23. What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


      More individual work, and less group projects.  I would also like the fact that teachers have workshops and other engagements during the summer too. Things with family happen alot during the summer and meeting with groups may be difficult.

      No suggestions at this time.

      Try to have the content requirements for summer be completed without having an overloaded amount of work. There should be a way to accomplish the standards and complete rigorous assignments without an necessary amount of excessive work.  Maybe allow stud

      Web conferencing training is a plus in this info age driven society.

      quizes should be opened up at the beginning to allow students to work ahead

      Less required discussions, when discussions only require one initial posting the discussions that develop are more valuable and useable in the real world

      The drop box in the two classes this semester did not allow students to save as a draft or delete previously submitted assignments, even if the drop box had not closed yet.

      The discussion board is tedious. It starts with most recent, rather than first to last. When you respond to someone's post, it takes you back to the beginning, and you have to scroll down through all of the posts you've already read.

      No suggestions

      The only suggestion I would make is there is a need for professors/instructors to be held accountable in understanding students' needs in online courses... they should attend a required training.  Provide them with our feedback that students need clear e

      Easier to follow

      Professors need to return assignments in a timely manner.

      video examples

      To continue offering the flexibility to working individuals like me to make it possible for us to continue obtaining progression in learning.

      Require professors to only post their instructions and teaching materials ONLY in CourseDen.  One professor of mine had instructions in CourseDen and on his Wikispace.  It was like a wild goose chase to make sure that you cover all the components of his

      Clearer course navigation.

      Better accessibility on my mac and iPad.  documents and rubrics from my professors can be viewed but not downloaded to my mac.

      none - I am very happy with West Georgia's online courses, support is great when needed.

      All suggestions were given proper weight and changed if needed.

      I would have preferred that more work, such as quizzes, or short answer questions reflected our course reading.

      Asynchronous works well

      No suggestions.

      The course was thoughtfully designed and the layout flowed smoothly. I can't think of anything to change or add.

      More leniency on late assignments.

      Better menu design, the UX designer should be taken out the back and gently let go.

      Stop discussion boards!  They suck so bad!

CourseDen should not force teachers to use modules.  My syllabus did not have the word "module", so I was a little confused when trying to match the syllabus with the information posted by the instructor.

      Fix the discussion post issue 2. Fix the email notifications so that it only emails the course email rather than the college email. 3. To be able to view the course/syllabus prior to the first day of class so that books can be ordered.

      Have the professor have a confirmation email sent after she sends out the syllabus to be sure everyone received it. I and a few others in my class did not receive this vital email that included the book we needed and because of that, I was unaware a book

      no group work allowed

      Reduce course load

      it would be great to have a shared doc

      Make more majors available online.

      See answer on #22

      I would suggest having a week to two week meeting for online classes. That way if there is anyone who needs to see the professor he or she can see that professor, not just email or message him or her.

      easier system to keep track of information

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      None :)

      The new programs have many the classes and participation much easier. Continued use would be ideal.

      Nothing other than #22 above.

      make it possible to do either on-line or in-class for the same course.

stop charging extra for on-line courses.  what a rip-off!  on-line is not as good & it cost more!

      I would suggest that all online classes are open for an extended period of time so that no one has any excuses as to why they couldn't complete an assignment.

      New e-mail and grade posting notifications (like the previous Course Den version had)


      none at all.

      Initially I liked the new platform for discussions--you didn't have to open each  message.  However, when the volume of posts for a particular topic is high, the old CourseDen platform would have worked much better.  At a quick glance, you could find all

      More class sessions where everyone is logged in at the same time.

      Provide better (clear) guidance and instruction for assignments. Provide solutions to assignments after submissions so that students may learn the material being covered, especially when future assignments are based on prior ones.

      Go back to a better version of Blackboard. GET A MOBILE APP.

      No group work required.  No trips to UWG required.

      I would like to have some audio recordings from the professor to accompany the class.

      I would suggest at least one face-to-face meeting so that students can meet and plan any group assignments. I also suggest that professors provide detailed information about what is required in each class.

      Help the teachers learn to make modules in order for us to stay organized, in one of my classes I had to constantly refer to my syllabus because the modules were so messed up I had no idea what I was doing. The discussion boards would be in the wrong mod

      I found when I take mini field trips it helps me to understand content better.

      No recommendations.

      Keep offering online classes.

      Make expectations and objectives clear.

      The new site-up is not user friendly to students that used the old Course Den.

      Incorporate video chat to help increase interpersonal relationships from a distance.

      Give the professors a class ahead of time to make sure they understand how to use D2L

      At this time,

      There were times other students did not act like they were in class.  They needed to MUTE themselves if they had to take care of something.  They did not learn the first time--frustrating!

      That there is more organization , and fidelity of implementation with the professors

      Summers need to be longer.

      Professor needs to respond to messages/email to better student's understanding on what is going on.

      Take away the discussions

      To always make assignments due at the end of the semester instead of weekly throughout it.

      I would like all the assignment information up front.

