26. What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


      It's difficult to say which aspects need changes because it is equally difficult to assess how to cater to individual-students' learning abilities and needs. I would recommend more courses use the surveys and assessments Mrs. XXXXX used to help us und

      More of them!

      A better way to up load hotlinks and pictures.

      The instructor for this class to understand, the course is not a graduate program, an elective.

      nothing really the site doesn't affect me too much when i am working on my schoolwork

      It would be really helpful if the clips of films, lectures, etc. could be downloaded to podcasts, mp3, etc. It would be great to be able to take lectures on the road and listen to them while driving. Seeing on the computer at home & listening in the car

      None really. Suggestions, I think, would be more useful to the students so that they could manage their time more.

      No comment.

      Better knowledge of when site maintenance is occuring (let it appear on the class calendar instead of having to click a separate link to find out, better understanding of what knowledge is needed for upcoming tests, more flexible Discussion board deadlin

      No DSW in the summer.

      Information presented during a summer semester course should be succinct and to the point and cut down on extraneous information as much as possible.

      dont grade so harsh or if so warn students and give examples of how the grading will be

      less detailed tests

      There should be a way to communicte with the instructor.

      Make sure the content is understandable and doable.

      offer more of them

2. would there be value in teacher hosting screenshare session (web-based), e.g. Go To Meeting?

      Provide more structure; less personal narrative in folders from course instructor; a discussion area for students; ensure that information contained in folders is at least grammatically correct and does contain the stated examples.  Here is an example fr

      This course was straight forward on the specific assignments, but difficult for someone who has no business education involved. I think if the assignments were changed and the exam was only from the information given then it wouldn't be so bad

      Give better directions for assignments.

      More guidance.

      Not sure

      I believe I'd have to take more than just one course throughout my college career to fully answer the question.

      More detail in what it is the instructor is actually looking for on activities.

      That we have an option to have a 2 tries at the material.

      Allow extended time for persons who ask in advance they may result in work schedule conflict.

      More chat sections.

      Getting grades back to students at a more convenient time, because it's hard to tell how you're doing when you have nothing to go by.

      Be more clear about how to do assignments

      I would like to see more online courses applicable for the future.

      More time management for the one or two in class sessions

      less work but with more meaning

      just a little more clarity

      Place materials for course in WebCt instead of course wiki

      Class was good and more communication between student and teacher.

      Perhaps, the availability of a face-to-face class would be helpful for students who had difficulity. I did not attent the Thursday class because I was not familiar with this process.


      Better communication

      Meet at least 4 times before the end of the semester.

      Stronger and better wi-fi connection

      This course overall was a great course. I would make a discussion board on the pbworks so that students can communicate directly on the course wiki, that way the students don't have to look up each others emails all of the time, but rather go to one page

      I have taken several online classes, I love the flexiblity.

      Lower time

      Stay on track with work, due dates come up sooner than one thinks

      always have a close by you peer

      No face-to-face or synchronous meetings online.  That kind of takes away from the convenience of online learning.

      Teachers should be prepared to teach online courses.  Directions should be clear, books should be available in the bookstore before the first day of class, and teachers should be prompt in their email responses.

      None—Instructor and class was great.

      I believe I would have done better on my project had I met with my instructor, but because the course is set-up as online, that in itself discouraged me from making an appointment with him.

      The schema project would have been more applicable if presented in a smaller scale. It was too much information for an online class.

      I would like for professors that have online classes to understand that a lot of times without the face to face interaction things can be confussing.  It would be nice for them to illustrate examples a little more. I felt like this class gave me everythi

      no suggestions for improvement

      rework the discussion component maybe have a project option instead of a final

      This course was great.. no suggestions needed!!

      That they follow more in-line with the course that is being covered (for instance, a course on counseling needs more peer relationship).

      Acknowledge that professors cannot fit as much on the syllabus with an online course

      Make courseden more intuitive, less ambiguous subdivisions.

      Not have them. Or at least always have an on campus option for those of us who can make it to campus.

