26. What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


      more training before changing the system.

      Find another program to do Online class sessions-Wimba sucks

      Step-by-step explanations if there is something we are not clear about.

      Starting first day of the semester, have the assignments and due dates one a page so students know when things are due instead of some professors giving students less time for harder and lengthier assignments.

      To make them not online.

      web video sessions

      Set up was good


      I don't have any suggestions. This was my first online course so I don't have anything to compare it to.

      New videos or class material every year not to reuse from previous courses.

      Throw in some other activities besides quizzes.

      If I decide to take another one i would make sure I the tools to remind me to do the quizzes and focus on studying a bit more.

      Remain simple

      Don't make an individual's grade reflective of group grades.

      not sure

      Do not take it at UWG. "Go West?" If you do it will not be for the online classes

      D2L requires a coding that will highlight the email tab when a message is received.

      If you're not very good at schedule planning, i don't suggest online courses.

      All rubrics and detailed instructions should be placed online.

      Just make assignments relevant to the course.

      When taking all online classes, it can be hard to keep up with which class has an assignment or quiz due each day. Having an assigment calendar/alert system available on courseden would make keeping up with due dates much easier."

      Make them completely online.

      Less group work.

      Offer free ice cream.

      more courses in the masters level

      I would make them easier and less complicated.

      Always make sure to have a syllabus with all assignments posted. Include how many points each assignment is worth. This way it is easy for students to always know what grade they should expect to receive in class.

      Maybe, add some pre-recorded instructional videos for each section with a teacher giving examples, visually and verbally, in order to really grasp the concept.

      lower cost of online courses and continual improvement of D2L layout.

      Better way of handling the e-mail when it comes to D2L.

      make it less expensive

      lower cost for online courses

      Online exams instead of having to be present.

      Go back to WebCT

      The need to be more organized

      more communication

      Explain assignments in further detail.

      Please makes it easier to be used and understood.

      Don't incorporate group work in which people barely get the opportunity to meet face-to-face or communicate with one another in a course that is mostly online


      Have the professors update their syllabi and course assignments before the start of each semester. This is in case something changes.

      Make the system more reliable.

      Provide multiple choice questions only with more times to check your answer.

      To the university, online courses are more deterimental than beneficial to students. Online classes take away the personal interaction. In addition, online classes are not as economical as face-to-face classrooms.

      No suggestions.

      Online text.

      Answer the email."

      No comment

      make this either face-to-face or 50 make it face-to-face or 50% online

      More, more, more. ALL!

      The number and types of courses offered online.

      Make them more visually appealing, window wise. Make more navigation buttons that are clear to find/use.

      Less busy work and less discussions with references.

      make more classes online for the nontraditional student that works 40 hrs a week and can't do a whole lot on campus

      Go back to course den

      As far as the courses are concerned, just continue offering more and more coursed. As far as the Course Den interface is concerned, please add one location where anything that has a due date attached to it is posted. I realize this is primarily the fault

      None at this time

      Professors need to be aware of the workload they require while other professors need to actually use the technology.

      More interaction and perhaps videos and short quizzes

      The only major suggestion is to limit the assignments, because some faculty members put too much on their well-being than their students.


      See the previous comment.

      Allow instructor ability to give meaningful feedback and not just post a grade


      Make all classes available online.

      Summer classes online because I have family in other states that I don't get to see during the school year.

      none great job

      speedup the browser

      I liked the "new mail" and "new grades" notifications in old CourseDen.  Would love those in D2L too.

      All of the courses I've taken online so far have been good.

      video lectures for on-line courses.

      Keep up with the good work

      Require a 1 page "ONLINE COURSE ESSENTIALS" .pdf document that will be in the same format for every class.....Heading 1: due dates for every graded item in the course.    Heading 2: the instructor will post only in xxxxx area for class announcements.


      match online courses with tech proficient faculty

      Come up with and enforce teaching and course execution standards like I've heard eCore has.

      If we can get remainders of assignments to be submitted through e-mail, text message that will be good.

      More online TEACHING.

      Be clear about the existence of TWO email accounts for UWG students; one master account and one for the course(s).  I believed they were the same and missed registration as I did not know better.

