Fall 2010 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)

Question 23:  What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?

·      extreme amount o busy work

·      nothing

·      Did not count much towards final grade.

·      not sure

·      E-mails magically disappear and work does not always transfer over because of incompatibility issues with the required software for the class.

·      nothing

·      You have to be discilpline.

·   none

·   Nothing

·   The lack of video lessons.

·   Working with group members for online work was hard.

·   nothing

·   Hard to open some of the online programs.

·   It's usually after hours when students experience problems with online learning.  As a result, many questions go unanswered and issues are often left unresolved.

·   NA

·   There is nothing I disliked.  The instructor was very accessible via email and telephone when I needed to reach her, so there were no problems taking this course remotely.

·   Nothing.

·   I think I'm more of a face-to-face learner so this is not for me...especially with accounting

·   na

·   Nothing

·   Absolutely no interaction with the instructor.

·   I dislike having to come to cmapus for tests...esp when I cannot schdule the test to my convenience. I had to miss several days work due to having to come to class for tests

·   The teacher would not answer questions submitted through email, he would wait two weeks before responding, or he would give an incorrect answer when he did respond. Had it been a face-face-class, he may have answered our questions.

·   The voice on the online lecture is VERY boring.  Always puts me to sleep.  I even tried it at 2 in the afternoon and it still knocked me out.

·   I don't like there they are a lot of disconnecting issues. I have only experienced it a couple of times but I hear people complain about it all the time including the teachers in e-mail.

·   I did not like having live tests, but having everything else online.

·   Some of the Professors are harsh. They do not give you a break regardless of your situation.

·   There seemed to be a lot of mishaps in the tests as well as the essays for this class. I have not had this problem with other online courses.

·   I disliked the fact that I felt like my professor's tests reflected his in-class discussions when I wasn't a part of those, being an online student.

·   nothing

·   easy to forget about

·   It was told on the syllabus beforehand when tests/quizzes/assignments were.

·   online problems.

·   Way too much nonsense busy work

·   nothing

·   This course felt like a Master's course and required entirely too much work with unforgiving deadlines.

·   That it was not structured enough to make me keep up with assignments.

·   There was nothing in particular that I had any problems with.

·   you need alot of self motivation

·   The main parts that I didn't like about the online class are the inevitable difficulties with technology. At times the internet at my house was down and I couldn't access the web if I needed to for an assignment. One thing, I struggled with is having to maintain a structured schedule and list of assignments and due dates because you don't go to class where you're constantly reminded when something is due. However, I think it has helped me in the long run.

·   Not having many face to face meetings.

·   I wished it was easier to make hot links work for discussion boards

·   The reading comprehension was rather strenuous and difficult

·   I have a MacBook and course den does not work very well with Macs, for example the program to post messages or emails is not compatible. Specifically, when I needed to post hotlinks it was impossible.

·   Sometimes I would get behind because I wasn't in class every day to have the reminder so it takes extra discipline to stay on task.

·   I think that there should be someone online a majority portion of the day whom you can chat with live in case there are any technical or class questions.

·   It was difficult to have one on one time with the professor.

·   That being able to get to website when my computer was down.

·   a little confusing at times.

·   CourseDen having loading or submitting issues at times.

·   Not being able to ask the teacher questions about the materials and assignment without experiencing delays via email.

·   I disliked that grades took a long time to receive.

·   nothing

·   nothing

·   The minimal use of the services of the internet

·   N/A

·   My teacher seemed lazy b/c she only put up five lectures for the coures material when there was at least 21 chapters, so this coures being online makes it easier for you to get lost in the material

·   None.

·   class warranted more group discussion and group projects.

·   The boring and tedious assignments.

·   No dislikes.

·   nothing in particular- lot of busy work

·   Not being able to meet in person with classmates and professor.

·   Having meeting times other than the first and last week of class.

·   The group assignment.  I felt that my group was not as motivated to complete the assignment and truly made that portion of the class the most difficult and unappealing. 

·   Nothing

·   There was nothing I did not like.

·   There was nothing I disliked.

·   Nothing!

·   nothing

·   To many log ins and passwords and video and wimba difficulties.

·   Some file wouldn't open on firefox

·   I like face-2-face

·   Nothing

·   Nothing

·   Nothing

·   Nothing

·   I think some of the information for the tutorials were a bit much and over done.

