Distance Students Focus Group

Spring 2002

Twelve UWG students who took distance courses this semester were polled by personal interview and email.

1. Residence

    Students in the focus group come from Paulding, Henry County, Dallas, Douglasville, Lilburn in Gwinnett County, Clayton County, College Park, Adel (66 miles from Albany), McDonough, Bremen and Newnan. These students would be traveling from 15 to 194 miles to the UWG campus.
2. Previous distance course experience 3. Will students take a distance learning course again?
    One student replied that she would like to take additional courses via distance means, but that were no other courses offered via distance that she needed. She felt that more courses should be offered in distance format. One student was graduating this semester and therefore will not be taking any more courses. All other students expressed enthusiasm for taking future distance courses.
4. Are students taking distance courses in order to obtain a degree or certification?
    Students indicated that they are taking distance courses to obtain graduate and undergraduate degrees or add-on certification. Most who were polled were seeking their Masters of Education or Specialist degree.
5. Reasons for taking distance courses
6. Experience with Admissions and getting enrolled at UWG 7. Experience with registration and the Registrarís office 8. Who do students contact when they need support for a distance learning course? Instructor, DDEC, or other students?
    Students contact ITS, their professor, Epic Learning, other students, the GSAMS site facilitator and DDEC. The majority of students contact their professor about concerns and then the Distance and Distributed Education Center help line.
9. Level of satisfaction with help from your instructor and from DDEC. 10. GSAMS courses 11. Suggestions to improve distance programs and services for students 12. Is it easy or difficult to get information and student services at UWG?
    Students reported that it easy to fairly easy to access services for students and get information related to needs at UWG.
13. Satisfaction with the Distance and Distribution Education Centerís help desk. 14. Satisfaction in general with UWG and services for students.