      Add links to Youtube for online how-to tutorials for CourseDen.  Also, tutorial that talk about benefits and features.

      Course materials should be ready at he beginning of the senester.

      The ability to Skype or use of a similar software.

      Design them like Dr. XXXXX does.  Her course was laid out logically with well thought out pacing.  Her discussion boards were useful for learning the material.

      Please expand future online courses. Let routine maintenace be between 12.00Am to 6.00 Am on weekends. Recruit more workers for help-desk.


      understand that we are full time teachers

      I would like to see more professor interaction.

      not say something is online and then make ppl drive to carrolton

      I would like to see most course online at 95%.... Saves me from having to commute to Carrollton...

      I would like to see it where you could enter a person's name in the discussion board, and it brought up their post.

      Not to take them- it's not worth the 800 extra dollars.

      I think that they should be 50% online rather than a higher percentage.

      More discussions with professors

      Delete emails that were very old from my main course page.

      Start the DLearning spring break on the Saturday before Spring Break because we all know that no one's going to even look at CourseDen after Friday. That will ensure that no assignments' due dates are set on that weekend at the beginning of Spring Break.

      Let students do the work as the can. Not have due dates except for the end of the semester.

      Not sure. I've only had 2 classes that were partially online. I haven't had a class that was fully online.

      Make sure to tell the students what kind of computer they will need for the class before the class begins.

      Have teachers who are more responsible and time savvy

      Have the instructor make a video of himself stating the rules and regulations and expectations.

      Make sure that the professors have office hours where one could visit them.

      As a student who had never taken an online class prior to this one, I liked the fact that we were given a demonstration on how to use the the D2L system. I'm not sure if every online course does this, but it was very helpful since I knew how to get to cl

      As much as people hate doing more work as opposed to less, I think that there should be more questions on each quiz so that the book is put to use more often  The questions were widely spread out through the chapters, but I felt as if we didn't use the b


      I don't really know, ive only taken one.

      Tell the teacher to help a little more.

      To not use nararated notes because not everybody can use them effectively and most of the bulk of the information was represented in a way that I could not use.

      Teacher list more expectations, and respond to students' questions.

      None. I thought it was convenient and set up well!

      that they not require a scanner

      Make sure you know a little bit about technology"

      Maybe some way the student can communicate with the teacher face to face via skype or oovoo

      I don't have any.

      Nothing. I liked my class how it was.

      I have no suggestions to make.


      longer quiz times.

      add an assignment that counts as bonus points ( say 5 or 6 points ) towards your lowest grade towards the middle of the semester


      The teacher must provide video lectures

      That more classes be offered.

      Be more like the one I just took.

      Nothing I liked this one

      more than just quizes

      More time to take quizzes and more than one chance.

      More organized.

      I have To set at least some due dates maybe not on ever assignment, maybe when a bulk or stuff if due.

      I would like teachers to respond quicker to my emails.

      It depends on the course. For this specific class nothing."

      Turn everything in on time."

      would like more interaction and guidance from instructor

      group projects and 1 mandatory office visit with your teacher would help get rid of the impersonal feelings

      Be attentive to answering questions in a timely manner."

      Do not offer CEPD 4104 online

      have instructors set up checklist or expectations in one spot online other than the syllabus

      To be clear, or just mention, on what is important in the chapters of the book so when the test comes up people do not have to memorize every sentence in order to pass.

      Make sure directions are clear - use videos at the beginning of the semester to explain "in person" how you want things done.

      Have the teachers be more clear as to what they expect.

      The ability to open Word documents in D2L like I am able to with Adobe documents. To view the documents without having to go out of the webpage and into Word.

      I would like assignments to be due for longer periods of time during the midweek.

      Not to assign group or partner projects. I'm enrolled online so I won't have to meet in person and complete my work at my pace, on my own time, when and how I see fit. Asking me to partner up as if I know my classmates is unnecessary."

      Shorter sessions only because of distractions

      Nothing. Everything was great.

      work on the courseden layout, make it easier to navigate.

      Don't fix what isn't broken. Old courseden was much easier to understand and work with. Stick with one program instead of changing it.

