25. What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


      There were no portions I disliked. The online portion was very convenient.

      -I disliked how their is minimal interaction between students and professors.

      Nothing really.

      When the Internet was under construction and I would rather all assignments be open and all due at the end of the semester.

      Course Den was not ez to up load hotlinks, had to keep longing in web site kept longing off when I would need to be on line for hours and

      The instructor style of assigning work asking exam questions.

      Too short of deadlines

      sometimes the site has glitches

      Nothing - I liked ALL things about this ALL ONLINE class!!!

      I couldn't always get my questions answered immediately like i did

      Since it is online and it is summer, there was lot of more work to be done at a short period of time.

      Taking 2 DSW courses while working was an overload and it was very difficult for me.  I have had many sleepless nights.

      Unclear deadlines, unclear expectations, unclear directions for projects

      It's easier to forget an assignment/the class when you don't attend in person.

      I did not like that the instructor presented material as if this were a regular, average-length course. It was not a regular, average-length course. Presenting material in such a manner s not helpful to understanding.

      there isnt enough communication between student and teacher, wish there was more discussions of how thorough a student needs to be for the test


      everything is taught by yourself

      I dislike not to be able to communicate to the instructor through the email, text, or phone and get feedback from the instrctor.

      The test was kind of random and scattered remove the test and add one more assignment instead.

      nothing; I absolutely like online course.

      The assignments made little sense; they seemed abstract in nature and without clear direction as to the expected outcome.  Write a paragraph about a vacation? Write a paragraph about purchasing a house? Finding the information is not a hard task but I did not like the assignments because I felt to much financing was involved which has nothing to do with the course. Also, the final involved financing questions. I have never taken any type of financing classes. I thought this would be a course of inte

      Assignments were not explained well.

      Some things were purely up to my interpretation.


      That I didn't have face to face interaction as much as I would have liked at times where i was confused about the assignment.

      That the test taken did not have an option to retake in order to obtain a better grade

      time restraints on the assigments.

      i do not like online classes

      Having an assignment do every night.

      It takes a little longer to get grades back.

      The instruction

      Everything was positive about this course.

      Everything was well organized so I really do not know of any dislikes

      Having to wait for grades and the next week's assignment  i completed my modules early in the week and had to wait for a few days before I could view the next module.

      it felt like a lot of busy work

      It could be a little hard to find documents

      Information concerning all course info was located in various places instead of one place which made info difficult to locate.

      got some feedback but would have like more individual feedback instead of group feedback

      I did have problems with my ability to work with the computor.

      Not clear directions from teacher

      I would like to know in a class like this who I am communicating with.

      extra cost! No building fees associated so it should not cost more!!

      I like asking the professor for help face to face. If you ask for help online sometimes it takes time before your instructor can get back to you.

      Nothing, it was great.

      The length of time of the class

      nothing but had face to face group meetings for more help which not to bad but still needed

      I missed the interaction with classmates and having to teach myself the material.

      It is sometimes difficult to get a clear understanding of directions through an online course.

      No personal contact with the instructor.

      Some of the projects were hard to understand and the professor was unable to correctly explain them. I believed them to be too in depth for an online course. It would have been more appropriate for a face-to-face course.

      I enjoyed this class online it was very easy to understand.

      The amount of time required for the discussion seemed excessive

      That quizzes were due so early.

      I did miss the contact that I am able to get in the traditional setting, face to face interaction.

      Lack of interpersonal growth.

      Changing deadlines, slightly unclear

      Blackboard/course den is a bit unwieldy, one is never sure what tab new course materials should be filed under or where ongoing dirctives from the professor will be.

      Asking questions seemed awkward in an online format. This was no fault of Dr. XXXXX, just myself not being comfortable with an online format.

      It's not possible to set up email notifications when things happen on Course Den which means you have to constantly log in and check it. It would be much more convenient to receive email notifications on my most used email account.

      The fact that its an online course and there is no face to face interactions

      That I couldn't interact in person with my professors and classmates

      Hard to stay motivated and remember when assignments are due.  Hard to get in touch with professors.

      Nothing in particular. I prefer in person classes.


