WebCT Student Comments: Summer 2006: Question 15


What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



        It did not work on my home computer and I had to use the schools computer

        takes time to get ans. to questions when I have a problem with an assignment

        no dislikes

        Nothing at this point.


        Not understanding what to do

        The main thing it's very sensitive and when you are taking test that can hurt you.


        That I don't get to SEE my classmates.

        The lack of a "real" classroom experience with face-to-face meetings and communication.

        Being my first one I felt overwhelmed trying to do my work along with reading all the other e-mails.

        Getting familiar with the website.

        no interaction with professor had to teach myself the course

        Lack of face-to-face contact with the professor and other students


        The initial learning curve associated with the class. Learning the specifics as they related to accessing and submitting information.


        The time it required.


        Not exciting

        When I experienced problems they took to long to fix

        I have taken other online classes but this one was ridiculous. It was confusing and the professor did not seem to care about his students or their emails.

        That stupid sim net program

        Problems downloading the disk required for the course.

        The teacher very rarely responded to important questions. When questions were posed there was nobody to ask for a definite answer.


        I was more on my own than in a regular classroom setting.


        you are more responsible

        Well this course was advertised as on line and then was taught mainly in the class room. But I have to admit he did give us extra help.


        Sometimes it is a little difficult complete assignments without the help of a professor.

        Little interaction with classmates



        The difficulty of getting into WebCT. I know that UWG is in the process of switching to Vista but it really made summer classes a bit more difficult.

        The only thing I disliked about the online portion of this course is not receiving immediate feedback.

        Some of the questions that we had on our online quizzes.


        I still had to go to class because the class wasn't totally online. The computer was just part of the materials used for the course.

        lot of work


        Not knowing all my classmates face-to-face.


        All the extra discussions

        I would have liked to have seen the professor at least one time.


        Having my grades posted but not receiving feedback on them

        sometimes webct would log me out during a quiz


        I think sometimes it was having no interaction with the instructor although he was readily available by email.

        A little too much reading.


        Sometimes it can be lot harder to communicate online then in person.

        There was nothing I disliked. I would love to have every class 55% online.

        The discussion questions we had to do.

        I felt it was harder to discuss topics because I wasn't face to face with the instructor and other students


        not meeting or having a real relationship with professor


        The online library.


        The fact that some groupmates were not the most responsible

        Discussion. I don't participate in discussions in a regular classroom and having to read all time was ridiculous. The amount of papers was also absurd because I did have other classes and a job that I had to do. This was unlike any other online class ever that I have had before.

        Assignments due back to back not having the internet at home made it a little hard to get my work done.

        having to buy a book for a few weeks

        communication is dependent upon each individual you can't just wait till class and talk with your group you better hope they logon and check postings