WebCT Student Comments:Summer 2006:Question 14



What did you like about the online portion of this course?



        able to do this at my own pace--no long commute with gas prices so high

        I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace.

        can do assignments when I have the time and is less stressful


        it very flexibleclass only meets 6 times a semester. I could do work from home

        It was easy to use and I completed my work in a timely manor.

        I liked the self pace of the class.


        Allow you to be flexible

        Didn't have to go to class much.

        That I don't have to be physically on the campus/in class to participatelearnget lots from the class.

        The chats & the ease of communication with other members of the class and the professor.

        This was my first online class.The convenience of working from home and having access to classmates ideas in a real-time environment.The professor's thoroughness with the instructions and his Webct.

        Being able to do it during on my time schedule.


        Ease of communication with the professor and other students

        the convenience more than anything.I was able to research before answering or commenting on subjects brought forth. Quick responses. The savings as relates to cost of gasoline and an older car.

        The flexibility to complete assignments during non-traditional hours is especially valuable to students that work full time.

        Flexibility of schedule

        knowing your grades right away

        I didn't have to physically attend class.

        Being able to work from home


        It was east to understand and I could do it at my own pace and when it fit my schedule

        The ability to work on the material at my convenience.

        that is was only a month long

        Not having to go to class.

        Work at your own pace

        Ease of use when available

        I didn't have to drive to campus

        No commute time. Flexible.

        that a computer lab was available to use because I do not have internet at my house. I could do the tests or access info. whenever I wanted.

        Flexibility in finishing assignments.I didn't have to get a babysitter.

        not having to be in classroom

        Convenience of my time.


        I did not have to go to class everyday.

        Flexibility to take the quizzes at the time of day I choose without being stuck to take them during classor in class.

        On my own time schedule

        Immediate response to quiz grades

        The flexibility.

        The flexibility it gave me.

        I like the flexibility about the online portion of this course.

        I was able to access my course and work at my on pace at any time.

        Convenience of class being in my own home some daysand not having to physically attend class.


        It helped the flow of a very brief course.

        time constraints

        Being able to access it at any time of the day/night

        I could complete the discussions and assignments at my own pace.

        being able to do schoolwork at home

        The convenience and flexibility.

        I like being able to stay in my pajamas and do my school assignments.

        I was able to assignments at my own pace and when I got ready.

        I liked that I could complete the work at my own paceand that the information from that day's class was completely typed out for me. to compliment the notes that I had already taken.


        It allowed me to be stress freeI didnít have to worry as much as long as I got my work done.

        It was very convenient.

        For the most partI could do it on my schedule.There were some cutoff times that sometimes were difficult to make.

        Easy way to communicate with classmates and professor.

        It was good to be able to do the work on your own time and not have a set schedule that you had to follow.

        I liked the combination of online and face-to-face meetings. The online days gave me time to catch up on work in this class and others.

        That I could do it on my own time when I had time and did not have to worry about being in a class at a certain time.

        Most of allthe flexibility.Some daysour class was only onlinebut every day we had content to view online.I was able to do everything on my own time and at my own pace.

        I didn't have to come to class a much.

        it's flexibility and the fact I didn't have to attend class everyday

        I can do the work on my time even though we have due dates. I don't feel rushed to do and finish work

        how easy it was to use.

        Flexibility and convenience

        I like the convenience.


        The fact that I did not have to drive to class 5 times a week from an hour away.

        The ability work at my own pace and to work whenever I needed to be it 2 am or 2 pm.

        I like see the comment the other students had about my paper or opinion

        The flexibility of the coursethat I could work when it was convenient to me.

        not having to go to class

        that it was on-line and not in the classroom

        Didn't have to drive to school everyday. Gas cost too much and that really saves me moneyplus I can work everyday so that helps me make more money.