46.  Is there anything else about your online experience at UWG that you would like us to know?


      No I like it and will take more classes online.

      I had a great experience at UWG.

      D2L was horrible! The old Course Den was MUCH better!!!


      Everything was great.

      Please get a learning management system with a mobile app.

      Go Wolves!

      Ya'll are doing a terrific job!!! Have a great summer!!!

      Nope that's it!

      nope have a great day

      I think the administration needs to be evaluated, specifically in the field placement office. I have had good experiences with my professors and feel they are knowledgeable and helpful.  When I have dealt with the administration, I get the run around to

      besides of lower the cost for online classes as they become a option used by more traditional and non-traditional students and improving the layout of the course tabs

      Online classes can be great if they're done right


      I really like that my major has a totally online program. I would not be able to continue school without it.

      Yes compress the Statistics and Accounting courses

      I am thankful that I passed my courses

      the 95% online courses need to be considered fully online for enrollment purposes. online students have to pay all enrollment fees when we only have an oreintation class and a few tests on campus. we would like to use that $ to pay the additional costs o

      I wish all the teaching classes were not online. There needs to be a choose."

      My classes were totally in Moodle through Computer Science, I have never used D2L

      Keep up the good work!

      Not at this time

      Not at this time.

      good job

      Think globally.    I am out of state and several instructors are still operating with a local campus mindset: library access, meetings, ability to meet rigid/daily deadlines, etc... We take online classes because we can't get to class everyday, so don't

      I dropped this class halfway through, because the professor's execution of this course was completely sloppy and inconsistent, did not allow for student to student interaction, student to professor interaction was by email without timely responses, and a

      An online bookstore for textbooks that is competitive.

      No. At all.

      It was a good first experience for my online class.

      Since I am a returning Student, ( I took courses over 20 years ago), some courses do not have the same course numbers. I submitted my transcript in Dec. Since I was under the quarter system then, I am not on Wolf Watch... I had some questions for the Reg

      No more than what I stated earlier, it is frustrating to find a particular post.

      it is not worth the 800 additional dollars we have to pay for it.

      Keep allowing students to get ahead in online classes.

      I feel nickel-and-dimed. And resources that are available are not advertised.

      That the professors must have office hours.

      Not at all. I think it should be a rule that professors in other "face-to-face" classes are required to post grades online so that a student, such as myself, may be able to track their progress to make sure they aren't failing. This is the BIGGEST and mo

      Positive experience.

      this new course den is very confusing.

      No there isn't!

      Nope, that's it.

      I thought it was overall a very good experience. I am taking three classes this summer so I liked it :)

      Nothing, I really like taking online courses!

      I would prefer the instructor be more involved in the online class, video lectures!!!

      Excellent program. I would like to see more core classes offered online."

      Nothing beats real teachers.

      Nope. Everything is wonderful.

      If there is a completely online class do NOT make students go to campus for a test. We do not pay $700 to have to go to class to take a test.

      Nothing else

      Stop making everything online. students learn better face to face rather than online, I know I do and those that I have asked feel the same. We do not learn as much as we would in an actual sit in class.

      If the online course is to change again, make sure students attending know about the new developments. I would have liked to have the new D2L over the summer so that if I was taking a class I could become more accustomed to it, or if I were to look aroun

      D2L sucks!!!! Professors and students dislike!

      Make the server faster and for students to log on using the school WiFi to their laptops easier.

      ConnectWest is still ineffiecient. Poor wifi spots across campus and in dorm halls and unexplained disconnection at random times.

      Important classes should not be majority online.

      I wish it was standard that CourseDen/D2L had a running average for all of your class grades, so students can keep better track of where they are in the course, instead of panicking at the end of the semester.

      It has been exceptional. I transferred from another school (Lee University) and my online experience at UWG has been so much better.

      I don't understand why there is a $270 fee per online class. It shouldn't be a separate cost from tuition. It makes it all the more costly to take and really shouldn't be given the nature of the course.

      Try not to make the survey so long.

      I was satisfied with the online experience.

      This is my last semester towards getting my masters, and my experience with online courses at UWG has been very pleasant.

      I know you can not bring back old Course Den and understand changes are good, but something needs to be done about this new Course Den...not user friendly and visually unappealing.  That is the only complaint I have about the entire semester.  Everything

      I had an average online experience with my course class.

      though not related to online classes, it would be very useful in the printer in the library was not constantly out-of-use.

      No comment.