·   Nothing really

·   nothing everything was fair.

·   I liked everything.

·   It was not structured at all; we only had the very first class meeting, then were not required to go to class at all--this allowed me to shirk responsibilities and I ended up forgetting about some assignments that were due.

·   Nothing comes to mind which was unpleasant about the course.

·   Some tasks were longer than others

·   N/A

·   Nothing.

·   Whenever I needed help Mr. Rooks was only willing to help me if I came into the lab or to his office he wasn't helping me via email

·   Everything was good.

·   The fact that students didnt even take the time to buy a book.  Many of them were trying to borrow information.  If this was an in class course, the students would not have done that.

·   Due dates!

·   Questions concerning materials were hard to clear up via e-mail and discussion.

·   It was a waste of time. I didn't learn anything about computer's I did this intern assignment. It's aso hard to remember when tests are bc I don't think about this class but once a week. Not know when the tests were really probably hurt my grade, bc I didn't look at the syllabus. Not to mention the teacher sucks bc he wouldn't let me take the test over again, bc I told him the truth about forgetting about it instead of making up an excuse like everybody else did. It's funny how everyone's grandmother dies when tests come around.

·   the teacher wanted you to come to campus to fix everything, but i signed for online so i wouldn't have to come there because it is an hour away.

·   a lot of dates changed and cause me to miss assignments

·   liked it all.

·   its easy to forget the due dates of the assignments

·   Assignments had due dates.

·   I did not dislike anything I really enjoyed this experience.

·   N/A

·   nothing

·   Not really knowing what was going on as far  as extra credit and such

·   At lot of times the discussions were not open on time and when they were opened were not accessible for the amount of time needed. Also, it was difficult to get a hold of the professor through email.

·   the teacher was very slow and responses, and grading. Communication was not good.

·   nothing

·   I really like interaction with the class, so I think that online classes take away the face-to-face interaction.

·   I don't really like having to post discussions for a grade. I'd rather just leave the discussions for student questions.

·   Some of the guidelines were a little confusing.

·   Nothing

·   N/A

·   Some assignments/quizzes were not in the first book.

·   NOthing.

·   That you couldn't make up work.

·   nothing

·   The fact that the course was online caused me to at times forget to do the assignments right up until almost the day it was due. It also made it feel as if, rather than having another class, I was just doing extra work that had been piled onto my workload.

·   Everything.

·   everything was timed

·   Nothing really

·   some assignments longer than others

·   It is harder to reach help with simple questions.

·   nothing

·   The deadlines.

·   I didn't really find anything wrong with the on-line course.

·   I did not like the computers in society part.


·   not much

·   Nothing

·   No face-to-face interaction with the professors

·   Too much work. Didn't really help me any.

·   The professor was not involved at all. I didn't even know his name until I had to email him.

·   that if i lost internet access all my work was gone

·   The material was very challenging!

·   i don't have any complaints with the online course

·   Nothing.

·   Some of the questions on the quizzes were mispelled so it through us off.

·   nothing, everything was well explained and easy to understand.

·   NA

·   N/A

·   I was very pleased with the course.

·   n/a

·   N/A

·   No hands on/video training. All bookwork. Not sure how much of the information i learned will be retained.

·   All positive

·   nothing

·   nothing i was satisfied with this course

·   There was not enough time for quizzes

·   N/A

·   nothing

·   I feel that on some tests I needed a little more time.

·   You can not communicate with professor or students one on one.

·   N/A

·   the time limit on quizzes

·   Nothing really

·   There was nothing I didn't like.

·   I like everything.

·   I disliked the way to access the site. I had to retrieve many programs I did not use on my personal computer in order to access the class which was very inconvenient.

·   I think for me personally, I never had an online course, and sometimes I forgot we had assignments..or I mixed up my due dates. Took me some time to adjust to it.

·   Nothing.

·   Some of the directions were not completely clear.

·   The directions for assignments.  The grading system.

·   Instructor wasn't helpful or flexible with understanding students schedules.

·   Nothing.

·   That I couldn't do it on my own time. It needs to be where everything is due at one point at the end of the semester.

·   nothing.

