Summer 2007 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16:  What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


·        UWG needs to make more classes online, or at least as hybrid classes. 

·        For this course, less partner work.

·        none

·        n/a

·        Feature to control scrolling of info on screen

·        Find out who is new to on-line courses and help them with the basics.  Offer to meet student by the end of week 1 or 2 to help clear up misunderstandings.

·        Maybe include one or two in person meetings. Very helpful when used.

·        Provide more online courses.

·        Have more of them.

·        Do more than just look up articles to support answers to questions and your responses to other student's postings. Explain demonstrate better how to use the online library services.

·        Overall the class was great but the discussions were opinion based and not useful and could be deleted.

·        N/A

·        Make sure you put an x amount of time to the course every week if not every other day.  Once you start getting behind it gets more and more difficult to keep up.

·        None

·        None that I can think of. 

·        I don't really have any...I think I am the only on from my class that didn't like doing everything online and I plan to avoid online courses in the future.

·        require an orientation on how to use them properly

·        none

·        n/a

·        None.

·        none

·        More interactive learning possibilities.

·        I quite like the "hybrid course", courses that are not entirely on-campus or ecore.  The flexibility of online courses mixed with the option of on-campus interaction with the instructor is fantastic.

·        Nothing I really liked the way the class was done.

·        Nothing

·        Everything is good

·        Less ambiguous questions. Workbook for CISM 2201 is way too expensive...$70 for a thin workbook for an elementary class?  UWG is better than that.

·        WebCT needs major overhaul!

·        Check the content. There are too many mistakes in grammar and spelling. It doesn't represent the school well. Also, have a group pre-test the test. Some questions are looking for a text book response in the order of steps, but the pre-selected options onscreen lead you past a step. Why would I ever select a drop down menu to then select what was already selected in the drop down menu. Have a group read over the test to catch the mistakes before its put online for everyone. Finally, the test verification screen wants me to validate that my first name is my last and my last name is my first. It just creates a poor image and would seem to be easily corrected.

·        If you are going to have a book/ workbook as part of the online course make sure that it is completely connected to the online work.

·        a class book and a work book to complete assignments

·        none

·        I like it the way it is

·        Make sure you have all your due dates written somewhere so you don't have to do an assignment last minute.

·        I would just suggest just using programs compatible with most computers. To elaborate on this, I was unable to download author ware (a program required to do modules for my class) onto my computer at home. My computer is not outdated and fairly new, yet it could not access this program. That would be my only suggestion.

·        more of them

·        nothing it was wonderful

·        There should definitely be more offered.

·        Printouts at the finish of exams were not available after the second exam, so there was no "paper trail."  Modules could stand updating.

·        have exam grades post automatically

·        I think there are some programming problems with WebCT.  This is not the first distance learning class I have taken & I have found WebCT equally challenging in others as well.

·        Just keep everything going as is. it works great

·        N/A

·        To at least meet once every two weeks.

·        none

·        Online courses and group assignments/projects do not go together.

·        Offer more online courses at the university.

·        N/A

·        My only suggestions I have is that there needs to be more on-line classes across all depts.

·        Keep everything on one site rather than having WebCT and the instructor’s site.

·        none

·        WebCT needs improvement on the amount times it is down for maintenance.

·        No online group assignments/projects

·        Less mandatory postings

·        none

·        Shorter tests.

·        Have an option to come to a few classes through out the semester.

·        Offer more of them.

·        strong and frequent communication with the instructor

·        Make sure the professor responds when students have questions, especially when it concerns not being able to find answers the exams.

·        more challenging tests

·        N/A

·        I would like to be able to have more quizzes and exercises to help understand the materials discussed in the chapter.

·        none

·        Part online, part class meetings

·        maybe have reminders periodically as to when things are due

·        Professors should always have office even with on-line courses.

·        Bring material discussed online to classrooms. Use classrooms as number one and online as a supplement. Not visa versa

·        none

·        Longer deadlines

·        Have the teacher submit the quizzes.

·        I don't have any suggestions

·        I do not have any at this time.  The good outweighs the bad.

·        Keep things the same but incorporate a mandatory discussion and encourage students to utilize the chat room components for effective online communication.

·        nothing

·        n/a

·        That all professors must be required to answer emails quickly and help students stay informed of grades and course work.

·        none

·        None

·        more on-line courses offered

·        I would not give assignments until after the first night of face to face class. 

·        Be careful of the class meeting times.  Make them worthwhile, not repetitive. 

