21. What did you like about the online portion of this course?


      The mobility of the course is a positive aspect of online learning which is great for a graduate student who has many other obligations.

      That the assignments were due at midnight and I was able to work ahead of time.

      One professor was very flexible which made the online learning experience agreeable to working and having a family. The other professor had rigid daily time constraints for submission of discussion board assignments which made the online learning experie

      It was very challenging. I liked it very much.

      The open-ended hours and front-loading of all the assignment dropboxes. The ability to work ahead and submit my work at any hour is of paramount importance in the 21st century.

      The fact that it was online and I could work full time while obtaining my degree.

      That I can move at my own speed

      i could do it on my own time

      It is extremely convenient for my schedule.


      Can login and logoff as needed.


      Availability to fit it to my schedule.

      It was online so I didn't have to come to class except for exams.

      Having access at any time.

      The flexibility of doing the lessons at any time and usually having several days in which to do them was good.

      It made it easier for me to work at my own pace.


      Only offered online

      not much. Some investment strategies.

      The time is flexible.

      I can do it on my own time

      Being able to go to class whenever it was convenient

      great course

      i could do it at home and on my own time

      That I did not have a specific class time just a deadline.

      You can work at your own pace and at own hours.

      The teacher was very helpful! Made sure we knew everything we needed to make a good grade in this class.

      I feel like online courses are just as much work as face to face courses but you are allowed to complete the work on your own time which I love.  I also like online classes because all of the dates and assignments are presented in an organized manner on

      that it was online

      More freedom to work on course at my pace. Could travel and log in from a laptop if needed. Very flexible.

      It was easy. I learned a lot.

      I liked that I could work with my work school, and do schoolwork on my own time.

      I have not taken any classes yet. I will start in June.

      Convenience, discussion boards.

      the deadlines were easy to meet and i could easily complete the assignments on my own time.


      liked how there was no specific days I had to go to class, I got to do the assignments on my own time during the day as long as I got them submitted on time.

      I was able to work at my own Pace and it fit my work schedule

      It is great, because it meet my need


      I never had to leave my house.