Summer 2007 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


        Word due every day of the week.


        I would lose connection during chat. It would go in and out and the chat would continue without me. I would have to wait until they said something that would tie me in to what was being discussed.

        We had to meet online four days out of the week from 3-5:15.I wish there would have been more flexibility in allowing us to meet asynchronous.I also did not like the partner assignment at the end of class.Several students did not understand how we were to pose the questions and my partner did not reply to e-mails.I ended up having to make up my own questions.A lot of our grade depended on partner/team input.I did not like this at all!

        nothing really

        lots of idle time in chat


        When I got bumped off for no apparent reason.

        I wish I had more control of my screen during chat session. Controlling the scroll of the information so I want have to read faster.

        In response to questions #5, yes, I found WebCT easy to understand and utilize by the second week of class, but when the class is only 3 1/2 weeks long, 2 weeks is almost too late! Also, my group members did not seem to listen to or use my input, except when it was my turn to post and then they didn't have a choice. Even during the final exam in class, working in a group, they would not listen to me or use any of my input. I think they all knew each other, or at least someone or two, and I didn't know anyone. They also did their parts of assignments much earlier than I did or could do, sometimes even before the one before was due, and it made me feel bad that I couldn't. Maybe that's why they didn't listen to me or use my input, because they already had everything done. But I know 3 of the 5 do not have children, so I did the best I could do. I left the first class almost in tears, and thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown during the semester.

        My learning curve for finding articles was low.It took me a while to adjust to finding them.And learning how to navigate the chat room and lingo.

        At times understanding class directions were difficult with no in-class time to discuss.

        Assignments were due everyday which was hard to balance with working.

        Having to find research articles for every question and not being able to duplicate articles.Don't get me wrong, I have learned a lot from researching and actually enjoyed reading some of the articles.It takes a long time to search for articles and then once you find one and see that another student has cited from it, it could take hours to find another article.

        It seemed to require a lot more reading and writing than in class courses. Maybe because that's the only way to 'see' interaction.

        The amount of time it required each day. Most days I would spend 3 to 4 hours, sometimes more, just on this class's work. It was very hard finding journal articles to cite as references. This is not what I imagined a research class to be like. It took a lot of time to find the right information, which sometimes was not very much.††

        I felt that the discussions were biased and not helpful in learning the material of the class.


        Lack the feel of a class unit.

        If you were in a classroom setting, we would be able to pause and discuss some of the things more fully that were interesting to us.Online, you don't have that opportunity.

        I felt like I had to re teach myself what was going on. It made me feel like it took a longer amount of time to accomplish studying and assignments.

        face to face interaction

        It was difficult to stay focused at home.

        The only problems I had were I ran across some technically problems when I tried to submit things to the teacher



        I did not dislike anything

        is that sometimes when I have an immediate question I had to first right down and then email it

        not being able to really 'visualize' what was being taught



        It was ALL on PowerPoint, which I do not have on my laptop.


        You do not really get to know other students.



        WebCT needs major overhaul

        Some of the testing questions were vague or at best, misleading.

        The short period of time we had between each assignment. I would have preferred if all assignments where due on the last day with the workbook not twice each week.

        The workbook and how some of the questions that I wasn't sure of what information was needed


        it was easy to forget when assignments and tests were due

        That certain assignments/tests werenít submitted even though prior to taking the tests to computer application that the tests are run on assured me that the tests were submitted.

        The only thing I disliked was on some portions you could not go back on a page of the module, you had to start the page over.

        When I had a question, I had to wait for the answer before I could finish

        Nothing it was great and organized!!

        The costly workbook.

        When you need help there is not a live person to talk to.††

        Lack of immediate feedback.The course workbook costs more than a dollar a page.

        trouble with grades getting submitted

        Not always able to receive a prompt answer to my questions


        There were deadlines.


        That you don't fully learn all the material like you might inside a class room, but my teacher has great office time ours and is really involved even though it is online.

        Tests were to close together, but it is the summer so a normal semester would be perfect.



