Fall 2007 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



        How much freedom is actually given. I had a hard time remembering when assignments were due, etc.


        Grades not going through to the professor!

        You never knew if your grades would go through because sometimes the server didnít save them so you have to print out your grades and everything else.

        time consuming



        I really don't have anything to dislike about this course because it was a new experience for me and for me there were no complications, etc.

        no comment

        Well I cannot really complain. Online courses are great for busy people as long as the course is not too confusing! I thoroughly enjoyed this class!

        The assignment was due at Noon each day. Couldn't we have until 11:59 pm? It's not like the assignments were graded promptly at noon...


        I can't think of anything for this course...

        There is nothing I dislike.


        Nothing that I can think of...


        I had to e-mail my test grades to m teacher every time because they do not save if you take the test at home. Very Annoying!


        sometime you just want to speak to your instructor in person for clear instructions

        Sometimes I felt I didn't understand something, I was making things harder than they were supposed to be.


        I have no complaints

        There was nothing that i disliked about the online course.

        nothing everything was great

        Not getting to hear others in class opinion on topics!

        It is harder to ask questions and get an immediate response

        amount of time for the online quizzes

        Not enough space to comment.



        The way some of the questions were worded on the quizzes.// tricky.


        nothing I can think of


        The fact that you can see people in your class.

        sometimes questions are not cleared answered because communication was mainly by e-mail

        The Computers in Our World book.

        I have no dislikes! I loved it.






        Some times needing to ask a question about the instructions so I get the assignment correct but Ms. Ruskell has always been available when I needed her.

        The only thing I didn't like about the online is having a teacher go into greater depth about a subject but I figure that is what the internet is for back up your knowledge.

        I had to go to the Library to complete the assignments most of the time, which took a lot more time and energy because I had already started the assignment. Also, the Library was almost always closed at the time I needed it




        It was hard to anticipate the test structure and instructor's expectations. The tests/exams had many questionable solutions that in an in-class course may have cleared up confusion. Most of the difficult questions were subjective and unfair to test in multiple choices exams.


        There is nothing I dislike about the course.

        some of the tests are very difficult to me

        Not having anyone around at the time when I have a question.

        Wasnít personal, but it still worked.

        There was nothing I really disliked about this course, or the fact that it was online.


        Need more feedback on online responses.

        design principle write-ups were really time consuming

        learning the material on your own


        Well I would love to have online chat with the teacher.

        It was sometimes difficult to self-manage, and I occasionally side-tracked.

        Nothing really.

        You have to learn and teach all the material to yourself.


        That there arenít more classes offered in this fashion.

        It's too easy to be lazy sometimes.


        needed more time to read required texts

        That sometimes I would forget about certain deadlines because the class wasn't in my everyday routine.

        I liked it all.

        I did not have someone to tell me when things were due.

        I like some interaction with people and the professor.

        It can be difficult to ask questions.

        Nothing really

        Online courses are impersonal to me.


        When I could not access some of the quiz like the very last quiz # 9.

        No face to face participation.

        There isn't really anything I didn't like about this course.

        you have to be very disciplined to make sure you get all your work done on time

        not having a teacher to ask questions to

        I do not dislike anything about online courses.

        lack of one on one help

        I sometimes found it easily forgotten until after a quiz was due. :(



        Not having a physical class.

        Not always easy to follow where items were located or how to move files around.

        How many things that we have to do.

        It's my own fault, but I don't like the fact that there aren't more reminders for assignments outside of the little popup on webct.

        Not really interacting with the teacher. Sending emails well I have to get use to it!

        It's just different from an in-class setting

        I wanted to be able to see my test results as well as answers to what I missed immediately.Did not like having to wait.

        nothing really

        communication via email

        When I needed help that I had to go on campus for the portion that did not have a tutorial.

        There was not much to dislike about the course. There was just a lot of reading and sometimes it bored me. Maybe for the longer chapters you could cut them in half but I guess it would be hard to do that for an online course. But the reading was the only thing that I disliked!


        one of the texts was crap

        The link of time when doing quizzes



        Sometimes the videos that we watch online can be rather faulty.


        The PowerPoint werenít narrated or anything.The professor just posted the regular PowerPoint and we were expected to know the information by the next time class met for the quiz.

        The teacher never posts assignments on time. Would have liked all assignments to be posted on the first day of class so I could plan my time in an appropriate manner.

        Sometimes hard to remember things

        Technical issues.

        There wasn't anything I disliked; I just had to be cognizant about assignments & when I had to respond to discussion postings & quizzes/tests.



        I found the course content and workbook to be unrelated and repetitive.

        Impersonal and there is a day or so lag time between questions and responses. but overall positive


        Because it was a WAC course, the workload was very heavy.

        Very, sometimes very slow, loading time of PowerPoint, videos, etc Also sometimes come to a complete halt††† especially bad between 8 and 10 p.m.

        There is a lot of information and quizzes and it is very easy to miss deadlines.

        Too many errors that need debugging. For example modules wouldn't show up although my professor was good enough to extend the deadlines in that case.

        The fact that web ct only works on a few browsers.††† It is really slow and messes up a lot when I try and use my Mac with internet explorer.

