25.  What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


      very unorganized and hard to navigate.

      New program, at times its frustrating working through the bugs.  I disliked the Wimba class sessions. Waste of time

      Online services are fine.

      I forgot about it sometimes

      Sometimes teachers were not specific enough which can really hurt students who do not have a lot of time to do certain assignments.

      Doesn't feel personal.

      No teacher face to face help

      It was a good class

      Not much. Everything was good.


      There wasn't much I disliked.

      Forgettable not as much power in the curriculum.

      Some connectivity issues can cause a big problem with one-attempt quizzes as did with me.

      Very repetitive format.

      I didn't like how i had to do the work on my own time because I would forget to do them.

      The teacher not always there to answer your questions.


      The length of the class

      I disliked how some instructors could not effectively communicate their expectations via on-line contact. I also disliked recieving a poor participation grade on account of my group partners not participating.


      Impersonal and fewer lectures

      Every thing morally imaginable.

      That sometimes the due dates and times are confusing if you take more than a couple online courses.


      If the teacher was not prepared, than the lessons are material were hard to access.

      Some of the assignments weren't relevant

      They tend to weigh on additional work because they think since it's online you have more free time, but the opposite is true. We're taking online courses BECAUSE we don't have free time.

      Certain courses are far to hard to take online. Too much instructions and step by step is necessary to learn material.

      I liked everything about the online portion.

      Group work. It's awful.


      The timers for the test and quizzes should show you exactly how much time you have left on them.


      Nothing!!!! GREAT PROGRAM!

      The fact that I had to physically mark discussion posts as read before the "unread discussions" notification would disappear. It became quite annoying.

      I don't like some of the features that I have to use.

      It was extremely time consuming. I probably would've done better in an in-class setting.

      it was good

      There wasn't an instructor there to teach you everything on a white board. It was mostly self taught.

      The layout of certain tabs like the email tab which made it hard to view as the print was so small.



      I didn't learn much. It was a waste of my time.


      Content organization on CourseDen

      Working together on group projects was extremely difficult if not impossible.  I disliked the sense of disconnect with the university.  I did not really feel like a student.

      I didn't like how all the grades are cluttered.

      lack of communication

      Keeping up with the dates when assignments were due.

      System updates every other Friday.

      made for a lot of assignments for certain classes

      It is difficult to understand on the D2L system, and sometime it makes the user confused on the system.

      have to wait on a question.

      Trying to do group work for an online course is a hassle


      I disliked the set up of the website and had a problem with the e-mail. I'd rather be able to see that I have an e-mail from each class by having an icon show up next to the course title. By having it shown in the top right-hand corner I found myself at

      Sometimes harder to understand.

      The exams were slightly more challenging than they probably would have been if this were a face-to-face course.

      I experienced issues several times with trying to submit work that may have affected my grade adversely.

      on the test you check the answer once.

      Computers put a tremendous strain on one's eyes.

      I enjoyed this course.

      Sometimes asking for help to better understand a subject is difficult.

      Virtual office hours. Just answer the email. Save us both time."


      The fact that it took too long to get feedback from the professor about assignments.


      not getting notifications when something new was posted to my account. on the opening page d2l needs something like courseden had: example: you have 2 new messages, you have a new grade, etc..

      Learning to navigate D2L was challenging. The new discussion boards are hard to manage at times, but I think D2L has a blog option that might be useful to counteract this. Or perhaps small group assignments could help. Instead of reading and responding t

      D2L is impossible to navigate.  Too many boxes of information scattered about!!

      I do not like online courses. It seems the work the teacher gives us is more busy work than anything else. Some assignments took 5 to 8 hours to do the assignment correctly and you just read and spit stuff out instead of really leaning the topic for th

      That it is 100% on like. I miss face-time.

      Other students lack of computer knowlege in dealing with Blackboard Collaborate.