        I didn't dislike anything about the online course.


        Too short

        There was really nothing I didn't like

        Absolutely nothing.

        you do not ever have a professor in front of you

        The reliability of WebCt going down, etc.This is very frustrating.

        Online classes and group assignments/projects do not go together. Group members are not serious and them and hard to find them to respond.

        Lots of mandatory postings


        The lack of face to face contact

        Nothing really

        That WebCT was unavailable on the weekends and other days also.


        I thought that the exams were too long and some of the questions hard to cipher.

        that I had a hard time communicating with the instructor to ask questions and address concerns

        The instructor is difficult to get in touch with.

        Too much freedom, earned slightly less knowledge about the subject.

        Didnít meet my teammates as often to discuss project details.

        You really have to manage your time.



        I missed having lectures from the professor as well as the more spontaneous classroom discussions

        Physical human interaction

        having to keep up with what is due when without constant reminders from the teacher

        Sometimes test can be harder and not having the professor there is sometimes an inconvenience.

        Nothing. I thought it was all great.

        The computer freezes up a lot and kicks me out of Web Ctfrequently

        Being online, instructors can make assignments due on Saturday or on holidays.The online portion needs to be utilized rather than abused.Taking 15 online quizzes and having to enter my email address to various sites for a grade was quite unnerving.


        The quizzes were too long

        I did not like having more than one quiz per night and I did not like that the computer generated the questions for the quiz because some of them were really bad questions.

        There was nothing that I really disliked about the online part.


        I disliked the fact that sometimes, I could not upload my assignments, so I winded up turning in my assignments late.

        It can make mistakes that cannot be fixed immediately. Everyone doesn't show the same participation interest as I did.

        I donít like when some of my assignments got misplaced.

        The quizzes did not match up with the book-it was difficult to take the quizzes.

        I disliked having so many projects that required team work and yet we only met once a week and the rest of the time through phone or email.

        Group projects are difficult online.




        I enjoy meeting face to face. I am new to WebCT so just posting my assignments seemed difficult.

        The new vista version of WebCT was a bit harder to navigate.

        I felt like the on campus meetings were sometimes wasteful.For example, students could have emailed their website and descriptions or posted them in a chat room instead of meeting for that class.We could have been responsible for reviewing at least three of those web sites and responding to the other class members about them.Also, a visit to Horton's would have been much easier for the owner, as well as, more interesting for the class members.



        Getting familiar and comfortable with WebCT.


        It would have been helpful to attend a "first timers" class in a computer lab prior to these courses.Though my teachers did talk up through it in class, I would have felt more prepared if I had known how to navigate the site prior to the first class.

        None to report

        I did not like responding to classmates.I think this is useless and a waste of time.The useful feedback to students is from the instructor who is the expert.Other students in the same class do not have the level of knowledge and expertise to respond to students on equal level.

        Delay in getting clarification about assignments and feedback on assignments from the instructor


        Didnít receive enough feedback from assignments

        Sometimes WebCT was difficult to navigate.


        Messages and assignments were sometimes a little confusing.

        I like to have face to face conversations, not getting my grades in a timely manner

        No input at this time.

        It took some getting used to.I kept worrying that my assignments would get lost or I would have technical trouble and get stuck.But it turned out fine.

        It just took a while to get use to Web-ct.Since I'm part of the Cobb County cohort and rarely on campus, I don't get all of the information like regular on campus students.No one ever explained Web-ct to my group.Also, it needs to be told upfront that the system goes down every Friday.I had a few assignments that were due on Friday and they could not be submitted that day.


        Sometimes many assignments due at one time


        I could not get a quick response from peers or teachers, if it was not planned.

        I miss interacting with people and the professor

        Occasionally I had issues sending files from my MAC and had to sent the files to a PC to send my assignments

        lots of work--got behind because no deadline until the end--but that can also be good


        PowerPointís were a little lengthy to watch and respond to, but informative.

        Hard at times to figure out answers about content when you can't get professor...