·   The extra money it cost that I was not aware of until the day they threatened to drop my class if I did not come up with an extra grand.

·   In the very beginning, it seemed there was an over abundance of warnings. That scared me into thinking I was doomed to fail.Once I began the course, I was fine.

·   Nothing that I can think of.

·   I could not figure out how to do some activities due to having a Mac.

·   nothing really

·   Nothing

·   Well nothing that i could think about at the moment

·   nothing

·   I did not like being able to face to face ask questions, but over all i loved it.

·   N/A

·   The deadlines for awkward..some of my other online classes has deadlines at 11:59pm which gave me the whole day to get stuff turned it..with this class, it was 11:30am.  it was just awkward for me.

·   I disliked the fact that I would sometimes forget about the class.

·   nothing i can recall

·   That I had to make time to do it before the deadlines because I am horrible at time management. I don't think online classes are for me.

·   sometimes it was hard to understand what was expected on an assignment

·   complications with teacher

·   nothing

·   I learn best from peer interaction.


·   n/a

·   Nothing

·   Students have to make sure that they keep up with the deadlines because not going to class can cause one to forget about those deadlines.

·   The scheduling of the quizzes. Apparently, working students are not taken into consideration very much. I did not like the Aplia software, and there were too many places we were expected to obtain materials and complete work. It should have all been in one place.

·   I wasn't a fan of having a set time period in which you have to take a quiz being that you could  be in a situation in which you can not get to a computer at the moment.

·   You have to be very discipline to take online classes

·   Nothing.

·   miss the face to face discussions with my classmates.

·   Too much busywork.

·   N/A

·   Instructor feedback!

·   Communication can be difficult at times.

·   There was nothing that I disliked.

·   None.

·   I do not have any complaints.

·   nothing

·   I miss the opportunity to have face-to-face discussions with my professor and classmates.

·   No face-to-face interaction to make sure assignments are done correctly.

·   Nothing!

·   Sometimes not seeing the professor makes it a little harder to get in contact with the professor if I have questions.

·   Sometimes I was not quite sure of the details of when things were due in the beginning. With this being an online class, I could not just walk up and ask the teacher.

·   This was a large class; so, we did not have live chat or live online time with our instructor using WebCT.

·   Not being face-to-face with professor

·   Sometimes, I thought that it was too much new stuff we learned online. It is nice to have some online instruction, but we did a LOT of new projects online (glogster poster, wiki page, voice thread, etc.) It seemed like we were learning more about technology than actual education at times.

·   nothing

·   Asking questions and getting the response I needed right away.

·   That it was not easy to access at first.

·   Accessibility was my biggest issue. Second was the absurd work load at the beginning of the semester. Third was the course text without proper explanation of its absurdity from a teacher.

·   though working on my own time was nice, online classes are easy to forget about and fall behind. Also, they lack human interactions which are crucial to humans as we are social creatures

·   The fact that I had to do many things at once and post all of my work on course den and on the wiki. the wiki is confusing

·   I disliked that there was often to much reading,videos, etc. that could have been taken out to still do the assignment. I also disliked the ocnfusion with the wiki.

·   The teacher made everything very difficult. We had to use this wiki website, which was very hard because people could delete you work. Also, the assignments wouldn't submit. Also, we never got any of our grades. Basically the entire semester. We just got a couple of them a few days ago.

·   i liked everything.

·   I liked the instructor, and would have liked to meet her fact to face. I am not fond of group work because you can't count on everyone to do their share.

·   Nothing!

·   I truly enjoyed the online portion of this course

·   If I had a question I could not talk to the professor face to face.

·   The lack of participation from group members.

·   sometimes confusing

·   I did not like it beacuse it was more work than in class assignments for this course.

·   A LOT of work.

·   Since the teacher was new to the class, she did change the syllabus a number of times. She did eventually work out everything.

·   Nothing.

·   n/a

·   Being kicked off

·   I would just prefer to meet with my professors in person to hear the information. The verbal lectures online were good enough

·   nothing

·   Liked it all.

·   Can't ask questions immediately.

·   network failure atimes

·   Nothing.

·   nothing

·   If there was a major problem, I had to drive to West GA to take care of it.

·   Nothing.

·   The server didn't work a lot and it was very difficult to get registered.