      The amount of reading one has to do to understand what is going on and how to do certain things.

      I did not like this class being offered on line at all.

      hard to keep up with at times

      No face to face interaction, when there were questions they had to go through email only, and no classroom discussions.

      Open discussion.  I would rather discuss face-to-face with peers and instructors

      Interacting with other students and the professor in person.

      I keep having issues with Java.  It will not allow me to upload attachments from my computer.

      Discussion boards were long

      Not having face time with class or group members.

      not being able to interact with students.

      Not having face to face discussion time.

      It's not virtual -( live with all of us) so I still felt alone with questions that I did not know how to answer --
I necver could get my WIKI to activate from courseden- I always had to use an outside "hotlink"

      On-line classes alway seem like a lot of work.

      The research project was VERY tedious. I felt as if it were too in depth for one course.

      Not a face-to-face interaction

      the instructions for class

      I think it is difficult to train to be a counselor when not face to face

      that its an online class

      a lot of reading to make sure I had everything correct

      I prefer face-to-face contact, so it felt impersonal. It's just not my preferred format for learning.

      Lack of relationship building and availability of the professor for such a demanding course.

      No connection to the class or material.

      the deadlines seem to approach faster than when in class


      hard to keep up with at times

      Open discussion with peers and instructor; perfer the classroom interaction

      too many BB responses to read..over 2000

      Overall this course was designed and implemented VERY well.  It was organized and managed proficiently.  THere was nothing that I specifically "disliked."

      I just like the interaction of a face to face meeting, the conversation in real life is different.

      The was nothing that I disliked about this class.

      The professor was not forthcoming with answers to students questions. She wanted us to get answers from peers or guess at the answer. Personally, I would rather hear from the professor than get incorrect information from a classmate.

      Nothing.  This is my 5th semester in online courses.  I've developed a comraderie with my classmates devoid of visual expectations.

      Some of the modules were cumbersome to operate, especially those delivered via iSpring.

      It is often difficult to understand ALL that is required.  The instructions were given in three or four places, and were not consistent.  I missed the participation sentence that was not in all of the other directions and it cost me 1/3 of the grade for

      Only that it is summer so there is a ton to do in a short amount of time.  I don't think it has anything to do with it being online.

      I could not edit any of my comment postings after they were posted.

      being assigned to a group project.  My other partners did not work in a timely manner and the acitivity did not warrant collaboration with strangers.

      The mid-term and final were only available for certain days.  I would have liked for it to have been available for a longer period of time, especially during the summer term, as two specific weeks were not available to me for family vacation (who wants t

      I feel like I learn better or obtain the material more permanently  when face to face

      I did not like being able to see all of the other students involved with the other sections of this course. It involved a great number of people and it became overwhelming at times.

      The mid-term was sort-of challenging, but it is an advanced class.

      Online exams

      Wimba NEVER works correctly for anyone. There is always some gliche.

      I think the  presentation portion of our class would be more effective in the classroom setting.  But maybe I am just old and not the norm.  :)

      The manuscript we were to complete as a group was difficult with 25 plus people.  I  think the idea looked really good on paper but in the end did not work well.  That happens to all of us.

      Enjoyed everything.

      I have no complaints.

      I have no complaints.

      the ruby's case assigments.

      Telecommunications is a complicated area of study depending on the depth that is reached. While this course was mainly introducing students to the world of telecommunications, it would be more beneficial for courses such as these to be offered during eit

      The course lectures that were recorded. It was very difficult to listen to those and really gain anything from them. I found it easier to read the material on my own.

      lack of insight to instructors expectations, and lack of personal / face to face communication as a reference point.

      I didn't really dislike anything about this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      Varying deadlines for assignments from one class to another. Became extremely confusing, especially when there was site maintenance that I was unaware of.

      Everything. I need face-to-face interaction on a regular basis.

      Miss out on building relationships.

      Had to read everything.

      I did not how the deadlines were set up or how the things were not explained properly.

      the turnaround time for the discussion questions

      That we never truly met in person

      You have remember everything. no teacher is going to tell you every week.

      The time constraint for the assignments was not long enough.

