Spring 2006 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16:What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


o        I would suggest that the class in totally on-line and a price adjustment

o        Vary the assignments.Don't require nearly daily postings which defeats the flexibility aspect of the course.

o        I've only had one course and the professor was tremendously helpful and understanding.No suggestions at this time.

o        Develop a case or set of critiques to build or flesh-out sub-topics of importance in greater detail.

o        Have more classes that offer it.

o        I would suggest that the class in totally on-line and a price adjustment

o        I would set some critiques or case studies to cover more than the prescribed week so that topic depth could be achieved in primary areas of concern such as leadership theories and ethics.

o        Create opportunities for discussion.

o        No workbook

o        no workbooks

o        Please offer the final exam via an online option.

o        Perhapsyou could send reminders of upcoming assignments to the student's email.

o        Make solutions for the most common problems.

o        none

o        include the materialsexcept booksin the course

o        Nothingits cool.

o        None

o        Just make more of them.

o        Nothing

o        n/a

o        make some mandatory class times so students don't get behind

o        email students about test surprises

o        Nothing

o        No need for a final

o        Nothing

o        None

o        A better help line

o        n/a/

o        n/a

o        more resources

o        instructors available more

o        good

o        use more email not just WebCT

o        n/a

o        to not have any that are "required"

o        Nothing

o        None.

o        none

o        none

o        Have a meeting at least once a month to help make sure everyone stays on task

o        the class was overall good

o        to work ahead of time

o        none

o        More online help.


o        more emails

o        more reminders

o        none

o        none

o        easier

o        Make test deadlines more out in the obvious

o        none

o        None- they're great!

o        perhaps a recorded lecture on lessons that would be optional for students to watch online

o        Undecided

o        A "test must be submitted soon" icon to remind us that an exam is due.

o        More help.

o        Make more WebCT suggestions.

o        burn all the computers and

o        Make the students complete the first lesson and test in the class to show them what it is really like.

o        No suggestions.

o        Some instructors think that they need to make students do a lot of extra work (***I'm looking at you e-core***) just because they're not actually coming to a class room. Just tell us what to read and give us the test! It's almost like they want to punish you.

o        none really

o        N/A

o        Nothing

o        More of them

o        The quizzes are a bit unreliable.The same is true for WebCT vista.

o        None

o        Make sure that someone is monitoring the class questions daily.

o        put specific directions on the website and more tutorials

o        The work book is nor helpful and seems a waste of money.

o        n/a

o        cut some stuff out

o        explain every problem that we had this year with the class

o        None

o        Maybe an e-mail reminder the day before assignments are due because it is hard to keep up with due dates when working a full time job and taking other classes. Which is the reason that most of us take online courses to begin with?

o        I would like to see more classes available online.I especially believe that some of the Major courses for business could be handled online.

o        Have the directions clearer and easier to follow.

o        Find some way to help students remember the work after things like spring break... maybe an email sent to an address everyone checks.

o        make chapter tests multiple choice

o        none

o        Clearly stated direct contact means to the instructor.

o        No suggestions.

o        Need more courses available for on-line in broader range.

o        remember that we have other classes and stick to a syllabus

o        more classroom discussions

o        On the first or second day of class make sure you tell the students that the colander and assignments can be changed depending on your request.

o        more clarity for due dates

o        didnít needthe expensive required purchase books

o        Keeping the locations of information that changes in a single centralized area

o        Structure the on-line portions alternately with in-class sessions.We spent too many days out of the classroom in a row. Classes should either be all on-line or mostly on-campus (no more than 2 or 3 sessions off campus).

o        More organization from the professor. I really do not think it is a computer web ct issue

o        Keep it simple.``Adhere to the syllabus. ``Work out a system and keep to it throughout the course.Planning is essential to students; harem scarem additions and deletions makes online classes a pain.

o        To provide more assistance in fixing problems or glitches.

o        I don't really know

o        I would like to see guest speakers or instructors "teach" by video.

o        Do not have them...it's a cheap (and I do not mean money-wise) way of supposedly being educated.Unless the students want to pay money to solely receive grades and be given a piece of paperthen online "learning" will not be an effective option.

o        Have more varied assignments.

o        Online courses lead students to have impersonal relationships with both their professors and their peers. Students are less likely to make genuine and valuable connections with their professors and peers.

