23. What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


      Provide the instructor with the option for a "student view". Without this option it can be difficult to explain to the instructor without them being able to view what we see. This may also aid in reducing technical issues.

      More flexibility in when people can post.

Refrain from forcing people to meet a certain time for webinars. That takes away the point of having the online course.

      You must be disciplined and budget your time.

      add more complete degrees online

      have more online discussions, activities, etc.

      I do not have any suggestions.

      Send out the syllabus in advance.

      Get rid of not being able to return to a question on the quizzes.

      Work on CourseDen

      Normally online classes are considerate of those working during the day and set there "due" times before midnight.

      This course should be suggested for neophytes . It is redundant and tedious for the intermediate student.

      I would like more advices the couse provide online.

      Teachers provide download disks for ALL programs required to complete the course

      Appeal to the student more so than the professor.

      That all of the teachers report via webcam as the teacher did for me this course. Also the teachers should include how they grade things in their syllabus as this teacher did!

      sometimes the module numbers are confusing.  I believe if there are discussion, notes or quizzes involved in the module than they need to be the same number as the module.

      get rid of that uwg banner that eats up 30% of the page - why do I have to stare at two people laying there when I can barely read posts

      Give more time to complete online assignments.

      make all instructors have a course den email.

      Review the surveys from student and make necessary adjustment

      Try to slow the course down a little

      Have the course open to log in to a few days prior to the actual start day.