·        Fix WebCT! There are too may errors!

·        I do not think having to be on-line at a certain time for chats is a practical idea. The reason people take on-line classes is so they can work when they have time.

·        Nothing

·        WebCT tutorial.

·        More On-Line Classes

·        See #16

·        Please offer more on-line courses.  This university has a lot to offer students throughout the metro Atlanta area and Georgia but the location of the school makes it impossible for many students to attend who would like to attend.

·        I have no suggestions at this time.  The instructor was wonderful in making us comfortable with the online format and organizing the class in an extremely effective way.

·        It is important that feedback is given in a timely matter. Timely feedback gives students the opportunity to make adjustments and strive for a better grade.

·        I would like to have the opportunity to take more on-line courses.  It is challenging to actually go to West Ga. for classes with work and having small children.

·        Make sure that students know what the assignments are and the due dates for the assignments. Do not give so many assignments, so the professor has time to grade the assignment and give feedback to students.

·        Have detailed syllabus to follow on line schedule.

·        I think face to face time is important.  You should at least meet your professor and be able to ask live questions once or twice during the semester.

·        None at this time. 

·        none

·        Unfortunately we had to spend about 2 hours of what little face to face class time we had learning WebCT.  I don't know how to get around this aside from adding extra class time but I feel we really missed out on valuable time with our professor trying to learn the system.

·        More training from a more knowledgeable instructor (about the process)

·        Make everything accessible to MAC as well as PC's 

·        keep them

·        None

·        Shorten amount of material to be viewed online-divide it into smaller chunks.

·        I like the classes that meet mostly online, but that do have a few face-to-face meetings to help with problems we might be having understanding assignments, etc.

·        None

·        I believe that research in education courses are better taught in class than online.  This course, in my opinion, was too difficult to be taught online, and need much explanation through face to face interaction with the professor.

·        None

·        N/A.

·        Courses of this content should probably not be online.

·        Set a syllabus, a grading scale, and a calendar of important dates, and then stick to it.

·        I believe all classes for graduate students should be online.  Most of us are working professionals and do not have time to drive hours in order to see a professor when it is easier to e-mail them. For the students that have to see the professor, an optional section should be provided.

·        Require professors to check and respond to their email daily.

·        None

·        requirements for instructors to communicate with students

·        Make all classes available online.

·        Have the professor set up a specific time at least twice a week that they will be in a chat room to answer questions and address concerns.

·        Compatibility with the most current software

·        A calendar would be nice for all assignments, not just for the teachers who want to include them.

·        None

·        I'm just starting, so I don't have any right now.

·        Make sure the professors know how to organize the material before class begins.

·        Imbed all links, tables, charts, power points right there on the assignment page.  So when a student goes to the Session! everything that is needed is right there.  Too much time is invested in figuring out what and where a different component of the assignment is located.  After which one is too exasperated to even do the work. Also, just make all assignments due at the close of the course.  This is the norm and it's extremely stressful to try to remember and record dates, times, etc. when we all have a multiple schedules going on anyway, it's mind boggling to a student to keep up with this information, repeatedly.

·        Everyone should copy this model for presentation of an online course.  The only way I could see it getting any better would be to have actual remote lectures that are live between the professor and the students, in addition to the prerecorded ones.

·        Make them easy to navigate.

·        There should be more classes made available to students.

·        I think professors should be more involved.  Or, just get rid of them, make the class work on its own, and lower the price.

·        none

·        N/A

·        Offer more of them!

·        none

·        I have none.

·        UWG must realize that many of the current students commute and live in areas where high speed internet is not available; therefore, participating in an online class can be difficult. WebCT seems to work fine if you are on campus but it is not desirable at all for at home use with a dial up connection. I have made extra trips to the campus just to use the computers and after I drive the 70 miles round trip I might as well have participated in a face to face classroom instruction. Until everyone has a high speed connection and more of the kinks are worked out of the ct program I fail to see where there is any advantage to having an online class.

·        n/a

·        none

·        none

·        I have none to share at this time.

·        Can’t think of any

·        I thought this one was fine

·        nothing

·        n/a

·        offer more of them

·        none its the students responsibility to remember the courses they have paid for

·        Bring back the classic WebCT!

·        have more of them

·        maybe stricter deadlines

·        On the final exam, my cursor went over the begin assessment for the final.  I was not ready to take the test, but it began anyways.  In the future, beginning an assessment should be prompted the same as when it is finished, (are you sure...).  In this case it did not harm me, but in a different class it could have.