      The biggest complaint that I have with this new version of Course Den is the same complaint I had with the previous version; there is no one locations where all assignments are posted. Assignments could be posted in the checklist, discussions, quizzes, c

      Sometimes it was wasnt easy to tell what someone one meant just by writing

      One course had very irregular assessments

      It took a while to get used to the new set up of CourseDen.

      Insufficient interaction with other students

      That this is suppose to help the working person and I feel that many instructors put TOO MUCH assignments and information that really drowns the student when doing another profession.


      The heavy reliance on outside group projects. For many, the reason for taking the online course was so it could work around a career schedule. Including a group theme that requires the juggling of several people's schedules defeats the purpose.

      Instructor cannot give detailed feedback through Course Den.




      I disliked several things:

1.  It was difficult to see what course I was working in if the instructor did not put the course # in the title.  (ex.  cs1000 vs. cs1020.

2.  The screen was crowded and disorganized.  Right in the middle of the screen was

      No face to face (Wimba) meetings with professors.  No sure I like D2L as well as old CourseDen.


      CourseDen is organized badly and every instructor uses it differently.   I spend the first 3 weeks trying to figure out what is due, when it is due and what CourseDen Cvenue the instructor primarily uses for communications.    Every box, link, heading, a

      I felt the work load was a little much for a ED. S program.

      poor organization by professor

      Course execution by the professor. Full comments at the bottom.

      Some how I didn't like the layout of the course. But I am not sure what is a better way.

      Doesn't seem like there is a lot of instruction other than handing on reading assignments and homework.  Need more online lectures where the teacher actually EXPLAINS things to you.  If I just wanted to read books and learn on my own, I don't have to spe


      I like everything

      The communication for class meeting online

      Still like direct person to person contact


      Sometimes my computer disappoints me when I need the most, either the internet is not working, or a computer software is malfunctional.

      Difficult concepts were even more difficult online

      Amount of work

      With this being my 1st on-line class, I really was not for sure what to expect. This took me a while to adjust to this type of class.

      That I had to drive to carrolton every other week for one class

      The new system made it more difficult to know if someone had replied to you. With the previous system I knew as soon ias I logged in.

      My online computer skills


      I disliked not being able to communicate with my teacher. When i emailed her about concerns, there was little to no response.

      It's more difficult to get answers to questions I had quickly because the professor or classmates may not be online at the same time I am online.

      When I take quizzes I am not able to see which answers I got wrong or right and not being able to save my work on a discussion topic.


      That there were so many emails from other students on my main course page.

      Little leniency in turning in assignments on time

      Some classes only let some discussions up on certain days and I thought the point of an online class was to do it as you can.

      I didn't like the subject at all.

      I wasn't real fond of the courseden D2L at the beginning.

      Sometimes having the ability to do it on my own time was not so good.

      It was a little harder to follow.

      You had to read and learn on your own.

      Communication and due dates

      I disliked the uncertainty of what was expected of me.

      It's basically just the teacher typing what they want you to learn but I prefer being in a classroom but I don't have anything against online classes.

      It's harder to keep up with deadlines.

      I wish that my professor has office hours where I could visit them and they could help me.

      so much at one time

      There wasn't much I disliked for this particular class.

      No face-to-face communication whatsoever.

      Nothing.  I liked everything.

      It's very easy to forget, especially with my already heavy class load.

      getting used to the changed course den

      It was kind of hard with no teacher help

      There wasn't anything I didn't like.

      It was difficult on my laptop to listen to the narrarated power point notes and I did not have the time or resources to use the desktops on campus.

      Teacher could have communicated a little better with students.


      I did not like that the teacher was very rude in her emails and it was hard to email her


      Very time consuming"

      some teachers come off to be rude

      You had to really keep up with it and sometimes the work was really difficult which it shouldn't be easy it is college.

      Nothing really.

      I did not like how D2L worked with the online classes, you could hardly tell when something was open and due. It was hard to find quizes and discussions.

      I did not like how, when I needed a question answered, I had to wait for the teacher or a fellow student to respond.

