material we were working on. I loved having all the assignments on line so I would be able to see previously ahead of time what I would be working on. Also it gave the opportunity to be able to finish up early and didnít have too soon date.

        I could do the assignments whenever I wanted.

        That you can complete at your best available time.

        I could complete assignments on my own time as long as the due dates were met.I have a job and a family so not having to make the drive to campus and endure the wasted time that I often have between classes was wonderful.


        you could do it on your own time

        Being able to do it whenever I want.

        The fact that it was online

        I liked the flexibility of working around my schedule. I was able to anticipate busy weekends and manage my time wisely. For the most part, the assessments helped learn more about the course.


        I enjoyed that fact that everything that was needed to complete this course was online and that it was not complicated to complete.

        it was easy to use and I understood it great

        That I can do it on my own time.

        I get to take my time on the assignments.

        Easy to understand and could do on my own time.

        As a commuter student, the fact that this class was online, as well as another 4.5 hours that I took this semester, is what allowed me to be a full time student.†† I fully enjoyed this class and its platform.


        The Topic Questions are stimulating.

        Flexibility it offered

        Flexibility to work at my own pace with my schedule.

        The online portion of this course was a good choice for me because I live off campus and I have a very busy schedule and I liked being able to work around my schedule and do it in my time! I did not feel pressured to have to look a certain way or wonder that people were looking at me because I did not have to be around a bunch of people the online classes are great and there should be more in other courses offered.


        The flexibility.Not having to look for a parking spot was great.

        I can work at my own pace and time.

        The ability to do the work at anytime and being able to submit and get a grade in a fairly quick manner.

        Could work on my assignments whenever was best for me.

        The time flexibility is the major part I like so much.

        The convenience of not having to report to an instructor on a daily basis and still get my work done.


        It was self-paced.

        I could do the work on my own time and did not have to sit in a classroom.

        Sitting quietly in my own home doing my work.

        that I could work at my own pace

        It was easier for me to do the work when I had time instead of having to actually make time for it.

        I was able to do the assignments on my own time.

        Wasnít confined to a class time and a specific time to be taken away from other responsibilities.

        I liked being on my own time.

        I can do my work whenever and wherever which was very helpful to me because I work a lot and am a full-time student.

        The flexibility to do my assignments anytime I want within the amount of time given.

        all of it

        I could come online to do my work and submit to my liking but on time.

        Accomplish tasks on your own time.

        I like that I can read what other people think about what we are doing in the comfort of my own home

        doesn't take as much time away from my family

        not having to go to class and set through boring lectures

        The flexibility of when I could complete the assignments.

        I was able to do it on my own time

        I could do it on my own time, and not have to fret about having gas to get to class, and stuff like that.

        It gives the student time to turn in the assignments.

        It is easier to work into my hectic life with work and family, while not taking valuable daytime time from my children.

        That I could do it on my own time and not have to go to campus too often.

        I really enjoyed my instructors and class.Therefore, I do not want to give up all that contact.I enjoyed not driving from Rome to Dalton several times and enjoyed learning more computer use functions.I'm happy w/ 60% class, 40% online.

        How we get to write about many different things.

        I loved the content. The material we covered was very interesting instead of just reading from a text book like a normal class.

        the assignments

        The flexibility to do my assignments whenever I had the time

        Work completed on my time table no constraints of set time for classes.More manageable for a person that works full time and has a family.

        I thought my instructor made it really easy to access all of our assignments and grades. she also sent out announcements when the class needed to be aware of something important coming up


        there was not a set class time

        I liked that you were basically working at your own pace, in a way.

        That you can move at your own speed. If some students are really busy the week before the quizzes and assignments are due, they can work on the assignments to get them out of their way for the following week when they are busy.


        It allowed me to work at my own pace, and gave me the flexibility to have a job as well.

        The flexibility of being able to do it whenever

        well organized and effective

        The time it saved me. It was such a convenience.

        I could do the work on my own time and save 90 minutes in the car each way coming to campus.

        that it was online and I didnít have to leave my house to complete assignments

        I liked the fact that I could work on the assignments on my own time as well as keeping up with the deadlines. I found that it was more helpful to utilize the class period actually working on the assignments instead of sitting in the classroom.

        I can do it on my own time.

        I could access the information I needed for quizzes when it most convenient to me.

        Autonomy to complete on my own time.

        the flexibility

        Flexible work times.

        I had the opportunity to do the course work on my own time with no given due dates. This course helped me to be more responsible about turning in assignments.

        The fact that you could complete the assignments at your own speed, just as long as they were completed by the due date.

        Great Course.

        The option of doing the whenever time was available for me outside of a classroom.


        You had your own time to be able to complete the work, and you were not forced to show up to class.

        The professor was very clear cut about what was due and when it was due.My instructor was very consistent with the online class, not adding any new material that wasn't expected.

        Do work on my own time, without overly rigid schedules††† Well organized

        Being able to access the class from home.It saved me an evening out of the house.