      I think more online courses should be structured like this course.  Students choosing to learn online do so because of obligations that do not permit a face-to-face style of learning.  Therefore, it is counter productive to have to meet online face-to-fa

      To alert me when I have new grades.

      I would like all assignments to be listed on a calendar that is in the course den for each class.

      All graded quizzes, but especially in online courses, should be returned to students so that they can effectively evaluate themselves and seek to improve in the areas as indicated by those tests.

      I have become more familiar with the "new" CourseDen over time.  This semester I felt much better about Course Den than last semester when it was first piloted.

      Better organization

      Future online classes should follow Dr. Slone's structure and approach to an online course.

      Post syllabus/ required text at least one week before course officially opens

      more availability

      The professors need to ensure they are organized because it is easy to become confused when dealing with online course material.

      More lectures on video with the Professor.

      To have Dr. XXXXX teach them!  :-)

      Since I took 3 courses which 2 were online, teachers should remember we have other courses to take.  don't give so much work.

      I'm a distance learner.  If UGA is interested in exemplars in online instruction, they need not look further than their own backyard.  Dr. XXXXX and Dr. XXXXX are both excellent models for the interactions, expectations, and organizations skills requ

      Add folders to CourseDen so everything isn't jumbled together.

      Have at least a couple of online chat sessions.

      fix the foolishness in D2L ie. collaborate classrooms not working well with Mac OSX

problems with Dropbox - why do I have to create an attachment to put something in the dropbox?

      Not much.

      Ensure that there were more virtual "face to face" opportunities.

      always keep the tests time open for 24 hour frame instead of having them due in the middle of the day. the better online courses (like the one i just took) have tests, assignments due at 11:59pm. which is perfect for working students instead of having a


      Having more classes available on-line in addition to face-to-face classes.

      I think that professors need technical support and developers to help them make changes when necessary.

      In the old course den it would show you on the home log-in screen when an assignment had been graded. I really liked that feature and it was so easy to tell when new grades were in. It would be very helpful if there was a quick way to see or be notified

      More participation from instructor and students

      I would suggest that all professors start the beginning with a syllabus prior to when the course actually open.  It was also nice to have the course open before the class actually started.

      To allow students to access them on CourseDen prior to the starting date. This way, they could potentially begin working on the coursework. I would like to be able to do work ahead of time so that it fits my schedule better.

      short video at the beginning of semester explaining the course and its requirements.

      Possible email reminders about assignment due dates

      Don't make required classes only available online. Not everyone likes online courses.

      Better technology with ease of access.

      To be able to have fewer technical difficulties in very large classroom settings when there are more than 20 or 30 people in a class who need to speak or participate in a discussion.

      All classes should allow for flexibility when completing work. Group work should be limited, as it is more difficult to collaborate with group members online.

      There should be more interaction with the professor. There has been countless times where I feel like I am teaching myself. The professors assign tasks but rarely participate in the discussion groups.

      Make it easier to talk to your professors

      dont make us purchase the book if we arent going to use it

      I don't know

      make them entirely online

      No suggestions

      Perhaps provide a link to labs available to students.

      I think that UWG and professors do a great job providing all the information that students need for online courses. I have no suggestions, I think everything is good the way that it is.

      I can't think of a thing that would improve this course.

      Have all professors try to use the same or similar organization, and also a checklist is incredibly helpful for quickly finding and keeping up with due dates.

      Continue offering courses online

      More prompt answers to emails.

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      I would like to see more available as I am considering another masters after the current program I am enrolled in.

      more youtube videos that demonstrate key concepts

      What the put on D2L they use and do not refer to another schedule for assignments that are due

      I don't have any at the moment.

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      The one thing I would suggest is that professors teaching online courses continue to make conscious efforts to be interactive on their part and keep their students informed by making consistent updates about important assignments, etc. as each course con

      I would suggest that there be a more organized set up for the content portion of the course.

      If possible, get finished early.

      Give professors individualized instruction on D2L, because a lot of them are still making it as difficult as possible for their students to find the information they need, even with the module checklists.

      dont do it

      maintenance times preferably after midnight

      Everything went well, no issues.

      Having the instructors more prepared if they have never taught a class through D2L. It is not user friendly for the students, and from hearing what several of my online instructors have to say it is VERY difficult to navigate for them. My teacher this se

      Keep the essay papers to a minimum and easier.

      Please streamline the resources and information to be specific for our course requirements and maybe identify one folder with other resource options for consideration.

      Make quizzes open for longer.

      No suggestions...

      A more realistic assessment of course loads and time requirements

      If there is any way to conduct discussions in real time, I think it would really enhance the discussion experience. I think people would be more invested in the experience and offer more substantial contributions and insight.

      Less busy work and more applicable assignments.

      Communication improved.

      Overall, I like the online class environment and have no suggestions at this point.

      More fully online classes.

      Have help provided via online

      To set-up at least one face-to-face meeting or a required progress report meeting with the professor

      Make sure instructors know how to use Course Den

      I would like to have one or two face to face classes

      Revamp or find something better than Course Den.

      Training/practice sessions for professors who are going to use it

      CErtain professors need to be more precise in their directions and not ramble.  More time to purchase required books or at least prior notice of required textbooks.