        No direct instruction.

        I did not like not being able to ask immediate questions to the professor.

        the information was a bit difficult, but I managed



        The class content was difficult to understand and having it online although convenient was very trying.

        It was not well organized.To me, that is the cardinal sin of running an online class. It must be unambiguous, and it must be consistent.That was not the case here.


        I found it to be confusing and at times contradictory.I did not feel like I got enough feedback from the instructor.

        The only one faced meeting was at 8 a.m. in the Newnan campus and I was completely lost since I am coming from Dalton, Georgia. I believe the meeting was useless since it could be online.

        The difficulty in getting responses to questions.


        our instructor never responded to any of classmates' emails, questions posted, or requests for vital information


        When you have questions it is hard to get immediate answers.

        The ambiguity of the quizzes and the lack of interaction with the professor.

        I had to uninstall my Java and install an earlier version to get all WEBCT functions to work. This led to security issues with my computer and a lot of Internet Explorer crashes. WEBCT should use the most current Java version.

        The uncertainty of the grading procedures.

        Hard to understand how to interpret the grades.

        Having to rely primarily on the book to understand the material

        Tests were unclear

        I didn't have a human being to ask questions when I was confused about something.

        The material was complicated and needed a little more face-to-face time.

        I did not like trying to find different areas to be able to comprehend what I was doing.††† I hated the deadlines of assignments for specific dates and specific times.My schedule never correlated with those times because I'm working.

        As far as the design, it was all good.



        It would be better if this class was face to face.We could have gotten instruction, practice, and immediate feedback.I don't understand how you can charge for these classes.Most of them are just a bunch of discussion opinions from other students with very little professor/instructor input.This one was not like that, and the professor did make himself available.Still, I do think direct instruction would have been better.I could have just bought the book and done this on my own without paying for the class.I could have learned a lot more in a real class, also.

        I found it difficult to teach myself the information.I much prefer personal instruction and the ability to ask questions in a face-to-face setting.I also find it helpful to work through problems and questions (i.e. diagramming) in person.

        Having to teach myself

        I had computer trouble in the beginning so that through me off, but it was my computer not WebCT.


        This particular course had too much information to cover in such a short period of time to be successful as an online course.More face to face interaction and instruction would be helpful with this course.

        When something is harder for me to do, I better understand the material in a formal classroom. I need to go step by step sometimes.

        Inability to clearly answer questions

        WebCT seems to be problematic many times when I try to use it.This is really the only complaint that I have with the course.


        I missed the human interaction of a regular class (but was able to get in touch with the professors whenever I've needed them).



        It took longer than expected for the professor to get the modules posted.


        Problems with videos at times.



        Requirement for too much personal information to be disclosed.

        The only thing that I didn't like about the online portion of the class was the length of the test. Often times I barely beat the clock in submitting the test.



        Some times there is stuff that I don't understand. And it is hard to ask a question when u are taking a timed test.



        I did not like that I had no interaction between my classmates. I sometimes like class discussions to hear others point of views on various subjects. And its just not the same with online discussions

        This course really didn't have anything in it that I disliked about being online.

        less discipline

        More work than most classes that meet onregular basis

        It is less reminding than the courses taken in class so it is easy to forget about the class and put things off.

        questions, no instant response

        I slack off too much

        The online class did not have many things that I was unhappy with.


        There is not a schedule for when test have to be taken, I like to have a little more of a timeline of when things are due.

        Having to click back and forth from the assessments to websites. It was time consuming.

        that I had to remember to get online

        Things at times were hard to understand

        lack of details

        the work you had to do if you had a question about an assignment

        I enjoyed the entire experience

        there is nothing that I disliked

        It was a good course and I did not dislike it at all.


        It's not that I disliked it, but I took on-line classes last summer and this summer.For anyone who thinks on-line classes are easy, they're wrong.I think I did much more reading and work than a classroom setting.†† But I think I learned more, too.

