21. What did you like about the online portion of this course?


      I liked that I could complete the work in a convenient location to my home.

      Even though I am miles away, I found the Help desk with Wiki, and  Wimba, etc. extremely helpful.   I also was able to utilize the writing center.

      Having the opportunity to complete assignments from home.

      The instructor's knowledge and skills in a difficult subject area.

      I can set my own pace and work when I want.

      It fit into my schedule.

      The flexibility

      Less time constraints

      Having all of the material in the beginning

      Flexible time

      It fit with my work schedule.

      I am just auditing the course as a peer evaluator.

      I liked the fact that I can work at my own pace, and at times that were convenient to me.

      The flexibility of the schedule allowed me to be home with my children.  I had an issue with logging in and with one of the courses being closed early, and I was pleased that both issues were addressed within a 24 hour period.

      Ease of use.

      Ability to work at own pace

      Classwork can be done at my convenience and any location.

      Ability to turn in class discussions when I was ready and turn in early


      Th ability to organize my work according to my work schedule.

      I like my professor and his teaching style.

      I didn't like it at all.

      It made balancing my work and school schedule possible.

      The convenience of completing my assignments and discussions on my own time.  In face to face meetings, there are time constraints.  When the class is over, you turn in your assignments.  With online classes, you can work at midnight if you want to.


      Convenience - work on my own time table, liked my courses

      Able to do classwork at I finished working. I have a full-time job.

      Flexible hours to get my work done.

      I liked the flexibility of completing work at my own convenience.

      Convenience of not having to drive to campus

      The accessibility of the assignments was extremely helpful.  Instructor did an excellent job keeping all relevant information in a centralized location.  Instructor communication was excellent.

      It was interesting and worked well with my schedule.

      I could work on assignments from anywhere at home, work or the public library.

      It was easy to understand. Straight forward.

      Ease of access.

      I liked the fact that I was able to leave class one hour earlier due to to online portion of this course.

      doing it on my own time

      -Could access on mobile device

      The fact that I could work on my own schedule and not have to drive all the way to campus everyday.

      Flexible and was able to do assignments on my own time.

      I liked the ability to access the class and material from anywhere and at any time.

      time flexibility

      You can work at your own pace and around your schedule.  I could do homework after work and not have to worry about doing it during the day, or leave work early.

      I liked that I could do the work on my own time. My schedule this summer is crazy and constantly changing, so having the choice to choose what part of the day I am to do my work is really helpful. I also liked the discussions because you get to see every

      I liked that for the most part I could work at my own pace.

      Time serving

      The convenience

      I could move at my own pace.

      All of it! By taking online courses I am able to maintain my full time job while continuing my education.

      Work on my own terms/time.

      Flexibility in time

      I like that I have the freedom to do work on my own time. It is just much simpler for me to work at my own pace that way I don't feel so much anxiety from trying to cram subject in an allotted amount of time.

      It was easy to access.  I work full time and have two children, so online is my best option at this time.

      Flexibility!!!  I own a business and work a crazy schedule.  I also have family obligations that keep me hopping--

      The pacing of the assignments

      Go To Webinar was easy to use and access.

      I was able to work at my on pace.

      own pace


      The ease of working when it fits my schedule.

      It was convenient.

      Flexible scheduling.

      The pace and flexibility for my schedule.

      If the courses for the EdS program wasn't outline, I wouldn't be able to complete the program. I live too far from campus and UWG had the program I needed to accomplish my goal.

      Able to complete discussion threads on my own time.

      Having the option of doing my classes from home at my schedule around other commitments

      I enjoyed working at my own pace from home.

      I could do the work at my own pace, which allowed more time for me to work and attend other classes on campus.

      I didn't.  in court, you would be sanctioned for asking leading questions.  these questions are manipulative & not objective, so this survey will yield inaccurate data/analysis.

      I liked that I had ample amount of time to complete the course assignments.

      Ability to work at my own pace, on my own time.

      I was able to do my classwork around my schedule.

      having a bit more time to prepare for class with on-line which knocks out the hour drive i usually make.

      It is better for students that are working.

