24. What additional student services would you like to see made available to online students?


      Please provide more information about TK20.  If the teacher wants us to upload assignment he or she would need to know about the program too.

      Is it possible for the professors to provide the syllabus at least two weeks prior to the class.  That would give those who are far away a chance to search around for textbooks or even drive to the campus to pick them up.

      Mentors or buddies for students who are not enrolled with a classmate/coworker. Allowing them to communicate with one another.

      I would like to see more co-facilitators used in the classroom to assess how students are doing with mastering the skills and content in the classroom.

      online writing center

      I am not sure

      Continued resources like the gmail and course den.

      I am not sure I am aware of the services that are offered for online students.  So it is difficult for me to make suggestions.

      24 hour weekend availability of the Library would be extremely helpful.   I am grateful for the expanded hours during the week but late saturday and early sunday are excellent times to get work done.  Thank you for taking suggestions.

      No suggestions

      Face-to-face teacher-student conferences through a VoIP service.

      An email of the course syllabus at least 2 weeks prior to class start date so that books/supplies can be obtained in a timely manner.

      Have D2L give us notifications when we have emails with a flag or something.

      video chat in d2l in case the professor decides to make the most important part of the class a group project.

      Tech support, library support

      None known at this time

      I would like an area for students who have online classes. Because, sometimes the internet off campus is faulty and I have to use the on campus computers, and often times they are occupied which really adds to stress.

      Video Tutorials

      Not sure

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      All services were adequate for my needs.

      For me, an adult in graduate school, I don't need any other services.

      uwg IT that actually works.  the professor could not get uploads into the system & IT left us hanging, repeatedly!  if an IT guy is gonna make more than a phd professor, then he oughta do his job properly.  (properly = make the damn programs/hardware wor

      Since we're not on campus to use copy & print services, would be great if UWG could work out some sort of discount program with The UPS Store or Kinko's for copying, printing, scanning, etc.


      have different surveys available for graduate students--most of these questions do not apply

      Extended hours for support from the actual school.

      Better responses to questions concerning assignments. When I ask how to fix a problem in code, I know where it is. Repeating that back to me does not help. Students need guidance to the solution. The professor said that he would point us towards online h


      Online students often miss out on the social aspect of college life. It would be nice if there was some way to incorporate social media into the classes more.

      Online library books would be really neat! Like a kindle type situation, where we can search for a book we need for class on D2L and open it and read it. That would be pretty neat.

      Adequate services are provided.

      Everything should.

      I love on-line classes and contrary to some people's perceptions---they are not EASY-just because they are on line.

      not sure

      Tutoring just in case.

      I would like tech. assistance to be available 24 hours a day.

      A better layout of after-hours help guide.

      It is pretty good.

      100% online advising.  WolfDen integrated to reflect quarter hour progress as well as semester hour.

      I need help with TK20.  I would like to have a service where I can come to campus and get everything I need into TK20.

      Lower fees

      longer hours

      None that I can think of.

      None that I can think of.

      For people who do no attend the Carrollton campus, Live cam shots located around campus to feel a part of the school. It would be nice to see shots of the University and people interacting.

      Fast access to library materials loaned from UWG

      all my services were available

      I would like to know why course fees are due so early.  I have two children in two other Georgia colleges and their fee payments are not due as early as West Georgia's.


      I could never find how to access the Microsoft software from online.

      Instructions on how to set up uwg emails to come to my smart phone.  (iphone).

      dont know


      I have no reocommendations at this time.

      Library password available on our home screen. It's so hard to track down the password!!

      For teachers to be available for office hours once a week if possible.

      A chat line.

      Online courses should be less expensive. Other better known schools have online classes and they are cheaper. UWG is more expensive and less responsive to calls or emails.

      Less steps to navigate to parts of the courses within Course Den and the email log-in on the home page since going to gmail.

      Tech support that has a clue and can offer more than just, "I'll have someone get back with you".

      I don't know.

      No additional services come to mind.

      Make sure that students are aware of available labs and services (especially those near labs).

      I cannot think of any student services that are not available to me as an online student. Everything is available from what I can see.

      Using the library is somewhat difficult.  To have a separate log in for the library system is cumbersome and unnecessary.


      As an older adult I do not need any other services

      I feel the student services are adequate.

      online tutoring

      I would like to see a dictionary and thesaurus included in the course.  I would also like to see an ebook of required text included in course, even if it has an additional fee.


      No suggestions.

      Textbook discounts based on previous grades in online classes

      All should be made available

      Tutors or help buttons

      Technical service is very knowledgeable.

      More interaction online with professors via Youtube and podcasts.

      Group projects in a discussion board.

      More library support that is available in an online environment.

      I felt all accommodations I needed were present.

      Internet access at off campus class locations.

      Testing alternatives, usually I take classes for convenience reasons and having to take a required test on a certain day deviates from the reason I took the class online.

      Online chat rooms that have tutors to help for computer classes.

      Nothing I can think of at this time.

      I would like to receive access to the workout facilities.

      Links to free online databases.



      Online tutors.

      alert notes

      Had problems getting textbooks so please make this information available before class begins. I had to drive four hours to Carrollton!

      Not much

      There can be so many but nothing that comes to mind

      go to meetings being availiable to students at all times for group work.

      None I can think of

      Not applicable for my situation.

      nothing comes to mind

      Maybe a face to face tutorial.

      I really think that the adviser has been crucial in distance learning and if there were more advisers, the customer service could be even better.

      maybe like a once a month face to face check in with the whole class in the library including the teacher

      Additional student services i would lik to see made available is the use of our Gmail accounts.

      Tutorials for power point, excel, newsletters, and APA formatting.

      Can't think of anything at this time.

      Just having everything in one place would be great.  Having to go to separate student services and then another place for class and then another for professor sites was a bit much!

      Free coffee

      I would like to see better options for accessing the courses on a tablet or phone. The mobile version of the website is missing all the features and I could not find an application for the iPhone or for my tablet.

      Can't think of any

      Helping me know when my financial aid is able to be used.

      online tutoring

      none that I can think of

      Possibly more tutorial sessions on conducting Webinars and using Google drive

      Not sure.

      Anything better than D2L. That thing is worthless. Moodle is WAY better.

      Just more classes offered online for the Fall and Spring semester because I am an educator and the school year is really busy.  Online education courses would be beneficial for educators.

      Tutoring for nontraditional students.

      No suggestions at this time.

      A few more teacher availability hours for new students to the program maybe a conference call or online chat to get to know each other a little better.

      Training for D2L

      Course textbook should be available for online reading availability.

TK20 should be more affordable or the University should use a different program. The book store charges almost $150.00 for a 10 subscription. No one needs a 10 year subscription when t

      More teacher involvement in complex subjects

      this online thing has been taken way to far, there are still students out there who actually want to go to a real class. more services should be made available to them, like offering CS 1030 face to face

      Access to SPSS and classroom textbooks as part of tuition fees.

      Not sure. The folks in the library were great when I called for help!I would like to see more clear information about financial aid/ HOPE and what portion of the cost of the course it covers.

      Perhaps a 24-7 help center available if issues arise.

      more electives

      I did not use them.

      Not sure

      This course was tailored to help students succeed, all of the materials were available for the students to work at their own pace through the materials and the solutions were available to compare results. This has not always been the case in my online cl

      I do not know. I didn't take an online class.

      Not sure

      It would be nice to provide some sort of printing source for online courses, of course it would have to be limited in some way, but for students who are not taking notes in class and have to get the notes from online, it would be nice to not have to worr