·   Nothing

·   Sometimes, it would be nice to have face-to-face class just to have that connection.

·   dont like courseden

·   Since this was just a 2 credit course I was not expecting the amount of work for this course.

·   there was nothing that i dislikes about this course. it was a very good course, not very easy but very helpful.

·   I felt that some of the assignments took too long to do.

·   instructor was not very involved

·   I disliked not have the teacher easy accessible, because whenever something went wrong you would have to email her and it would take her some time to get back. Also we have had plenty of grades this semester but only 3 of them have been put up so I have no idea where my grade stands. I believe online courses allow the teacher to maybe slack too much.

·   nothing

·   nothing

·   The assignments were released haphazardly so I never knew what day I could start them only when they were due.  The first week of class all the assignments were posted but with due dates in the previous semester.  All the instructor did was copy the last lesson plan.  Also the class discussion portion only had three required posts and responses.  These were also haphazard and at random intervals.

·   Not having a person to ask question of.

·   I need more description of the equations and how to do them.  The online reading was not too helpful.

·   Most of the emaisl were sent throguh course den while I got most of my emails via MyUWG. I kind of wished they were connected and you got both emails through one account.

·   Because I didn't technically 'go' to class, it was easy to forget about work I had due.

·   it is hard to tech yourself how to put problems into the calculator since the only way to be shown how to do it is to go to the professor's office.

·   I got a bit confused as to how to work some problems.

·   The material is way too challenging to not have an in class instuctor.

·   N/A

·   nothing

·   My e-mails and concerns were never answered.so at times i doubt if i had an instructor or i was by my self?

·   There was a lengthy period of time during which I received no contact from the instructor regarding the completion of assignments.  I often felt as if I could have taught the course myself because I was already teaching myself.

·   It was sometimes difficult to figure out problems on my own... and have to wait for the response of the instructor only when she got online.

·   Lack of connection with with professor.

·   I really disliked the lack of communication from the instructor!

·   Nothing

·   too many things, I have taken online courses before and I feel the teacher need to be able to answer emails concerning a students needs within 24 hours and the professor should be very organized and detailed with assignments and instructions which I felt this professor was the complete opposite!

·   i dont have any

·   It was online

·   It is a lot of work and hard to get help

·   I was sometimes unable to access the resources meaning certain looks would not work and webpages could not always be displayed.

·   too much work

·   Being a technology course, if I was confused about something or had trouble figuring something out (I'm not the most technology literate), I had to either fumble through it myself or schedule a meeting with the professor at a later date, instead of the immediate clarification that is available in a face-to-face class. I think that the problems I encountered were mainly to do with the subject matter of the course.

·   I did not like the podcast.

·   I disliked the amount of delay it took to receive assignments and grades.

·   Being a non-traditional student, I do not like on-line classes because to me it doesn't feel like a learning environment.  I like the interaction of students witnin a traditional classroom.  On-line classes lack that feeling.  To me, a traditional class discussions provide more learning interaction than an on-line discussion board.

·   Having to post comments to other people. Most people would not comment til late in the week near the due date. I like to get things done as soon as it is avaliable.

·   Nothing.

·   I did not have a problem with anything.

·   For the information being taught in this class this course being online was great. I do not have any compliants.

·   no complaints

·   I do not have any complaints about this course.

·   I felt that the course did not match the syllabus.

·   Assignment information was scattered in many different places, one had to make sure assignments were not being missed

·   nothing

·   Nothing.

·   Disorganization of sections in course den, conflicting information, instructor.

·   The Friday maintenance and technical issues (minor) provided minor interruptions that stressed me but were eventually resolved.

·   I had problem accessing the library password.

·   WinSCP/UWG server is a huge pain to try to use.  It is not user-friendly & causes lots of stress.

·   This class went very well in an online format. There were times when being face to face would have been easier when resolving problems with uploading files to the UWG server, but overall everything was fine.

·   Communication with classmates can be difficult at times

·   nothing

·   Nothing

·   NA

·   nothing

·   N/A

·   When the server goes down and I can't post.

·   Nothing. It was a good experience...and video lectures were a great asset to my learning.

·   The online format makes getting answers to questions take longer and sometimes causes delays in getting my work done.  …..in checking her e-mail and responding quickly, so this was just a minor problem for this course.