      People posting to many discussion messages and having them always pop on my class list. It got annoying have to always go in and push "mark all read" so the message would go away.

      The quizzes only gave you 30 minutes to take them and that was a little short for me to remember all the answers from the reading.

      Cost of textbook.

      That if it wasn't understandable then sometime it can be confusing.

      The communication with the teacher was extremely difficult

      The new course den was very confusing at first.


      The time cutoff for assignment submissions. It was sometimes before the actual class would start. I "had a class before this one and would be rushed getting home to do assignments."


      not enough variety of types of grades

      I didn't like how some of the quiz questions were not listed in the provided information.

      I ad to remind myself and sometimes i would forget i have something due in the class.

      I liked everything.

      I didn't like that there were no due dates. Everything was due at the end of the semester. As crazy as that may sound.

      It can be confusing at times when you do not have direct face to face access with a professor.


      I did not like the new course den and the layout of the page.

      I disliked the fact that there is no mobile app (iphone) to get on courseden.

      instructor did not provide many lessons/lectures. we mainly read from textbooks to learn required material.

      the realization that students wont reply like the teacher does

      group work

      Turn around time on grades, lack of responses from emails

      The material was too dense to adequately teach myself.

      sometimes instructions can be confusing when there is no face to face interactions

      I dislike the new Course Den. The old one was more user friendly. I suggest Education majors to use Edmodo instead.


      Projects were not graded in a timely manner. There was not enough information for the test, and because of this, the tests were more difficult and too specific. This could also be because there was no emphasis on what was important in the chapters of the

      It is sometimes difficult to fully grasp what the teacher wants from the students.

      I really do not like online learning, I'll take it if that's all there is. It's harder to communicate or have things explained to you. They are also easier to procrasinate for.

      There was nothing that I dosliked about this online class

      I dislike that the additional tuition amounts to take an online course because they essentially double my tuition yet require me to still pay fees that I am not able to take advantage of since I am taking mostly/all classes online and away from campus.

      It encourages isolation.

      Most assignments are only open during weekends, which is hard for me to fit into my child and family's schedule. As a result I miss several assignments.

      Having group work!? I think it defeats the purpose of an online course when I'm asked to do so much partner assignments."

      too many distractions at home

      D2l took a little while to get used to. I understand it now and fins it easy to use but there are still a few things that I dislike about it. The only notifications you get are for email. If my teacher posted a grade there is no icon that shows up; I hav


      relying on the professor to open assignments

      That its hard to get questions about assignments answered in a timely manner

      Too much busy work for an online course, asking for a dedicated 30+ hours per week for one class.

      D2L. The old courseden was much easier to work with.

      I didn't get notifications like the old CourseDen about grades or new discussions.

      It takes a lot of time.


      I like face to face lecture classes

      how expensive the classes are

      The quality of some of the courses are subpar. For example: One of my instructors did not post anything for an entire month and he still has not graded any assignments.

      I am bad at keeping up with the dates things are due. When we are physically in class our professors tend to remind us which works better for me. I also did not like that there was always the possibility of having a technological issue.

      not know when things were due

      I prefer face to face instruction

      The test were difficult

      it was hard to understand at first

      Email did not show up in an adequate amount of time. Also, email could not be located whether I was looking directly thoguh email within the course or from my home page

      The information kept changing and as students we were not made aware that it was 90% online prior to the course.



      D2L was difficult to adjust to when you're used to the prior CourseDen, both for the instructors and students. I didn't like that you physically had to click "Unread" for the emails, if I opened it...I read it. There's no reason to keep it as unread. I l

      Nothing really.

      The cost

      Didn't provide much  help when needed it.

      It can be more challenging, but I like it.

      Group projects are sometimes harder to complete when various members aren't getting online and responding to email

      The new interface for CourseDen was very different and more difficult to understand.

      I did not like that half of the time I could not find the work that was due.

      dropbox and new message board format

      I did not like my online math as much because he made it to be an on campus class and had to come to campus for the test.