        Not having to attend class. I commute over a distance of 70 miles to come to Carrollton and it was great to know that I didn't have to on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

        The flexibility

        The online portion of this class gave me the opportunity to complete work on my own time.Given the due date, I could basically decide when and where I wanted to do my work.

        It allowed me to work from my home.

        didn't have to actually come to class, and go at my own pace

        I did not have to be in class. I had the option of doing my assignments on my time

        Not having to attend class

        Access to information

        The flexibility to complete the assignments due to this being an online course.

        That it was online.

        That I didnít have to meet in the classroom

        I didn't have a set time that I always had to be somewhere, and I could schedule my work for the course around the other aspects of my life.

        that it was paperless

        Convenience of completing assignments off-line.

        I could do it at my own pace. I got it done during times when I didn't have a lot of tests to study for, so it really helped because it was so flexible.

        It is pace-setting and I can work it around not only my school schedule but my work schedule as well.

        Convenience of working at home.

        I liked the flexibility.

        I liked that the things I learned in class were reflective of the assignment given online; therefore, I was able to an assignment that helped me to understand the concepts and techniques taught in the course.

        Did not have to go to class.

        Being able to have freedom of where to work and turn in my work.

        The online portion is a good tool to be used in conjunction with face to face class.

        I liked the ability to complete the projects on my own time and being able to talk to other students and the professor.

        The flexibility of my own time.

        I enjoyed the fact that although we had deadlines, much of what we did was at our own pace.Our instructor was readily available if we had questions.I enjoyed the group discussions.

        I enjoyed the flexibility.

        That it allowed me to work from home so that I could use the class time I had to work on other assignments

        Work at your own pace

        The materials were easy enough for me to work on my own. There was no need to go to class and thus it saved me a lot of time.

        develops time management skillsflexibilityvast amount of student response to understanding

        Not having to drive all the way to campus.

        Time flexibility

        The fact that I could add my response to discussions on my time.

        Easy access, clear instructions.Instructor was also very available if I didn't understand something.

        I was able to use my book for reference on quizzes.

        not having to drive to campus

        I could do my work when I have free time and at my own pace

        Helpful teacher and comprehensive work.

        The flexibility of doing assignments at home on my own time.

        It was complete.I felt guided throughout the course instead of left alone to figure things out on my own.

        being able to complete work at my own pace

        I travel a good bit for work and it is great for me to be able to continue on my Masters and work full time, where if the class had been 100% in class I would have had to miss several classes and may not have been successful in the course.Great fit for a 40 hr. plus work week schedule.

        Nothing. I felt like this class lacked in providing me the education I paid for.

        you can do it on your on time

        It allowed me to do the assignments in my own time.

        I liked taking the quizzes

        The time flexibilities.

        It allows meet to complete the work at my own pace and when I am able to work on it. There is no set time each day for the class.

        you can do it at home

        The ability to work from home, and saving some gas money.

        I liked knowing what all I had to do, when it was due, and having the flexibility to complete it when it was I had time.

        The fact that I could do the work on my own time and I didn't have to drive out to campus everyday.

        The flexibility of the course

        Could Be completed on my own time management

        the fact that things had a due date but could be done at our own pace

        It correlated with the course content and helped me grasp a better comprehension of the class.

        Just the fact that it was online and I didn't have to come to the campus at night and try to find parking because parking is awful.

        The ability to work at your convenience.

        There was plenty of time to complete the work.

        work at my own pace to meet deadlines

        Didn't have to go to class

        Freedom to do the assignments on my own time.


        I was able to go at my own pace.I received one-on-one help from my teacher.

        not going to class

        Not having to be in class.

        My professor used weekly questions and answers and I enjoyed the format for this type of weekly review.

        the ability to submit assignments online enabled me to focus on other classes and their assignments

        I could work at my own pace.

        The flexibility it allowed

        I was able to work at my own pace.

        I liked how I was able to complete assignments on my own schedule. It was very helpful that the instructor was very proactive in explaining things and giving announcements. I enjoyed this course more than in-class courses. With exams, I liked how I had instant grade feedback.

        The flexibility

        It was some what convenient


        I could complete the course work during my own time.

        the slide shows were very tough, and you could go at your own pace

        flexibility to complete assignments prior to due date

        How everything was laid out and very easy to understand. And the teacher was very understandable and sweet.

        This class is entirely online and very interactive.I enjoy my instructor's quick response on class home work and grading.

        No Class meetings

        I like the fact that unlike Ecore, there was no extra charge for taking it. I also liked the option and freedom to go to office hours, and the option to only complete work online.

        NOTHING I hated it

        I liked that I could do the assessments in my time

        The ability to turn an assignment in by midnight on line instead of 7pm in class!!

        I could do it on my own time.

        Flexible time slots for assignments

        Everything was fine.

        It correlated with the course textbooks and with what was discussed in class, which helped me gain a stronger comprehension of the course.


        Easy and I can work at my own pace.