·   I seemed to experience technical difficulties at times where no real support was available.  The problems were minor and did not last long, but during the time I was experiencing the difficulty, it was intensely stressful. Also, the maintenance that shuts down the system every other Friday was inconvenient.

·   I still like brick and concrete style classroom experience

·   Uploading things to the west ga server was difficult and time consuming

·   There were different times set for due dates. Would like to have until the end of the day 11:59 pm to submit work.

·   very disorganized

·   Wimba classes

·   The unavailability of the professor.

·   There was some confusion on due dates.

·   nothing

·   Very little teacher interaction.

·   The professor did not respond to questions posted on the discussion board or participate any any discussion board discussions.

·   n/a

·   The teacher was very confusing in how he worded things in the course.  It would have been nice if he could have been more clear with his expectations since we only met one time.

·   I liked everything about the online portion of this course.

·   NA

·   Nothing.

·   There was no part that I did not like.

·   system maintenance on friday nights. Can't it be moved to midnight?

·   I cannoyt complain about much beyond parking services here at UWG- parking enforcement and availability of registration tag/hangers for distance learning students.

·   Nothing

·   na

·   n/a

·   nothing

·   nothing comes to mind...

·   I disliked using another course website besides WebCT.

·   Nothing.

·   When technical issues arose...

·   very little direction from instructor

·   No dislikes.

·   nothing

·   Way too many steps to get into West GA server.  Way too many technical issues among all of my classmates including me.  Untimely responses to address problems.

·   Communication with the professor was difficult at times.

·   Nothing

·   the time frames were too stringent, sometimes professor's expectations were hard to understand

·   The amounts of discussion.

·   Difficulty in getting response from instructor.

·   Sometimes needed more face-to-face interaction.

·   Sometimes it was hard to understand the challenging assignments online, rather than hearing about them and being trained in person..

·   Time consuming

·   Too many discussions.

·   I did not like that we could not work ahead. The deadlines and time frames were unreasonable for a full time teacher with a life. I would have preferred to have had access to assignments/projects further in advance so I could start on them at my convenience.

·   The course wiki outside of CourseDen.

·   I felt like many of the projects were busy work and not very engaging.

·   The instructor did not use Course Den…..which I found was not as intuitive to navigate. Also, the instructor had problems with several quizzes and assignments not displaying properly. My opinion is that there would have been less technical problems had he used the campus standard of Course Den.

·   I really liked the class but was less of a community with my other classmates... just didn't chat or discuss with them much.

·   nothing

·   Some assignments were difficult to understand and may have been easier to comprehend in a lab type setting.

·   NA

·   material was disjointed

·   Nothing

·   nothing

·   Assignments as participation can be overwhelming when taking two online courses.

·   the grade shell had components that were no longer in use and it was hard to keep track of what needed to be completed and what was actually completed.....i also would like the teacher email to be inside the course den rather than external via aol.  i would also like a structured drop box and the ability to upload and additional attachment should the need arise.

·   I did not like the textbook.  It was too dry.

·   NA

·   I did not dislike anything about this course

·   Assignments as participation can be overwhelming when taking two online courses.

·   I dislike the disconnect I feel from the professor and other students.  The teacher answers questions quickly and give short feedback to assignments.  I don't feel that I am benefitting from teacher's knowledge and experience.  She has created assignments--but I do miss hearing the instructor discuss topics and having the ability to have immediate face to face discussions about topic.  While we do read and comment on other students works--It is not a true discussion.  Out of politeness, we all find something we can agree with in the origianl work.  Some students do include personal anecdotes in their responses--but for the most part answers are written because they are required.

·   Too many tabs in Course Den sometimes hard to follow

·   There was not much to dislike - -it just takes me a minute to get adjusted to using Course Den

·   Directions for assignments were not always clear or well explained and did not always match up with directions in the syllabus.

·   Nothing.

·   n/a

·   N/A

·   nothing

·   nothing

·   I miss the face to face feedback at times.

·   The fact that discussion boards didn't stay open.

·   N/A

·   There was noting I did not like about the online portion of this course.

·   We used WebCT and a few wikis in this class.  There were a lot of places we needed to check throughout the course for changes and for required discussion activities.

·   I dislike group discussions via computer, prefer face to face.