      New course den

      I think that when grades are posted it should state them and email should be more clearer. I would like to be able to hide classes also because I dropped one online class I kept seeing discussion and exams due all the time for a class I wasn't even takin

      The only thing I dislike about online classes is the personal feeling of a class.

      It was online

      I did not like having to learn how to use D2L my last semester.

      The internet would be very slow sometimes. The first semester with D2L and then not really being comfortable with online classes because I learn better face-to-face caused some frustration with me.

      There was no instruction given. The worksheets were assigned and we were responsible for learning the information.


      closing dates

      The content or task was not clearly established by some professors.

      I would sometimes forget assignments; and particularly reminders were not that clear.

      The module setup for course content is confusing and it tends to become cluttered.

      There were times when my classmates and I had questions or confusion about various assignments.

      hard to track down professors

      I disliked nothing about this course.

      Could not receive the one on one help immediately like I could in class.

      I disliked all of the errors with DSL2, such as the gradebook or that the assingments don't show up as coming up if they're only placed in the dropbox.

      My uploading abilities off of certain computers.

      With the changes to Course Den, I found myself quite frustrated.  I do not believe it as user friendly as the old Course Den and miss the way the old one looked.  This new Course Den is not visual appealing to me, and makes it difficult to follow discuss

      Missing the human interaction (I live 5 minutes from campus, I might as well actually go to a class. That being said, not all people live so close to campus.), the uncertainty and lingering worry about missing deadlines, the professors seem less availabl

      Some times the material is hard to understand when reading from just the book and not face-face interaction

      sometimes i would forget when things were due because we do not actulley go to class

      There was nothing that I disapproved of.

      Sometimes I need to get in touch with my professors, and while e-mail usually is the quickest way I would like to opportunity to see them face-to-face to ask some questions ( at the beginning of the semester, etc.)

      The only thing is that everyone was still working out kinks in the new system.  It caused some difficulties, which I'm sure will be resolved by next semester.

      I wasn't motivated to finish the work sometimes.

      Contacting people for group projects. Difficult to get responses."

      With the launch of D2L, many professors and students were confused as to the format. This concluded in an equally confusing semester. The former program UWG used is preferred.

      Difficult. A lot of reading.

-       I disliked the group activities.

      1/3 professors was crazy and couldn't write a coherent task.

      For Calculus the book didn't seem to go with most of the material. The examples were not always useful and I felt confused about most of the work. I perfer there be a video to demostrate how problems are worked out at all times. I do not find it convient

      No comment.

      Nothing. I'm content.

      Hard quizzes

      I am not sure at this time.

      that some assignments had different amount of time to get them done. some assignements we had a couple days to complete it while others it was one day.

      I didn't dislike anything.

      being unsure of what exactly I needed to do for assignments

      I like student teacher interaction and it was hard to understand a teacher if you never met them or the peers that you are in class with.

      I do not like the D2L. I liked the old online program much better.

      It was confusing at first but I understood how to use it

      I hated all of the papers and busy work required and the time limits.

      I sometime have a hard time with time management and procrastination.

      The new Courseden is not as easy as the old one and is sometimes difficult to navigate around. I felt more comfortable and felt the other courseden was easier to find what you needed.

      Some of the technology was confusing/frustrating/hard to use. I prefer the old CourseDen.

      not a lot of dialogue

      Due date was Saturday night. I work all day and assignment was due at 10 when I got off

      We didn't have face to face time with the professor.

      I did not dislike anything.

      I did not understand why I was in this class.

      D2L is ridiculously difficult to understand, and a lot of the professors don't know how to use it, so they can't even advise you on how to access the material they've put up on there.

      There was nothing I disliked.

      Teachers are no organized and there is conflicting information.

      Harder to ask questions about assignments.


      A lot of busy work, some was unneeded and just used to fill the time.

      Nothing really that I can think of.


      Sometimes I was confused about what was due and when?

      Lack of face to face time

      Not being in a classroom setting.