      No complaints.  Dr. XXXXX was a great instructor and he was both prompt and clear in all of his responses!

      Had some difficulty getting on the Distant Library and tracking down some of the necessary research material for essay.

      Everything else. I need to be in class face to face because instructions are clearer, you can ask questions easier and you can build a relationship with the professor.


      This course should never be offered as a one month course.  There is way too much information involved and was extremely difficult to read the necessary chapters in the 4 days between test and assignments.

      WHY in the world does the WEBCT go down for service on FRIDAY nights???  It should be maintained on Saturday pm/Sunday am.  Many of us who work wild hours need that Friday pm to complete work.

      No face to face time with the instructor.

      Test were extremely difficult!

      Nothing. It was very helpful."

      Too many papers.

      Assignments due almost everyday.

      Hard to completely understand what the professor is asking for without being face to face for immediate answers.

      WHY in the world does the WEBCT go down for service on FRIDAY nights???  It should be maintained on Saturday pm/Sunday am.  Many of us who work wild hours need that Friday pm to complete work.

      No face to face time with the instructor.

      Some of the information was scattered everywhere, the information to a link was only partially given with no way of knowing where it was. Better organizational skills on links needed!

      no comment

      It's hard to develop inter-class relationships.

      The use of IM Blackboard to seek help on the course.

      I found the timed quizzes difficult with the time alloted but I liked how I was given two tries if needed.

      The quizzes because I am not a test taker and adding in the fact that they are timed made it worse for me.

      No contact with professor

      Nothing. It was good.

      Not too much.

      I had very little to no interaction with the instructor since I didn't have any problems or questions regarding course materials, etc.

      The quizzes

      Sometimes not worded the best way.

      I didnt

      There was nothing to dislike.

      Nothing, I enjoyed it.

      10 minute quizzes!!! awful

      Liked it all

      Using IM Blackboard to request help

      I didn't like the short time limit there is on the quizzes.

      I feel that this course needs to have more face-to-face meetings. I would have liked to have more opportunities to see examples of the different entries needed for the portfolios.

      I missed the face to face interaction with my peers and professor.

      didn't have teacher right there to explain when I was stuck.

      I felt the email correspondence could be improved.

      Accessing the course evaluation: my user id and password for evaluations is not exactly the same as myUWG. The evaluation password left off a few digits/letters which required me to contact the helpdesk.

      The professor required team work and a shared grade. Not meeting in class and living in different areas made it a lot of work to work as a team as well,(especially since an assignment was due daily as a May-mester is a lot of work) . I am an older studen

      This was a two week course and the book was not available in the bookstore until after the first week.  The teacher did not adjust the assignments to reflect this problem.  I was not able to turn one assignment in due to the time constraints from this is

      There was nothing that I disliked about the class.

      Online courses are not the same as face to face classes.  Technology can be a pain sometimes...

      Technology is not always reliable, I like the interaction of face to face meetings.

      The experience.  This is a difficult course to conduct online.  This type of course almost requires face-to-face meetings.  In order to solve critical issues, you need to be able to discuss them in person and get an immediate response.  The online chats

      Some of the students had problems getting online.

      I missed the face to face interaction.

      It felt okay but a little disconnected due to the type of class.

      the live chats had technincal difficulties and that was kind of rough to deal with but the problems were worked otu

      The loss of personal relationships gained through face-to-face meetings. Dr. XXXXX is a great teacher, and it is nice to have half of the meetings in person because you grasp the concepts much easier.

      I could not and still not get all of my courses to work in one web browser. For one I must use Explorer, for the other I have to use Firefox. That is annoying. I have taken online classes for the last three semesters and I have never had this problem.

      Not much

      It appeared disorganized and scattered at times.

      Meeting on SKYPE at a time arranged by the professor, but Dr. Morris was more than willing to change the meeting time to accommodate me.

      The technology did not always work; not being able to speak naturally with classmates.

      Being required to be online each week for class removed the flexibility aspect.

      I disliked the large number of people in the room.

      Perhaps it is my age (50), but the online classes I've experienced simply do not have the rich and full experience of a face to face classroom.  There is a much higher percentage of downtime and less overall student engagement.  The lectures are "flatter

      Felt disconnected.