·        n/a

·        offer more

·        I don't really have any suggestions

·        none

·        none

·        none

·        Keep up good work.

·        None.

·        Ask students if they have dial-up, and explain the potential problems before they sign up for the class. Also, it would be easier to have question assignments written out rather than buried in the readings.  (I'm a bit lazy).

·        In my experience for on line courses there are several folders to navigate and assignments can be difficult to find as they are spread out- I would suggest that all instructors (in class and out) have a thorough syllabus with dates and assignments due- All in one place- it makes it easier to manage

·        One source of texts.

·        Less reading materials.

·        See above.

·        none

·        NONE

·        Instructors just need to always respond to email (which mine did) and give feed back on grades as soon as possible.

·        Be prepared to do most of the work on your own.

·        Keep in contact with the students (which this instructor did)

·        Make sure the instructor does his/her part

·        none

·        n/a

·        Make sure the professor is held accountable for keeping up with grades and office hours.

·        This class is probably better as a F2F. Revamping is needed to make this class highly effective as an on-line course. A trouble shooting team other than Doc himself is needed. He cares, but he is also only 1 human being with a family, other classes, etc. As an asynchronous class, we work on tasks "at will". We may need help after hours.  Overall, I learned a lot. I know more than just the copy/paste aspects of building web pages. The instructor was very helpful and concerned. I can use every bit of what I experienced.

·        Eliminate or improve the tutorials.

·        none

·        I can't think of any.

·        offer more courses on-line

·        None

·        none at this time

·        To make sure the teacher is willing to help those students that are not very experienced with the computer.

·        n/a

·        that they are completely online

·        It was a good experience.

·        I don't really have suggestions.  I would like the problems I mentioned to be resolved, but have no idea how to do that.

·        Make it easier to attach documents.

·        have more flexibility in the schedule

·        Possibly TWO face to face meetings near the beginning of the semester.

·        Little more detailed instruction for some assignments.

·        None.

·        Have instructor participate more in discussion.

·        satellite classes

·        offer more in a wider variety of subjects

·        Nothing about the course.  However, I am most upset that I can no longer use my Visa Debit card to pay for tuition online!

·        UWG should use a more current java. Also better instructions for would be nice -

·        none

·        Delete some old emails and messages from discussion board

·        You should have a face-to-face orientation for using WebCT.

·        Advise students to try to form groups with people they live near.

·        Have one place for all assignments to be "dropped."

·        Making class a little more uniform.  I had three classes and each one of them was set up a little differently.  Close, but it would be nice if they were a little more consistent.

·        None

·        Explain the ins and outs of WebCT the first day of class i.e. the posting of assignments, adding attachments.  Do not assume that students have the know how.  Being out of college for ten years, I found it very difficult to handle responding to and checking WebCT.

·        They, the college, instructors, the discipline, all seem to want to make more work for the students to get the word out that online courses are not to be perceived as "easy'.  They've done a good job of that, the word is out, so back off!

·        It might be helpful to have the ability to delete some of the older comments.

·        Perhaps a bit of videoconferencing.

·        I like WebCT.  No suggestions

·        On-line virtual orientation.

·        Use the instructor for web-ct format as an example for other online instructors.

·        longer periods or more F2F

·        Just in general understanding that since this is an online course we have other obligations and cannot check the internet five times a day and be expected to respond each time.

·        No group projects.

·        none

·        What you are doing is working.  I can not think of any thing I would change.

·        N/A

·        Looks like UWG knows what they are doing.

·        Limit or keep the FTF to a very minimum as much a possible.

·        Reduce amount of work for summer session; make the formative evaluation read only not where students can make comments to someone else's comments.

·        Fewer group activities. 

·        I wish there was an easier way to switch from one class to another. Perhaps a dropdown menu in frames...

·        To be all online and not to have to come to class.

·        Fix WebCT

·        NA

·        The system going down on Friday night is a pain.  Can't you back up the system in the middle of the night.

·        No group work assignments.

·        limit the web ct base to one section (rather than combining two sections into the same web ct area)

·        Only two face to face meetings per semester.

·        None.

·        See above.

·        None

·        Having the option of getting rid of old emails would be very beneficial.  I also had to submit a large document such as a PowerPoint but I was not successful.