      It contains a lot of work.

      it was hard to focus or unerstand at times.


      The environment was a little tense.

      I find D2L harder to navigate than the old courseden."

-       completing projects within a group of commuter students was stressful

- wished I had time with the professor in a classroom format to ask questions

      I was unable to get the immediate face-to-face interaction with the professor.

      figuring out D2L, and how long professors take to respond to emails

      Heavier work load than in person classes.

      It wwas sometimes difficult to get in touch with the iinstructor

      Other than doing assignments on my own time, I strongly disliked this online class and I don't feel I learned the necessary objectives.

      The ambiguity the came with online classes being a new frontier.

      The discussions"

      I didn't like the beginning it was confusing with drop and add.


      The discussions ever week because I would sometimes forget about it and cant make it up

      you got to check the website constantly

      podcasts were difficult to access in Google Chrome

      not being able to ask questions and get answers right away

      There is a lot to read, but other than that I enjoyed the class.

      D2L is the most complicated, user unfriendly online program I've ever used. It sucks. Bring back the old courseden.

      The quizzes did not allow enough time for such detailed questions.

      The new Course Den was a bit confusing and hard to navigate at first but after awhile it was ok.

      Lots of work

      Difficulty of the courses.

      Changing from Georgia view to D2L

      i did not like it when CourseDen changed right before this semester.  This is my last semester with West GA, and I was very upset!  I did not like how I was not able to access my classes until the day of class.

      I think we still should have had some class time.  Class time is extremely valuable and I have some concerns that eventually all UWG classes will be available online and we'll miss learning from our peers.

      Pacing myself

      One of my courses, had very little feedback from the instructor.  Course was not engaging.   I felt that the professor should have been more involved and should have offered immediate feedback.

      I don't know if I'm a fan of the D2L format. I'm trying to like it, but I don't like the comment/discussion format. I find it harder to follow than the previous platform. I also think I have too much on the front page, and I'd like to have the ability to

      The new courseden is not as user friendly.


      Well, it was too expensive to purchase all supplies. I didn't like the delivery. With Chemistry, you lose a lot in communication without someone showing you how to do things before you grab a flask and muriatic acid yourself.

      The email system is a total hunk of junk.  (myUWG, not the email within the course).

      Wimba not being compatible with certain browsers.

      The PowerPoint presentations for one of the courses were detailed yet disinteresting. I prefer the interaction, conversation, and engagement of face-to-face classes.

      The instructor.

      the new system is not good enough

      Organization is key, so I dislike my own lack of organization and time management.


      I disliked some of the changes caused by the switch to the D2L LMS. The main one, which probably can't be fixed is being able to automatically access unread posts instead of having to scroll.
I much prefer courseden to D2L.


      The new courseden D2L platform is not very user friendly. I miss the old platform.



      I do not like the new Desire2Learn format.  I miss the old CourseDen.  I also dislike group work in the online format.

      That the "wimba" was set in stone, same time every week....I think that defeats the purpose of flexibility.  If it's necessary, that's fine. I understand that, but in that case....2 1/2 hours seems like a long time on-line and on camera.

      Sometimes it is hard to figure out assignment requirements.

      In some of the classes, the professors were very disconnected from the students. While it is an online format, professors teaching these courses should still keep up with correspondence as they would if I came up to them to ask a question after class.

      I'm not a fan of online discussion and having to reply to 2 other students, especially if I get my discussion done before others, I still have to recheck and wait for other students to post their discussion boards before I could complete my assignments.

      I do not have any complaints.

      I didn't dislike anything about it.

      The new CourseDen (D2L) is much more difficult to use than the program we were using last semester.  The class pages are too busy.  It's hard to tell when something new has been posted by the professors.  The discussion boards are a pain, and changing th

      no comment


      The large amount of group projects in Dr. Goldberg's class.

      occasional technical difficulties on my end

      The new courseden is frustrating when trying to deal with emails and discussions.  The old courseden would show you postings back to your posting seperately from everyone elses.  This one you have to search through everyone's to see if anyone responded t

      I do miss having class time for some of the information being given.