      The flexibility

      flexibility, convenience, discussions are great learning tools

      It was easy to complete my assignments and stay on track while I was traveling this summer.


      Submission of assignment procedure

      Time flexibility.


      It could be completed entirely online.  There was no required trip to Carrollton.


      I like the freedom to access the course material from anywhere at any time.

      The online classes were smooth. The professor used GoToMeeting for our class meetings.

      I like the webinars that Dr. XXXXX is using.

      Allowed me to be flexible in my schedule, and still work toward my degree.


      I enjoyed being able to meet online for class and the necessary group meetings to complete project work.

      I liked the freedom given to me and being able to contribute to discussions on my own time.

      I was very easy to get assignments from Course Den.


      I like how we can share Powerpoints, etc... online.

      Being able to work from home.

      I get to work on my own time.

      I really enjoyed the discussions and projects, as well there was no group work!!!

      Work at my own pace

      Organized and the on-line system worked better this semester than Wimba.

      The ability to complete assignments and submit them online instead of going to the campus

      I like being able to work at home and work around my schedule to complete activities.

      That I was able to split my online and face to face course schedule

      This course was entirely online, I didn't have much of a choice.

      That I didn't have to print out papers

      I liked that all of the quizzes were due at the end of the semester with no individual due dates.

      Easy to get my work done on my own time without worrying about getting to campus to submit it.

      I enjoyed the autonomy to work at my own pace.  I did not have to participate in group discussions which gave me more time fo focus on the tasks for the my project.

      It was all online and can complete assignments at my own pace.

      I liked the dropbox option and the email.

      The ability to complete the assignments prior to the due dates.

      Having the time to use computer for researching and searching for literature. Time to think about your answers.

      Being able to attend at my convenience.

      the flexibility

      I enjoy taking courses online.  They allow me the flexibility to travel and work on assignments at the same time.  I am not confined to a class.  I enjoy working from home on course work.

      I like being able to turn assignments in online and being able to access the class notes online.

      The ability to do classwork on my own schedule.

      That I could access it any time I needed

      doing on my time.

      It was still interactive and made me feel not as disconnected even though the class was online.


      I can complete assignments on my schedule. Having young children it is nice to be able to complete assignments after their bedtime or during their naptime.

      studied and turned in assignments on my own time (after 9pm)

      I would not be able to attend classes otherwise

      I like being able to complete assignments and discussions on my own schedule.

      Easy to refer to earlier class lessons. Class lounge allowed for sharing of ideas and information  with other class mates. I could work when I had time. Either at 4 in the morning or 10 at night.

      My professor

      flexibility and the ability to work ahead

      easy to use

      i like having the teachers' phone number and hours able to talk one on one or text to the teacher if I needed her.

      I appreciated the organization and upfront outline of the performance tasks required.

      The ability to go at my own pace for the most part. We did have due dates, but I had a day or two to turn in assignments. This was valuable because of my busy schedule. Dr. XXXXX also graded and gave feedback very quick.

      I was able to work at my own pace.

      I could get my work done ahead of time.

      I prefer online learning because  I work full-time and cannot get to campus.  It gives me the opportunity to do classwork and 'homework' whenever I want.

      anytime anywhere availability

      Everything was easy to access.

      The convenience. Oftentimes I work late at night on assignments and discussions.

      That I could go at my own pace and at my own schedule.

      The convenience is paramount for me.

      everything. the freedom.

      Could do it on my own time."

      I could do ti at my own pace.

      The course was entirely online and I enjoyed the online content materials.

      I can do things when my schedule allows.

      Discussing with other classmates.

      I am taking two courses this summer, I really like the opportunity to work on my courses anytime during the day.  I also like how both professors let you know what is expected in the beginning with great examples.  I also appreciate the professor having

      It was very convenient and facilitated the course's activities.

      Faster learning pace.

      it was simple to use

      Being able to access the course information whenever it was convenient for me.

      the flexibility

      The flexibility

      I don't like online courses. I do not learn much. I am a hands on person.



      That I was still able to simulate a face-to-face classroom with my professors and classmates via webcam.


      Flexibility and work spaced out well

      The class was 100% online. The convenience was what I liked most.