      I wish email was linked to UWg account.

      The unorganization and the fact that we had to do this work when the school swere closed.

      I feel like, especially in the beginning, that I spend at least 50% of my learning time attempting to access the course materials and get a clear sense of what it is I need to do and when.  I would rather spend most of that acclimation time actually read

      Technical issues; unclear instructions about signing up for TK20 (such as which email to use; which version of our student ID, etc.); not getting assignments that we posted to others; getting knocked out of CourseDen in the middle of class, etc.

      I got kicked off at times.

      Sometimes our classroomswere not very conducive.

      when the Webct was unavailable due to system updates on some fridays.

      I wish there were video clips to illustrate some parts of the course content.

      This class should be taught in person. The material is dry and could be better understood if taught in person. I truly feel like this class was a waste of time and money. If I wanted to teach myself I could check out a book. The instructor was promptish

      a lot of assignments

      consistent problems with java, etc.

      Errors in the online tests.  It was corrected though by the instructor.

      Not knowing how to work the system at first.

      very little face-time with professor and very little timely  email contact

      It is nice to get together face to face sometimes.

      The Courseden platform is dated and needs to be upgraded.  It's my understanding that will be happening soon.

      WebCT! It is antiquated, and does not support collaboration, now effective group discussion.  It is counter -intuitive.

      Lack of some fact-to-face or live sessions.

      It was difficult logging on at first because with CourseDen you have tons of downloads to do in order to be able to log on.  I understand the need for security, but CourseDen is too picky when it comes to browsers.  When I tried to log on at work it was

      Not receiving a notice when I had a response to a post. Would make a bit easier to manage. This is not specific to this course but with the program itself.

      too many class discussions; not my learning preference; I prefer individual writing assignments and lots of reading.

      It was a great course.

      Timeline for work completion was too lofty of a goal. Too much work in the amount of time alotted.

      Blog posts

      Sometimes hard to connect personally

      The course was very disorganized. Information was difficult to find, posted in a variety of locations, and confusing. The discussion areas of the course was extremely difficult to use due to lack of organization.

      I disliked that course information was not available through CourseDen/WebCT and had to be accessed through the professor's wiki.  It was not kept up to date and was not easy to navigate.

      Difficulty figuring out what to do. Lapse in time for responses. Impersonality.

      no complaints

      I miss the teacher-student interaction.

      Excessive focus on discussions.

      Sometimes directions were difficult to understand.

      Threads and blogs were unmanageable at times because of how they were set up.

      Directions were often difficult to understand for the assignments. Particularly for the policy briefs. However, the instructor's willingness to make changes and take feedback is very refreshing.

      Directions were often ambiguous.

      The instructor would have needed to pay some attention to us at least during every class period if this had been a face to face class. Online we did not have much communication from the instructor, and it felt like drifting in the ocean.

      lack of organization

      The instructor's lack of organization and "big-picture" view of the course.


      Lack of feedback from the instructor

      This course was often hard to follow. There was some disconnect in the assignments and I often felt like I was doing busy work. The texts were valuable but the assignments we used them for seemed like busy work.

      Multiple options for places to post the work.

      Not enough feedback from professor.

      Not timely feedback from teacher
2. No models provided
3. Limited interactive learning opportunities

      Some of the information was not organized well or was not available until the week of the module's activities. Many of us felt in order to be on task with this class we had to prepare in advance, which was difficult when information from modules was miss

      I would have preferred our one online meeting to take place in the WIMBA classroom rather than the chat room.  There were technical difficulties, and having 8 people in the chat room at once made it difficult to follow.

      I liked the online portion of the class.

      I find WebCT very confusing and it is hard to find everything you need in one place; you need to search too much.

      no complaints.

      Nothing in this course (our professor did a great job of interacting with us throughout the course)

      The online textbook. I had trouble moving from the online version to the offline version. I wish it had been accessible on my Kindle.

      Nothing to dislike.

      Sometimes, it is easy to forget that I have an online class. You have to have access to the computer all the time.

      Nothing at all

      Some much busy work that was useless."