        I made a change to my schedule at the last minute; I didn't realize that this would have a consequence on being able to access the class.It took approximately 3 days before I had access to the online class, and with the amount of work you have to do couple with the fact that this was a short summer session class, I was overwhelmed with work just trying to play catch up.I think there should be a focus on trying to revamp this process.Luckily, my instructor was fair, and gave me extra time - but that still put a lot of pressure on me to get caught up.

        Unrelated to the class or professor, my computer was on dial-up for 1/2 the course, and it was almost impossible to get anything accomplished.It took me 15 minutes or more just to get on-line, and then a phone call would knock me off.It was awful.

        I LOVE the instructor and missed being in the class with her.

        Probably that we weren't using one source of texts.

        The amount of course work

        I was on dial-up for a while, and it was awful.Warn people.

        Fast paced work load.

        I sometimes had difficulty accessing some of the URL the instructor provided in our syllabus.This course involved a great deal of reading and the instructor provided by scanning much of the text on line and sometimes all of it was not legible.

        I dropped this glass because it was too difficult to understand online. To course load was too much.

        Not being able to talk face-to-face with my professor. And not really knowing any fellow classmates to ask questions of.



        There were too many assignments due.



        Sometimes it's difficult to navigate with WebCT, but I managed.Having to have certain "plug-ins" for my computer was a hassle.

        Having to download the videos

        Lack of accessibility and participation on the part of the professor.

        Professor did not respond to emails.

        Had to troubleshoot to often.

        Interaction with the teacher.

        Glitches in the system!


        This class needed to have more face-to-face instruction.The professor did not respond in a timely manner and was not at his office hours so it was extremely difficult to understand this class.

        tutorials, troubleshooting

        The tutorials were of poor quality and some did not have a fast forward or rewind feature.

        That some of the assignments requirements were not completely clearly stated and if I had a question, I had to wait on an email.

        at times when I was confused and having technical difficulties

        I spent several wasted hours trying to do some of my lessons because I could not find the specific route to go (by this I mean if you know the correct button or icon to hit it is simple, but when you don't, you can play around trying to find it for hours - For example - I did not know how to merge my cells - I tried everything - I ended up at Carrollton to finish up my web page and found it to be one simple touch of an icon)

        Time constraints.

        Trouble completing some work at home.

        I found that it was a little harder and took a little longer to get feedback from my professor.

        Delay time receiving assistance through email versus being in the classroom with the teacher.

        The teacher was not very willing to help the students outside of the three times the class met at UWG.

        working at own pace



        The face to face meetings


        I frequently had problems with the Internet freezing so that I would have to click out and go back in, over and over.Also, I submitted a couple of assignments, but I was told they did not go through.Both of these problems were extremely frustrating.

        The "attachment" button comes up with an error half the time and that is frustrating.

        the conflicting due dates for assignments

        The amount of time and frustration taken to work out kinks with WebCT, my computer, and other things.Although I know this is impossible to avoid altogether, sometimes I felt as if I spent more time on these issues than the actual class work itself.

        The tedious nature of reading all of the posts, not that there is anything that I think that can be done about it.Not requiring postings would probably result in very little participation.

        No face to face conversations with classmates.

        Technology difficulties.

        Too much work for such a short time

        the face-to-face meeting times


        Once in a while WebCT would freeze and I would have to shut down the computer and restart.

        I do not like the fact that the web ct requires an OLDER version of JAVA - why is that?It is confusing and I had to take my JAVA out and put an older version in?††† Also, I am not crazy about the settings required such as popup allowed etc and medium level security - I prefer higher security levels and think this puts the student's computer at risk with lower level security settings.


        Group work; sometimes it is hard to get together with group members when you have to work all day

        I didn't like having to check so many places for information.

        Trying to complete group assignments

        Some times I was unclear about exactly what to do. The face to face interaction would have been nice. It is very time consuming to read all the postings.

        Everything was good.

        Friday Night Maintenance

        lack of F2F interaction with my classmates for group projects

        There were some computer glitches.Deadlines seem to come too quickly.Explanations were sometimes unclear by way of typed text.

