42. Is there anything else about your online experience at UWG that you would like us to know about?


      This class was challenging, but the professor tried hard to accommodate her students despite her schedule in her county.

      Thank you... this works with my family, work and learning style.

      Need to have observer sit in online classes.

      Provide more classes online

      Make sure emails go out about graduation deadlines.  Several students in one of my courses didn't know that they missed the graduation application deadline.  I only knew about it because I was reading the Registrar calendar to find a date of something el

      Dr. XXXXX is absolutely one of the worst teachers I have ever encountered in my life.

      It was a great start to entering grad-school.  I enjoyed my online classes and look forward to completing my online program for instructional technology.

      I'm planning on continuing with my Specialist in ECED at UWG, and I would be VERY interested in continuing completely online!

      No - I live in NH and did not consider any place else because I like the WGA setup with online courses.

      No additional comments.  Thanks again for accepting suggestions and feedback.  Overall online experience is very positive.

      All of the online courses I have taken at UWG have been excellent!

      Dr. XXXXX is awesome online and face-to-face!

      A few of the courses did not list their books with the bookstore.  Since there was no access to the course or syllabus prior to the first day of class, I had to order the books online. This created two issues for me. The first being that I could not use

      We should have  3 hours for exams.

      Try to make all online courses strickly online

      I had a wonderful experience

      not at this time

      I think all professors should be required to use CourseDen, information for the class should be made available a week prior to class (for those of us who are organized and like to have calendars updated prior to class), all updates(grades, etc) should be

      I have had a fully online course before where the instructor was not clear in expectations and it was very difficult.  The course I took this semester, MEDT 6401, was extremely beneficial as the instructor clearly relayed instructions and expectations.

      I would like to know if we have to always go through Google to receive emails it's just very confusing.

      It is has been excellent!

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      I have enjoyed every class I have taken from UWG!

      Please continue graduate programs, so adults with families and busy work schedules can still take classes.

      Overall a very positive experience at UWG!

      Thank you for offering 100% online classes.

      Please don't disclose my username and password in emails you send to me. Since I get email on my phone anywould who had my phone could get my password from the evaluation reminder you sent.

      on-line learning is really just busywork/group activity & is inferior to classroom learning, so make it cheaper than on-campus learning.


      Love every moment of it.

      I love UWG

      I enjoyed it.  This is my last semester.

      I would like to be able to pay by credit card instead of check.....I could use the points on my card.

      I have always had good experiences with my online classes.

      Keep it going! This is the new generation of learning.

      NO- I enjoyed all of my on-line classes.

      The change in format and email to Gmail was very disruptive to my semester.  I lost all of my email in the conversion process.  FSome faculty and students were unable to navigate the new DL system.  The new system is not as user-friendly as the previous

      I would really like to know when I have new grades.

      Both of my classes were at least 50% on line. I would like to have these classes once a week and on line the next.

      I enjoy my Media classes online and think the Instructional Tech and Library Media professors do a fabulous job of instructing and advising the students in the program!

      no. I would like to see better tutors.

      No, thank you

      When we do online classes, it was nice to have one of my instructors open up her class early for us to look at and get adjusted to what she had planned.

      Assessing the online learning instructional competencies of a given professor is important for UWG to consider.

      No, keep doing a good what you are doing!

      Not that I can think of right now.

      I would be nice if the student could use a visa credit card to make any needed payments rather than either a mastercard or going to the office with cash/check.

      keep offering more classes. they are great to squeeze in a tight schedule or for summer when you dont want to drive to campus/

      Nothing comes to mind.

      I would like to have a student id, like on-campus students.


      I just do not like online courses at all. I believe more students would be happy with an option of online or in-class for required courses.

      Great online classes and great teachers.

      We are charged the same fees but we do not have access to the same services. I never received an ID. Our professor told us to go in and play around in the system to figure out how to work an online class. Why is there not a tutorial for this?

      While posting in the discussion board, I often had trouble accessing spell check.

      I've had a very good experience with online classes at UWG. I hope they continue to offer even more classes online.

      i had a horrible experience with my online class at my other school and this online course really changed my perspective

      Over the last three semesters I have taken online courses and I have had no major issues. I have been very pleased with my experiences. I think that UWG has done a great job making students feel comfortable taking online courses and help ease the transit

      I really have enjoyed my online classes at UWG.  I feel like the experience has been thoroughly examined to give the online student the best experience.

      Generally felt from the beginning that I had to find everything out on my own...what courses to register for when and when, etc. etc.

      I have recommended online classes at UWG to others :)

      Online classes are usually more convenient for me. Especially when they are fully online; meaning I do not have to go in for a proctored exam. Sometimes it is difficult to get to them considering it is not in my regular schedule.

      Not at this time.

      I would like all of the professors to use D2L and not rely on wikispaces.

