11. Which factors Other responses


      Because the school dosn't hire enough teacher to teach actual classes, if given the option I would ALWAYS choose non-e-core

      I generally do better in on campus classes. I tend to not keep up with the work in online classes because it is easy to forget about. I also don't like having technical issues arise. Therefore I prefer face-to-face classes.

      I have to

      The professor and the class being offered. I would take a class taught by one professor online, but not others.

      How are you going to ask me the reasons for taking this class when it is only offered online?

      I prefer face-to-face classes.

      The class was half and half. I Actually HATE HATE HATE HATE online courses. They are not personal. They are developed to be one size fits all when there are many different learning styles. Also I Pay to go to college not to sit in front of my computer if

      Fits better with my LIFE schedule

      If the classes i want/need doesn't have the time I want, I will elect to take a online class as a last resort.

      I prefer face to face meetings over online meeting.  This past year my degree was moved online.  I prefer a traditional classroom setting.

      Basketball Schedual

      Just because its easier to do then to drive to campus

      Fitting classes around my work schedule.

      Give me freedom to do work on my time schedule... If needed could go on short trip and use laptop while out of town...

      Only online classes were available at the time.

      I like being able to take my classes in the comfort of my room and I like being able to teach myself.

      Also works better with having practice everyday for school.

      I have a daughter to take care of.

      It is just convenient. You can do the work on your time.

      I had no idea this was an online class. As a block student, we were simply given our schedules.

      I could only get into 2 classes this semester and they both were online. This actually helped me very much so that I could still stay in school and take class, but I was not required to attend a face to face class. Online classes have been awesome to tak

      Sometimes if I want (or don't want) a certain teacher for the class I will try to take it with them (or someone else) online.

      Registration is unorganized.

      over half the classes for criminology majors is online

      I wish uwg had more of a variety of late classes to chose from.

      Athlete. Easier to not miss classes on road trips

      New Mommy

      On Campus classes' inconvenient scheduling; not offering enough variety for in-person class meeting times.

      Prefer in-class activities, but talking to computer only is convenient sometimes.

      Online courses are much harder than face-to-face courses.

      The degree program is 100% online

      I need the flexibility to integrate learning in my life. I don't have the luxury of fitting my life around my schooling.

      Usually, online courses allow me to complete assignments at my own pace - all assignments are posted at the beginning of the semester so I know what's expected of me from get-go.

      This is the only way that I am able to work toward achieving my master's degree.

      I am a married mother of two. I work a full time job. Online classes are the only way I am able to take classes. I just hope I can finish my degree. Not everything I need is offered online. I hope this changes!

      The teachers who direct the online classes that I choose to take are usually excellent instructors.

      I have a small child and a husband that travels for work. This was the only way for me to continue my education at this time.

      prefer online to face-to-face

      I like having more time and freedom to complete my assignments.

      Online classes fits better according to my schedule with work and family.

      I like to learn at my own pace.

      Time and fuel saved. Ability to work when it fits my life.

      Can study at times most convenient for me. With my work hours, I am usually fully awake when studying.

      Signed up late for classes and this was the only class left.

      I took the online course to refresh my planning knowledge however difficulties with both the instructor and with the new course den system made this a problematic experience - I do not know if I will do this again. The new course den has severl problems

      The class gives you a chance to learn on your own. Not only education for the subject, but also resposibilty for keeping up wih your work.