      I could do I whenever I wanted to by the due date"


      Easy to access and complete when the time is best for you.

      Able to work at it when I could.

      i could do it on my own time at my own pace

      It was fast past.

      There was some flexibility.

      It allows me to work at my own pace and complete assignments when it is convenient for me. It is flexible.

      That I can do the work on my own schedule.

      I appreciated the ability to work on the course work when it was convenient to me.

      I like that checklist tool and discussion boards.

      Having the flexibility to work on the course at my convenience


      The confident of working at my own pace sometimes.

      Participating in discussions and the like is easier for me. It is also better learning wise to be able to go back and read how other people learned the material.

      Fits my schedule.

      I liked being able to work on things at my own pace. I also appreciated not having to drive 45 minutes to campus to sit in class for several hours a day.


      The flexibility I have to do things at my own pace.

      I was able to email the professor with questions and concerns.

      The convenience.  Working and being involved with my family would make it nearly impossible to attend courses on campus at a college.

      The flexibility.

      It offered me flexibility as a commuter and saved me a lot of gas

      I enjoyed being able to complete the course on my own pace.

      Allows me to work when I have the time.

      The new module checklists for this semester are nice, but there are still things professors leave off the checklist, so it's not completely without fault.

I like that I can do my homework at any time, especially since I'm a stay-at-home-mom and my husba

      I like that I did not have to go to classroom.

      Ability to work at home and not have to travel to campus; ability to complete assignments at my leisure

      I enjoyed the interaction with my instructors.

      I could access it at home.

      being able to stay home with my family and not spend driving time to classes; positive and quick feedback from professors

      The flexibility to do my coursework at my convenience. I was on vacation for a week and still had the ability to complete assignments.


      Convenience and flexibility

      The teachers were organized and the feedback was quick and helpful.

      The amount of time to complete the assignments.

      I like having the opportunity to take it online. Especially in the summer

      It is very easy, and it allows you to manage your work and assignments.

      I could complete assignments on my own time.

      The course was very interactive.

      i liked the face time with the teacher. It kept me on track.

      The flexibility to complete assignments according to my own schedule.

      They are fast and easy.

      I like the flexibility of online courses in general.

      It was flexible which was nice. It was laid out well and easy to navagate

      accessible, didn't require travel, flexibility, independence

      Accessibility and flexibility

      It was easier to fit into my schedule.

      I am glad the MEDT classes are available. otherwise I wouldn't have enrolled with uwg

      I studied at my own pace and I could focus on areas that I needed to work on or did not understand.


      Being able to communicate through discussion on my own time.

      It worked around my busy schedule.

      I like being able to work full time and still complete my degree.

      Being able to work on it at my pace.

      No required face-to-face meetings

      I like that I am 100% responsible for my learning and the time that I take to complete the courses.

      Like all online courses, I like the ability to do your work at your own pace and convenience.

      The ability to work at my on pace & not have to drive to class or drive home.

      I prefer online because it fits my busy schedule.

      Flexibility to work at my own pace, WIMBA cessions

      How easy it was to talk to the professor about any issues that arose.


      availability to do the assignments in my own time.

      access whenever I need to.

      because of work I needed an online class

      Collaborating with other people

      it was flexible

      that it was online

      Online resources

      Very easy to complete around  my wokr schedule

      Can do lessons at my convience... Very flexible....

      All aspects discussion,rubrics etc.


      It allows me to work from home.

      I liked not having to drive to campus.

      Even though I had course content deadlines, I was still able to work at my pace.

      I can work at my own pace, in my home and in my PJ's.


      The flexibility of this course.

      Done by my own time and efforts, I had to learn the material to succeed, so it pushed me more to study more.

      everything especially the ability to work almost at my own pace.

      I liked the accessibility of the courses, and I liked that my professors were available and were quick to respond.

      I learned quite a bit of information about the responsibilities of the media specialist, jobbers and writing reviews.



      It was more laid back and I could complete the assignments on my own time.

      I was able to do the work on my own time instead of sitting in a classroom.

      The availability of the instructors has been fantastic and the flexibility was crucial to me and my life.