      No. I like my online classes. Maybe make them more affordable

      Not at this time; thank you

      I did not like the switch to D2L

      Overall, I had a very good experience and I enjoyed being able to do my school work on my own time and not have to drive to campus.

      Why is it that most of the classes for Criminology majors are online?!  Shouldn't classes for a specific major be in-class courses?!

      The student activities could be a little better. Every time I go, they have run out of things or it is not as interesting and fun as advertised.

      My advice is to pick a program that is user friendly and stick with the program. Do not keep changing programs because it only causes more problems and frustation for students when they have to re-learn the program each semester.

      The new courseden version seems to have more features but I am not sure it is user friendly because it has so much.

      Professors take too long to reply to emails and often ignore them.

      Overall it was not a good experience. I am a psychology major and to learn about people online does not make much sense to me. I do not think I will ever take another online class again especially one that is so crucial to my career.

      not at this time

      Keep up the good work.

      It seems silly to make immunizations a factor for online only students.

      The UWG Online experience satisfied my learning needs.  I would recommend that online teachers have more training in developing courses that are engaging and make students feel as if they are a part of the class and/or in the classroom.

      Keep tweaking the courseden portal.

      The mail myUWG email is a total hunk of junk.  Major upgrades need to be made to that system.  and make it more compatible with google chrome and other browsers outside of internet explorer.

      I love the school improvement EdD program!

      I am so grateful that the online program exists at West GA.  I have had a wonderful experience.  This is the only way that I would have been able to earn an advanced degree.

      Enjoyed it!

      I am happy I could complete my degree completely online and I would like to thank UWG for this opportunity.

      Great course!

      Keep developing and improving in this area. Our society is moving towards technology as a means to communicate and learn.

      Please figure out a way for the system to run properly when everyone is trying to register for classes online. It is a pain every time.

      For students in the middle of their program, it was very difficult to move from Course Den to D2L.

      no comment

      I would like to see more online opportunities available. UWG needs to reach out to the nontraditional students and be more helpful and considerate of different situations. Online learning is the only way some can further their career. Do not stop a nontr

      Its been great so far, don't change


      Please fix the on-campus wireless connection.  I go in repeatedly to verify that my connection is accurate and my drivers are set, but I do not have access on-campus.  It is a reoccurring problem that ITS says that the administration knows about and you

      It's really wonderful for adult students.

      It's been very positive so far!!

      As a new student, I felt very frustrated with the lack of information about registration and how to access courseden.   Also, a lot of the calendars on the university website are outdated or incomplete.

The immunization requirement should automaticall

      I think there are better learning platforms to use other than coursden. I like ADOBE connect and Webex.

      Offer more complete majors with online learning. Working full time and going back to school is difficult for most. At the present time not many are offered.

      The 'extra' fees that online students are unreal.

      No, I have been very pleased.

      I have been impressed with the entire process of online courses.  I am learning a great deal, but have the flexibility I need.

      The program used in the Fall semester 2012 was MUCH BETTER than the new one started in Jan of 2013.  CAN WE GO BACK TO THE OLD SYSTEM????  It was more user-friendly and better organized!  THE OLD "COURSE DEN" IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN "D2L."

      I need to get my transcript to my other school.  I hope that is a simple process.

      Why is there a fee for paying online?

      Making it easier to obtain software would be nice. Going through the system that is currently in place is difficult. Perhaps adding a tutorial or training would be helpful. I am pretty good with technology and found the processes time consuming and confu

      Dr. XXXXX did not seem very attentive and the work we were doing was not easy to find.  we had to use a lot of extra time to first figure out what she wanted then wait a week for her response then finally find enough info to put into the work assigned

      I wish that D2L notified students when grades were posted - that saves a lot of time having to look for grades.

      I don't think online is a good format for math classes or classes based on math.

      Online classes is a great concept.

      The advisement portion I'm referring to is the ecore advisor that I had utilized via phone and email conversations.  They were all VERY helpful!

      I have been very disappointed with online classes.  I don't feel that I have learned as much online as I perhaps would have in a traditional class.  But online was the only option I had, so without it I would not be getting a certificate.  The amount of

      Just need system improvements - Oh and who ever decided to change over the West Georgia email system especially for faculty access or student submission to their professors before the semester was over IS A COMPLETE IDIOT. YOU do not create such a SNAFU

      Wolf Watch should be configured so that it is useful to those of us who have quarter hours.  Or perhaps manually updated so that it serves as a useful tool.

      Accessibility of instructor is important.  Occasional online discussion groups make the class seem interactive and a closer approximation to a course taught on campus.  It is really important to avoid presenting a course that is so automated and programm