Student Focus Sessions Questions and Responses Fall 2002


Ten UWG students who took distance courses this semester were polled by personal interview and email.

  1. General improvements that UWG can make for distance learners
    1. Two students said that they wished that the GSAMS courses were online so that she could "fulfill all requirements from home."
    2. One student was unaware that the library would mail books to her.
  2. Adequacy of technology skills for taking web-based courses
    1. all students said that their technology skills were adequate
    2. one noted that the WebCT orientations were very helpful
    3. one suggested that the WebCT orientations be more in-depth
  3. Adequacy of motivation and self-discipline for success in taking distance courses
    1. All students said that they were adequately motivated.
    2. One noted that it was helpful to her that a class met face-to-face on a couple of occasions.
  4. Availability of registration and academic advising
    1. Most students noted that registration and advising were easily available.
    2. One student noted that she had trouble reaching her advisor.
    3. One student commented on BanWeb’s convenience and ease of use.
  5. Availability of library resources
    1. Some students noted that they utilized library services, while others did not use them at all.
    2. Most were not aware of special library services for distance students, including the fact that materials can be mailed to distance students at no charge.
  6. Level of faculty-to-student and student-to-student interaction as compared to a traditional course
    1. All students noted that the level of interaction was high, and that their instructors were easy to reach and quick to respond.
    2. Two students noted that the chat sessions enabled them to get to know students in the class better.
    3. One student noted that she made lifelong friendships as an undergraduate in a traditional environment, and "couldn’t see this happening in a distance learning course."
  7. Comments on GSAMS courses
    1. One student wished there were more GSAMS courses in Education so that she would not have to drive to campus.
    2. One student complained about the required first-night, on-campus orientation for GSAMS students, saying, "Staying out on the highway till very late at night is not a wise decision."


Action Items to be Presented to DDE Steering Committee and DDEC:

  1. Continue to remind instructors to include information about library resources and other information to distance students, including information in syllabi.
  2. Send email reminders to distance students each term regarding special library services for distance students.