Fall 2007 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16:What suggestions would you make for future online courses?



        Don't take an online course unless you are committed and focused.


        I have none

        we just need more of them to be offered

        no comment

        Well I started to take an online class once (my roommate also) and we had no in-class meeting whatsoever so when it came time to do work we had absolutely NO idea what was expected from us or even how to go about submitting our work correctly. The anxiety of not being sure of yourself and constantly wondering what was due, when it was due, how to do it, and not knowing if your doing any of them right in the first place proved too much to bare and we dropped the class. When I first heard this class was online I immediately began to have anxiety but after the in-class meeting and being able to understand the course and what she wanted I definitely felt more comfortable.

        Only the noon deadline.


        No suggestions

        make web ct easier to back up rather than having to go to home page every time

        It would be nice if assignments, tests, & etc...Would send an email to your personal email as an alert/reminder...That would be NICE...to keep you organize & on track.

        Make the tests save from all computers, not just the school computers.

        1. Provide more than just the freshman/Sophomore classes. I know there is an E-core class that gives just the basic courses. If Phoenix online can do it the UWG can come up with their own program. You may need to Beta test them. Just try is all that I ask.


        Don't have any.

        Take away advisement on campus requirement and have more UWG courses online rather than Ecore.I strongly prefer WebCT with a West Georgia professor to ECore.

        Offer more English and History courses.Any course that is mostly writing works great for on-line

        The online class was good and I would take it again.

        Offer more of them.Even if they are partially in class room.

        have a chat room

        more time for the quizzes

        Other than having more, nothing.

        none really


        none, things are good thus far

        None, itís good the way it is now.

        Make more of the content online.




        I would prefer that more upper level on-line courses be offered

        Nothing I think my instructor did very well.

        Just to make sure that they keep up with assignments and make time for the online classes daily.

        Maybe in the future, you could indicate the need to be in the Library prior to starting the assignment.

        Yeah make more classes, if not all of them, available online.


        For some of the test questions, I would make them essay based to include reasoning for decisions-made. I would also welcome misdirected questions and solutions.

        Have many more on line courses


        Nothing in particular I was satisfied.

        Have someone on line that is knowledgeable about the assignments when they are due.


        Offer more of them.


        more classes available

        offer more in other courses

        Set time for my classes.

        I would like more instructor feedback on postings, but understand the difficulty to do so with large numbers of students.

        Let students know what book the course is going to be taught out of instead of requiring a different book for the course.

        Clear instructions from the instructors

        That the WebCT due dates are more reliable. They actually have to say "due by 11:59pm" the day of or it will lock you out of your assignment.


        more time

        Emails with cut off reminders were very helpful.


        Reminders for quizzes and assignments due.


        Being able to received answers about the material through the e-mail.

        Maybe more time to complete assignments.

        keep it as it is


        more updates on how you are progressing with your final grade

        have more teacher involvement

        It was fine to me, maybe some reminders every once in a while about assignments and quizzes (instead of it being left to remember all semester)


        I would suggest the availability of more choice for online courses.


        Give a 1-2 hour orientation first day of class

        Make it more interesting

        Email notifications about upcoming assignments and an OVERALL calendar for all classes showing tests and assignments coming up.

        The instructor makes time for students to see and talk to them in person or have something called live chat...


        Donít allow the students to be able to access other students postings because it causes conflict when the teacher has to decide if the students copied each other or not

        make students knowledgeable of how to start course upon sign-up of the earliest you can take quiz and test


        My suggestion would just be to give better examples and make sure that the instructions make since. The chapters are kind of hard to understand and to take in at once so you could create a PowerPoint in a more simple term.


        Less deadlines

        Better textbook

        Can't think of any.


        The professor should stress the importance of keeping up with the syllabus yourself and making sure to mark the dates in your calendar when things are due. I believe this would make the other studentís acutely aware of their deadlines.


        Get the students to participate in some way with online stuff.

        All assignments posted at the beginning of class.


        Less automation, more teachers input.

        its great the way it is

        Offer more of them.

        The workbook needs to relate to the modules and be less repetitive.

        Picking a time once a week or once every two weeks for a conference call to discuss material and answered detailed questions would be helpful.


        Don't have a ton of online discussion chats.I don't feel that these really help with the learning process.

        Faster technology††† Less dependence on online discussions (personal choice)

        Have reminders set up on the calendar for quiz and assignment deadlines.

        In the first few classes get the students used to WebCT and follow up on emails more often.

        None really, just make WebCT Vista more compatible

        No comment

        Maybe have an in class meeting/discussion for the mid-point of the course. This would allow face to face interactions with other students and with the professor.

        work on making the connection of videos and notes better

        accept late work

        Have more explanation for what each assignment is expecting.

        to please have in mind that most of us students have other classes to take care of, not only this one...so i guess more time

        None, it was fine.


        Cheaper text books

        I would suggest a mandatory online/phone training course for first time users. I bet this probably takes place @ the campus; however we are too far away for on campus training.

        I guess, although it was an online class, I would have liked to have class a little more


        I am not sure.

        Add more to the power points that are provided for information, so that the books can be made optional.

        Continue the online discussions!


        Not much

        no changes


        The professors should indicate what is expected to receive a grade for posting. i.e. 4 posts during week = B

        Keep up with the work.

        If you don't have self discipline, on-line courses maybe not for you

        Let's have some office time, next time, huh?

        I like the discussion boards.

        have more courses available for online

        Do assignments early and complete workbook ahead of time.

        Put on as many as you can get!


        I would have more on-line courses with just a couple in class meetings.I also think that the class when it does meet should do so on Saturday mornings.I loved the set up of this class.

        I plan to never take them again.


        I think more online courses should be optional.


        Online WebCT training course before classes.


        not sure

        Maybe an optional weekly time for the instructor to be available for an online chat of some sort.


        Make sure external cites other than WebCT function properly for commuter students.

        some of the directions on the assignments were unclear but for the most part no problems

        None, it should stay as it is.

        Make sure to be specific in what is due and when and how much should be posted and when so people don't feel they have to be online non-stop to complete their work/postings.

        More involvement with students.

        strengthen the server

        Less on line, more face to face and actual teaching.


        I would suggest a basic computer course for students with little or none computer knowledge.

        donít take them


        Provide Professor with training on how to troubleshoot issue (they create) on WebCT

        more interaction as suggested above

        Voices on the power point.


        I would suggest a more leniency with turning in assignment in the first couple of weeks. I missed an online quiz, because I did not know the schedule and dates. It almost cost me a letter grade.

        Help somehow to keep students abreast of whatís going on in class.

        It needs to be organized a lot better.


        I would suggest that the class has the option of meeting once every two weeks.

        not sure

        Fix the online assignment submission process. Also make the website more user friendly to MAC computers.

        Be a little more explainable.


        Keep up the good work, I have no suggestions.

        Have to turn in a hard copy

        Don't be afraid to consult the instructor.

        speed it up considerably and clean up audio and video feeds

        None, the course is fine as it is.