      I don't know.

      Maybe some Skype class meetings.

      Please make everything more flexible and understandable

      Instructors must be mindful of the workload.

      Offer classes with statistical components where student may need one on one time with professors during normal school sessions and not online. Because this class was only offered during the summmer I felt trapped and herded into a situation I was unprepa

      Groups required to meet in beginning of class work.

      None, class is set up well.

      no face-to-face meetings at all and no scheduled meeting times online

      The content of the Research class is too rigorous and intense for a summer term and should be considered only for fall / spring semesters offering.  I'm not necessarily opposed to the on-line piece becuase it is put together well...

      Either split the class into two sections, or shorten the research project.

      make it more user friendly

      The online class was fine, just dont need to make certain subjects online. Research classes online is fine, but most counseling classes should never be taught online


      Perhaps schedule regular check in meetings for students who are able to attend.  I don't think they need to be mandatory, just available for those students who want the opportunity to connect with other students and the professor in person.

      This class should not be an online class


      I like a dialogue.  On-line, for me, does not count.

      Dont make this class available in the Spring, makes it harder to complete reserach in designated time and find participants (i.e. students, teachers)

      I do not have any suggestions.

      limit student BB responses

      If possible, it would be great if you offered an online version of the required textbook chapters.  The book was extremely expensive to have for such a short amount of time (i.e. summer course).

      none at this time

      That they be planned out and organized like this one.

      I had a wonderful experience in this class.

      As a teacher, you should answer questions in order for students to learn and do better next time.

      Although the professor interacted in the discussion modules more than most, it would facilitate learning if they would drive the discussion a little more.

      Communication for what text materials you need for classes before classes start.

      I think it is very well set up

      Accuracy and consistency!  If you expect it of us, we should be able to expect it of you.  This includes the UWG website that has SO many errors for our program.  It is from 2009 and many things have changed.  The website is our lifeline, and it is diffi

      Make group projects optional!!  I know we need to collaborate, but that can be done in other ways, like how Dr. XXXXX has us comment on the photos of those in our group.  Once everyone has commented, we use those comments to make changes before we t

      allow editing of comment postings

      No suggestions come to mind.

      I like how this was set up.

      For most counseling classes, proper knowledge wont be absorbed as well online as they would be in person

      Maybe make the mid-term and the final exam a little easier :)))))

      Not having as many sections grouped together.

      Not as many options for communicating (mail, discussions, announcements etc). Having to check all of them becomes tedious.

      I would like a way to view others lidespan presentations without having access to them to manipulate, like something we could view in a window of time, that we can't copy.

      More electives for the Ed.S. program to be online courses.

      new platform for online classrooms

      I am comfortable with the whole online thing now, but I think a brief tutorial at the beginning of our cohort would have been helpful (to learn about Courseden, WIMBA, Wikis, etc...).  I had no idea about any of those things prior to beginning the progra

      I do not have any.  My on line experience has been positive.  I'm completing my third semester.

      Allow students to set up deadline reminders, that possibly could be sent to / set on their phone. As a habitual procrastinator, my biggest obstacle with online classes is that I miss deadlines simply because I forgot when they were.

      I do not have any suggestions at this time.

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      It seems this course would benefit from a structure similar to other courses taught at UWG in the MIS program, Data Resr Management & Design is the best expample I can give. This course taught both the introductory aspect, technical, and hands on. It wou

      Make them all like this one!!

      That the professors structure it like this course.

      Similar time of day that everything should be due.

      DON'T TAKE THEM! Offer in-class settings, as well!!!

      Have slides available for Chapter's so that students can understand the key points about the topics.

      Have the professors be able to explain things more properly. It would be better if the class did not feel like it was thrown together but actually planned out.

      That you have at least one meeting so you can truly get a feel for the people your expressing your opinions to

      Take use of course-den. It is simple and easy to use.

      I enjoyed the class and the way he did things. I have no suggestions.

      Keep up the good work!

      I like the way this course was run. There is nothing to chang right now.