·        I think that distance learning students should not have to pay for all the fees that don't apply to them. At the most, we attend the school grounds maybe six times during a semester. I think a student who uses the computer lab, parking and participates in activities should be responsible for paying their part. We on the other hand are basically paying to park on your campus a couple of times. I personally only had to come to campus two times this semester because my instructor chose to have one of our classes on his school campus. Maybe if students lived a certain amount of miles away they wouldn't be responsible for transportation fees or activity fees. Just an idea you might want to consider.

·        I do not have any suggestions for future on-line courses. 

·        This class was good.  i liked the way it was organized and especially the calendar and assignment drop boxes.

·        None at this point.

·        Do not have major assignments contingent on group work.

·        no suggestions

·        Instructors making use of the calendar component would be nice

·        To make all professors use the backpack options, or something similar to that. This way everything for one assignment is in one location.

·        Maintenance should be done at a later time.

·        just make sure the teacher explains where he/she wants assignments and to be consistent

·        This set up was really good.

·        None.

·        none

·        Eliminate confusion by presenting information consistently by all professors.

·        Spread out assignments and get everything up front so that one can work at their own pace.

·        Instructors need to make the syllabus concise and not switch things around.

·        Not having a face to face component

·        Use of WebCT is great but don't give so much information.  If we need it we will ask.

·        See above!

·        Make sure you have a good server that allows one to work on-line.

·        Not requiring due dates when maintenance is being preformed.

·        Less group work.

·        N/A

·        Less projects

·        none

·        None

·        Everything has been great for me, can’t think of any improvements!

·        I do like to see all activities upfront.  That helps with those taking multiple courses.

·        I don't have any.

·        None

·        None

·        To make them more interactive and less project-oriented.

·        Only two face to face meetings per semester.

·        Provide examples of projects.

·        Put deadlines into the calendar

·        Have an involved professor.

·        Instructor needs to be prepared and keep up with the assignments he is giving.

·        No

·        None

·        none

·        Keep all WebCT formats the same. I was taking 2 courses and they used WebCT differently and it was confusing (grades especially).

·        Perhaps have more face-to-face sessions.

·        N/A

·        offer more

·        The instructor does a super job of laying out the work and assignments so that you always know what you need to turn in.  Other professors do not do this and it is sometimes confusing.  I wish that they all had a printout of assignments and due dates.

·        none

·        Nothing at this time.

·        none

·        none so far

·        I hope that my other on line courses is mostly online.  The professors are always readily available when you need them.

·        I would offer more courses online.

·        Some of the online courses are not as effective as the instructors. The PowerPoint’s scratch the surface and do no provide in depth information and/or enough meaningful examples of concepts presented.  Some instructors do not respond to posts and do not respond to questions in a timely manner.  Overall, the courses should continue to provide face-to-face sessions, but the time should be used in a meaningful manner. Use this course for a model in layout design.

·        A little more help with the creation of the Vista Module

·        I think it would have been good to try other types of programs such a Moogle.

·        Keep up the good work. Excellent course and I enjoyed my first online course very much.

·        n/a

·        Link all assignments to the syllabus with due dates

·        I would like some different assignments.

·        non

·        none at this time

·        Have the first class face-to-face if at all possible.  It's nice to put some faces with names.

·        N/A

·        n/a

·        None

·        I'd very happy to see that the Lifespan and Human Development course is available online now, so that the entire program is available via distance learning now.

·        faster feedback

·        On face-to-face class at the beginning and one in the middle

·        None

·        I'm not a fan of them; I wouldn't be opposed to doing away with them.

·        Maybe a quiz every other day instead.

·        I really have no suggestions. 

·        check everyday

·        none really

·        none

·        Change the grading approach. Provide more information about what the test will cover.  Had to "guess" what was important and what was not...

·        An online forum such as a chat room for discussion would be quite helpful.

·        Questions on the tests that everyone got wrong on an online course should not count against the students, but against the teacher. There weren’t many like that, but there were a few. I got an 89 for the class, however with the questions that everyone got wrong taken out I would have gotten a 90 or above, or an A. Big difference between a B and A.

·        Not sure.

·        The ability to pull up material or online slides from any internet browser.

·        Please allow students to work ahead, i.e. Sat & Sun. still one a day if need be, but this allows for vacation time during the summer.

·        We shouldn't have to teach ourselves.

·        A tutorial showing how to download and request library materials.

·        Keep them and offer MORE!

·        If a teacher is going to have an online portion of a course they need to make themselves available to helping students through email and over the phone.

·        See my answer to # 16.

·        Nothing.

·        Tell us how to delete file that are no longer needed from the place where we have to upload them before putting them on WebCT.