        Many times my computer screen froze, causing me to have to log in all over again.Sometimes it happened as I was posting a discussion, and I was not sure whether or not it had actually gone through.††† Also, the large numbers of comments were very cumbersome to have to sort through to get to the most current postings.

        Not getting to know people.Even though we did introductions I still don't KNOW people. I missed that interaction.

        It was difficult getting used to doing all of the work on my own.

        Links on the site do not work on all computers.

        would have liked course to be two weeks longer

        Some of the research required was difficult to locate.

        Group projects.

        Although the professor does a great job communicating on line, I miss seeing an "in person" class time.However, not having to travel a long distance makes up for this.

        I have to wait for a response to my question for and unknown amount of time.Usually my professor is quick to respond but the waiting is not fun.


        There are too many components. A mail room, discussion room, and assignment room would be plenty. It was difficult to navigate all of the components

        The amount of BB discussions the professors required.Sometimes completing the assignment was challenging enough.

        Trying to do group work.

        WebCT having maintenance every other Friday. ( I know it has to be done) Learning how to set up my computer before beginning the program(blockers,etc)

        The amount of work too much for a six week period.The professor graded work but did not explain what was wrong, so the same mistakes were made on another assignment.

        Group communications are sometimes hard to interpret online.

        It's not as easy to interact with classmates.Sometimes you just get tired of typing. You get more give and take in face to face meetings. Today someone showed me some wonderful things in Destiny that could not have been shared in a discussion board.

        Having to drive to Carrollton, 285 miles, three times a semester.

        WebCT was slow and often kicked me out!

        I had trouble keeping up with assignments

        Nothing.It was all good.

        Group work is almost impossible online.


        The times I've had trouble with WebCT when trying to attach documents.

        It seems to be more rigid in projects to complete.


        nothing--everything was fine

        Having the immediate feedback from anyone.

        Sometimes the page would "time out" in the middle of chats or writing responses.Technical glitches online or web "Traffic" affect the quality of the experience at times.I do not think timed tests or quizzes should be given online because of this.

        I have had to do a lot of self teaching.

        Nothing. It was a great class.

        I dislike the fact that I am not able to delete the old emails and discussion board messages.It made me computer to load slowly; I have DSL and not the dial up service.

        I did not dislike anything about the online portion of this course.

        Friday Night Maintenance

        Not very much discussion amongst class mates outside of my group for one of the assignments.


        Lack of face to face contact.

        Group work... difficult to coordinate graded assignments with group and insure submissions are acceptable.


        The syllabus was confusing at first but it was cleared up right away.

        Instructions were hard to findThe dates did not always match the syllabus for assignmentsI had to email assignments to the professor for approval before posting

        The assignments, directions, due dates, etc. were all located in different locations and very difficult to locate. Also, it kept things very confusing.

        Sometimes the components were not accessible.

        assignments were scattered and I never knew where to turn them in,

        Finding where things go.

        WebCT is often slow to load assignments.

        The amount of work condensed into a six week period

        Can't think of anything.


        The way some information is organized. It can be confusing.

        Technical glitches

        I hate not getting to work with my group in person.

        Instructors Web-CT format was hard to follow.Locating particular documents was very difficult and time consuming because of the design of the homepage.

        Sometimes there was not immediate feedback via emails sent.Confusion with emails.

        The teacher needed to be more organized.Conflicting due dates and assignment directions seemed to the norm.

        Conflicting directions on the syllabus and week to week directions! Organization needs work!

        WEB CT was a constant problem. I had to close out of WebCT numerous times for ďAdd Attachment". There was not enough time to input information before it would log me out. At times WebCT was "down" and no announcement was made prior to this.

        Having difficulties posting and not knowing what to do to correct it. Also, having so many face to face meetings.

        I cannot think of anything I disliked about the online portion of this course.

        Group work. There is too much of it, period, much less for an on-line program.


        Course load is heavy



        I have to do a lot of self teaching.


