22. What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



      The workload was fair since it was summer, but it did not consider the distance between partners for group projects.

      I was away on vacation during the first week of school; I was unable to order my books until the first day of class.  I wish I had more flexibility with ordering the books before class starts.

      The short and fast summer session and being required to complete the same work load of a regular semester. It was unbalanced.

      There is so much information that it is easy to misunderstand an assignment.  We should be using web conferencing tools where we can hear, see and interact with one another. Software needed for the class should be accessible where we can download it and

      Some teachers required more than anyone could do while taking other classes

      It was alot more work

      When my internet was down... which isn't UWG's problem :)

      I am just auditing the course as a peer evaluator.

      There was nothing that I disliked.

      I took 3 courses, and I didn't like one of the courses because it was completely disorganized with inconsistent expectations and deadlines.  In an online course, expectations must be clear because the way students interpret and make sense of the assignme

      I found that the assignments were hard to find.

      Unorganized and hard to follow.

      One of my professors was very hard to get in touch with and did not grade assignments on time.

      I wish that the syllabi could be available earlier.


      When I had a particular question about an assignment because I mis-interpreted the directions, you have to wait for a response from your professor through an email.  Where as, with face-to face meetings, you can ask a question the next class meeting.

      The course wasn't that easy to navigate.

      accessibility on my mac is a little inconvenient.  documents and rubrics from my professors can be viewed but not downloaded to my mac.

      Nothing really - fast semester but that is the way it goes for summer session.

      Time restraints for exams were set without thinking about working adults taking the classes.

      Material read was not evaluated or used to a grewat extent in assignments. There seemed to be a disconnect.

      I did not like how some teachers were not responsive. I also did not like how some teachers did not return work in a timely manner.

      Talking over one another in live discussions

      No dislikes.

      I don't have any complaints about this online course, it was very easy to navigate.

      I missed two assignments on accident and could not make them up.

      Non-intuitive menus.

      I hate completing discussion boards!  I would much rather talk in class, use Skype, or Wimba chat.

      -You do not receive an alert when a teacher adds something to the course content so you have to keep checking it.

-Course content outline is cluttered

-I like the old webct better because icons would pop up and it helped me stay organized.

      You cannot track your discussion posts and must scroll through every post in order to find yours. This was not an issue with the previous UWG online.

      Have to be responsible for logging in everyday and remembering assignments.

      It is still helpful to go to a face to face class, I think you get more out of it.  Which there was optional face to face classes available for this class.

      The exams. I am TERRIBLE with taking exams online. At first I thought it was just that I didn't do on the exam when I had taken an exam online before but now I see, for some reason, I do worse on exams that are on computers versus having the paper and qu

      I disliked that one professor crammed as much group material as possible into the 1 month semester rather than focusing on the course material.

      The course load is too much for a short semester

      It was great.  No complaints

      The "sometimes" slow response time when I had questions on assignments.

      Unclear due dates, unable to see syllabus/info prior to cate of first class, no notifications on first page when grades updated.

      I sometimes feel it is hard to receive communication. I am more of a visual and tactile learner s sometimes I need those face to face meetings.

      No dislikes.

      The group projects


      The freedom allowed me to procrastinate.

      lots to keep up with in multiple places

      Nothing I can think of.

      I have no issues with this online course.

      No group work offered.

      Not being able to talk to my professor and classmates face-to-face.

      At this point in the program, I have no complaints.

      Lack of timely response to emails regarding course assignments.

      Sometimes things were done out of order which made it a little hard to follow.

      on-line is substandard & less effective

      I only disliked that I could not see correct answers for questions that I got wrong.

      Go To Meeting - poor audio quality, sometimes poor connection, just don't think their software is the best available

      we need that face to face contact to really get to know our professor and our classmates and the human aspect of learning from them. This summer's class was 50% on-line and 50% on site. It took longer to build a class community, that feeling of learning

      I love all of it.

      Still not 100% comfortable with course den

      Not being able to establish relationships with peers

      There were very few assignments, which made it less hectic, but missing just a few points on one assignment greatly impacted the overall grade.

      Amount of work

      Feedback time

      There is no teaching involved. The professor is a facilitator and not even the required readings were adequate to complete the assignments. I wanted to learn the material and/or show my competency in what I had already learned prior to this course. Inste

      Professors not always adhering completely enough to the flexibility online courses are supposed to allow.