      Make the website where you can receive notifications.

      Face to face meeting with professor before taking class.

      make them cheaper since we aren't going to the classes

      I would prefer partial on-line classes instead of full blown on-line courses. The extra fee is stupid. Why is there one?

      most online course are great

      More Extra credit

      when taking a quiz it needs to say how much time u have left instead of at the last minute

      Keep email in one folder. Less automatic filtering and unessecary emails of successful submissions.

      To offer face to face courses in the same semester.

      There just need to be more of them!

      All of the online courses I've taken through UWG have been excellent.

      Being that I do not like online classes my only suggestion is to no have online classes at all.

      Would like to not have to drive to campus at all.

      Have core classes online, not major classes.

      Make sure the instructors are familiar with online courses.

      Give information to students prior to classes starting to access the online course to give time to get familiar with the interface and requirements.

      Future online classes should be more elaborate.

      I would suggest that the teachers are more aware that this is an online class and we are not required to come to campus for the math class.

      Offer more classes online.

      make course den easier to use

      Give the students and teachers a little more training on the site

      UWG is doing a great job with online learning!

      Make it easier to use for first time users


      Make sure that there is a schedule for each week. My class always had a discussion due W, response on F, all tests and papers were due Sunday. It makes the course less stressful.

      Please do not have classes that are only offered online. I would rather have the option of a face-to-face and then the option for online.

      I think that there should be video lectures so that students can learn at their own pace.


      STOP USING D2L ... It's hard to use and all course content seems to be disorganized.

      Have a guideline or something for teachers to follow when posting assignments.

      That 100% on-line class would be offered for the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. For a couple of classes I have to drive 4.5 hours to meet face-to-face with instructors.

      Make more of them.

      To have clear due dates and a calendar with those dates assigned.

      more discussions posts

      For professors to set more reminders for their students.

      I can not think of any suggestions

      All upcoming assingments that are in the dropbox, but not in the course content, should appear also.

      format for submissions be more lenient.

      Make the online courses cheaper!! If they were cheaper I'd take more of them.

      Tweak Course Den...make it more user friendly and more appealing to the screen.

      Online lectures (PowerPoints with professor audio), face-to-face meeting with the professor at the beginning of the semester

      Post all of the work at once so people can work on them whenever they want

      I have no suggestions.

      Professors need to ensure they have materials posted in enough time for the students to complete the assignments (preferably at the beginning of the semester).

      Talk with professors about becoming a little more uniform in course organization. Some put resources in one place, while others stick it somewhere else, and others just link to the library copy. It's frustrating to have to hunt and find.

      I liked that the professor had office hours and was able to help students in person as well as online. I think this should be kept as a requirement for all online professors.

      Videos, videos, videos. Especially in math..... Statistics had a video for everything... I had no questions...

      No comment.

      More available

      Easier work, or better explanation

      Quicker feedback and posting of grades and assignments.

      Better navigation

      it honestly wasn't hard (and that's coming from someone who's horrible with computers) but D2L was difficult to learn at first

      I would like for the class to be completely online.

      be able to personalize your course den including colors, address book

      Have no time limits.

      Get the work done ahead of time.

      Make more classes available online

      Learn as much as you can about D2L.

      I suggest that all online professors use videos of themselves to communicate with students. This way made instructions for assignments easier to understand.


      More video lectures where the teacher talks over their powerpoints to explain the subject more.  Make it feel like the student is actually in a lecture or class.

      More meaningful work

      Video teaching.

      Be sure to check and double check and triple check your assignments and due dates each week in multiple links.

      Training on D2L

      get to know the students more.


-       nothing specific- D2L format was navigable

      Easier access to instructor.

      Better communication and some face to face interaction as a class.

      Ease of directions.  More assistance with tech issues.

      Please offer more history classes online.

      Students should have a day where they can all come to class and meet the professor and students.

      keep the module type format

      help being more avaliable

      Video chats?

      Use a program that isn't D2L. Again, it sucks.

      Give a bit more time for the quizzes.

      Please have a online chemistry/anatomy class.... These science classes are VERY hard to get into!

      Less homework

      Be prepare to work a lot.