      I don't like how we didn't get to interact with the teachers and other classmates as much as meeting face to face. But it's not really a big deal

      Nothing! Very great class!

      I thought that this class was great.

      i didnt like all the work we had to do in so short of time period.

      Everything seemed so rushed and piled on.

      With this particular course I felt that the professor was slightly unorganized. This made the class a little more difficult than it should have been. There were many typos in the professor's work and it was hard to find the necessary information at times

      I disliked not really knowing my classmates and also not getting a feel for the professor's teaching style, so it made me unsure as to what exactly was expected from the professor.

      I dislike group projects.... UUG!!

      The maintenance schedules were not made known, and CourseDen proved very unorganized.

      I did not like the chat room at first because I could only see a portion of the conversation and every time someone posted a new message the small space skipped away from what I was reading, so I couldn't keep up with the conversation.
Also, I didn't kn

      I experienced nothing negative about this class.  It was all very positive.

      it was school

      I have no complaints.

      Since I didn't have to go to class I had to rely on my own motivation to get the work done on time as well as find time to work on it around my work schedule where I'm trying to earn much needed money to pay for the ridiculous tuition.

      Class discussions are easier in a actual physical classroom.

      You don't get to hear the teachers like experience and knowledge about the subject as much.

      I had a hard time figuring out that I had to go to the CourseDen site. I thought I went through the UWG/banweb site.

      I had no dislikes.

      I enjoyed the class.  I did not dislike anything about it.  It help that the instructor was very knowledgeable with computing.  I have face to face meeting with him, but as a UWG employee it was convenient for me to do so.

      That I had two weeks to complete all the assignments, and modules.  I had to stay on my work load or get behind.

      some points difficult to understand

      Less interpersonal interaction with people.

      no real instruction just do what you want turn it in before end of semester

      Everything was good.

      how hard some of the investigations were

      Quiz questiosn were not challenging and could easily be completed with little knowledge of the subject.

      not hands on

      lack of professor input.

      That I truly made friends on here but will probably never meet them

      i liked it but for a more challanged class i prefer to be face to face as a lecture.

      The length of time that it takes to get graded assignments returned.

      the material

      I like being in class and communicating. However, videocasts kind of helped me do that

      I am a better in class student"

      it was overwhelming at times.

      Since it was summer everything was rushed.

      I prefer in-class classes, just because I learn better that way.

      Nothing. I'm glad I took this class online. It worked out great & made it easier to manage my other classes.

      It was a lot of work and it was hard to teach myself exactly how to do everything I had to watch the videos a couple of time to understand exactly how things worked.

      It does feel a bit impersonal sometimes, especially when it came to my classmates. I didn't really get a chance to know any of them like I might have in a traditional face-to-face classroom. It wasn't really an issue with my teacher, as she put up lots o

      I miss the interaction between student and professor.

      No class attendance.  No peers to collaborate with easily.

      felt disconnected

      The activities/assignments needs to be more detailed or more specific.

      Summer term is too short and too busy.

      No dislikes.

-       The teacher did not give as much feedback as I would have liked.

      Sometimes couldn't find what I was looking for.

      Having to respond to every classmate after completing an assignment.  I don't know if it was because it was a short semester, but there were too many assignments due each week.

      The were too many discussions toward the end of the course. Online discussions should have been distributed through the course.

      Getting used to using video chatting.

      lots of work for a shortened summer period

-       As with any online course, organization can be a little tricky. It was difficult at times to meet with classmates for group projects. I personally took this course because of the freedom of time. I work very un-conventional hours, so this was a bit of

      All of this course was well thought out appropriate.

      I miss the face to face contact with other students and the professor. It seems more ideas are shared in a face to face class.

      I miss the face to face interaction

      I have no complaints

      I think it's a bit too much to include every assignment in the summer course as is expected in a normal length semester.

      tons and tons of work as compared to an on campus course

      I had no dislikes.

      There was nothing I disliked.

      There was nothing to dislike.

      Nothing...everything was great.  Dr. XXXXX is very organized and I appreciate that.

      The lack of personal connection.  It is just the nature of this type of instruction though.

