27. What additional student services would you like to see made available to online students?


      obtaining parking tags

      Dislike the wimba classroom sessions, very frustrating and seem adequated

      Teachers should have to update their students weekly on what was going on in the course.


      I'm a freshman; I don't know that many resources that can be offered to the class.

      A reminder of some sort.

      More help access

      unaware of any at the moment

      Iphone app with email and couurseden access

      More online help.

      Much of the material has to be used to fully learn, so no additional information could help.

      Anonymous feedback to the professor during the semester.

      Full time study sessions and help for students taking online courses.

      I found the student services were good.

      A MOBILE APP, please. Thank you.

      Free ice cream.

      A skype type of chat for professors and students to eliminate office hours

      How to do computer technical things like making videos, how to use audio, etc.

      its good

      Live video chat for any questions involving the elements of the specific course.

      Teachers respond to emails in a timely manner.

      More tutorial resources.

      cant think of any.

      more hands on modles

      Plenty already available

      more emails.

      Answering of emails."

      Can't think of any.

      The more the better...I never think about that stuff. But if a student drive his own edits on his profile, and what-not, then that eliminates cost to the school.

      Not to have online classes at all."

      see above

      Optional in class days or meetings

      None, the ones that are available are all the ones that I needed.

      Easier scheduling

      easier navigation on the homepage

      Increase the infrastructure for BanWeb. "It is horrible during registration. "Registering took me 39min starting at midnight and I have to wake up at 6:30am.

      more classes

      Ombudsman to handle complaints about the online course without fear of retribution.

      Better email system online.  The UWG is horrible.  Would prefer to use something like gmail.

      Tech support should be available at all times

      A wider selection of library search engines. I would like to see E-text books offered by the college.

      not sure

      Support, support, support. Maintain 24/7 support desk. Most students in graduate school have fulltime jobs and the they do their assignments at night.

      I think what is available is done well and is helpful.

      fewer services; i object to paying your student service fees especially fees that fulfill UWGs football fantasies

      Trade books on line.

      live chat for questions and answers

      More resources on how to operate courseden

      Add a save feature to the discussion board.

      students should be able to see a final grade

      Use the bookstore, library

      Maybe online counseling

      Less fees for online classes

      Not sure.

      Online tutoring

      More teachers posting grades on course den

      How to attach prezi, ppt, and any other things effectively into the D2L drop boxes

      Online tutor help from the teacher live at certain times.

      nothing I can think of.

      I don't know

      I think the online portion of UWG is ran really well.

      a digital homework/testing system

      A way for students to communicate without a professor being able to respond as well. A way to ask students to get together to study for a test.

      More courses offered

      More help hours.

      I didn't use any student services with this one so I don't have any additional ones to recommend.

      There are no additional services that I would like to see made.

      Math, and english

      Exact requirements should be listed in the syllabus along with on the grade sheet posted on Course Den

      A history class

      I dont know.

      Online tutoring for those unable to seek help from on-campus sources. Also, assignments that are able to be completed with the software currently on the market. For instance, Microsoft has not released a 2010 version of Access for Mac computers. Those st

      More tutoring sessions.

      tutorial for upper level classes

      I have had no trouble with any part of getting around D2L.

      none, nothing beats face to face.

      App for D2L

      There is enough student services.

      Mobile edition

      I would like to able to instantly chat with someone at least Monday though Thursday.

      24 hours technical support on the phone.

      more help

      Options to go and meet face to face when needed.

      More classes available online.

      I always have a had time getting help with financial aid.

      nothing that I can think of.

      I can't think of any off hand.

      A person to answer questions you may have like an online geek squad

      Online students should not have to drive to campus for advisement. Advisement should be allowed via email or webcam. Phone advisement is available, but sometimes that can even be inconvenient for an online student.

      View the email on the mobile version of course den.

      An easier way to construct talking to the professor.

      Online tutoring.

      I don't know.

      Nothing. Not everything should be online.

      more technological resources. i.e. how to make videos and other things that we don't generally use on a day-to-day basis.

      I feel an adequate amount of student services are available.

      More reminders.

      Help from tutors in these particular classes

      waive of campus fees

      I would like to see student services assist those who are new to online courses.

      Perhaps online tutorials for how to use/fix some common computer/technology glitches instead of having to call distance learning.

      No comment.

      Not sure at this time.

      meeting with professor once a month

      I don't have any suggestions.

