22. What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


      Online classes can be frustrating when there are technical problems. This is unavoidable. I was not impressed with the online discussion as it does not justify what a class room discussion would. Also, without the option to view a quiz after submitting p

      Unrealistic time constraints of having to post almost daily on the discussion board for one of the courses. It should have been more flexible.

      Nothing. I liked every aspect of it.



      it was like paying to teach myself the course.

      I do not have any dislikes.


      Turnaround time on emails and assignments.


      In class exams but that's because it's a D section

      That the most recent discussion is at the bottom of discussions rather than vice versa.

      I don't feel that I learned as much online as I would have in a regular class.  Not being able to go back to a question on a quiz was not a good thing.  One of my answers to a quiz question didn't take when I clicked on the answer, but I didn't notice un

      Time constraints--homework was due at 5 instead of midnight, as well as test had to be taken between 9 and 7 (I work during the day).

      I had some questions that would have been easier to answer in class

      Redundant and basic.

      Sometimes there is some problems on the course online.

      The course is pretty much self taught plus required some programs not available in the library or computer labs so this made it fustrating

      some of the instruct wasn't clear but I worked it out


      The organization and that on Fridays it shuts down at 10pm rather than 12am.


      The only thing that is inconvenient about online courses is waiting for a response to a question.  It sometimes takes a while for the teacher to reply to a question rather than in face to face classes where you can talk to the professor and get all the i

      that it was on courseden

      I disliked the time period for the online maymester.

      Would have liked some free/open discussion board topics.

      i wish the teacher had a courseden email that i could reach him by.


      The final being administered in class

      Way to fast

      I didn't like that I could not access the syllabus until the day the course began so I could not get my book until after the class had started.