        What's there not to like?

        Lack of face to face contact.

        I miss face-to-face interactions; however, I am beginning to think that three face-to-face sessions meets that need.

        No dislikes.


        I still miss human interaction face to face

        Te times when i had problems with WebCT when I was trying to attach a document.

        Multi-tasking on so many written assignments. I know that taking the course in the summer is intensified.

        New information added to the course home page was not flagged on the opening page of WEBCT.

        Finding deadlines

        There was almost no guidance from our instructor.

        Instructor did not post grades or answer emails.



        You have to stay motivated!


        Instructor wasn't as available as I would have liked. He didn't use the grading areas as I would have preferred.

        I missed the interaction and class discussions that would occur if we could all be together.




        There was really nothing about this course that I disliked. She is responsive and through correspondence you learn much about her talents as a teacher.I like the fact that there are optional class meetings.It is sort of like the leaning tower of Pisa, until a person has seen it; one cannot appreciate all of its nuances.

        Not being able to chat and review the previous chats.


        less teacher to student discussion

        There wasn't a thing that I disliked about this course.

        The school library website (Gallieo) was difficult to navigate for research.

        The downfall for this particular course was the size of the video assignment files that had to be downloaded and uploaded--which takes a considerable amount of time, but I don't see how it can be avoided.


        It was almost too organized and broken up.


        I liked everything about the course.

        No interaction with classmates

        WebCT is a little picky at times. I had to restart my session after restarting the computer at times. Especially when I was trying to upload files to the server.

        My computer is old and sometimes a bit slow.

        I enjoy face to face contact and conversation.



        The pace of the assignments.I noticed some students did assignment way ahead of time.


        nothing because it was all expected as an online program

        Do not see fellow students or professor face to face.

        I have trouble expressing myself online and have people understand it correctly, especially when joking or other emotions/facial expressions.


        Computer glitches sometimes in submitting assignments.

        I feel I need maybe one face-to-face meeting in the middle of a term just to "catch-up/reassure" myself


        Sometimes it is helpful to see the instructor face to face, but on the whole this works well.

        I wish we had time; this was a very short semester.


        Meeting fellow classmates on a regularly.

        sometimes I miss the give and take in a classroom where you actually can put a name with a face and just pick up little ideas others might mention

        Not as much interaction or discussion with other classmates.

        At times, the professor did not provide a drop box for assignments until sometime during the day on which they were due. This posed a problem since I was working during the day.

        the discussion board never worked for me

        No dislikes

        I had a hard time understanding the material, because I didn't feel like it was being *taught* to me. Additionally, I had to devote more time to this freshman-level course than any upper level course I've taken.

        I didn't like having to take a quiz every day.

        I miss the classroom interaction/discussions.

        The quiz time limits.

        the quizzes were confusing and just the fact that I had to learn it without being able to ask questions first hand

        I disliked the way the quizzes were handled with in the class.

        Test time limitation and the demand to prepare for a quiz each day.

        You don't have anyone to discuss it with at that point and time.

        Not being entirely sure what was going to be on the quizzes and not having a class forum for discussion

        I felt like I sometimes did not "get" what I would have gotten in a classroom setting. I feel like I personally benefit from sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture.


        The Modules and exams had some minor glitches. Also, the summer session in general is pretty don't really have time to catch your breath and process the information before you are on to another topic.

        You could not access the quizzes ahead of time in order to get ahead. I understand the need for deadlines, but I think an option to take the quizzes early would be beneficial.

        The pressure of time to submit the daily quizzes because of work, other classes and school work, and any other things going on. But I understand and handled it because I knew this session was only 3 weeks long & intense.

        I had a quiz every day and could not work ahead.

        Very little support from the instructor.

        directions for assignments

        The wait for clarification of an assignment or concept.