·   Did not give updated info

·   Very, very poor communication--information overload with no support for questions, instructor did not return assignments in a timely fashion, feedback was not adequate, broken links, powerpoint sound quit during presentations, or sound wasn't present at all, when the powerpoint was designed to have sound.  Were docked points if students turned in discussions late i.e.; they were due on Sunday night at 11:59pm, but if students submitted on Saturday, points would be shaved off.  Imagine someone throwing the Holy Bible at you, when you'd never seen it before, and you were asked to have an interpretation finished within twelve weeks, and you weren't allowed to reference anyone or anything for the project.

·   Everything was satisfactory.

·   no interaction with peers.

·   Little professor-student interaction.

·   nothing

·   the need to ask questions or seek help.  that is when i missed the classroom environment.

·   It was very hard to understand and not a good idea to take this course my first semester back after 9 years.  I had a really hard time with this class.

·   The teacher wasn't very good at getting our assignments graded and returned back in a reasonable amount of time. Then he later told us that he lost all of our assignments and that our final project would determine our finals grade. I don't like the fact that one project determines our whole grade. Teacher not very good with online courses.

·   My teacher did not seem knowledgeable on how to use webct which made some of his assignments very confusing.

·   Hard to figure out what to do. The professor did not give very good instructions on what to do for the assignments.

·   The teacher had no idea about what he was doing and kept losing our grades

·   nothing

·   I did not dislike anything.

·   Nothing this was a great online class.

·   I did not like the format of my teachers quizzes and tests. I don't think it is fair to give students only 30 minutes to take a 20 question quiz or just an hour and a half to take a 50 question exam. More time should be allowed to be able to finish with the best of our abilities.

·   Sometimes the calendar didn't function properly to remind me of the assignments due that week

·   Hard to get help

·   N/A

·   nothing

·   n/a

·   The test were extremely difficult, the professor would take very random facts from the book.  The only way to get a good grade on the tests is to have a photographic memory.

·   None.

·   I could have had more time on the assignments and the amount of reading that had to be done in one week was difficult to meet at times.

·   Absolutey Nothing

·   This class being a research class was not completely condicive for a web-based class. Some thought needs to be given to what a research course needs to be in todays information age. More focus needs to be placed on internet research instead of traditional research methods.

·   Nothing

·   I didn't have a problem with this particular course.

·   nothing

·   it gets confusing on when things are due and also it isnt easy to get in touch. I mean the email isnt instant.

·   None.

·   She took a long time to respond to emails through courseden

·   None.

·   I didn't like waiting over a month to get a grade on assignments.

·   None.

·   having to download multiple things

·   Not being able to communicate face to face with the professor and students.

·   It was difficult when the directions did not make sense to me and I could not get immediate help.

·   none

·   some of the requirements i found to be a little ridiculous, the requirements to attend so many live sessions i felt were too extreme because every time there was one i couldn't either get logged on right or couldn't attend because i had other engagements. i feel they should be extra credit instead of requirements.

·   Sometimes the information was hard to understamd about where to find a certain assignment.  Other than that I feel it went fairly smoothly.

·   Some times it is hard to get logged on all the time.

·   nothing

·   Nothing

·   Nothing

·   I like the classroom setting better.

·   Nothing

·   sites seem over built. Like the designer was more impressed with his/her own design, rather than making something simple to use. easy to navigate. Simplify! Simplify! --Thoreau

·   Not being able to ask questions face to face.

·   Nothing

·   N/A

·   I like the online portion.

·   waiting for all students to submit so that grades can be completed

·   sometime you can forget about assignments

·   Something was lacking in personal communication.

·   Really, nothing. This course was well prepared to be online and the instructor did a great job.

·   Nothing

·   N/A

·   I like the online portion.

·   Unable to get questions answer by professor right away.

·   nothing

·   Nothing

·   The 'where' to find course information was not uniform between the courses.  One instructor will put things in one place and the other in another so you have to hunt for the information. The information for this particular class was very well organized and easily found.

·   Nothing

·   seems more complicated than it has to be.

·   Unable to find information that I needed, instructor was not timely in putting things on the site to access.  Things were put in after I had downloaded and printed information. more education to the instructors in needed.

·   I believe this course is not appropriate for a 100% online course. I would never recommend taking this course 100% online to another student.