      Not sure.  I think you need to know whether you are disciplined enough to take online courses.

      Be more descriptive of the course and send emails verifying things and helping students with tips and suggestions.

      Make it a summer long course over two months would be best.

      Exams could be open more than 24 hours- 48 is really nice.

      Nothing, I love online classes

      Be more structured in the syllabus."


      More time to submit work

      Less papers.

      Quizzes and less papers

      Have all the links that are needed for one subject in one folder or more description needed on where to find them.

      no comment

      not miss any assignment, I missed one and it killed my grade but it was my fault

      Fix the above.

      For the computers in the world section make the quizzes at least 15 min. because those chapter are pretty long and allot to recall even after reading them.

      More interaction

      Nothing. I like online classes

      Video Tutorials in the Course Content created from Camtasia Relay

      Work on making the instructor/student relationship a little more open.  Currently it feels like I am learning from a computer and textbooks with very little to no instruction from a professor.  Even something as simple as emails to the class periodically

      I wish they would allow more slots for the classes and offer them more frequently.

      Be specific on what chapter goes with what quiz

      Continue to run classes the way you are. They really help out alot with people who have a busy schedule.

      To follow the work load/ style of this class.

      Longer quiz times. at least 15 minutes

      All was well.

      Make it easier to find the notes online. Also when it came to some of the assignments it might help if you download part of the assignment like directions as well as the file you are going to turn in"

      Fix the above

      I would really ask the teacher to see what materials are needed, that will be used the most to save money.


      Make sure the book is available BEFORE class begins!!

      Nothing--great class.

      none at this time

      I would suggest making the open door classroom more user friendly.

      I enjoyed the online and face-to-face meetings.

      Some courses are great online and some are not.

      Less down time. At times we sat in our Breakout Room finished with the questions and needed something more to do.

      The students should be able to submit work without deadlines.

      Provide a few face-to-face meetings to keep students more aware of timeline

      No suggestions

      Really enjoyed it.

      Ensure the professor is organized and knows how to properly layout assignments, PPTs, etc. on WEBCT

      Loved all I have taken and I have taken my whole Master's degree online.

      Since I'm not really a fan of online learning, I'm not quite sure how to improve it.

      None at this time

      Less whole group, more independent work.

      Less people

      I know UGA has worked extremely hard to provide technical  (and other) support to make the online courses run smoothly.  I still had a great deal of frustration with technical problems and  being thrown out of the class and having to log back in over and

      Continue to utilize breakout sessions.

      Do not give this course in the summer. Very hard to collect data

      I think there should be some sort of "checks and balances" introduced to ensure that sub-cohorts of a large learning community are not disenfranchised by the fact that course materials are not being universally uploaded to all sub groups and not being up

      Make sure the technology works!

      Continue breakout sessions

      Add video clips to course content.

      reduce work load

      improve tech help so that there is a process for escalation of trouble tickets look into the ongoing java issues to resolve the compatibility problems establish common equipment/systems requirements for course den & wimba

      I felt this course was very organized and provided me with a great deal of flexibility

      Not much can be done to improve online courses, I'm just not a big fan of them.

      D2L platform...Make sure instructors chosen for online courses are independently able to execute the class, or provide a mentor instructor as a model.

      My only suggestion is that all modules are available in advance to allow students the opportunity to plan ahead and know what's expected each week.

      Get rid of WebCt and adopt a better course management system.
Have a single sign on for all of UWG websites.  The multiple log-ins is ridiculous and unnecessary.

      replicate the organization for this course- staff with professors invested in the program, like Dr. XXXXX, who have a real interest in doctoral students and their success

      Increase the live sessions.

      Ask Dr. XXXXX! She has it down pat!

      I think every professor should conduct at least 1-2 Wimba classes per course.  The face time makes a difference and can reduce the number of emails the professors receive from frantic students.  I really enjoyed the Wimba classes.

      See above

      This course is a great example of a decently designed course.  UWG Online should use it as an example.