        I feel at a disadvantage when it comes to finding articles and books on my subject of interest or mandate in my course.There were many times when I greatly desired to read more extensively on components of this course and beyond what the textbook and internet could take me to.But I had a lot of difficulty with the library website and I tried to get help and although I received a reply I still did not understand how to get the materials I needed.No follow up from library staff was made to see if I had received the books I tried to request. Are distance learners just supposed to go to the university to get such books and resources? That was just not a viable option for me during the summer. Another problem with the online course was that early in the class, the instructor gave an assignment that was unclear and I emailed a note to online staff to get some help.The note was forwarded to my instructor without my permission. I do not know who to ask questions of when issues like this arise.Supports are very sparse and luckily, I just figured it out.


        As this was my first class at UWG, I did not know any of the other students.

        I disliked not knowing all about WebCT when the course first began.I suggest that all students who are going to take a course by WebCT for the first time be given a one-hour (or more) workshop on using the system.Also, I needed JAVA Run-Time installed in order to enter a Chat Room.Someone told me to take my computer to ITS; they installed what I needed.However, since I was new on campus, I had to find this out for myself.A short workshop, or handout sheet, giving this information would be helpful.

        During our online chats sometimes it was difficult to get logged on.


        No one really commented on what I wrote.

        Not always able to get an instant answer to a problem


        I have never met my instructor. I would like to know who she is.



        Not having a real teacher to teach me face to face. The teacher was great, but more of a facilitator. I felt that I paid to teach myself.

        Navigational components of the instructor developed content

        The expectation that I would be on WebCT several times a day.



        I miss the face to face interaction. Professor seems aloof because you can't read facial expressions, only text.

        Class Size!

        I was not familiar with the system at the beginning of the course.


        Instructorís instructions were confusing at times.

        I like more interaction with the instructor.They are the persons who answer our questions and really put the meaning into the course.Much more personal.

        That my instructor and I did not have a chance to form a teacher studentís relationship and that my instructor only knows me from the work I turned in. Also it is helpful to meet more than three times on campus to get my questions answered and go over material we have covered outside of class. I felt that I paid money to teach myself and not for an instructor to teach me new ideas and ways to use reading strategies in my classroom.


        I was confused on matters, but wasn't comfortable enough to ask instructor.


        There was a lot of work that I had to do on my own instead of meeting for class discussion

        difficulties in WebCT not functioning properly or my ISP messing up--trusting technology basically


        My only complaint is that the links for this and the other survey weren't working sooner, but no biggie.



        Disorganized professor

        I did not like how long it takes to complete a group discussion. For example, a topic that could be discussed in class for fifteen minutes is stretched out over two or three days in an online class.

        I had no dislikes about this particular online course.

        Navigating around the site gave me one headache, but I quickly learned where everything was located.

        No face-to-face with professor

        Not having faster instructor feedback.

        The lack of face to face communication

        Not being able to have discussions with classmates and the professor face to face

        There is not really anything I disliked about the class.I would suggest that once a week, the class should log on and through Instant Message communicate any concerns, suggestions, or questions.

        Some days could not add attachments from certain computers.


        The teacher was not involved in the class.It was more of an independent study class

        Professor did not participate in the class.The class was more of a independent study.

        There should be some form of introduction for online only classes. This introduction should explain the contents of the class, provide the outline, and generally give enough information to motivate the participant to continue with the class through the end of add/drop session. Students suffer from failure anxiety and often drop courses out of fear of not understanding what is expected, this intro should be put in place 2-7 days before the class is scheduled to start.

        Missing the inflection of voices loses a lot of meaning. Assignment to groups, not knowing the other members. With grades semi-dependent on other members doing the expected work.


        I miss the interaction and dialogue. I miss the nuances of face to face conversations. I miss the immediate feedback from the professors. I hate having to read all the posts. I have difficulty reading off a computer screen.

        Entirely too many assignment requirements

        I kept losing my connection and my work. It would be nice if when the connection goes down the work was cached or saved for when you sign on again.

        It was often difficult to use the "Attachments" button.It works sometimes but at other times says "Error."Perhaps the problem is with Java.I have the correct update for the course.

