Help Desk Evaluation
April 2003

The DDEC began using Remedy, a help-desk tracker, in January 2003, to enable us to identify patterns of support needs, including peak times, common problems, as well as satisfaction with support services.

All telephone and email support calls from faculty and students received by distance learning are logged into the system.

An evaluation of calls received from January 6, 2003 through April 22, 2003 revealed the following data and implications:

1. More than half the calls were received during the first three weeks of the term. Of nearly 400 calls, 207 were received from January 6 – January 24, 2003.

2. Nearly one half of calls had to do with problems accessing WebCT courses.

3. Faculty calls regarding file management and student management also made up a significant portion.

4. The amount of time to complete a support request varied significantly, with the majority taking five minutes or less. However, some calls, particularly those from faculty, required several hours of support.

5. About one-fifth of callers responded to an automatic email asking them to evaluated the services they received. 80% provided scores of all 10s (excellent). 15% provided scores of all 9s & 10s. 5% provided scores of all 8s, 9s, and 10s. There were no lower scores.


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