·   It was a little confusing for me at first

·   Unable to down load my final assessment to the mail or the discussion board.  The video was too big.

·   tough to figure out how to do assignments. Thankfully, our instructor was very accessible to help/answer questions/address concerns.

·   Nothing. I felt like the mix of online and 'live' courses contributed to my learning

·   I feel like there was a lot of mis communication between the class online and the in class visits.

·   I hated the online portion, but I loved class time!

·   Felt the course was disjointed.

·   There was not as much face-to-face interactment with the teacher. If you had a question, you could not get your answer immediately. You would have to wait for them to respond.

·   I do not like anything about online courses and I was unaware that the majority of this course was online and to find that out after I had already registered for the class was unacceptable.

·   no

·   None, it was easy to access.

·   i dindn't dislike anything.

·   there was nothing  that i disliked about the course surprisingly

·   Nothing.

·   I did not like that I couldnt ask my teacher questions face to face.

·   The discussions and reading.

·   The length of the chapter in the book. They were like 40 pages long and it was hard for me to finish them.

·   I did not have any dislikes about this course.

·   N/A

·   Not being able to ask questions in person

·   There wasn't anything I didn't like about the online course.

·   Figuring out how to use it

·   There was really nothing bad about it.

·   Nothing.

·   n/a

·   I honestly didn't dislike anything.

·   there really was nothing that i disliked

·   Less interaction with the instructor.

·   nothing

·   Sometimes the site would kick me off the server and I would have to log back in multiple times, often when I was attempting to submit an assignment.

·   project Muse doesn't work half of the time, and the library was unhelpful in correcting it. I called Project Muse, and they said that our library should be able to correct the server issues, because they set it up. We are supposed to be able to do this from our homes.

·   Less interaction with professor

·   Unclear grading schematic for graduate students

·   The lack of face to face conversation.

·   It is hard to keep up with the course work with other things going on.

·   N/A

·   I don't like feeling cut off from actual face to face meetings.  I would prefer to meet twice a semester to see the faces of people in my class and have a personal relationship with them and with the instructor.

·   I don't like having to listen to the powerpoints. Takes too long.

·   The exams were not open book.  I always feel like I'm at a disadvantage, because someone else is bound to be cheating.

·   discussion board

·   I would have liked a txt message reminding me about assignments due. If that is at all possible.

·   nothing.

·   I disliked when I got behind and had to meet the deadline for assignments.

·   It was hard that I could not get immediate help, but the teacher was good at getting back to me quickly.

·   Nothing my teacher was good at reminding us about assignments and when they were due.

·   Nothing

·   Having the class online lost the 'this material relates to me' feel.

·   Sometimes assignments would not get uploaded correctly and there were a couple of articles from the e-book that would not load on my computer.

·   Everything. It was acomplete unorganized mess.

·   There wasn't anything that I disliked about this particular course.

·   there was nothing i disliked

·   Nothing, I liked everything.

·   That I can not talk to the teacher face to face.

·   not being able to use the book during the test

·   It's on-line... I find it very hard to remember to do stuff when it's online.

·   I was only given 20 minutes for the quizzes.

·   Just that when my internet would drop I would lose all of my work

·   It was very challenging material!

·   nothing

·   Some times was very confused on what assingments to do

·   That it was half online and half in class.

·   I disliked that there were so many quizes and not many other assignments.

·   n/a

·   professor took to long to put grades up.

·   there is no teacher to answer questions when you need them answered

·   I really wish all the course information and modules were available from the beginning of the semester. I understand that it was to make sure all the students were on the same page and progress level in the course. However, there were weeks where I had overwhelming course loads in other classes or family commitments and I would have loved being able to work ahead the week before.

·   n/a

·   The teacher not responding to e-mails.  Him not ever responding.

·   The time allowed for the online test was short.

·   The online portion of this class was done well.  It was very organized and I understood the assignments and expectations.

·   not enough collaboration

·   Turning in assignments by 8:00 pm

·   Did not see a need to go to mandatory classes. Completed certification in special education UGA in Athens. Only went to Athens once during the 2 year process. If a person is dedicated enough to pursue a higher degree they are usually self-motivated.   Traveling 2 hours one way was a waste of valuable personal time.