      Instructor could comment more in discussions and give his opinion.

      Figure out a smaller amount of reading and work to fit the timeline.

      The instructor needs to work on course design.

      Make directions more succinct!

      Course den needs to be more supportive od MACS

      No suggestions

      Small group discussion posts, or something else to keep the number of posts and organization of the posts under control.

      May need a component to answer questions via live chats.

      Easier access to specific discussion threads that stay within the module. That way, they could be refreshed with each new module. Having thousands of postings is overwhelming.

      Organize assignments and provide clear instructions.

      Make sure the instructor keeps in touch with the students on a regular basis.

      Offer support to this instructor to ensure she has the skill-sets necessary to be an effective online instructor.

      I would suggest that all modules are available in an advance to give students an opportunity to plan ahead for the completion of assignments.

      Get a better course management system, one that is more user friendly and encourages rather than discourages student interaction and collaboration.  Can be used on multiple operating systems without incident. is up to date and faster.

      -maybe the assignments could be connected or follow a sequence
-expectations were often unclear

      Since we don't meet in person, it would be helpful to have more information available (grades) on my progress in this course.

      Be sure all professors are trained to teach online courses.

      See above

      Have information available at least 1-week in advance for each module. This will help students trying to get ahead or stay on task, since summer courses are more challenging  because so much content is introduced in a short period of time.

      I would suggest a majority of the classes be taught online.

      This instructor knows how to teach an online class effectively and makes good use of all the online course management componenets.

      Streamline the system; make it more user friendly, especially for people who are not technologically inclined.

      I honestly cannot think of any. Great experience.

      No suggestions

      None- this was a great course.

      Update the system so it supports the most recent versions on Firefox and Google Chrome. With automativ updates on my computer, this has been a problem.

      Continue to make sure the class is well organized with detailed instructions on assignments.

      You need to keep up with your online classes. You can easily fall behind.

      Nothing. I like the online courses.

      Dr. XXXXX has the outline and flow of the class perfected! Would recommend this teacher for any course he teaches! Great class!!!

      get everything done as soon as you can.

      Spread out assignments


      Make more available

      That more on-line classes are added. Would like to complete a master's degree fully on-line.

      Organization is key to a good online class.  Keeping things in their places will help the students and the teachers. Also an awareness ahead of time of the scheduled maintenance will help the students also.

      I have seen many improvements since I have been at UWG. Continue to improve. It increases the ability of students to learn, especially if they have learning disabilities.

      The program is excellent.

      The professor did a great job. The course was laid out great for online learning.

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      Don't make them so freaking expensive next time!! I don't even use half the crap I'm paying for!!

      Everything was fantastic. Timing was perfect. Test represented all material learned in a great way. All assignments helped get one ready for the test. Really enjoyed this class.

      Be more specific about where the course content is actually located.

      This class and previous classes I have taken on-line have been great.

      My suggestion would be to have a live chat set up for certain times so that it is easy to communicate with other students and  the professor.

      I only wish that more online courses were set up like this one.  The instructor was obviously involved in the coursework and grading instead of just signing off on grades.

      more detailed power points

      Make more classes available

      to have a teacher that actually teaches the course.

      Everything is really good.

      stay on top of everything and try to get everything done as fast as you can.

      The quizes needed to be more challenging and focus on the chapter subject. The work-book needed proofed better; question missing and a portion of either chapter 3 or 4 was missing.

      more communication with instructor

      I have no suggestions.

      Less deadlines

      Prompt and accurate feedback to student performance, professors that reply/respond to student questions and needs.

      This course was well organized and the teacher really knew what his discipline was and made it fun again to learn.

      Make more courses available online

      be more precise

      Structure the course like this one. It was excellent.

      Teach material better

      I enjoyed it. She is straight forward and without fluff or filler.

      I liked that we didn't get all the work all at once but it would be nice to have the next weeks module up a little bit earlier just to get a head start on it,

      N/A for the summer this class was great!