      To make powerpoint accessable to all students with every type of computer. I was not able to hear any narrated notes becasue it was not compatable with my computer.

      Course Den needs to have alerts for any class at the home page. It is easier for students to see cancellations or change in classes if they are at the home page instead of clicking every individual class.

      Open our classes up sooner -  not the day of class.


      More training for instructors to learn how to make the online classes more engaging.

      Minimize the template and make things easier to access, maybe via icons and less navigation. If you are in a hurry, you need to be able to find things fast. Also, I want full access on tablets and cell phones. I had to hunt for it, but I finally found th

      Let the profs personalize the courses some with pictures.  All my classes looked the same.  It's easier to know where you are when courses look a little different.

      The discussions aren't as easy to follow with the new format. Also the content feels jumbled and less concise.

      I have taken other online classes with no problems. History, political science, and many upper level dicipline specific courses have been fine online. But eCore Chemistry? NO. It's not fine. There are some things you just HAVE to make time to do in a rea

      do not have so many wimba meetings (weekly).  I took online to have more flexibility, not more commitments.

      If ppts are used, make them more visually appealing!

      Because students taking online courses have such varying commitments and schedules, it would be nice if all online classes were required to offer no less than an entire weekend to complete any graded assignments.

      Make sure instructor's keep it simple but informative.

      leave the old courseden system.it was better than the new one

      No group work for online classes.

      no suggestions I loved this course very organized and easy to follow

      In a distance ed course I reviewed students had access to 10 minute tutorials on different web tools. Might be a nice addition for students who aren't web-tool savvy.

      Nothing I can think of.

      Bring back the old platform or find a new one. Or improve this one!

      Nothing. Everything is fine.

      No group work

      No group work where you have to meet through webinars - schedules are too hard to find time for that.

      Ensure that professors teaching online courses are technically able to make the most out of it for the students, and that they have the same attitude about the online students as they would have about in-class students, and give online students the same

      Communication!!! It seems to be a trend for our teachers to be unclear on instructions for papers, etc.

      Have more available, including program required classes

      Offer more degrees in an online format.

      Group work is very difficult with distance learning.  It is hard to organize.

      no comment

      make TK20 support more accessible

      See above about online disuccsions.

      More courses!!!!

      Have 1 module up ahead of time to give better pacing.

      I think that the email system for D2L should be for only those enrolled in the classes.  I keep getting junk mail from students that I am not familiar with in regards to graduation tickets, subleasing apartments, and other things that do not apply to me.

      More of them!! Having problems with enough classes being offered."


      Not having to go to campus for online classes in order to take exams

      Don't change the platform anymore!  Pleas keep it consistent.  It's hard to take classes and have to learn a new platform each semester.

      Nothing comes to mind.

      Change course Den back to the old one.

      Is having D2L mail notifications sent to another email address a possibility?  The D2L Class NEWS gets pushed out to my email which I really like, but if a mail notification (if not the entire message then just a "you got D2L mail" message) was available

      no group work-adults in different states with different work schedules prioritize very differently-group work is very stressful-discussions are preferred

      Fix the issues I stated in my answer to question 25.

      Format the same for every class and the classes have an icon such at the water cooler where students can post questions o anyone and anyone can answer or vent"

      I really liked the calendar with the reminders

      Have more classes available entirely online.

      Better instructors!

      more specific directions for Wimba and Blackboard. Wimba was extremely not user friendly at times and it made me feel like I was an idiot. Clear directions may have solved this problem.

      Back-up for turning in assignments

      Update videos and readings to make them current.

      A one-two hour block of online office hours for professors

      Have the professor meet with students just once at the beginning of the semester to explain the course and D2L. After that, it can be all online.

      It would be incredibly helpful if all email was sent to one inbox instead of one in courseden and another at myuwg.com.I did not receive any information about courseden or how to access my classes other than through the orientation video -- it only s

      Minimize the number of feedbacks resuired for discussions.

      Teacher participation outside of grading assignments and creating a powerpoint.  Structure the discussion board so that we can interact with each other easier.

      I would suggest team work and class discussions only once/week.