        Issues with WebCT I had problems attaching work a couple of times for no apparent reason.

        Very hard to get a response back from the teachers...not good clarification on directions. Glitches on the quizzes.

        Working in Groups.

        Sometimes the group assignments don't go that smoothly.Everyone had different schedules and sometimes different attitudes towards the assignments.

        Face to face communication and getting to know the professors and students.

        That we could not take the quizzes back to back...we had to wait two hours in between which I thought was not necessary.Also, after turning in an assignment, you don't "get it back" in a way that you can see where your errors were made or where points were taken.That makes it difficult to learn from what you've done.

        I disliked the quizzes online.

        I was frustrated with the lack of communication from professors regarding assignments. I disliked that every other Friday vista went down without a summer schedule telling me which was every other Friday. I disliked never getting to meet my group members.

        Professor was much unorganized and not clears on assignments.

        Being constantly online

        I did not like the fact that I did not know my group members.It was also difficult to keep up with assignments.Some of the assignments were unclear and this made them difficult to complete.

        I felt it was very disorganized.WebCT seems to have a lot of problems (I've been kicked off, unable to get in after multiple attempts, unable to open presentations, redundant log in).unfathomable amount of work (may be course specific)

        Seems like more work is given, expected. Maybe to compensate for the benefits?I don't think that's fair, or necessary. It is what it is.The university saves time and money too through long distance learning courses.

        The group work

        There was too much group work.There were too many petty assignments. We were given a board before the class even began to complain to.If the teacher already knew there would be complaining you would think the course would be set up different.

        Getting to know people is more difficult.

        Forced group participation/discussion.Amount of busy-work to "prove" we were reading chapters, etc.

        Instructor had stuff scattered all over.

        Sometimes there were glitches in the technology that caused problems.When taking quizzes we were given two tries and sometimes we could not view our previous answers.

        Every thing

        This university tries to attach a dynamic to on-line learning that can not exist.Some types of collaboration and interaction aren't possible on-line.Those subjects that require this interaction should not be offered on-line.And for the subjects that do not require this interaction - drop the pretense.

        Other students waiting to the last minute to do work and you having to wait on them to discuss/complete your work.

        There was nothing that I disliked about it.

        Sometimes the system was down

        Sometimes slow.

        group assignment


        I just feel that I learned as much. This type of class needs face-to face interaction between professor and students.

        Professor did not clearly explain online activities i.e. postings.

        The online presentations were mediocre. The posting requirements were confusing.



        AT&T DSL goes down.


        Previous courses I have taken at other schools gave me a final deadline when all materials had to be completed.I need to get used to the presentation here where there are specific days when quizzes and discussions are held.That is mostly a personal problem, I would say.:-)

        group work


        Pretty much everything.


        Discussion board takes too long

        I only tried to "chat" twice with people who were currently online but did not get a response (one was the professor).When some tried to chat with me, I was in the middle of a response when they logged off.I have the impression (from my professor and the person who had sent me the chat question) that there was a delay in messages being sent.

        Waiting on colleagues to post their responses before I could respond.



        There was nothing I dislike it's a good tool for adult student like myself, who work full-time and job consist of traveling. It was a valuable tool to help me keep up with class and get an education.

        The people that posted after everyone else and kind of paraphrased what others wrote into a short, dull message. It's very open for plagiarism. I bet some people did not even do the reading.


        I do not like not being able to see my grades until the end.†† I also do not like having to have homework submitted by 12 the night of the class. Some of us have to work and when we leave the classroom it might be hard for us to get things in right away. You may not be able to do it before class because you need to see the movie, but then you only have 5 or 6 hours after class to get it done. Which is plenty of time if you donít have other responsibilities? You should at least be given until noon the day after.

        The WebCT windows close themselves without an obvious reason, and I don't like having to worry that maybe a message didn't get sent or that I got cut off. Online work is also inconvenient if the computer isn't working.

        Everything, amount of course reading was overwhelming for a summer class, especially a 2100 level course.