      Make sure they are organized and the teacher is available to help if needed. My teacher was wonderful & always available/willing to help when needed!

      Give the students a fair amount of time to work on the harder assignments, because we are teaching the material to ourselves and some of us have a harder time comprehending everything than others do.

      A different medium than courseden. It can be a bit obnoxious to navigate, especially how the email works and how it reloads every single time a link is clicked or a file is opened. It is irritating, but not unmanageable. I just think it could be better d

      Have at least three classroom meetings: beginning, middle, and end of the semester.

      I don't know really

      Nothing other than to make more of them online!!!


      If it's not broken, don't fix it.

-       More teacher interaction.

      making it more personable

      More teaching.

-       I would say keep real-time discussions to a minimum. Perhaps a live chat room or a blog or something, but again, just because of time constraints.

      I really liked the set up of this class and would like to see others similiar.  I liked the weekly bookbags.  Helped to keep you on pace.

      I would like to see more use of the Wimba classroom.

      none, this course was very well conducted.

      It is really nice to have all the materials for the assignments uploaded ahead of time.  Great job!

      This class didn't have this issue but some require group work which is very challenging with online courses.

      no group work-- very difficult to coordinate when you can't really meet in person--must work on others  time schedules

      No suggestions.

      I enjoy online courses very much, please make more online courses availaible to every department

      I would like to see faces along with names when answering discussion questions.

      Don't change a thing.

      Stay the same

      Online students should not be hit with on-campus fees.  We already pay a fee to be an online student.  It does not seem right.  Also, I would suggest that professors make the required books for the courses known prior to the beginning of the course, espe

      Organize them in this manner - where everything is listed in a straightforward manner and weekly assignments are listed.

      It was a great class.

      Less group work

      Compatibility! I would love to log on from my iPad. I think tech support should make sure it works with the most current browsers. Make that browser check popup go away! It'd pop up at random times and mess up my typing or kick me out. Oh, and locking us

      That grades are consistent with the university policy. Requirements as far as assignments being different is expected, however, the grading policy should be in line with the university standards.

      none at this time

      don't know

      More teacher interaction and more variety in the presentation of material (ie. video streaming of content, videos made by professor to instruct)

      I would like to see all of the directions and evaluation information provided on the assignment or module pages of Course Den and not only on the syllabus.

      Update the Blackboard to support Google Chrome and updated Adobe. I have been having trouble with the latest Adobe version, not being able to submit my discussions easily.

      Upgrade Blackboard/WebCT, please.

      Instructors continue to be available thru email and/or discussion boards to answer questions

      Hire instructors who understand that technological glitches do happen and who should be reasonable when a student provides evidence that backs up a claim of misfortune.

      The instructor should have more of a presence in the class.

      Interface is just plain ugly.

      None, if they are as well organized and helpful as this one was.

      it all goes very smoothly.  This was my 4th semester.

      I would like to see the professor deliver more of the course content by video. I would like to have a weekly video message from the professor.

      Do it like this one!  Dr. XXXXX had due dates for posting discussions and photos assignments and then due dates for posting your comments.  This makes sense!

      Professors need to take extra care when writing instructions for online assignments.  This course being the exception, most professors leave out a lot of detail on assignment instructions.  Also, many professors at the University of West Georgia need to

      I have not suggestions for future on-line courses.

      The most challenging component of this class is that the projects were quite detailed and considering that this was a shorter, summer class, I struggled to keep all of the details in mind when doing the weekely assignments and the projects.

      Possibly the availability of live video chat w/ professors.

      Less group work.  I think discussions are great and helpful, but coordinating and effective group project in distance learning is frustrating, and probably not that useful in the long run anyway

      Don't change anything.

      I would suggest that there be certain elements required in CourseDen (i.e. an "Questions" discussion box-for questions on any topic should students have them).

      Less group assignments.

      Quicker feedback on work that is submitted.

      one class face to face

      None really.

      I guess incoming students who may not have had experience in online learning should be advised to go through a tutorial of the different applications that might be used in the course.