      Reduce the number of activities required for the studnt to complete because at times the information and assignments were overwhelming for an adult learner who works full-time.

      Rework the software? so that I can access all I need at one place.

      No suggestion.

      Have professors make due dates on Sundays. This really helps when a student works full time to be able to work on class assignments friday evening and saturday and sunday. It is really hard to work until 5PM, attend on campus classes until 7:30PM, and ge

      offer more complete majors in online learning

      D2L needs to be streamlined and consistent

      That teachers be required to actually teach their students, to provide guidance and instruction, not just pages to read out of a text.

      Provide a time to meet at least a couple of times.

      have more of them

      I would like to be able to see only my discussion posts in the classroom discussions. The filters do not include a way to filter only my posts.

      Seems more than adequate to me.

      The discussion board is too busy.  Work on improving the filter system for discussion threads.

      all assignments posted at the beginning of the semester so I can work ahead.

      Create more of the HYBRID courses


      Require that the entire syllabus be provided at the outset

      No suggestions for now.

      Use something other than CourseDen. I've heard Blackboard is a good option but I've never used it,

      Better online notifications, or just go back to Webct.

      Clear and concise directions.  Timely feedback

      I can't think of any right now.

      more information available before class starts

      Feedback on submitted assignments needs to be more timely.

      examples of professor expectations

      The courses are good but professors need to be committed to providing feedback in a timely manner.

      Set requirements of the professors in regards to communication and amount of workload.  Try to revamp CourseDen's usage space on server.

      Have a cumulative grade ("Your Grade So Far") on the grades tab, if possible.

      More "preregistration" for graduate students who live off campus.  I never knew where anything was. Totally own my own to trial and error

      I think for the purpose of this class and students having everything (almost) due right after the weekend worked.  Most of us have full time employment and having things due on different days of the week was confusing.  This might not be the same for oth

      Simpler schedules to follow, keep information regarding due dates in ONE location.  Update the class when a universal change is made- don't just make a change all "ninja-like".  (No offense to ninjas intended.)

      Keep the great communication.

      When someone reads a post mark it read for instructors who monitor number of posts and also indicate how many times a response was made in a discussion thread

      I really like a 50/50 combination, with the support I feel from meeting in person and the flexibility of online assignments being done on my own time. I would like to see more classes using this middle of the road balance between the two. This is my favo

      Make the area easy to maneuver when submitting information or reading information.

      Have one standard way of listing class assignments and due dates

      If students are to use D2L then professors should be required to use the same system. When professors create webpages outside of the system for assignments it becomes cumbersome. One system would work much better.

      Train the faculty on D2L before they design the courses and follow through early to make sure they have done what you instructed.

      Ask D2L to work on the discussion response set up.

      Provide an audio feature in Course Den that allows students to talk to each other in that environment.

      Make sure that when there is a major change as in DL2 that it was tested a lot better!

      one or two F2F meetings - maybe optional?

      If teachers could have everything posted at the beginning of the semester.

      Always have a discussion board available for students to ask questions of each other and for the instructor to step in.  Many times questions are not asked because students wonder if it is just themselves with the question.  By having a question discussi

      have someone that can answer questions in a 24 hour turn around period.

      No suggestions - I really just did not like the way the instructor had the course set up. Nothing that D2L could help.

      Require instructors to post grades in a timely manner.

      closer examination of text books used

      no suggestions at this time

      Make certain any new computer systems have been tested and re-tested for any glitches in the system.

      Offer as many as possible and also give more choices for students to take any particular class online or traditional. Some students do not do well in online classes, some do not do well in traditional classes, so there should be a choice. I do not take m

      The professors should be more responsive and answer email questions in a timely manner.

      D2L could be more user friendly, however it is new, therefore that's why I am not so great with it.

      Change the layout, it's like everything is all over the place.

      To lower the technology fee--too high.

      All online course should meet at least 4 times per semester on campus - in this case my instructor was in Tennesse which I found very problematic in resolving issues with the system and course dificulties. Nothing can ever replace the interaction in the

      Place the most recent discussions at the top instead of the bottom so that students do not have to scroll through the list of closed discussions in order to get to the current one.