o        clearconcise directions for all assignments and the computer requirements for the course; sometimes specific one-on-one directions are needed from the professor and the professor should be approachable online

o        I think that UWG online courses are learner friendly. I would like to see more master degree programs online.With the price of gas increasingI think that more students would appreciate the opportunity to take online courses.

o        Make higher level courses available online to provide flexibility for students.

o        Ehnone really.

o        Obtaining a parking decal when we need to attend classes is impossible unless we take a day off from work. Another way to obtain a decal would be great.

o        Instructors are as involved as students.

o        Mandatory once a month meeting for online class

o        Making sure the teacher accesses daily!

o        Offer more Endís. Level programs on line so more professionals may attend reputable universities for advanced degrees. I would love to earn my Endís. In Reading Education or Special Education. I want to attend a university dedicated to researchnot just convenience.

o        Have more availableas well as more complete programs that include on-line courses

o        make more classes on line

o        use internet to conference and communicate with students

o        None.

o        Professors need to consider what is a realistic amount of work to assign to be completed in one semester.

o        To have more teachers directed instruction as a component of the class.

o        Allow more flexibility for students who work full time to complete assignments on weekends.

o        Make more of an effort to connect with the students.

o        More of them. The classes on-line for summer filled up first!

o        Post all assignments ahead of time.

o        Lecture and quizzes on-line and face to face activitiesdiscussion and use of tools in the classroom for a richer understanding of the material.

o        scheduled dates to meet in the chat rooms for more contact with other students

o        none

o        None

o        none

o        You still need to have at least a few face-to-face meetings.

o        More on-line assignments

o        Not sure.

o        Make certain that WebCT content is available from MY UWG.One of my classes was not available through that portal.

o        none

o        None

o        none

o        be quick at responding to e-mails

o        If you are easily frustrated online is not for youand that you get it done early that way if you have any questions you can go get help.

o        NoneI loved the teacher and teacher helpers. They were all so willing to help you.

o        I would not take other online courses

o        2 classroom meetings

o        none

o        tell the students exactly what you want and are grading

o        I recommend an off- line archive (i.e. cdrom) of course materials so that the internet is not 100% required. Alsoit is frustrating that the library computers do not have applications (wordpptetc).

o        I would like to see W Ga Univ have more online classes especially for professionals who have limited time.

o        Keep it as easy to access as before.

o        Can't think of any.

o        No suggestionsI enjoyed this class

o        I don't have any suggestions.

o        Decrease the workload to a manageable amount.

o        Encourage students to fully utilize all available resources.

o        Live classes

o        Maybe have all assignments posted in the syllabus.

o        none

o        Less group work

o        None - you guys have it really down to a science!

o        None.

o        N/A

o        There is nothing that I can think of since the course is so well planned and executed.The constant reminders from the instructorand willingness to help could not be more improved.

o        Stick to the syllabus posted from day one.It seems as if work continued to be added throughout the course on top of the syllabus.

o        cut coursework

o        Professor provide examples of expected work to ensure students understand expectations because there is a lack of face-to-face time.

o        Try not to put all the "big" assignment right together.

o        One to two short term group assignments MAX for online courses.We are professionals and we already get enough social interaction.

o        Schedule one more meeting between the second and third meetings to allow more face to face interaction.

o        none

o        Have separate areas for questions instead of one.Dewey questions.Handbook questions.Sears questions.General questions

o        If the class is a 3 hour course then the work should not require more than 3 hours to complete the work in a weekís time.

o        none

o        I like the arrangement of the on-line courses. Howeversince travel time one way is 2 hrs. It would be nice to have more than one class available on campus on the same dateespecially during summer.

o        none

o        if you have a great teacher then no suggestions are needed

o        Keep them well organizedease of finding materials and directions is very important. Feedback on a regular basis for work that is posted.

o        More Saturday Classes

o        none

o        Assignments due dates should end at midnighton the due date and not before.

o        Do not overload every window. I often must open 6 or 8 sections in order to stay up with the different class assignments

o        Offer the required textbook in print & audio forms together (tape or CD).This would greatly help for students when they are on the road for hours at a time.This would make the driving time seem more profitable instead of taking that time away from studying.

o        Maybe 1 face to face instead of 3.

o        Fewer group projects per course.

o        More examples of work

o        Everything can be reached by clicking.No attaching.Instruct other students the same.