      Have each section taught by the assigned professor.


      better organization

      better train the instructors on how to execute online classes.  Some still need to have that control over the student by expecting them to drive hours to a remote location.

      No suggestions

      Decrease the actual workload by increasing the effectiveness of the work given. Reading the entire book associated with the class isn't the best way to teach a course. Also, the final should be on line as well.

      A quiz may have fill in the blank for an answer.  If you don't put in in just right you miss the answer... Matching answer have to be enter just right...

      more audio

      make textbook needed for the course known BEFORE the course begins!

      Reduce the number of discussions and feedbacks that are required.

      I think that some subjects are fine to offer online and some are not. I feel that tech courses offered without the student being computer saavy is a little scary.

      Not much

      Fix bugs and glitches

      Optional face to face meetings

      Classes with an overwhelming amount of assignments (20 and above) should not be offered in the summer. The use of collaboration amongst other class members. Discussion boards didn't facilitate substantive communication amongst classmates.  I have attende

      no suggestions. Keep it like it is.

      They went well for me so no suggestions.

      I really think Skype could be used and conferencing.

      better communication

      loved this class

      Spell check.

      Suggestions i would make for future online courses is to be more precise with time.

      I think that there should be at least a few online webinars for each course so that we can hear the students interact with the teacher.

I would like to see checklists for each module in every class.

I think that rubrics and examples should be included

      Do not charge an extra $500 for the convenience of online courses.

      It would be good to have a simulated course den with assignment objectives so that new students could get experience with where everything is and how to use it before the very first online course starts with due dates of less than one week.

      I would ask that all professors be as organized as possible.  There really is not much room for ambiguity in an online setting.

      Make the galileo password more readily available

      Use more Webinars, they are a great way to ask questions to the professor

      clear instrction

      More online classroom sessions

      Make sure directions were clear and how to use/where to use all of the tools.

      See above.  Also to make sure that all assignments signed are added to the right side of the screen in the upcoming events list.

      I cannot think of any specific areas for improvement. Overall the experience turned out to be positive after what I would call a "rocky start".

      I would stagger some of the assignments, even possibly allowing for some course work to be completed before the end of the course.

      get instructors to reply to all e-mails within 48 hours

      None.  Dr. XXXXX was great!

      Better communication w/ teachers

      I would suggest that more professors model their courses after Dr. XXXXXS courses.

      More online education courses.

      CourseDen needs to be much simpler.

      The technological applications were very user friendly but navigating through the myriad of links was confusing at times.

      students need to know if their understanding is correct or incorrect

      That the calendar should be used by professors. Sometimes I didn't realize something was due, and if it were on the calendar, that would have helped.

      No required or even optional, weekly group meetings

      Professors need to make evaluate their students position in the program. Some teachers have not been in a college classroom in years or decades so a little benefit of the doubt would be helpful to a new student entering the program.

      Have  CLEAR set of assignments, due dates, and instructions. Be ready to assist students who have not taken a class like this before. Don't offer a course online, mention the great benefits of integrated calendars, emails, and discussion boards just to t

      There could be more explanations of how to use course den, TK20 etc.

      Better way to communicate

      There are several programs at UWG to keep up with. IT would be beneficial if all programs were connected via one site.... myuwg account, tk20, courseden

      Keep putting as much of the course online ahead of time.

      I would suggest that the university provide training of all that D2L can do.  Initially I felt "under water" because I was not only doing my coursework, but I was also trying to figure out the D2L system.

      Review, read, and check the course syllabus prior to uploading it for students. The course syllabus should not change after the semester begins due to errors on the part of the instructor(s).

Their should be someone in the departments monitoring what in

      Provide a schedule in the beginning so students know what to expect.

      space out assignments a little more.

      Less assignments

      instructors should know who their students are and vice versa. isnt that a main component of being a teacher?

      Make assignments due at midnight not noon.

      Ensure that the library password does not change mid-semester.

      Have podcasts that present the material in a lecture form.

      I would like to see more consistency between courses. Having to keep up with so many due dates for three classes took a lot of time. If everything was due at the end of the course week, then one could judge their time without worrying about having someth

      Make assignments due at night instead of the middle of the day.

      Maintain proper time mangement

      Professor needs to be more available to talk to.


      Don't fall behind."

      I don't know there's anything that could be done better. Services were made readily available, the layout was easy enough to understand, the courses were interesting, there was nothing bad about taking these online classes.

      I would like to see the tests in order to study better and more information about the admission process for transient students so that if they had a good experience with taking a course, then they should be able to reapply for admission for a second cons

      I don't have any suggestions at the present time."

      For summer Be concise when putting the web page together.

      To make sure the instructor is actually engaged in the learning process along with the students.  It felt like we were all on our own.

      Have no suggestions

      I think that for this class, more of an explanation of key problems available online would have been helpful when working through the problems on your own time.

      To make the material easier to understand for people who are taking the course just because it is required.

      In regards to this class, the online resources and materials were adequate for the class and helpful. I can not think of any positive changes that should be made to this specific class.