        Some of the applications were not working correctly all the time.

        time restrictions, slow downloads

        Course does not need to be online, needs more face to face time


        Where do I begin?This class was terrible.I was very experienced on all areas of Office before I started this class.This class was set up so poorly that I think if you didn't know Office before you started the class, you probably don't know much more now.I took an online class about 7 years ago that had a spiral bound professionally written manual that cost no more than $100.It was a complete overview to Office and was much more thorough than this class.††† The workbook for this class:A 'business' class charging over $70 for a 'workbook' (if you can even call it that) that isn't worth much more than $5 is the biggest rip-off going on at UWG.You know, it almost borders on unethical!To charge me over $70 for a book that could have been put together by a graduate student in ridiculous.I'd love to see the financials on this one and where the profits are going - 5 sections, 50 students a section and $70 a book comes out to about $17,500.I don't know what permission costs from Microsoft to use their images but I'd love to know where the bulk of that $17.5k is going after printing costs and copyright fees.What a rip-off!Like I said, a professional office manual that explains Office in depth and is usable after the class is done is not much more than $100.This 'workbook' is hardly a valuable reference and is useless.†† The exams were set up horribly.Very touchy every time you point and click on something.Sometimes the program didn't respond, other times it did, you really never knew if it was going to count you right or wrong.†† My professor is a good guy and good teacher, but this class is terribly written, not put together well, and poorly executed.Rarely do I complain about classes but I think this one is a real disservice to anyone who wanted to learn Office.Disclaimer:Not a disgruntled student.Current average on tests is a 95%.Happy Holidays.

        the videos and power point videos were not clear and had many tech problems

        Due dates and late work not accepted

        It was confusing and I didn't always understand exactly what my assignments were. The website assignment was especially confusing for me.

        too much information

        No interaction with other students.

        "out of site...out of mind" played a role and it was harder to remember that things were due

        We never had any formal introduction to WEBCT. It was very cumbersome at the beginning. I wonder if it is the program (WEBCT) or the way things are organized on the individual courses.


        My instructor did not communicate with the class enough... And he did not GRADE the material in a timely manner.


        Too impersonal there was no opportunity to create a personal connection.

        Sometimes it would be more helpful to actually interact and talk with the other people in person instead of online. Also it is not very effective for group projects.

        Not really anything.

        I really have no complaints.

        Surprisingly it was my first online course and Dr. H†† made it a good one. I cannot think of anything that I disliked about the online portion other than webct going down at 10 every other Friday.

        That my test results would not send from my computer at home but only the ones here at school

        lacked the classroom type setting

        I disliked the orientation day. It was not useful and a waste of time.

        Unable to discuss face to face unable to ask questions it felt never-ending within a week. Always thinking about classwork is done before deadline within week.Nerve racking

        The amount of writing required.

        Self motivation

        If I had a question, it was hard to reach my instructor.

        If the system was down.


        It was tough to understand the assignment grades.




        having to completely learn everything on my own

        Some of the content would have been maybe easier to grasp in a group discussion setting, but the professor was great to explain and answer any questions.

        The method of teaching was unsuccessful and very irritating. The only place I was able to access the site successfully was the UWG computer lab. I was very excited about this class at the beginning of the semester but it has proven to be very unsuccessful and I feel like I have learned nothing. This teaching style in my opinion was very discrediting. I am very disappointed in this course and will never take my instructor online classes again. I feel like she failed in her teaching capabilities.

        if you donít stay on top of it will get away from you

        Class discussions are eliminated.Sometimes, it helps to sit in on class discussions, to better understand the material.

        not getting help on understanding some of the assignments

        It was too overwhelming.You would sign on and there would be 25 icons on the homepage.Some were duplicates and it wasn't clear as to whether it needed to be done again.It was just too confusing to me.

        It was very easy to forget about.

        It was difficult when the internet would go down when trying to submit a response. I had this happen several times so I would have to save my work outside of the submission section to avoid this.


        The online portion of the class was convenient and easy to use.

        If I had a question... not being able to have that immediate answer,

        Remembering deadlines.


        The exams through external sites did not function and transmit grades to the professor properly.


        Nothing, the online portion of this course was great!

        I disliked the amount of work due throughout the week and no specific mention of how much was to be done.

        The fact that I didn't have to show up to class in order to guarantee that I would get my work done because I need that type of environment.

        too many students online at the last minute slows up the server

        Not able to perform assessment skills with this online class. Need face to face for physical assessment skills to be learned correctly


        Working on the computer. Computer was a big fear for me.

        too easy to put off work till the very end

        Easy to forget.

        Reporting of grades for online assignments

        more interaction with all students regardless of graduate undergraduate level of study on of the failings of web ct is it does not allow interaction between grad students and undergraduate students thereby shortchanging the learning experience for both students and faculty i found this the case last spring semester

        I didnít get to hear the information get explained to me. Some e instructions were vague

        Did not have any.

        I did not like how the exams were black or white. Some of the answers, I believe, were improperly graded and worded. I guess this is the drawback of not being in the classroom to go over the test.

        The ability to get behind.

        too confusing and scattered


        Without an instructor present, one must learn the elements of the class on his or her own.

        you have to be disciplined to do it on your own

        WebCT file submission did not work correctly. I had to submit several assignments via school email and personal email

        Sometimes there were a few assignments difficult to understand.


        I am very forgetful and a lot of the times I do not remember assignments until the last minute


        That I turned everything in and the teacher for some reason does not have it

        It sometimes felt more time consuming to complete the assignments.

        It was hard to teach myself.

        bad quality audio and video and extremely slow loading times

        Nothing, I really liked the online portion of this course.

        I like my face to face interaction with teachers

        Forgetting Deadlines