o        I don't have any.

o        Dr. O.P. Cooper provides explanations and examples of work through video via WebCT.It is very helpful to hear/see him give explanations of assignments rather than just by reading a syllabus.

o        none

o        n/a

o        To be able to have a photo (student ID picture?) of every classmate so that when I read postings I can put a face with a name.I never felt a real connection to the members of the class.

o        N/A

o        That the materials that you access on line are well organized and easy to access and find.

o        I would not have group work projects.We all live too far a part.

o        Some way to tell if assignments have been successfully submitted.

o        Can't think of any.

o        None at this time.

o        None

o        Add one more face to face class.

o        Can't think of anything.

o        Fewer partner compiled projects.

o        Less group work.

o        Make it as simple as possible

o        I think face to face meeting are better. There is discussion time for difficult assignments.

o        I would suggest that the Discussion board always be made available for students to ask questions.

o        No suggestions.

o        none

o        offer more graduate courses other than in media mostly online

o        None

o        nothing

o        Have more of them

o        Effective assignment/project descriptions...sometimes it is hard to interpret what the instructor wants.

o        Have more classes online and have the professor provide a format outlined similar to this professor's class.Her expectations and due dates were clearly stated and materials were accessible.

o        I have none for this course

o        re-organizing the bulletin board by students' names

o        For the instructor to select group participants.

o        None

o        I would like as many courses as possible to be offered online.

o        Encourage students to respond to BB postings.

o        none

o        respond to e-mails promptly provide optional face-to-face classes for those struggling

o        instructors need to respond to questions from their students

o        Make sure the instructor is actively involved and responds to student questionscommentsassignments in a timely manner.

o        Provide optional face to face meetings to provide support as needed.

o        Weekly meetings with Instructors in chat rooms.

o        Optional on-line chat at least once a week with the professor present each week.

o        nothing

o        Utilize email more often.

o        ORGANIZED

o        n/s

o        Give students the option of completing assignments individually.

o        Keep on doing it the way it is.

o        I have none. These are well-done!

o        Organize them as well as Dr. Bennett does!

o        I have no suggestions for future courses.I was very comfortable with taking a class online.

o        Nothing for this course.

o        nothing

o        As long as the instructors are very organized and provide examples of what they expect (due to lack of face to face time)the course will most likely run smoothly.

o        have more online classes

o        Optional online chats weekly are a great resource and extremely helpful. When you are having difficulty it is nice to know that on a particular day you will be able to have your questions answered.

o        None that I can think of.

o        I really don't have any suggestions.I thought the on-line course was wonderful.

o        At this time I am at the beginning so have no suggestions.

o        none

o        Teacher assign group members

o        Fewer group projects

o        Ensuring that all instructors have organized their courses very well so that students know exactly what is expected.

o        none

o        provide moreclearer directions; make sure that everything matches - class outlinesyllabuscourse content materialsetc.

o        Offer all research classes FallSpring and summer because I cannot finish in summer because my last research class is only offered in fall.

o        Professors should treat it as if we were coming to class each week by giving some sort of lecture notes or online discussion.

o        Need a minimum of 4 face-to- face meetings

o        Post assignments on bulletin board

o        Monitor quality of instructors.Don't require online students to pay extensive campus fees.

o        More small projects and discussions.A couple of quizzesand mid-term and final.

o        I won't take them

o        None

o        keep up the good work

o        none

o        Nothing.

o        nothing

o        not much

o        n/a

o        I donít think you should have quizzes online. Or if that is a musthave it where you can take the quiz when ever you want.

o        Have quizzes available longer.

o        nothing

o        Be organized

o        none

o        no suggestions

o        Introductory classes should never be on-line. They should be conducted in a traditional classroom.

o        For someone in an online courseI would tell them to know their deadlines and make sure they stay on top of their work.

o        no suggestions

o        n/a

o        Offer more of them.

o        That all professors-like Dr. Goodman provide a detailed rubricschedule and list of assignments at the first class meeting.

o        The bulletin board is sometimes a bit hard to navigate for me...not sure really why...

o        More instructor help

o        Bulletin boards should be organized by topics so certain posts can go into certain categories.If all posts for the semester are on the main boardthere end up being too many that are unorganized and it's harder to find what youíre looking for.