·        None

·        This course was done very well. No suggestions.

·        n/a

·        none

·        Needs to be held half on campus, half on the web.

·        Easy navigation - aesthetically pleasing physical layout

·        none

·        Put the whole masters program online for education majors.

·        Have class instructions in one place, not scattered all over the course page.

·        Limit to 20-25 students.

·        Provide practice before actually completing the course.

·        ALL online. I had to go to Carrollton 3 times for this class.

·        This was my first experience with an on-line course, and I am comfortable using a computer.  I would have liked maybe a second class session after using WebCT just to make sure I was using it correctly.

·        I would say to meet more on campus so that material can be reviewed and discussed. I also feel that my instructor did a great job communicating with me online and I was lucky in to have her as my online instructor. But if there are instructors that are not willing to be positive and offer positive feedback and communicate with their students that online should not be an offered.

·        Nothing

·        none

·        Offer more online classes

·        have the bugs out of the system before classes start 

·        Offer more variety and offer them more frequently.  If most of the Masters of Early Childhood Education could be done online I would be a very happy boy.

·        N/A

·        None

·        New professor-she never had the assignments up before the date they were due and caused more confusion than necessary.

·        Discussions should be designed around assigned chat times in which all participating discussion member’s sign on to the chat room at the same time, complete their discussion, and don't have to worry about waiting for other people to reply.

·        None

·        Supplement with a face-to-face meeting once mid-semester.

·        Meet at least twice during semester

·        No suggestions

·        A suggestion would be to continue the availability of more classes to help all students with time issues.  The flexibility is great but it still helps students adhere to the deadlines posted.

·        Have as many classes as possible for on-line students. The undergraduate experience is over and done with, so I just want to take classes without having to come on campus.

·        Have more interaction with the instructor

·        Teacher be more involved

·        More accountability for professor

·        If you have to have them, have it so the class meets face to face at least half the time.

·        Add more

·        Very specific directions!  Easy communication with professors...more rapid responses from professors.

·        Allow people a chance to pick their own groups, if it is necessary to have one.

·        Can't think of any

·        None. Loved WebCT.

·        To change the before mentioned complaints listed in question # 16.  Also, make it where we can see the correct answers to the quizzes after you take them the 2nd time.  We often had to try to figure out wrong answers on our own.  That does not seem like teaching to me; if you can't be told a correct answer you have missed it on two different quizzes.

·        If I had never had a partially online course, I would have been totally lost. I think more hands on training should occur prior to sending us on our way, like initially meeting in a computer lab for hands on training.

·        Training for professor on on-line teaching.

·        Reduce workload

·        I would suggest that directions for assignments be a little clearer.

·        The regular UWG website seems more reliable

·        Secret: Physically sitting in a class does NOT demonstrate that you are learning. So why do you have to demonstrate (prove constantly) that you are learning in an on-line class?  Lighten up or at least use the same criteria for both.

·        Less group work, if any.

·        More consistency in how they're organized.

·        Drop required group discussion (just offer extra credit or something).  Eliminate any Friday night deadlines, since WebCT goes down every Friday night (at 10:00 or 12:00).

·        More courses offered!

·        None.

·        I hope that I never have another online class.

·        Objective assessment

·        During chat, a feature to control the scroll of the screen.

·        Create more online courses, especially totally online.  That would be very helpful for many students.

·        re-think group assignments when summer session

·        Summer course are not supposed to be crammed full of work.  The work load was entirely too much for a summer course.  Other than that, the course was fine

·        Educators of on-line course should keep in mind that the student is teaching themselves.

·        To educate professors on the use of WebCT. My professor seemed confused on how to post grades.

·        Instructors should put effort in providing quality instruction online. There should be only one posting per week.

·        Nothing; I especially like the discussion components.

·        More and More of them!!

·        none

·        Can't think of any off hand right now.  This was done very well

·        limit group projects

·        Nothing!!! I enjoy every component of the on-line courses already, especially, the discussion boards.

·        I'm sure that some people love on-line classes and it is great that they are offered for them. Hopefully most classes would be offered either on-line or face-to face.

·        Offer more on-line classes

·        Better professors

·        They need to be offer more for adult students.

·        Wait until everyone has posted, then they can read what each other wrote. After midnight, do not accept any more posts. The student should get no credit for that session.

·        none

·        Just that you have more time to submit homework assignments.

·        Extend the length of time a window can be open even if it is inactive. Also, WebCT is down for scheduled reasons way too frequently.

·        Keep the class the same.