      Additional training at the face to face on how to use the technology required in the class.  Make smaller assignments to introduce the additional technology.

      I think you all have this down pat.  I have been taking on-line courses with UWG for both my M. Ed. and Ed. S.  I love that I could get my degrees with minimal driving campus after work.

      The interface to access the library is  overly complicated. Why is it necessary to have so many passwords for everything.  Other online courses I have taken at other universities had a more simple, streamlined system of access.

      To have all of your professors take training from Dr. XXXXX.

      Interface is just plain ugly and clunky.  I don't like getting kicked out for clicking something "wrong"

      Get a CourseDen app for the iPad.

      UWG has done an excellent job developing and implementing their online courses and programs.  I have no suggestions that could improve upon what has already been done.

      No suggestions.

      Please upgrade Blackboard/WebCT

      PLEASE fix the problem that occurs when you try to open a document from Course Den!!!!! You get kicked out and have to go back in to the document and then print or download. This has been a problem for three years and it is crazy that it has not been fix

      Provide more face-to-face opportunities for students interested in that option particularly when the assignment requires professional support. Students should not have to rely so heavily on mentors to complete assignments. Lab-based options would provide


      Good as is.

      Limit group work.

      more face to face meetings

      I liked the course very much just the way it is.

      Keeping up with browser updates, holding off on maintenance until after 11:59 in case something is due. Get rid of annoying popup for browser check that shows up at random times and boots you out in the middle of typing.

      No suggestions at this time.

      I would make Blackboard compatible with Google Chrome.

      No textbooks. The internet is ripe full of more current materials than textbooks.

      Please tell students about required texts before starting the class.

      orientation to program.

      I would check the quizzes used.

      Proof-read materials.

      Please make sure all links are up when needed.  Thanks.

      Make the questions on the quizzes not as confusing, meaning that there was a lot of times that it could've been two answers.

      Future on-line courses should offer flexibility in assignment deadlines.

      I would ask that the teacher have a little more of a presence in the class, through mail or discussion portals.

      The on-line courses are great, but I am a people-to-people person.

      Longer than 1 month or less work required.  Split the class into two sessions.

      100% online

      Do not have Professor XXXXX teach this course. She is in no way shape or form an effective educator. I am very disappointed, with my experience from this class

      That teachers still be available to see in person if needed.


      It was a really great class.

      Possibly lower the cost, but I understand that it is the convenience that is what you're paying for and they cannot be too cheap or nobody will take face-to face classes. Just a thought.

      I don't see anything to change.  Great class.

      No 30 page paper during a one month online class

      I think there should be a training for students who are taking there first online course. It could be good for a student to work through a 20 minute online session that teaches a student how to use CourseDen and WebCT Vista so they are familiar with thes

      None at this time. I am sure UWG's distance learning will continue to improve.

      less online component...this was a skills class!! The more hands-on, the better!!

      If its going to be an online part make it all online otherwise do the whole thing in the classroom

      All online classes should open all assignments up at the beginning of the semester so we can work at our own pace.

      In particular find a teacher that makes time for their students even the online ones and can actually help and explain the course correctly.

      For the teacher to actually respond to emails

      None. Everybody does a great job on every level.

      Consider the online lectures in addition to notes and reading. It is very helpful. Also, having essays rather than picky multiple choice tests gives a more rounded idea of what you learned

      None, it is perfect so there's no need to make any suggestions

      please continue to offer more online classes

      They tend to get kind of monotonous, same thing each week. It would be nice to change things up at times, just like in the classroom. Variety is key!

      To create a well constructed syllabus and making it clear what is expected from students and where to find the tools on course den.

      Don't use Blackboard IM

      I don't have any suggestions that I can think of at this time.

      This is my first on-line course and I would utilize all on line courses available if given. Allow on-line for 50% of courses offered. I realize this may/may not reduce staff, but please consider.

      More video lectures or vocal participation between students via courseden.

      More interaction between instructor and students.