      I had no dislikes during this course.

      nothing really - working online was great

      I don't feel this course helped further my knowledge and was applicable to my new focus as a media specialist.  I had this type of theory in undergraduate classes.

      The amount of posting required in the discussion board.

      WebCT and my computer don't get along well. That's because I upgrade my java, Firefox, and IE as updates are release, while UWG lags behind. I'm not willing to downgrade and shouldn't have to. I constantly got booted or had to resubmit posts. HTML creato

      I did not like the grading policy. According to the syllabus, in order to receive an "A" a student must make a 95 in the course. From my understanding, the UWG grading policy has a 90 as a required grade for an "A."

      not making a personal connection with classmates--due to nature, most discussions are superficial and polite (as we are interacting with strangers)  Every online class I have had has been this way.  Instructors try with indepth introduction activities--b

      Some of the applications did not run properly on my MAc.  I had to acquire a computer that had windows.

      I feel that some students do not offer valuable feedback on the discussion boards.  It is my opinion that if these students were in a "real" class, they would be more inclined to be more thoughtful in their responses.
Also, when I had a question regardi

      Not always clear as to what an assignment is asking

      Nothing really, except the instructor's inflexibility

      The lack of interaction with my peers and instructor

      The instructor does not interact in discussions.  The subjective nature of photography makes it difficult to know what needs to be improved.  Many things seem to be a matter of personal preference.

      I liked it all and disliked It was difficult to understand the technical aspects of photography just from a book and learning modules.  Sometimes I felt like I did my best, but did not have a thorough understanding.  This is one of those subjects that does not lend itself well to o

      Some of the concepts would have been better to grasp if I were face to face with instructor.

      Nothing, I liked it all!

      I must say that keeping up with the due dates and schedule felt like a full time for this course.  Very taxing.

      There were too many places to find due dates.  A document with due dates ONLY, available in the course content for easy access, would have been very helpful, especially with the assignments that had three different due dates for the components.
A step-b

      Taking an online class that requires creating and teaching a lesson to real students is somewhat unreasonable for a summer class.

      Not having a person in front of me to explain confusing aspects of the coursework.

      Everything had to be jus like the examples verbatim or it was wrong

      Summer online courses almost have more work to be done than can be completed in 6 weeks.

      the group project

      Don't change anything.

      I dislike having to look for certain forms.  Each professor sets things up differently in CourseDen.  Some are organized and I can follow easily.  Some are not so organized and that takes a little more effort to find things on my part.  This professor wa

      NUMEROUS reference logs....but I understood why.  In the future, could the number be less?  It's SO time consuming.

      Group work

      Feedback on work submitted was too slow.  I felt like I was working blindly because I didn't have quick turn around on projects that I turned in.

      needed more instructor contact - could be online

      For me, the group work was the most frustrating b/c I did not have great communication with my group partners (no fault of the instructor or program). Generally, I have never experienced this and usually have awesome groups to work with that communicate

      The additional use of technology that I was not familiar with.  It was very stressful to learn the technology and keep up with the assignments.  The group assisgment.


      The course evaluation login instructions are not correct. It states you can use your CourseDen login and password but in fact you cannot. I had to have a special password. It needs to be clarified.

      Not being able to meet my professor face to face and talk.

      Not meeting the other students in class in person.

      When it's's down.

      Can't think of any.

      Group projects.

      Occasional confusion regarding specifics of assignments

      Group work was difficult.

      communcation with professor

      I can't think of anything.

      WebCT and my computer don't get along well. That's because I upgrade my java, Firefox, and IE as updates are release, while UWG lags behind. I'm not willing to downgrade and shouldn't have to. I constantly got booted or had to resubmit posts. HTML creato

      While I enjoy the flexibility of online learning, I dislike the lack of connection I have with my professor and classmates.

      The discussions in Blackboard should be much easier to use.

      Thr SWOT paper: It is hard to evaluate myself in the truest light possible, because it is only my perspective.

      I liked everything.

      The lack of interaction with my instructor and peers

      To be honest, I missed the rapid fire connections that are made in classroom discussions. I am  more comfortable communicating orally. However, online discussions provide a much needed opportunity to home my writing skills.