      I do not like the group work some instructors require.  It does not work well.  People have different work schedules, and some are even out of the country and time zone.  Online courses do not need group work.

      it is harder to have a clear understanding of what the professor wants.

      I miss the social and educational exchanges that often occur during face-to-face instruction.

      I think that some of the teachers aren't quite as handy as they should be with D2L because some of the courses I took this Summer, the professors were very confusing as far as material. Modules would be mixed up, etc. So I think more training of those wh

      I did not dislike much.

      No dislikes

      Course expectations were not made clear and there was a strong lack of communication between instructors and students.

      Lack of interpersonal relationships.

      WIMBA gave me fits this semester--I had to call the helpdesk for assistance and it took an hour to fix.

      D2L is somewhat confusing to use; the professors were having a hard time posting quizzes online

      Not much, it was a valuable and worthwhile course.

      One course had tons of work for the time period of summer semester

      Some students just LOVE to hear themselves TALK and TALK and TALK.

      That we received our syllabus a week after class began and we had to go on campus to receive it.  That was a pain.

      Communication was horrible.

      Discussions...they suck

      I disliked the layout of the modules. It felt messy.

      So many entries between two classes I would get confused o n due dates and where to post them

      The results of quizzes were not made available.  It is impossible to make a self-assessment and correct areas that need it without knowing what those areas are.

      I didn't dislike anything. I just wish we could access out email outside of D2L

      I disliked the discussion board posts. They felt forced and inauthentic. The rubrics were difficult to locate, they were in a random folder.

      The instructor was completely removed from the learning. She was there to facilitate the assignments only.

      I prefer face-to-face courses but this course was only offered online, but with that said I am glad it was online this semester because it worked out better with my work schedule.

      CourseDen needed to be closed for the weekend update once

      Do not get to see the Professor and see them lecture.

      Discussion features and email "look/feel"

      no face to fact interaction

      I am glad I was not working.  she had lots of work to accomplish each week.  Luckily, I didn't have to teach this summer.

      I do not like the layout of CourseDen. I feel that it should be folderized. Whenever someone replies or adds a discussion, it just adds on top of someone else's. Folders would make this a lot cleaner and easier to see who commented back to you.

      I was not able to talk to the instructor at anytime.

      I like professors that have at least a couple of online face-to-face sessions so that I can get to know the professor a little better.  In a few courses I have had, I never actually "meet' the professor.  It is difficult to ascertain the character of som

      quirks in D2L

      I'm still adjusting to D2L. I was used to the other course den.

      the new CourseDen took some getting used to.

      Trying to get to know the students with just a bio and their responses online.

      Depending on the instructor, the online mode of delivery either worked very well or was a hot mess.  Both of my instructors this semester were great, but last semester was not.  I like the flexibility, but I still prefer some degree of "face to face" int

      I like it all."

      At one point I had switch computers and the quicktime lectures no longer worked, however the textbook and other online materials were good substitutes.

      It's hard sometimes to get answers quickly and understand exactly what professors want for assignments.

      The instructor was not that involved with the class

      Out of all the courses that I have taken this has been the best experience.  So there is basically nothing that I dislike.

      I thought it went very smoothly. No complaints.

      Short dealines for tough assignments.

      the amount of time given for quizes

      The time test


      Technology is horrible. If you call with questions, they treat you like you are dumb. Many of the questions are rarely answered unless you tell them your professor told you to call. Otherwise, you are on your own.

      Sifting through older posts is a pain. I would not consider this program user friendly. There should be a way to save your password as well.

      Couldn't ask questions like I wanted to

      Too many places to look to see what is required of the course, what the course assignments are and to submit the assignments.

      The amount of material covered each week. Would be better to have the class over the course of June and July.

      Not enough actual lecture

      Nothing was disliked.

      Restrictions on technology.

      There is nothing that I particularly disliked about the online portion of this course.

      There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of the course.

      I dislike the email the most. I also don't like the content organization.

      Nothing - I find online courses very easy to navigate and suitable to my busy schedule

      Not connecting to my peers and instructors.

      Sometimes it is difficult to get an answer from the professor in a timely manner, but that is usually so for face to face classes as well.

      I had no strong dislikes about the online courses this semester.

      It can sometimes be hard to reach the professors.

      The professors did not use the calendar to reiterate the due dates for assignments.