      Not always seeing the due dates for discussions.

      I'm not a fan of online courses because they lack the face to face interaction that some students (such as myself) need.

      Wish the new system reflected when new grades were posted."



      Having to go to campus in order to take exams

      not very personal or one-on-one.

      The new platform was hard to maneuver at first.  I preferred the previous platform.

      The social aspect of attending classes.

      The new CourseDen is way more difficult to use than the old format.

      WIMBA was not a pleasant experience due to unreliability.  It could work one night and not the next with no changes to the laptop.

      Group work seems difficult online because people choose online because they are not located near wg therefore group members are not located near each other "

      group work is not conducive to a person that works full time

      D2L is difficult to use, only because it seems like you have to click every single available link in order to make sure you are not missing anything.  All assignments (discussions, dropbox, quizzes, etc.) should be in one central location on the homepage

      Cannot email from IPad , only check mail but not send


      Sometimes, it's easier to have meetings face-to-face rather than on WIMBA.

      Getting used to a new system.

      I really have no complaints.


      When something didn't work right, it was frustrating having no one to ask directly as you would be able to in a regular classroom.

      The professors relying on it for grading.  They could not comprehend that it could be unavailable and cause problems for our deadlines for class assignments.  They need a backup for turning in assignments.


      Sometimes you have to wait for responses when you would like to have them quickly so you can continue your work.

      Not having the ability to be one-on-one with instructors should I need help on a certain subject, but that was to be expected with online classes.

      I like being able to meet face to face for interaction

      Dr. XXXXX missed 2/4 online chats. Her feedback was for all participants, not personalized. Materials/videos were not current.

      Sometimes hard to get questions answered

      The webpage is too busy. It seems like everything is so crammed, it is hard to find what you need.

      The files/assignments were too large to upload to the dropbox. I couldn't get any of them to uploads to the server either.

      Not having a teacher and not being able to have real discussions with a class


      When I look at the work requirement of in on campus assignments, it less strenuous than online assignments with attendance being once/week as opposed to 3 times or more/week.

      The instructors at times delayed giving feedback on the students overall performance learning the material.

      this was a more hands on type class and it was hard to put together such a large project with so many things due at the same time in such a short amount of time

      The syllabus was disorganized.  Questions were not always answered in a timely manner especially as the semester progressed.  As students we are held accountable for our assignments so I so I feel that we should receive more feedback prior to receiving g

      Technical problem as difficult to assess when they happen during a class session. This is really irritating.

      Doing group work, there were too many places to have to go like I have to go to D2L for some things, TK20 for other things, yet another for my on campus email and course information.  If everything could be in one place, that would be awesome!  There are

      I do like online classes.

      the lack of communication from the professors

      The new system and all the problems that had to be worked out

      A lot of what we had to do wasn't compatible with my Mac


      D2L- It's very confusing!!

The EXTRA (double) tuition is excessive and a burden for students who live a distance from campus.

      The classes we had to attend at a particular time, which did not fit in my work schedule.

      wimba sessions

      Not a lot of timely feedback from professors.

      Some of the teachers are far less communicative and helpful than others. Some teachers don't teach at all, just assign reading and assignments out of the text and provide no further instruction or interaction, even if asked to.

      I feel that it is better to have at least some face to face time for classes. I feel like I am almost teaching myself and I would prefer to have interaction with others.


      The work load was sometimes large for each module.

      Sometimes you can't get instant feedback so you worry a little more over a quick question.

      There is always one in every class----they go on and on and on and on:)

      Frequency of online login requirements

      Grades were not posted.


      Not applicable

      requirements to respond by a certain time

      no dislikes

      Sometimes difficult to stay on task

      Sometimes it was difficult to open and download documents professors attached for reading.