      I felt lost and didn't feel like the lines of communications were open.

      The evaluation methods were not ones I liked.

      Many of the materials had typos and were not easy to understand in terms of expectations.

      I disliked some of the folders and links being placed in CourseDen late.  I like timeliness.

      For a research class it's kind of harder to do because you have to wait for the professor to email you back

      I disliked that the professor was not very clear with expectations/ assignment descriptions and did not communicate with students in the class.

      I have no real complaints.  It was a little confusing at times as far as finding Dr. XXXXX responses to my topic and research question.  Once I figured out his system, it was okay.

      Everything was fine.

      The class was extremely hard due to the time constraints AND that professor giving TOO much work with those time constraints.  I work a 40 hour week job, therefore spending an additional 5 - 6 hours a day studying (professor recommended) is not realistic

      Requirement to work at McGraw-Hill's course website as opposed to CourseDen.  Inability to see assignments more than 1-2 days before they were due.

      everything, Professor XXXXX adds absolutely nothing to this class. We read the book and that is all. What purpose does she serve if we are always told read the text book when we don' t understand something. In my opinion Prof XXXXX is lazy and she does n

      If I needed a little more explanation, it may not have been available.

      I took an online class because I am working 10 hours a day and not going to be able to come to campus but this teacher made it impossible to not do that. I have to constantly try to leave work to meet with a group. I thought an online class would be more

      I didn't like that courseden would go down Fridays and sometimes it would freeze and force you to log out and log in during a test

      The teacher of the course did not have on campus office hours in the event of a question or concern. However, she was responsive via e-mail and mad this not as big of an issue as it could have been.

      It is a little harder to understand what exactly is being asked but I liked it for the most part

      The teacher asked alot from us for it to be a shortened online class.

      I liked everything about the online portion of the course.

      It is difficult to get the exact meaning of what someone is saying through text only.

      It is basically busy work

      It was all good

      I love this course.

      the amount of reading

      Same as above

      nothing really

      I have no complaints, the class was set-up, managed, and instructed flawlessly.

      Since the online part was only 2 days but we still

      I liked everything about it.

      Everything. It was less stressful than on-campus classes.

      Sometimes internet was down.

      I don't like the distance in the class between students. I learn more from direct discussion rather than messages on a discussion board.

      Not the same as face-to-face classroom learning

      Things became unclear at times that may have not been in a face-to-face class.

      I was fully satisfied with this class.

      Convenience of completion at night if needed.

      Video lectures would have been helpful in conjunction with the written material.

      It kind of felt like you were paying to teach yourself....and I like the interaction with a face-to-face class.  Taking a few classes online is nice, but I think if I had not had prior knowledge of the area I would have struggled somewhat to teach myself

      This class is highly experiential and it just didn't feel right without face-to-face human interaction.

      12 midnight deadline. Also Fri. 10pm shutdown.

      Confusion the first few days.  I didn't realize that the class was through Course Den and thought no one had signed up yet.  Therefore, I was several days behind once I started.  Also, I didn't like driving 45 minutes to purchase the text books.

      iOS is not completely compatible with WebCT, and it made chatting in discussion boards as well as attaching documents to be submitted impossible.

      The length of the assigned readings. The content was very interesting, but it was a LOT to digest in a short summer semester.

      Accessing the course evaluation: my user id and password for evaluations is not exactly the same as myUWG. The evaluation password left off a few digits/letters which required me to contact the helpdesk.

      Nothing, teacher was great, assigments were great, courseden was great.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this course, therefore no complains.

      I liked everything

      the book bags were only open for a week when there wold be more than 1 we would have to go into.

      The modules freezing up when trying to listen.

      There was TOO much information loaded into the powerpoints. It would have been nice to have known that each day there would be a powerpoint that was about 2 hours long filled with all the information on the tests.

      iOS (Apple's operating systems) not compatible with webct or courseden

      numerous technical issues, especially wimba chat never did figure out how to save chat transcripts dealing with help desk(s) ate up a lot of my time

      I would have prefered to go to class every other week in order to collaborate with the other students more.