·   Some of the assignments and ways to turn things in were confusing.

·   No clear directions were provided

·   My teacher did not respond to emails very quickly.

·   The lack of true learning potential. Real learning comes from reading as well as conversations. Discussion boards are not a substitute for conversations.

·   The lack of response to emails important to my completion of assignments, even though I emailed using the required method.

·   I don't like online courses much. Mainly because I don't have the time to get online.

·   NA

·   The amount of time it takes to get responses and feedback from your instructor, including responses to emails.  Technical difficulties on end of the communication pathway or the other can prohibit the exchange of information.

·   n/a

·   It was more difficult to ask questions.

·   n/a

·   n/a

·   The lack of verbal instruction was probably what I liked least.  Also, instructions for this class were posted all over Course Den. I would like to see an improvement in this. Consolidate the instructions and not have them posted all over the place.  I also disliked the 10 minute exams we were given.  I addressed this with the professor to no avail.  I feel the strict time limit affected my grade.

·   The quizes, need more time.

·   teacher was NOT HELPFUL! and it was hard to find certain assignments

·   my teacher obviously has a hard time conducting her class on the site. Class started two weeks later than all the other classes. The dates she posted and the dates she actually wanted things turned in and the dates on the syllabus were all different made the class very difficult to complete.

·   The instructor was not clear with her expectations of the course. She would change and cancel items on the syllabus with little to no notice. She did not stay on track nor did she provide clear communication. She seemed to be able to email us via course den, but refused to respond to inquiries sent to her via course den mail. It is now December 1st and she has only provided 4 grades which make up for less than a 1/3 of our overall grade for the course. Overall, course den was fine, but this instructor SHOULD NOT TEACH ONLINE COURSES...POOR COMMUNICATOR, UNRESPONSIVE, UNCLEAR, DID NOT STAY ON TASK, AND DID NOT COMPLETE GRADING IN A REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME!!!

·   The freedom that usually comes with an on-line course was not put forth in this course. The timliness and organization of course materials and assignments posted were not standard for on-line courses.

·   the instructor was not as readily available and was unprepared

·   Did not dislike anything. This is a wonderful tool for the no traditional student.

·   Directions were not very clear when first given and many questions or clarifications were needed.

·   I didn't like the readings being online. I prefer to have a book in my hands so if my computer doesn't want to load a document, I'm not set back in my studies.

·   There was not a portion that I disliked about this course.

·   The only problem with online courses would be when information on an assignment is sometimes not as clear online than in a classroom when a more in depth explanation can be given, however this was generally easily resolved.

·   Nothing. Enjoyed this class

·   I didn't dislike anything

·   the amount of work due each week

·   The instructor did not always give clear directions.

·   None.

·   I could not re submit an assignment once I had already done so

·   Some things were slow in grading but fair grading was given when results were finally posted.

·   The only thing that I didn't like about the online portion of the course was the inability to hold discussions within the classroom.

·   n/a

·   I was unable to discuss things with my professor on a regular basis, and she was not always quick to respond via email.

·   I did not dislike anything about the online portion of this course. I enjoyed all of it, as it was very engaging and allowed me to learn at my own pace.

·   Slow response to questions

·   Materials were added constantly, and the level of on-line activity continuously increased.  I prefer face to face meetings and a syllabus that does not change minute by minute.

·   wish they had give us more of a heads up on our student teaching, I felt like we were kind of thrown into the wolves, but it was easy to pick up.

·   nothing

·   Nothing

·   The number of assignments, I had trouble with deadlines falling in the middle of the week.

·   I prefer face to face meetings and direct, not electronic, feedback.

·   It is difficult to work with others to complete team projects and have a completed and acceptable finish project.

·   Everything.

·   You have to wait for a response from the teacher about an assignment. You can not really get help with an assignment.

·   Online classes do not allow for face-to-face interaction.

·   Face-to-face interaction with classmates and instructor.

·   You can not get help on an assignment when you need help.

·   I do miss the face to face interactions with students and instructors.

·   N/A

·   A lot of information due in such a short period of time

·   Sometimes information about projects is hard to understand (and they are so important you want to do well on them); however, he instructor was always willing to help.

·   Sometimes directions for projects were a little unclear; however the instructor was willing to help.