24. What additional student services would you like to see made available to online students?


      The ability to 'chat' with other online students in your courses could perpetuate class cohesion. Emails are sufficent but the time in between  sending the email and receiving a response is often too long so a chat option could aid in reducing  that time

      More flexibility and speed up the turn around for teachers to post grades.
Students should be able to delete assignments before the deadline in case they need to upload a corrected document.

      A more comprehensive video tutorial of what unlabeled icons mean or hyperlink to for Desire2Learn. The e-mail icon in the top right, for example, is not explained.

      I do not have any suggestions at this time.

      I don't know. 24/7 tutoring.

      Nothing. It's good.

      don't know

      More technical programs downloaded to library and computer lab computers such as ArcMap GIS

      Face to face access to the professor.

      I cannot think of anything.  The online course was very convenient.

      I would like to have a daily chat in all of my online classes.

      not sure

      I don't know

      I think the nurses writing classes should be made available online as well.