      I miss the interaction with my peers and the professor.  I have had Dr. XXXXX in the past and she was a very enthusiastic and passionate teacher.  That did not carry through the online course.

      The on-line course was fine, but personally, I am a person-person individual.

      I would have preferred having some face-to-face time for collaboration.

      I did not like not having any instruction from the teacher. I think this class would be great with a professor that is interested in the subject and didnt just talk about himself when we were with him.

      It took considerably more time to cover and fully understand the material than it would have with a face to face class.

      The on-line portions were very time sensitive.I felt that some of the discussions between students did not yeild undertanding and quality b/c we could not 'hear' tone in them.

      nothing to dislike


      Too much information for this course to be taught online at the graduate level.

      Little interaction with classmates.

      that the assignments, discussion, and quiz due dates were not put on the calendar

      I disliked how the teacher took weeks to respond to my email. I also did not like how he graded the discussions. I did everything he asked. Post and respond to three of my classmates. I did that and I still did not receive a full twenty points. Every oth

      I disliked that online classes don't really have the feel of debating or talking about an issue in a live setting. Although I understand they are different, I believe I may just prefer to take most of my future classes on campus for this matter. As far a

      the quizzes

      XXXXXS censorship. He shut down the discussion board because he didnt like what another student said about the way he chose to administer the course. This is in direct violation of the student handbook which says no one can prevent you from expressing y

      initial assignment was delayed in getting opened and left a very short time frame to complete


      The instructor was not quite what I expected. I've had several online courses and this particular instructed wasn't as organized as he could have been

      Most everything. The instructor used the fact that this was an online course as an excuse for incompetence and laziness. She flatly refused to meet with students, and sent the class an e mail message three days before the course was scheduled to end sayi

      Classmates were rude to the teacher. Complained in the anonymous chat room about her quizzes being too hard. If you had the book there is no way you could fail. She was always nice and respectful even though adults were hiding behind anonymous posts bash

      Lack of personal interaction.

      It was a lot of work (with 2 other classes)


      rubrics wasn't clear

      Delays in hearing back from professor.

      A LOT of online reading required.  I assume the professor posted a lot of reading because we weren't sitting in a classroom for hours.

      I miss the communication and learning experience of face to face meetings.

      It is hard to develop personal relationships with your colleagues.

      I had to figure it out myself or call someine who has had online classes previously.

      The professor was difficult to contact via-email.  I had to call her to get information related to the course.

      Signing up for Tk 20 was very confusing. Instructions were not clear and the reasons for needing Tk 20 were for effectively communicated.

      I am not against distant learning per se, but rather the increasing complexity and mandatory nature of it.  My concern is that it has become a "requirement" to have computers to participate in public higher education.  Therefore, if I have computer troub

      I like more face to face contact with other people

      I am not against distance learning per se, but rather the increasing complexity and mandatory nature of it.  My concern is that it has become a "requirement" to have computers to participate in public higher education.  Therefore, if I have computer trou

      I did not like submitting the assignments through email. I would much rather use the WebCT dropbox for assignments.

      I think the grades should be easier to access/view. I can only view grades from my submitted assignments and not participation grades.  I also cannot view and average grade.  I can only guess what my final grade will be at the end of the semester because

      N/A- Thank you for a positive online experience!

      It is hard to develop personal relationships.

      What I disliked that the students had to attend 2 live performance within a two week period and produce a 3 to 4 page summary.

      I honestly can't find anything wrong

      It was online, yet we had to meet on campus, the first day of class (in the summer; 4th of July week)!  This was not very convenient at all.  Also we had to travel to Atlanta to see  an approved play that we had to pay for.  Failure to attend the play wo

      It was sooooo short.  I didn't know what a Maymester was until I took this class.  Wow.

      If you don't work well alone, online learning is not for you.  Some people just need that one on one learning experience.

      The amount of time for the course was  very short...

      not having good communication with the instructor

      I would not say I disliked something, but if I had to change something it would be to have more class discussions through the on-line course.

      the quizzes


      That we really didn't interact as much we only expressed feelings through discussions I would've liked to seen more face to face reactions.

      There's not a thing that I disliked about this course.