      I could participate all hours of the day.

      i liked the convenience of being able to be a parent and student and full time worker.  flexibility is important

      The time flexibilty

      I was able to complete it in a few days.

      For the most part the online portion was very understanding. I enjoyed how this course was very organized.

      I liked that I could do most of my course work on my own time.

      I like that I can complete assignments and meet with the professors and group members via gotowebinars and gotomeetings.  I did not have to use gas to go to class.  And, no immunizations since I did not have to report to campus.

      Online courses create the flexibility needed to have a family, full-time job and still get a degree or certificate.

      The ease of learning at my own pace and at my own time!

      I liked that it was well organized and there was a clear path towards completion.


      I like the communication between students.  I find that when I take online courses I get to know my classmates a little better.


      All parts

      Flexibility of type of assignment

      I liked having the freedom to complete the work when my schedule permitted.

      I like how my teacher continued to contact us and how he explain the expectations for the course.

      I did not sign up for online.  The class was online assignments with power point slide, it also was classroom.

      I enjoyed the flexibility of the and having access to all assignments in order to be able to work ahead if I had the time.  I really like having the midnight deadline as opposed to a middle of the day or early evening deadline due to having kids.  Workin

      I liked not having to drive to Carrollton once a week.

      I learned new ways in which to conduct and to participate in video chats.

      easy to use website

      I was able to spend the summer in California and still take 9 hours toward my Master's degree!

      The ability to have a flexible schedule and learn at the same time. I learn better by seeing and reading than hearing.

      I really liked that everything was open. I got to go at my own pace, as long as that pace matched the deadlines at least. I tend to go a lot faster and I enjoy being able to complete a whole semester in two weeks.

      ease of access and on my own schedule

      Learning and working my full time career.

      I could work at my own pace.

      The flexibility and convenience.

      The CourseDen program was very user friendly and the professors were really knowledgeable about using the program if/when issues arrived. Additionally the courses were extremely organized but the course workload was overwhelming.

      That I could tend to my courses any time I needed to.

      Worked at my own home. Could take laptop on vacation to complete assignments.

      The assignments were relevant, but long. I don't feel as if the point system and number of assignments reflected how much time and effort was needed for each assignment.

      The flexibility to work on assignments on my own time.

      Being able to complete the class on my own time.

      THe courseden was easy to navigate


      It was so well organized and I could work ahead since one of my courses had the whole thing online ahead of time.

      I liked the flexibility of being able to complete the work at my own pace.

      Programs Offered

      The flexibility.

      I liked that I could do the courses when I had time to. It fit better with my schedule.

      The ability to still be able to attend college without commuting hours.


      It was set up so that it was very user friendly.

      The instructional setup is very conducive to learning.  The modules are organized and support my ability to learn.

      The professors were very helpful in allowing me time to get used t the format.

      The option to choose how you will be graded.

      I like not driving to class, and being able to study on my own time, usually late at night.

      Being able to go to class when I want to is amazing!!

      I liked that I was able to access the work when I had the time to do so.


      Being able to work ahead.

      The involvement from everyone.

      It was easy to understand and I liked being able to do it on my own.

      Work at my own pace.

      The email part.

      Easy to use."

      I liked the fact that everything was at my own pace in my own time and I didn't feel pressured to get things done. I'm not the most comfortable being around people I don't know and trying to ask for help but online actually made communication easier.

      I liked that I was basically receiving the same instruction I would in a regular class, because I heard a lecture, saw notes in front of me, and wrote notes

      I liked that I could learn the material at my own pace and have many resources at my disposal.

      Have not took it yet.

      Work at my own pace

Complete assignments individually

Opportunities for discussion

      I was able to work at my own pace.

      Easy to use

      I like that I can knock out all of the required material at once and not have to worry about due dates as much.

      Received further help with assignments.

      Not too much of it was online, I liked that

      I liked how easy it was to access the materials all in one place and being able to track my grade at any time I needed to.

      I liked that it was everyday so that I wouldn't ever forget what I was learning.


      I appreciated being able to access the materials on my own time and having most of the materials in one convenient location rather than on multiple pages of paper. I also liked being able to access my grades at any time I needed to.