WebCT Student Comments: Summer 2006: Question 16


What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


        more on-line courses



        no suggestion



        Even though you are taking an on-line course you still have to be discipline because you can easily get behind.

        More of them.

        I like the meet for a few days at the beginning and end. I might add a meeting in the middle somewhere.

        I think this course ran very well. I don't have any recommendations at this time.


        More interaction with professor

        I have no recommendations at this time

        Just incorporate as many more as you can. I love on-line courses.

        Attempt to make the courses more accommodating to people that work full time. This class was very accommodating but I had to drop a class that required you to be online every day during normal work hours.


        None--Keep up the good work.

        Make it more enjoyable and make people want to learn more about it

        Make sure the professors respond to emails and not disrespect your time when they say they will send you exams to take. More than once my professor 'forgot' to show up for my test which left me out of work those days. Very rude.

        A teacher that wants to help and will assist at least during business hours on business days. I would not allow a teacher to teach this course if he/she thinks that because it is online they do not have as much work to do. I believe that there is more work to be done. If a teacher says that he/ she is available then be AVAILABLE.


        Offer more that are just not core classes.


        Make all instructions very detailed and specific so that it will easier to complete without the professor's help.

        I think the fill in the blank questions caused too many problems. Some answers can be correct but be worded differently and the system only looks for a key word if the key word is not there the answer is wrong. It's really just more of a hassle than is worth. I don't think fill in the blank questions should be used in on-line quizzes anymore.

        online chat discussions

        This class was good. But. several other ecore classes I have taken were mostly "discussion" activities. No problem except that in the two other classes I never saw any grades for the discussion work. Made the courses seem full of "busy work" and the instructors do not seen to want to go to the effort to grade a discussion. So it is "busy work" work for the sake of performing some non value-added function. This class with the immediate grades on quizzes and a minimum of discussion should be the norm.


        I have no suggestions for future on-line courses.

        none at this time.


        less busy work



        I think that a face-to-face component would be nice although this class worked out brilliantly.

        I cannot think of anything that I would change as of yet. I think any problems with WebCt would be with how the professors operate it.

        use them.

        A combination of online and live classes.


        I really don't have any suggestions.

        Fewer discussion questions online.

        Don't be stressful about due date give or take a day or two.

        More of them for students who work have a family but are trying to advance their education

        make it more flexible


        Don't do discussions

        Nothing I can't think of away to improve what already is.

        online text

        keep supplying them

        Nothing as long as the teacher is a good one you need nothing else