      I work on a computer all day at work, so taking online classes pretty much "glued' my laptop to my hands!

      its demanding

      D2Learn malfunctions


      The professors do not always respond timely to questions

      Not really getting to know the instructors.

      timing of the test

      The new CourseDen was not as user friendly. The layout and discussion boards are lacking.

      Lack of face to face contact.

      The D2L experience.  Webct/Vista was much more simple, easy to navigate and useful especially with its notifications when there was a new item such as email, grade or discussion post.  I do not like missing information because I did not open and access e

      the spell check is horrible

      Friday night wimba sessions.

      One time I tried to submit something by the deadline and for whatever reason, the platform would not allow it.  I contacted my professor and she allowed me to submit it another way so it would not be counted as being late.

      The tests displayed through course den where hard to view.  The viewing window was only 1/3 at most of my small monitor.

      I was always afraid I was missing something relating to assignment.   Sort of feels like there is not enough opportunity for communication between student and teacher due to not being in class.  I think face to face communication is preferable.   Lots of

      Not begin able to talk to the professor.  It's easier to ask a question face-to-face instead of typing the question on the computer

      Teacher response time was a big issue for me.  Feedback has been very limited. I think feedback is especially important when completing an online course otherwise you do not know what areas to focus and improve.

      Course Den was "bulky".  Cumbersome, not very user friendly

      CourseDen not suited to amount of uploadable materials required for class.

      a lot of due dates, would be easier to lump some material together but still easier than on campus class.

      Learning to use the system on my own

      I still miss the face to face interaction with the students.

      One of my professors was disorganized in such a way that it affected the performance of myself and my classmates

      It's harder to get to know your professors and classmates.

      the D2L did not function as well as the course den and caused some grief.

      Sometimes it is hard to make sure assignments are submitted properly.

      I prefer to meet my instructors at least once, the connectin is important.

      I did not encounter any problems.  The D2L was difficult to navigate at the beginning, but once i was able to figure out how to use it i was fine with it.


      The discussion area filled up as more students responded and was sometimes difficult to maneuver up and down the page.  Would like to be able to view this information on a full screen.


      More instructor interaction and clearer tasks list as to assignments due

      Group emails for group assignments become somewhat ridiculous.

      This course was really disorganized. It was really difficult to find things and the instructor was not consistent in his placement of information or his syllabus. He seemed frustrated with the course layout which in turn translated to some insecurity on

      The D2L platform is a bit 'splashy' and not as streamlined as CourseDen. The discussion board was also frustrating in that you could not differentiate responses to your questions from all the others. CourseDen had this capability.

      It's difficult to stay connected to other students online.  I am more engaged in face-to-face classes


      Lack of traditional Instruction

      I missed the face to face exchange of ideas.

      Not everything posted on time

      The group discussion boards were a little disorganized in the beginning.  This may have been due to new format - it was quickly solved.

      Instructor was not available to me very much.  Her work assignments made it seem like busy work.  We had 2 or more assignments due on the same date.  Impossible to complete sometimes without taking days off to do it from work.  seemed like she was just l

      Not much was involved with D2L - instructor used a book on-line site for most of her instruction.

      No face to face with instructor


      miss face to face interaction


      I did not like having to wait on my classmates posts to be able to comment as assigned in a timely manner.


      This is my first online course, and I lacked confidence in the beginning.  I prefer access to instructors face-to-face.

      I have found that I prefer sitting in a class.  I don't feel that an online course gives the same benefits as an in-person class.  I missed interactions with classmates and being able to ask questions of my professor and actually have them answered.

      The way course den is set up it doesn't look professional at all and was very much confusing in the beginnning of the semester.

      The busy work that seems to accompany a lot of on-line course.  :-(

      I took the online course to refresh my planning knowledge however difficulties with both the instructor and with the new course den system made this a problematic experience - I do not know if I will do this again. The new course den has severl problems


      Lack of participation (and clarification when needed) from one of the instructors. Online instructors should be a little less rigid when providing means and hours of contact since not all students attending online are able to "chat" with them online duri


      hefty work load