o        Half class on line and half in class. Class discussion seems better than reading on your own.

o        Advanced training.

o        Lower the course load.

o        N/A

o        Have more of them.

o        none

o        Make all of the assignments available immediately so that students can complete them and have them ready to submit at the due date.

o        We need more online courses.

o        Just to have more courses to choose from. I would like to get my specialist degreebut I would need to do at least some of it online.

o        None other than noted above...

o        Make more available.

o        Please offer more

o        Please have more of them!

o        some way to organize posts

o        Nonevery satisfactory for this particular course.

o        I do feel that occasional face-to-facetraditional classroom meetings might be beneficial. 2-3 maybe

o        None at this time.

o        Offer more on-line classes.

o        meet 2 or 3 times

o        TO continue to have them.

o        It was a great course with no complaints.

o        Have layout more date to date. Things that are due are easy to locate.

o        Should be strictly an online class or regular lecture class (one or the other)not a little of both for one class.

o        All lectures on-line

o        NONE

o        More face to face class time.

o        Make sure that all students understand how to use WebCT.

o        Quicker server.

o        Smaller amount of time between quizzeswhich means adding additional ones.

o        Taking more time with chapters to fully understand ideas

o        none

o        none at this time

o        In addition to the online aspect I feel it is necessary to meet face to face also

o        no suggestions

o        More online courses

o        I liked being able to communicate with the other students on-line

o        more help with WebCT and library services offered to distance students

o        None

o        I am not as worried about classes online.They are very easy to access and very comfortable to contribute to.

o        can't think of anything

o        I enjoy the power pointsbut I think some online lectures might help the student better prepare for the test.

o        I really do not have any.

o        None: This was a great coursevery focused and time efficient.

o        None

o        teachers to be more involved somehow

o        Going in to class to take the tests was a good way to work the tests without it being a lot of essay questions.

o        get the system set up to where we can take our quizzes online

o        none

o        n/a

o        none for nowthis was my first

o        Make the teacher respond.

o        Have half and half as far as class and online for those who are struggling

o        grade a lot faster

o        More communication from instructor.

o        n/a

o        Huhpresently I have got nothing to add but may be in the nearest future I might have something to say. All I have got to say now is that I enjoy it so much

o        That the answer to the quiz portion be stay due on Sunday night.I would give 3 semester hours for the library course because it is just as challenging as a class room setting.

o        n/a

o        None that I can think of.

o        Nothing.

o        None.

o        nothing

o        Nothingeverything went well for me.

o        Make sure that everything is posted online in an organized manner that is easy to navigate and to also make sure that someone is available to help out the students when they need it.

o        none

o        Most definitely use reminder e-mails like my prof. did.

o        None that I can think of

o        More of them.

o        the things I disliked

o        To not have all worksheets due on Monday.

o        Make available more time for online exams.

o        Just because they are onlinethey do not have to have an overload of assignments! Ease up!

o        Make the drop box easier to access.

o        stay the same

o        Times to meet with teacher.

o        Professors must be very good at keeping up with e-mail and responding to questions.

o        Have more classes that offer the online service.

o        Limit online discussions to a minim.

o        No suggestions. The course does not need any improvement in my opinion.

o        Less work

o        For the teacher to grade on the subject not crap.

o        Skim more for grading to see if the students get the jest of what is going on in the class...therefore grading would be easier for professors and quicker for students.

o        Will not take one.

o        More examples doe distance stundents in this course. More understanding when a student says I do not get itI need a little help.

o        N/A

o        To have an actual class meeting time.Even if the class only meets once a week. Then the rest of the work could be completed online.

o        It should be less difficult.

o        I like everything!

o        have more room instruction from the professor

o        I would like to see more online courses.They really help a person that works a full time job and still can have the chance to go to school and enjoy it.

o        to make sure that all professors will answer questions in a timely period

o        none

o        better advertisement

o        I would like to see more of the classes use the components of on-line courses to supplement class.

o        I suggest to not letting educational classes be on-line.I took three partially on-line classes this semester and I hated it.I spent more time on the Internet after work and on my own time completing class work than I would've if we had just met for the 2.5 hours on the appointed day.I don't think I did very well in my classes and am scared to get my grades because I am a people person and on-line learning takes that away and it also makes learning impersonal.I hated on-line learning and will refuse to take another on-line class!

o        none

o        None