      Smaller loads of work.

      I think West Georgia offers as many as they can and does a good job assisting online students.

      I think the online tutors for Computer Concepts are very helpful!

      More biology classes. If a teacher can teach from a powerpoint for 50 minutes, I'm sure I can cut that down to a half hour of going on the slides myself and learn just as much.

      Services availible were pretty good.

      Training on D2L

      Better email communication on D2L."

      nothing in particular

      Easier connections with professors.

      A help line that is patient with questions.  One that doesn't just direct you to another 1800 number.


      A breakdown of the fees for online classes. Something easier to understand.

      Technological support regarding uploading, file support/conversion, and media editing/support.

      More helpful guides for financial aid

      More Doctorate programs

      Better instant messaging and chat features.  Sometimes I would have quick questions that I needed to ask my peers, and maybe having an IM feature would be helpful in this regard.

      No suggetion

      I would like an integrated chat platform and the ability to customize as much as possible for our viewing and navigational experience.

      stats labs for online grad students.

      Nothing I can think of at this time.

      A contact number displayed in heading or bottom of page in each class screen for distance learning.

      The subscription to Atomic Learning is nice, but there isn't much there. I thought Atomic Learning had a lot more tutorials. If so, maybe subscribe to a better package.

      Nothing I can think of.

      if possible some of the same resources that are available in the on campus labs.

      You might add some tutorials on how to use certain programs if people are unfamiliar with certain programs.

      I do not feel like a student at West Georgia.  More outreach

      There are many events happening on campus that as a long-distance student I missed out on. It would be nice to have events for online students as well, e.g. virtual career fairs, option to log in via internet when there are guest speakers etc.

      I would like to see that when we are scheduled to register for classes, the system works properly.

      None that I can think of at present.

      no comment


      Financial Aid needs to do a much better job of being knowledgable about what they offer.  I am a graduate student struggling to pay each semester and I asked where I could locate scholarship information and they told me Graduate Students do not get schol

      The downloadable Microsoft Office through tech services that never happened ( or at least I could not find it).


      online site needs to easier to use like the original Course Den.

      Nothing comes to mind.


      online counseling

      Easier access to software freebies

      Teleconference classes (ie- skype)

      Writing labs that paper can be submitted online for style review

      more variety in classes

      Study D2L in advance.

      it would be great if more of the info sent via myuwg.com email was also in the courseden news section.

      I would like professors to encourage tutoring more. I also would like online courses to abide by local, state, and federal laws of discrimination. There some professor at UWG that exhibit unfair grading practices based on color, creed, race, and ethnicit

      More help from tech support via videoconferencing an instant chat.

      I would like the ability to view postings without scrolling through every posting on the discussion board. It would also be nice if we were able to tell who to call w/ technical issues.  I spend valuable time on the phone only to be told I needed to c

      Purchasing tix for school events online.

      No suggestion

      Club meetings online. I am a member of several clubs, but with my work schedule and class schedule, I don't get to participate.

      None at this time. We are given up to date technology programs

      Single sign-on for all services.

      more financial aid for Dr. students

      easy library usage.

      I don't have any suggestions.

      I'm not sure if this already exists, but possibly a way to view prices/availability of texts in the bookstore before classes begin so it would be possible to compare prices and give UWG bookstore a chance to compete with Amazon or Chegg.

      writing assistance

      Direct online chat for Tech support.  They never answer emails in a timely manner.

      I can't think of anything.

      Please list file size limits for D2L drop box, sharing, discussions, Please explain the reason for and uses of the HUNDRED DOLLAR outside resource we were required to purchase: TK20 Please create a section to help students use the "server" to upload th

      More information and directions with deadlines for getting financial aid and steps to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans.

      I had mostly what I needed

      The option of using a different email address than the required UWG email.

      The ability to email outside of Course Den

      Not sure. I am busy with my life and what I care about is having my classes accessible for me.

      Classes on how to use some of the software that comes with Windows.

      Easy, live chat with technical services.

      better links to online resources

      I can not think of anything at this time.  The online course worked well for me.

      It would be helpful to be able to toggle between the online class and the uwg website to review emails.  Currently I have to log-in and out of each.  Also I think posting response deadlines need to be set for the discussion postings.



      A feature where you can automatically chat with everyone from your classlist instead of having to be invited to a chat or having to manually input who you would like to chat with.

      unsure improvements to course den are needed as discussed previously

      Academic advisement.