      Not at the moment.

      Nothing at this time.

      They have all been pleasant experiences overall and I personally have nothing to complain about

      Whole experience has been very positive thus far

      I do not like online classes, but these ran smoothly and made an uncomfortable process easier for me to handle.

      No issues, everything went well.

      Fix D2L. Or train all instructors on how to use it.

      This is the main reasons I am going to graduate. Without the online courses I have taken and will take, college would have been a lot harder and more stressful.

      nothing that I haven't mentioned

      Positive experiences thus far.

      Some classes I prefer to take online and others face to face, just depends on the course.

      No there is not, overall I am glad I took this class online.

      Instructors seem to not feel they have to communicate with their students in online classes.

      No. Thank you.

      Not at this time, other than it has been great so far.

      Professor participation is a must, both by email and in courseden discussions. We need more time prior to the start of class to get acquainted with the requirements.  The first week of class is torture trying to figure out what is expected.


      I like the gotomeeting for group discussion better than what we used Spring 2013.

      I like the experience that I had with online classes the DL2 is wonderful .I just wished it was something design as to where you could reach the instructor instantly.

      I wished I could pay my tuition with my Visa card.

      Thank you for switching to gmail!

      Dr. XXXXX is an awesome adviser. She is very helpful and always has a pleasant attitude.

      This was my first online experience. I loved it in a sense because I was able to work at home this summer with my kids being out of school, yet at time, I felt isolated and was unsure that I was submitting the required work correctly. I think that studen

      Surveys should be done after grading is completed. Students might not be comfortable with being open about the experience.

      Would love more online classes offered

      It has been great but trying at times to adjust to such a different learning experience.

      though I took the readiness test for online classes, I was not aware of how much technology I would be expected to know. Maybe a tutorial or some way to prepare for all of the expected prior knowledge.

      This experience was fine; I found that the amount of work was overwhelming at times; and because it is strictly online, one feels isolated when working on difficult tasks.  Group work helped with this because at least one can communicate with other group

      no, thank you!


      I am not sure how I will get my extra financial aid money.

      I did like the way that Dr. XXXXX had a few online sessions.  This was a great way to feel connected to her, made it feel a little more personable.  And allowed us to have a list of questions to ask her online about assignments or CourseDen and be able

      No, everything has been covered. Thanks for asking my opinion and allowing me to have input.

      I love online learning. It takes a very disciplined student to be successful.  Skype sessions with Dr. XXXXX were very helpful.  I would like to see more online courses offered.  It makes continuing my education and working full-time possible.

      loved it

      As far as advisement in the computer science graduate program goes, miss XXXX is THE person to talk to. You could have a thousand different people advising students but everyone would be in her line. She is the absolute best and I never hesitate to

      It was great. Dr. XXXXX did a terrific job!

      Student credit card is not necessary unless the student requests one from the school. I have not received any card yet though.

      I will continue my program with the UWG but online classes are a lot harder than I thought, especially in the summer. A advisor should be assigned to a student as they enter their program for basic questions and really reconsider a full course load for t

      I have one class  that requires several on campus meetings. I do not agree with having to pay $350 for on campus fees. I live 45 minutes away and will not be attending anything else on campus or using any of the athletic and health facilities.

      It's been excellent so far!

      I felt that I was on my own after I was admitted to the school.  I had to email my advisor to figure out when I needed to register and then I had to email again for instructions on how to register.

      I have not decided whether I will continue courses at UWG. I enjoy the flexibility of scheduling and the programs that the university offers, but I did not have a positive experience in one of my courses this semester. I will take courses elsewhere befor

      Experience has been great so far.

      So far, the School Improvement Program is great!

      So far this has been a very engaging and rigorous experience.

      I am very happy to be enrolled in this program! The professors are great.

      I liked that everything is completely online, however due dates should not be in the middle of the day due to work schedules and such.


      I had constant issues trying to even access my account as well as my online class. As a transient student, I had to constantly be on the phone with tech support fixing issues with the UWG systems.

      I loved taking online classes and I actually did a lot better in these than I do in face-to-face classes. For kids like me who have a hard time sitting still or focusing for 50 min-2 1/2 hours depending on the class these were a breath of fresh air. I en

      I can not wait to start!

      I had a good experience, and would recommend that other transient students like myself consider taking an online course through UWG!

      The teacher was wonderful and I really enjoyed the class.

      None for now

      The classes seemed very disorganized and communication on behalf of the professor was lacking.  This is why I withdrew from the online classes.

      I wanna know why you did not ask me about the class itself and how the teacher did. He did a great job and deserves credit.

      I appreciated all of the supplemental materials that were available to the student at all times, allowing the student to work on the material at his or her own pace.

      I didn't take an online course.

      I thoroughly appreciated the supplemental material to this course available online.