      It is sometimes difficult to complete the discussion board requirements if other members of your designated group do not participate.

      The websites that were demonstrated in the instruction videos didn't match the website's current appearance, so I had to pause the videos a lot to search for everything.

      Nothing really.

      I am not motivated enough to keep up with my work...procrastination.

      I miss face-to-face interactions with professors.

Online courses also tend to be MUCH more work than an on-campus course.

      I have not found anything that I dislike about online learning

      How fast it went by

      CourseDen maintenance and sometimes not being able to post discussions through my tablet

      The lengthy instructions for each module that were confusing at times. A face to face class would have made it easier to clarify and ask questions. In fairness to the professor, he would and did answer any questions I had; it is just different communicat

      Lack of face to face time

      I general just dislike online courses. The only reasons I have ever taken them is because the class I needed was only offered online. It is just my personal preference to have face to face contact.

      Everything went well, no issues.

      D2L is very user UNFRIENDLY!! This goes for the instructors as well as the students. I don't know why it was ever switched from course den.

      Nothing really.

      At times I thought there were too many computer downloads and resource options for just one class.

      Sometimes they were unclear.

      There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of this course.

      A lot of assignments, very heavy course load for a condensed semester

      online conversations felt stilted and lifeless- feel that people treat graded discussion online with less authenticity (grade driven, posting just to post)

      It was not face-to-face.

      The professors did not have their act together and I feel like most of the online (Blackboard) sessions 2.5 hours were not an effective use of my time.

      Not applicable

      Takes too long for professors to respond to simple questions.  We have assignments that must be done by a certain date and have instructors who do not get back with us on questions in a timely manner.

      Having to complete speeches through a webcam.

      Some instructors still require face-to-face meetings.

      The lack of help provided via Internet to online students.

      Not having classmates that I knew to ask for assistance

      Disorganized courses, unclear expectations, lack of rubrics or failure to clearly communicate instructions

      I did not like the lack of face to face interaction.

      The discussion rooms and email  in CourseDen.

      nothing this semester.

      Several glitches - professors did not know how to use Blackboard Collaborate and solve simple issues; student in class had to suggest norms for class, such as muting microphones and turning off videos to decrease issues; several instances of lag time wit

      Too much time spent on creating quality work.  Trying to organize the workload effectively. Lack of thorough and precise directions in some courses.  Sometimes examples don't match expectations.

      The size of the group was overwhelming.

      the grade display was confusing and sometimes the assignment set ups were confusing.

      you do not get peer interaction

      Homepage is too cluttered

      I really like physically participating in class. I do not like online courses.

      it was alright

      Not available

      The amount of hours required to complete the work was too high.

      No dislikes

      Slow Internet Connection

      I dislike when we have to log in on certain days for 3 hours.

      Inconsistiant participation from other students.

      There were a few times, when I felt alone and I wondered, " how can I complete this..." There was no one around to assist me.

      Teacher did not keep up with discussion

      The glitches and issues with grading that weren't accurate with my class and point system.

      time frames

      Some of the work was hard for me to understand simply by rubric I wish there was more face to face opportunity

      Heavy work load. In one class assignments were repeated which could have been avoided. How many media logs, selection tools and reviews are needed to display competency.

      Group assignments.

      nothing to dislike

      Sometimes the instructions were a little unclear.

      I did not have the material prior to the first day of class as in what books were required vs. just recommended.

      I have felt somewhat lost early on because I was not "grounded" within a classroom environment.

      No face o face interactions

      no face to face

      Some of the power points weren't put together very well.

      There is not anything that i disliked.

      I do not like the fact that I am sometimes required to comment on everyone's post. I prefer when I am able to respond to a given number of posts, rather than all of them.

One of my classes had the modules set up by weeks, and was very organized, includi

      At times, the website would go down for maintenance without warning, just at the time I would be attempting to submit work.

      I didn't like having to go two different locations for email and other student services.  I felt like I was all over the place.  I would be nice to have one location with everything contained in that site.  I was confused on more than one occasion and un

      It took a while to figure out how to navigate the home page in Course Den.

      I miss the face-to-face, informal interaction of a traditional classroom setting.

      Having to constantly battle trying to find an everchanging Galileo password with the library.

      instructor not clear

      Discussion postings can be a little tedious at times

      I felt I was not prepared for when classes.  I was not sure how to sign up for classes.  I was not told about using Course Den.  I was checking my UWG email but never saw anything.