      Please post the required texts under the course so that we can buy/order the books ahead of time!

      adapting webct and courseden to iOS (Apple's opporating system)

      Reduce the number of chapters that are covered, and provide materials to support the textbook on these chapters (i.e. narrated powerpoints, podcasts, or weblinks).

      Make sure all materials are available.

      None at this time.

      Set deadlines throughout the course, but have the information available for students to complete the work early. This class made time management difficult because I work during the day and could only do everything at night. The powerpoints were uploaded

      Better video recording tools

      making iOS compatible with webct and courseden

      establish a process for escalation of trouble tickets; research & resolve compatibility issues with java, browser updates, wimba & course den

      I would like to have partial online classes where you meet twice a month.

      I have no suggestions for the couse.

      Provide some opportunities for collaboration and not the wimba chat, that was too hard because everyone was not able to hear.

      For this class a different professor and video lectures.

      Have a face to face classroom option available instead of just on line.

      that on-line postings be left up longer, if we do any of it on-line and that there be fewer  papers to write; we were spread so thin, quality goes down.

      Having the skype like feature would be nice.

      make sure the teacher actually wants to teach an online course.

      This class should be partially online, and partially in class.  There is too much information to just have it online.

      use the calendar

      I suggest that for teachers that never used CourseDen should take a classes before they teach their courses. So they have knowledge and experience with using CourseDen.

      None really, everything was good.

      A balance on the difficulty of the quizzes

      Hire more competent professors who arent so intellectually cowardly.

      that the instructors utilize the calendar function on due dates for assignments, discussions and assessments. NOTE THIS PROFESSOR USED THE CALENDAR PROPERLY.

      Make them more accessible in price for everybody.

      the instructors need to utilize the calendar function to track duedates/time on assigments, assessments and discussions.

      Simple consistency. All study materials and resources are easily accessible and simple to understand, but the evaluation methods used such as quizzes and tests are in great need of overall upgrading and standardization. In every online class I hjave been

      They should resemble this course.

      No suggestions, good class.

      I would like to have access to applications such as Go To Meeting for team project activities.
Need to have the ability to coloborate for team projects with real time conferencing and web sharing of documents.

      Maybe have one or two face-to-face meetings for questioning and clarifications.


      reduce the amount of work

      I think the grades should be easier to access/view. I can only view grades from my submitted assignments and not participation grades.  I also cannot view and average grade.  I can only guess what my final grade will be at the end of the semester.

      Previous students examples of the two final projects would be great resources for future students.

      I had no idea how to access the online courses until a friend called one of our professors.  A tutorial  or email or something should be sent when people register for an online course with the website availablity, etc.

      I would adopt a semi-formal cohort for incoming students.

      send an email prior to beginning the course, to the student's home email, explaining the online procedures.  I wasn't even aware that ther were 2 emails that I needed to check.

      A tutorial about financial aid.

      Tell students step-by-step what is needed for Tk 20

      Add a doctorate in special education online

      I have heard there will be a new platform or something totally different from CourseDen this fall.  If this is true, I dread having to learn yet another whole new system.  Again, my time learning the content suffers when I have to spend more time getting

      I like it half and half

      Stop changing everything just because you can!  I have heard there will be a new platform or something totally different from CourseDen this fall.  If this is true, I dread having to learn yet another whole new system.  Again, my time learning the conten

      I would strongly suggest using the WebCT dropbox for assignments/activities. This course was different to maintain organization and it was conducted very differently than all of the other online courses in this department.

      N/A- Keep up the great work!

      Continue the services

      Add a doctorate program for special education

      That some type of informal cohort is created with incoming students.

      I wish it was cheaper

      They're actually really good.

      That more classes are added. Hard to find on-line classes. Would like to complete a full degree online without having to travel.

      not sure

      Make more of them biology, which I need.

      To have more class discussions.

      Not sure

      Keep a calendar and check in daily.

      I think this course could be a very successful distance learning class if students were required to participate in discussions with each other.

      This particular class not any changes I can think of

      None he is a great teacher