      I don't like this type of learning I'd rather come to class.

      The biggest flaw of the online course is the lack of being able to contact group members immediately through the CourseDen messaging or email.  It would be great to have access to sync these 2 items to the smartphone in order to be able to contact group

      I did not like the online discussions. I would rather be present to talk and share ideas. The discussions were not bad, I just prefer talking to people in person as opposed to over the phone/computer.

      Many of the assignments were lumped together into one deadline.

      instructors didn't reply to e-mail in a timely manner

      Nothing. It was fine.

      The inability to get a hold of teacher without office hours

      Nothing. It was fantastic.

      The Unknown of online classes in the beginning.

      Scheduled Maintenance times each week.

      I didn't like not being able to be in a classroom to hear what others were saying and asking.

      Nothing significant comes to mind.

      I regret starting the online program during the summer session because the workload was extreme.

      complexity of the styles of showing the assignments and due dates

the high degree of autonomy of understanding the contents of the course

      Some things are more difficult to understand without more explanation.

      I do not like the required online group sessions.  Online courses should not have requirements such as this.  I take online courses to avoid the need to schedule blocks of my time for classes while I am at home with my family.

      Too much discussion among classmates.  Online to me meant by yourself.

      The instructions, schedule, and grading policies were quite confusing. There are things in the syllabus not on my schedule or calendar, or mentioned at all in my gradebook. I was expected to complete things on time, but if I received feedback for an assi

      Communication was limited with one instructor.

      CourseDen is confusing at times and the teachers are sometimes not prepared for online classes.

      Prior to taking the course, I was unaware that there would be required meeting sessions weekly.... While this proved to be beneficial in some areas, this was also inconvenient when it wasn't planned.

      I did not like wimba chats.

      Group work weighs more than individual assignments in terms of grades

      Delays in student assignments and discussion postings being graded - this was a huge issue because errors were repeated when they could have been avoided if the initial assignment h

      The amount of reading required without giving further notice.  I would like to know in advance what I will have to read so that I can make plans accordingly.

      I didn't have face to face communication with my teacher. And I cannot learn unless I have the material in my hands. I had to print of the material for my classes.

      Quiz time lengths

      I never knew who my instructor was, or if they cared about there students.

      Assignments being due at noon instead of midnight.

      I am a little nervous about group projects because I do not want to hold other students back (and I do not like to be held back).  Otherwise, it has been challenging, informative, and enjoyable.

      I prefer in-class lectures

      I feel I did not receive adequate instructions on how to access CourseDen2 prior to beginning class. As this was my semester, I expected an email giving me some instruction on how to access the courses, but did not receive any. I finally called and was g

      No issues.

      I HATED the fact that I had things due in the middle of the day rather than at night.

      that I couldn't ask questions and get an immediate response

      Sometimes vague about what to do.

      Eveything was good, there is nothing that stands out that I can say that I disliked.

      It was hard to naviagate around, and see what exactly I had to do.

      Much material covered in a short amount of time.

      It is a little difficult to find the home page.

      Online discussions are a bit ineffective.

      Participation requirement."

      The only thing I didn't like about the online class was my professor, to be honest. He sometimes didn't explain things thoroughly enough or lay out exactly what we were supposed to be doing each week so a lot of people felt confused. However, we made it

      I disliked that I couldn't have a teacher to ask questions to immediately, as they arose.

      I disliked the fact that when I registered for the course, my Courseden account was not activated and I had to spend time trying to access it and calling UWG to get it fixed. I also disliked the fact that after each test, I was not able to see the questi

      Have not took it yet.

      All work as responsibility of student\First time taking an online class required getting adjusted to the system and format.

      I like being able to talk face to face.

      None I can think of now

      The webpage on courseden was overfilled and had a lot of irrelevant information and links that were not pertinent to my class requirements. It was distracting and it made it hard to navigate to the areas that I was supposed to focus on.

      I had to carry my computer to school sometimes, did not like that

      Some of the files did not convert well when posted online, and this made it more difficult to follow the work through of the problem and the equations when you were already confused.

      I feel like the material wasn't really explained in a way that I could understand it.

      Some of the files did not convert well or completely when posted online. This was not horrible but it was an inconvenience to try to figure out the equation used when you were already a bit confused.